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  • the wheels are in motion to get you involved

  • Another interesting character to be tamed by the moderate forces of the EU skype shadow government tongue.gif

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    QUOTE (Anatolia @ March 20th, 2015 - 16:30)

    Another interesting character to be tamed by the moderate forces of the EU skype shadow government tongue.gif

    You think we're tamed?

    No one can tame us. ninja.gif

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    I may be going on Skype a lot less in the near future. Once I closed Skype, my computer started working perfectly normally again! Chrome also started running faster without dropping tabs, so it seems like all of the problem was with Skype.

  • Maybe it's worth switching over to another chat type or something? Just thought for food.

  • I struggle with Skype, it freezes my PC up on a regular basis

  • Skype is okay on my laptop, but recently its become more or less completely unusable on my phone. Doesn't load anything except one chat with one other person for me. Not the main chat, nothing.

    Like I say its alright on my laptop, but its still not spectacular. Perhaps we should start looking for something else that's similar, if Skype's just going to keep being problematic for a lot of people?

  • I suggested we try using Chatango the other day. Not much discussion came of it. I think it'll be easier for people to reach since it doesn't require an entire application to use.

  • I'm quite a fan of having a separate application, or at least a separate tab or something. I'd personally prefer it if it wasn't integrated into the website. Looking at some other forums it just clutters up the page and can be pretty distracting if you're trying to type something out. I'm sure there's a fair few IM clients we could use if we wanted to. Just my opinion, of course. I'm happy to go with the flow really.

  • Chatango can be integrated into the forums but it is entirely its own different webpage, so there goes that issue. I like Chatango because its similar to skype but just solely web based.

  • @Halsberg @The-Weiss-Isles is correct. It can be its own webpage and that's honestly the better idea. Trying to integrate it into these forums would be very difficult and very messy. But as its own separate page, it can run much faster than Skype.

  • Are any of these any use?


    This is the test chat I made for chatango, for now I banned Anons, so please do make an account its quick and simple. You do need an email but no verification or spam!