Getting In and Out of Character

  • Admin

    The categories have been marked as In- and Out-of-character ones, to assist roleplayers and avoid confusion. An in-character category is one under whose subforums you can post as your nation's leader, MEP representative, and so on, or generally whatever fits in as roleplay. Off-character categories and forums are exactly the opposite: in these, you need to post as a player, and even if you post as a nation or so on your post will not count as roleplay. Note that you can still post OOC messages in IC categories, but it is advised that you do not, and keep them for the sections they belong to.

    Once we get to know the forums, the markings will be slowly removed, yet the ruling will still apply. The administrators *cough* intend to transfer or delete posts and topics not belonging in their correct forum to the one they should be, as though for the forum to function better and be nicer. We kindly ask for your cooperation in this quest of ours, as it is aimed to improve the forum for everyone with no exceptions.

    Thank you,

    The Administration