• [OOC] A place for newcomers to introduce themselves and apply to become a member state.

    ApplicationsRegional Map
  • Information about European Union member states.

  • The legislative body of the European Union, where each member state has an equal vote.

    Acquis CommunautaireCouncil Speaker
  • The European Union's executive body, consisting of three elected members.

    Premier CommissionerForeign Affairs CommissionerInternal Affairs Commissioner
  • The judicial authority of the European Union.

  • Established embassies of other regions. Apply for an embassy in the EU here.

  • [OOC] Admin announcements, as well as questions and complaints about the forum, go here.

  • [OOC] Chat of all kinds, spam games, etc. all goes here.

  • Archive of all the old threads and posts which are no longer used or have some historic value.

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