Major Industries and Companies of the Commonwealth of Leagio

Houston Real Estate Housing Company - Real Estate Housting and Appartment Construction

Superman-Made Diamonds Inc. - Jewelry

Plessis Right Trading Company - Sales and Trading

Chamonix NG Cars - Sports Cars

Troller Veículos Especiais - Automobiles

Leagioan Broadcasting Company - Broadcasting & Entertainment

JBS S.A. - Consumer Goods

Embraer S.A. - AreoSpace & Defense

Heguze Electric - Conventional Electricity

Titan Systems Inc. - Computer Hardware & Software

Fun House Inc. - Toy Manufacturing

Sold Life Banking - Private Banking

Bank of the Commonwealth - State Owned Bank

Mineral Heart Company - Mining

Mulate - Utilities

Tecnologia Automotiva Catarinense - Automobiles

New World Services - Internet and Sortware

Commonwealth Railways Inc. - Railroads & Train Manufacturing

Fresh Way - Water Utility

EMGEPRON - State Owned Naval shipbuilding, engineering, munitions, part of Leagioan Navy

Hypera Pharma- Pharmaceuticals

Natura & Co- Personal Products

Telequartz- General Mining

Varig - Airline

Common Airway - Airline

Taurus - Ammunition Manufacturing

IMBEL - Weapons Manufacturing

Company of Basic Cartridges - Ammunition and Weapons Manufacturing

Avibras - Aerospace & Defense

Helibras - Aerospace & Defense

SIATT - Aerospace & Defense

WEG Industries - Diversified industrials