Volume 121 Questions Without Notice

5 September 2017

Mrs. Julie BISHOP (Curtin - Conservative)

My question is to the Prime Minister. With wage growth decreasing for all Australian families, energy prices scheduled to go up with the government's heavy handed attempts to promote green energy, and capital increasingly difficult to come across with the Government's wade into lending with the APPIB. Will she admit that her economic plan is socialism at greater lengths than even Labor Governments in the past, and will she listen to economists around Australia?

Mrs. Hillary CLINTON (Prime Minister - Parramatta)

I thank the honourable member for her question, and in so doing I ask the honourable member...has she actually bought what the News Corp papers have said regarding this government. Since coming into office, we have seen wages grow to almost $40,000 on average for Australians, the strongest reserve currency in Europe, a place where international investment has boomed in Sydney, in Melbourne, in Brisbane. We have become a country that says to its citizens if you work hard and have good merit, you have the ability to achieve. That is the Australia that I want to leave for our children and grandchildren, and we are building it. If having a strong economy and strong, limited safety net is socialist, then I bet you'll have to tell Karl Marx something different.

Mr. Christian PORTER (Pearce - Leader of the Conservative Party, Official Opposition Leader)

Prime Minister, are you aware that former campaign manager Robby Mook has been sought after by the Australian Federal Police for questioning in regards to allegations that a slush fund within the Clinton Foundation was set up to give pay to play access to the Leader of the Progressive Alliance....which is you?

Mrs. Hillary CLINTON

I thank the honourable member for his question. Yes, I am aware. That allegation was brought forward by the former member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, Mr. Charles Adams...a Conservative Party donor who was also investigated by the AFP for illegal campaign donations. Yes, they would not tell you the whole truth about that. Now, the Government will be introducing legislation on campaign finance that will make the process more transparent, comprehensive, and hopefully drive out big money from politics. (Conservative members laugh) They laugh, Madam Speaker, but we are determined to fix confidence in our politics in Australia. 

Mrs. Rebekha SHARKIE (Mayo - Nick Xenophon Team)

My question is to the Minister for Energy, the Environment and Resources. Illegal water procurement from the Murray-Darling River Basin has reached a new state. Reports from the Queensland Resources Minister show that there is evidence of illegal water procurement from the basin. Now that the issue has hit key rivers in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, will he take action?

Mr. Adam BANDT (Melbourne - Minister for Energy, the Environment and Resources)

I thank the honourable member for her question. It is an important question, because water is such a precious resource for this country, not withstanding the substantial desert and bush we've got but because it is the resource that will keep this country sustainable. The Government has reached out to the Queensland government and at the next meeting of Energy, Environment, and Resource ministers from the states and territories, this will be a big conversation point. The Government is committed to keeping our natural resources sustainable and that includes water. We have entered further consultation with farmers and pastoralists about water needs, and we will come to an agreement on federal law that protects the needs of farmers and meets our targets for conservation of this precious resource. 

Mr. Christopher PYNE (Sturt - Shadow Foreign Minister)

My question is to the Foreign Minister. Minister, why hasn't Australia held a summit with other key nations like Derecta, Miraco and other viable trading partners and why is the Government effectively keeping Australia isolated within the European Union?

Mr. Chris BOWEN (Prospect - Minister for Foreign Affairs)

That's laughable coming from someone who advocated the previous Turnbull Government to only keep to nations that share traditional values with Australia. Read: nations that only have certain political leaning governments and have a long history of conservative thought. It's this Government that has reinvigorated the relationship between Australia and the Duxburian Union. This is the Government that has led by example, becoming a key champion for human rights, equality, and economic prosperity. This is the Government that has decided not to turn a blind eye to atrocities in Dromund Kaas, taking in thousands of Kaasian refugees and integrating them into society. So when the honourable member talks about isolation, it's as if he's got a huge mirror in front of him when asks that question. After all, that isolation cost him his former job to the current Leader of the Conservative Party. Oh well, two down and however many left to go until 2020 for the Government. (Government members laugh)