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    Official EUBC Report

    **From the EuroVoice Office

    Author - Viante Stockseylius

    Subject - Investigation into United Kingdom EuroVoice Disqualification**

    The 14th edition of EuroVoice saw a grave oversight in allowing the United Kingdom to enter the contest despite breaking a disqualification protocol. The investigation was set up to ascertain how the UK were allowed to enter and to resolve the situation to allow future contests to run smoothly.

    Response at time of incident
    The United Kingdom were disqualified immediately once the discrepancy was recognised. The performer was permitted to perform for no score. The action was taken as it did not affect the final outcome. The Kryulandian entrant would have won regardless of the UNited Kingdom entry being given points.

    Reaction to Response
    Although no formal complaints were given the United Kingdom delegation were not happy at this decision.

    Understanding of Reaction
    It is clear that the United Kingdom felt that they had been let down being allowed to enter and fund an entry.

    Action of Improvement
    It has been decided that a Deputy chair will be appointed. The appointed person is Iain Williamson of The Halsbergian Broadcasting Initiative. His appointment is made due to his excellent cooperation and skill in organising EV14. He is in not part accountable for the aforementioned incident

    Mr Williams Role
    Mr Williams will join Mr Stockseylius in organising all future EuroVoice competitions and ensuring the rules are followed. He will sign-off all votes and entrants.

  • _I'm writing to petition your banishment of Qvait from participating in the next Eurovoice competition. The penalty was far too harsh for a crime not committed. There is no rule against discussing potential future themes of the competition and I'd like to note that the results of the discussion were non-binding. No foul was committed so there should be no harm done towards the peoples of Qvait.

    I'm not entirely sure that you have the right to call a disciplinary meeting in regards to recent events either. There is no rule mentioning that one cannot start a EuroVoice discussion without the blessing of the EV Chairman nor is there any evidence to support accusations of insubordination with EUBC protocols. In fact the only offense which warrants a disciplinary meeting with the EUBC Eurovice Committee is failing to meet voting deadline three or more times.

    I find it very concerning that you've taken it upon yourself to speak on behalf of the entire European Union Broadcasting Company and that you've superseded the authority of the host of the next Eurovoice competition who wishes for the ban on Qvait to be lifted._

    Rolande Fabron
    EUBC Secretary

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    With the greatest respect, it must be noted that we have accepted that the decision lies within the authority of the entire EUBC hence why we will be hosting a public enquiry in the form of a disciplinary hearing. This is the most sensible protocol in this situation. You're objections are duly noted and you can again voice them at the hearing.

    I believe it is entirely problematic to suggest that EuroVoice is undemocratic and calling for "the people" to decide. This is slanderous against the honest broadcast voted institution and the work myself and my team have done for many editions of the contest. Qvait are new to the contest and to attempt to seize control after many broadcasters have spent years working with us to create exciting innovations is frankly abhorrent.

    I feel a firm handed is needed to ensure the continuation of Europe's favourite TV show.

    Viante Stockseylius
    EUBC Eurovoice Chair

  • This is bloody outrageous, there is no attempt of "seizing control" and you repeatedly fail to recognize the note, "However, this is not an official vote, but a recommendation." And, I believe this is revenge for the rogue agents, and I will investigate this. In addition, everything in that post were my beliefs, so now your telling me that no one in the EU has a freedom of opinion? Well that makes every-bloody-thing one-sided.

    • Agents gone rogue in Os Corelia
    • Qvaitican poll
    • Corelian attempt to isolate Qvait from the EU and its activities

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  • As deputy to the EuroVoice chairman, I find the insinuations presented by the Qvaitican representative quite insulting. Revenge for rogue agents in Os Corelia? Really? For one thing, Mr. Stockseylius is not a member of the Os Corelian government, nor do I believe he would place his position, along with the EuroVoice contest as a whole, in jeopardy just to "settle the score". Qvait's representative has also failed to realise that the EUBC is not a Corelian organisation. The EUBC, as the name suggests, is comprised of member broadcasters throughout the EU, and as such trying to name a Corelian-focused incident as the root cause of this situation is frankly absurd.

    Now, I completely understand that this situation is perhaps rather frustrating for Qvait's member broadcaster. I would say this to the Qvaitican representative: calm down dear. This is not the time nor the place to get flustered. I would ask that we all keep level heads during this dispute, and do not resort to using potentially offensive language.

    I completely agree with the chairman with regards to the reasons for a hearing being called. The poll in question made no attempt to identify itself as purely advisory or indeed as a mere feature in a wider piece on the contest. Instead, it appeared, rightly or wrongly, as an attempt to usurp the EUBC and decide the contest's next theme. We do of course take into account the line which states it is a recommendation. However, we must take into account other things which were said. "Let the people decide", seems to me like an attempt to garner public support to pressure the EUBC to accept your "recommendation."

    And please don't try and drag "freedom of opinion" into this. There is no question of a member broadcaster's right to say what they want. But when a perceived deliberate attempt to undermine the EUBC's authority is made, it must be investigated. This is what the disciplinary hearing is for. It will be mediated by a completely impartial third party, and you will be able to express any opinion you want.

    Iain Williamson
    Deputy EUBC EuroVoice Chair

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