The Danish HaraldThe Prime Minister publicly announced preparations to seceed The European Union.BERGENHUS-- Prime Minister, Løkke Rasmussen on his visit to Begenhus Norway made a speech announcing that Kalmar on the 18th of January will begin to gradually break ties with the European Union as an entity. He claims that the Kalmaran government has not yet planned for it to be permanent. But the secession will be for the quote " The demtration of the political faliure, discord, and dishonesty of the European Union has led to the belief of the people that only the silence and lack of action of Kalmar will only lead to its diplomatic failure and!later distinction. With many efforts to attempt to deflate situations and failed, these collection of Nation States have shown that they have no interest uniting, protecting the rights of citizens of Europe, nor showing solidarity with justice for shall the strong harm the weak. This Union is not beneficial for Kalmar and as a result and as the Chief in Command, the right thing to do is to leave this institution for the welfare of the people of Kalmar." Many believe this speech was in response to the near riot of Gothenburg protesting the disicion to maintain in the Union premis. Nazi uprising in Kexholm:On January 11th, A Nazi uprising against the Kalmaran government caused numerous severe injuries and two deaths. The Kalmaran government at first ignored the rally until the uprising turned into a massacre. Many people including eyewitnesses claim the Kalmaran government did little to defuse situation. Ethnic and Reliegous Hebrews were advised to leave Kexholm until the situation was resolved. The victims claim that they were well housed when In refuge from Kexholm. The Nazi rally leader on the 13th was later arrested for manslaughter and starting and violent scene. However, his name will not be revealed.