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    The Constitutional Tribunal Aproves the Reform of the Constitution

    The court has validated the reform that includes changes in the process of reform and in the Presidential figure. The Head of The Stat has now more power than yesterday

    The express reform (we have to remember that the last elections were on January, had a very good reception in the Assembly and it went ahead with 244 votes vs 56 deputies that voted no

    The President of the Ministry's Council, Luke Smith has celebrated this reform in a press conference in the Republican Palace,

    The Left-Handed governemment has to much to celebrate after this changes, everything in our political proyect works around this constitutional changes and now we can work for the people who voted us. They voted this program and we are fulfilling it

  • The Assembly aproves the autonomical letters of Bona, North Mardonia, Pica, Bordiria y Cesaria

    The Parlament has aproved today the proposition of the new autonomical letters, this regions have now provisional simbols and governamments and have 10 days to convoc regional elections

    The main things of this autonomical letters are the capital cities and the lenguajes and flags, the flags will be detailled in the next gubernamental comunicate, but the capital cities and lenguajes are:

    • Bordiria
      Capital City: Husva
      Lenguajes: Constitutional lenguajes

    • Cesaria
      Capital City: Iulia
      Lenguaje: Constitutional lenguajes and Portuguese

    • North Mardonia
      Capital City: Riveria
      Lenguajes: Constitutional lenguajes and Portuguese

    • Pica
      Capital City: Meskvia
      Lenguajes: Constitutional Lenguajes and Russian

    • Bona
      Capital City: Purés
      Lenguajes: Constitutional Lenguajes and French

    After this aprobations the town halls of the regions of Mardonia, Guderia, Partia, Socria and Messtia have voted to started the process of autonomy, "the countrie is walking in the good direction" said the President Prieto in an act with the President Luke Smith

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    The President of the Ministry's Council, Luke Smith, anounces a new education law

    The head of the governamment said that the ministry has started the new law and in a few days will be at the Asembly to vote it, he said that the countrie is in the good direction and the future generations will live in a better country

    He did his predictions for this year and predict a population aument in all the country

  • The Asembly aproves the new education law

    In a complex debate the Smith administration has aproved his star reform, the new educational system.

    The future of the President was united to this law and he could aprove it with 208 votes and the negative of de Democratic Party, the main opposition group have protganised a very uptight debate with accusations of corruption and indoctrination to de kids of the nation

    All the parlamentarian grups have reproached to the second force in the parlament their beligerant tone

    This is a democratic parlament, this is a free country and this is not a dictatorship. The Democratic Party must have more common sense and stop to see oppresion where only is law
    The Democratic Party is not happy if their aren't at the governamment and they want to destroy the popular vote with lies and more lies

    The law includes a new organization system of courses and subjets, they create the Basic National Primary Education (BNP or EPNB) from 5 to 9 years, the Secundary Education (from 10 to 15 years) and the Superior National Education (SNE or ESN) frome 16 to 18 years. This three stages are obligatory and there is an optional Infantil and Basic Education, from 2 to 4 years.

    The law say that every kid have right to a public education but there is an option of private and militar schools, the books are now free so the main editorials and economic grups liderated by the Democratic Pary are against of the law

    With the reform aproved the President did a press conference in Gueites Palace with his valoration of their own law and the behaviour of the main oppositor party

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    He said that we should be acostumbrated to this infantil tantrums of the political party who didn't win the elections, "They will cry the rest of the 6 years without result tring to destroy our democracy and the vote of the citizens of our nation, they can't belive that they losted the elections yet"

    "The political class is not happy with the behaviour of the Democratics" said the leader of Republican Front

  • Morning News
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    The Governemment decrees the State of Emergency
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    The Assembly has aproved the governemment proposal to apply State of Emergency in all the national territory

    The President Smith has spoken in the parlament and has invoked the Law 18/1986, of the exceptional states:

    Our nation is small, is safe and their citizens are civilizated people
    The violent acts in our neighbor countries force us to invoke this state. To protect the order and our people.

    The republic enter today in this new situation, the new decret mobilize the police in the streets and the army in the borders, ports and airports to protect the nation

    Massive Manifestations in Vinci
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    Communist manifestations in Vinci to protest against one particular case, a factory was closed and the workers started again to work in the same building, now the judicial power has given the reason to the owners and forces to return the factory

    The syndicates have called to the protest and there have been police charges in Vinci

    The Price of the Chicken meat keep going up after de prohibition to use antibiotics in the production
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    This prohibition is due to the detection of several cases drug resistance due to overuse of antibiotics in meat, so the production has diminished and the prices are going up unstoppably

    If this situation continues is expected an action of the governemment to stop it

  • Republic Presidency Statement
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    Good Afternoon today I want to speak to all the left-handers behalf of the government to announce the new conditions in which the country finds itself

    The fall of the government of the Union of Syndicates, the terrorist atacks in some european countries and the security problems in the European Union force me to speak to my people, to whom I am responsible and whom I must protect and care for

    Our nation has not suffered any attacks, but we have had attempts that the Police have deactivated on time. I would like to remember that the forces of order have permission to arrest anyone that he is a clear suspect of going to attack the left-handed people

    As the head of the armed forces that I am, I must report that the situation is at calm in the borders of our nation but our army will not hesitate to defend itself against attacks

    But I want to convey a message of calm to all our citizens we are stronger than ever even though we are not the strongest, we are a sure nation and our freedoms are not threatened by any force, nation or group, our nation resists

    From here I want to send a message of hope to all the nationalized left-handers who may be in the Union of Syndicates, their country will not leave them alone. We will start some negotiations at the highest level
    to repatriate those compatriots of which we know nothing, neither number nor location neither if they are well nor if not

    We condemn the absolute secrecy with which the Union carries all this and we demand answers, not questions, we want peace, not chaos, because this is europe and because no one deserves to live in the midst of anarchy and fear if tomorrow they will die from a bomb

    The National Emergency will be extended until security is guaranteed and if someone see something strange must notify your Local Police, Republican National Guard or to the army, they will make the necessary arrangements

    Our nation is a democratic country, a freedom country and nobody will take it from us, Good Afternoon and be careful

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  • Exciting election day

    The national press is overturned with the regional elections that take place today and that represent a test for the Smith government

    Covers of the Main Newspapers

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  • Regional Elections Results

    (this results are general)

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    Electoral Map

    • Yellow: UCR/RCU (República Centre Union)
    • Purple: RL/IR (Republican Left)
    • Green: ENR (Esquerda Nacional da República)
    • Red: DP/PD (Democratic Party)
    • Blue: SF/FE (Slavic Front)
    • Grey: Without elections

    91.78% of votes
    UCR: 28,59% 3,145 deputies in all regional parlaments
    RL: 24.29% 2,673 deputies in all regional parlaments
    DP: 14.98% 1,648 deputies in all regional parlaments
    ENR: 14.90% 1,639 deputies in all regional parlaments
    FR: 12.72% 1,399 deputies in all regional parlaments
    NR: 3,02% 332 deputies in all regional parlaments
    SF: 1,49% 164 deputies in all regional parlaments

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