Regarding the Turkmenbaijani and Malfazian negative to apply the UDoHRThe Government of the Republic of Derecta applauds Turkmenbaijan and Malfazia for setting a legal framework permitting same-sex marriages in their country. However, we remind their governments that, at the moment of their accession to the Union, they accepted the Constitution and vowed to respect its provisions. Since the UDoHR is part of the Constitution, Turkmenbaijan, Malfazia and any other country in the Union are obliged to apply it in their national territories, as outlined in Section XXV of the Declaration . We would also like to say that the Amendment set no Union-imposed legal mechanisms concerning the execution of same-sex marriages, thus leaving the creation of such mechanisms to each Member State's discretion, as long as it respects the principle of non-discrimination. This Amendment's objective is to enshrine the rights of the LGBTQI+ community in our Union's Constitution, not to divide our Member States. The reticence some Member states are proving to accept the Council's decision only shows an underlying disrespect to our institutions and a disregard to millions of LGBTIQ+ individuals.