• RE: Lekornmeiluz (The Ruthenish Candle Festival)

    22 April, 2021- Thursday
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    Inside the Grand Temple, outer chambers. One day before the ceremony

    The air in Kazmurbirha was sweet as the spring fragrance filled the air. Unusual for a normally overcast Kazmurbirha, it was the sky was clear as well as the weather being cool. To not make more as a case that the Omeihuz blessed this day, the wind blew gently over the city-- also characteristic as a city that often receives high winds. But perhaps it was the case that the Omeihuz blessed this day, for it was the final day of Lekornmeiluz. And while this year has already yielded a truly magnificent festival, complemented with an unusual amount of partying and drinking, the Festival's climax has yet to arrive. For perhaps the most important part of Lekornmeiluz was the Clergy's spiritual preparations of the Ruthenish New Year-- which boasted even more wonderous activities. And of those preparations, the most high-profile of these were the King's speech made to announce to the Clergy of the revelation of the Patron Omeihuz of the next year. For many Ruthens, it is perhaps understand to think this is only thing that the clergy does during this time of year.

    However the announcement for the Ruthenish Year 1489 was no ordinary announcement. To everyone's suprise, the King announced he would invite foreign dignities not only to the Grand Temple, but within the inner most chambers and to be his audience. While His Eminence is certainty within the liberty to do this, as he is the Head of the Grand Temple, the King is not a figure that is normally seen in public-- let alone a foreign delegation. In fact, the King of the Ruthens never had seen a foreign delegation within nearly 500 years. It was queer, most queer indeed. And if there one thing you should know about Ruthens, they dislikes things that are queer. And of course the Ruthenish press could not get enough of the fact that the His Eminence within the Grand Temple would receiving a larger foreign audience than Lord Zgeirtan even had in his tenure as Lord of State. Dispite the failed efforts to keep this event low-profile among the Ruthenish public, the streets were ultimately clears to make way for the arrival of the delegations from the Southern Realms. Namely Czech Slavia, Fremet, United Duchies, Montenbourg, Leagio, and Spain.

    The Inner Chambers of the Grand Temple remained silent as they were dark. But soon, the flames will kindle and so too will the ceremony.

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  • RE: Realm of Great Ruthund

    Ruthenish Folk Song: In the Streets of Falathzdait

    The year was 1890
    Amidst the Kinstrife’s blight,
    It was a black year
    in the streets of Falathzdait.

    The Fyridok Restoration
    Was the cause of a ever bloody fight,
    Of when petals fell
    Down the streets of Falathzdait.

    As dawn revealed its red sheen
    as you saw the lanterns dim,
    A whistle lashed the pure sky,
    then nothing but silence grim.

    There came the King’s men running,
    To kill the foreigner sprites
    That the petals fall down,
    without them in Falathzdait.

    The King of all the Ruthens,
    decreed them out of every living sight
    Let the barbarians pay for,
    their Fiendaid in Falathzdait.

    They stormed Spanish consulate,
    Then burned the Reitzmic exclaves,
    But they mustered until aid came,
    “Hilthoz!” they shout to their graves!

    The rifle’s roar is faded,
    The smell of blood is light
    But their ghosts still linger
    In the streets of Falathzdait.

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  • RE: The Prophet's Beard - IC Secret

    PART 3 - The Reveal

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    It was a quiet day in the Protectorate of El Rif. While Mustafa Begum decided to keep working on the forseeable future, Abdul Al-Rasheed had to do the ugly work. That meant announcing, on the Local TV Prime Time, after hacking it, the creation of a terrorist group and the uprise against the Spanish Government in order to achieve independence. Hours before the speech, he decided to have a walk with her wife, Haya. Haya was beautiful, a woman everyone would love to marry in El Rif if Abdul ever died. "My piece of cake, tell me, why are we going to do this? I want you to be alive, I want you to be next to me every single night when we lay in our bed. I don't want you to have a weapon and shoot against the Spanish soldiers before they kill you!" Said Haya, who didn't speak so much about his husband's private affairs. She was really careful when she needed to comment about any thing her husband was doing, because any mistake could make her turn from rich to poor, from wished to refused, from alive to dead.

    Al-Rasheed looked at her and removed his sunglasses. He looked so serious, like if he was going to shout to her spouse. Her assistants, who were looking at the couple from Haya's windows, retired from those and went back to their labours. Everyone at that palace knew how crazy Abdul could turn if anybody ever dared to challenge him. But this time, no shouts took place, nothing, everything was still calm and nearly silent. "My darling, my sweetheart, I know that what I am going to do in a few hours is risky and dangerous. I know we will lose everything we have got so far, because Spain will give nothing up so easy. But we need to rise with weapons and show the Spanish Oppressor what we really want, and that's freedom." Said Abdul, nearly conquering his wife's heart once again. Haya spoke: "My king, our princes will be finally released from the Spaniards, I can't wait to see you as the sovereign of El Rif, as the King of all the Saharauis. You will be always my king, and I'm ready to have more princes and bring them to this world." There was no time to lose, or that's what Abdul Al-Rasheed thought.

    The time flew and it was the time. Abdul's hackers were working on diverting the signal to the palace, while Abdul was ready to read the speech. Everything was ready, nothing could fail. Just 5 minutes to declare war on Spain, to follow the Basque's example from the 90s and start the path towards freedom. Just 5 minutes to see the whole world of Jesús Aguilar crumble, to see how much King Felipe would get mad at them. 5 minutes to change the World, to challenge Europe and Spain's allies. 5 minutes to triumph.

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  • RE: Lekornmeiluz (The Ruthenish Candle Festival)

    Request for Attendance of the Ceremony-
    Nation Name: The Kingdom of Spain
    Number of Attendees: 1
    Names of Attendees (and their titles/offices): Her Majesty Queen Leticia
    Special Accommodations: None

    Security Attachment Requests-
    Number: 4 members of the Royal Guard designated for the Royal Family protection when travelling to other countries.
    Equipment: 2 submachine guns, 2 handguns, bulletproof vests, communication equipment and first aid supplies.

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  • RE: Imperial Palace Briefing Room - Press Releases from Inimicus

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    Imperial Foreign Officer Sarah Gladwell, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Bundesaußenbeauftragte/Dışişleri Bakanlığı) Arnum Blauberg


    Re: Reitzmic Invasion of Istkalen

    "The Imperial Government of Inimicus and the Confederal Government of North Diessen, bound together in friendship and need, recognising the right of all nations of self-defence and territorial integrity, yet further recognising that unilateral occupation of territory of sovereign states shall always be condemned, make the following announcement.

    Our governments utterly and completely condemn the disgraceful aggression originating from the Federation of Istkalen, and support the European Commission and Council taking appropriate Sanctions action against it. We support the Reitzmic Government's actions of territorial defence and maintenance of its own stately integrity, and send our condolences to those Reitzmic families whose members will never come home again.

    Nevertheless, our governments cannot, do not, and will never support the unilateral annexation of territory of the Federation of Istkalen by the Kingdom of Reitzmag. Simon Bridges and his government are well-known aggressors, imperialists, and conquerors. The recent Caspian crisis is evidence of this. Our governments will stand resolutely against any attempt by Reitzmag to unilaterally annex parts of Istkalen's territory, which belongs first and foremost to the Istkalen people.

    Our governments call upon European institutions and nations in the region to intervene. The Archrepublic of Vayinaod is a true friend of the peoples of Inimicus and North Diessen, and would no doubt conduct itself wisely and with the wishes of other nations in mind. The European Commission, meanwhile, must facilitate inter-governmental dialogue, and must call upon Reitzmag to abdicate the responsibility of transitioning Istkalen to their form of democracy.

    The Empire of Inimicus and the Confederacy of North Diessen have purposefully been reluctant to intervene in the current crisis, and continue to be hesitant to resort to arms. However, we will use all diplomatic and economic means at our disposal to convince Simon Bridges and the warmongering government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag to abandon its occupation-centered, ruthless policy. To Mr Bridges, we say: you have defended your homeland, now act with respect for those you defeated."

    Signed, on behalf of:
    ARTABANOS: of the Centurians, Legatians, Quaestorians, Imperatorians, Rosarians, Praestorians, and Diutians Supreme Emperor; Our Lord, Ruler of all Inimicians, Supreme Autocrat; Defender of the Inimician Faith; Duke of the District of Telum; Commander of the Inimician Armed Forces; Grand Cross in the Imperial Order of Inimicus; Lord of the Supreme Ordene of Icholasen; PRAISE!

    The Government of the Confederacy of North Diessen, Het Goor

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  • RE: [Discussion] Creation of a Transitional Government in Istkalen

    I would like to say any transitional government must include Reitzmag. Reitzmag have acted entirely according to international law in defending itself and hasn't comitted any crimes that we know of in this instance. I agree a transitional authority needs more than Reitzmag and Vayinaod just to make sure proposals are fair and balanced , for example bringing in nations like Mennrimiak , Inquista and possibly nations like ourselves who have also committed to helping in any transition. I also believe we shouldn't punish or ask for steep reparations as those only hurt the people and set up a nation for more instability as shown in the past , we all need to move on and help Istkalen develop the best democracy it can and also invest in its infrastructure to rebuild it as a nation and get human services up and running once again. The people should not suffer for this , again we are ready and waiting to help in this.

    James Mizrachi-Roscoe , Councillour for United Duchies

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  • RE: The Banishment of the Barringtons

    Commander Albert Rosenfield listened intently to the Leagoians' briefing, attempting to pick out any details that could lead to the conviction of the Barringtons and their associates. He was slightly shaken up by Cruz finishing his talk -- after a few moments, he managed to stumble: "All clear, Director Cruz, thank you. I'm sure the Imperial Government wishes to convey its thanks to you and all Leagoian authorities for their arduous intelligence work on this Black Organisation. The fact one of these captured individuals is a subject of His Imperial Majesty is indeed concerning. Would you send this person's details over to Imperial authorities so we can conduct a proper background check on them?" The phrase background check, in the Imperial Guard Investigation Unit's terminology, had become synonymous with a full, semi-torturous interview, a complete ravaging of a person's financial, medical, movement, and travel records, as well as substantial blackmail. But this was not something Commander Rosenfield felt Director Cruz had to know.

    "I will ensure the Imperial Government's statements are run by your office before they are released to the press, Director. I must ask you though, where does this leave us? How will we get to the bottom of this organisation, and, perhaps more pertinently to the Imperial Government, how will this lead us to Sir Augustus?"

    "Would you allow me to speak to the Inimician directly, Director?"

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  • RE: Restoring the Relation? Mennrimiak-Spain Summit

    "I think it will be better if we get complete privacy, we dont want more news scandals do we?" He then gave the order to the people in the room to leave
    "I think you should do the same Mr Aguilar, dont worry about your safety, the security in here is top notch and your guards can wait on the room next door, its okay trust me"

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  • RE: [Discussion] Creation of a Transitional Government in Istkalen

    Cllr. Yahontov, those kind of expressions shall be kept out of the chamber. I will not shut up and nobody here will ever make me go silent and retain my opinions. And actually I know what's going up over there. War, death, massive destruction on both sides. Still, you are making a wrong statement once again Ms. Yahontov: The European Union nor myself pretend to go over the Reitzmic sovereignty, but it's supporting the proportional answer from the Kingdom of Reitzmag against Istkalen, as everybody is right now. But, even if you tend to forget many things Ms. Yahontov, let me remember Reitzmag is still an European Union member, and Istkalen declared war on every single EU member state, even if many took it as a joke. Then, it's appropiate for the EU to have a role in shaping a future government for Istkalen, just a supervisor or whatever, as the main stuff should be left to Vayinaod and your country together. No country shall act alone on the prosecution of peace. Reitzmag is still an EU member, so the Commission or any European high-rank has the right to be there and to mediate or even set some conditions on behalf of every country which has been declared war. The EU is then involved in this conflict.

    And you are warning myself and all of us here like if you were a dictator or something like that. How can that be considerate with the other Councillors? I can't mediate on that conflict, because first of all I won't offer myself for that and sencondly, I'm just the Deputy Speaker of the European Council. But Councillor Yahontov, a lesson for future statements on the chamber: save your bad words for the street. This is not a circus, this is not a reality show; this is the European Council and being serious is required. Thank you.

    Donald Tusk
    Deputy Speaker and Councillor for Spain

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  • RE: [COMMISSION-ONLY] Sanction Request Discussions

    Colleagues ( @Alkharya @Duxburian-Union ),

    As you will have seen, more than four member states have lodged a Sanction Request against the Federation of Istkalen, which, especially given the current situation there, appears to me both timely and necessary. The next stage in the Sanctioning process is a five-day Commission discussion on what sanctions package to introduce to the Council, if any. For this, I require your input. I propose a highly similar Sanctions package to the one proposed for the UNSR, explicitly excluding food and nutritional resources from Sanctions, as stressed by Sarah Gladwell.

    My proposal is thus:

    Economic Sanctions

    1. Member states shall cease the export to and import from the Federation of Istkalen of the following materials:
      Aluminium oxide; Antimony; Beryllium; Borates; Carbon fibre; Chlorosulfonated polyethylene; Chromium; Cobalt; Coking; Europium; Fluorspar; Gallium; Germanium; Indium; Lanthanum; Magnesite; Magnesium; Natural graphite; Niobium; Platinum group metals; Phosphate rock; Rare earth elements; Silicon metal; Tungsten
    2. Member states shall cease the export to and import from the Federation of Istkalen of any and all weaponry, ammunition, military-grade equipment, or any associated products or materials.

    Diplomatic Sanctions

    1. Member states are encouraged to suspend the extension of visas to any citizens of the Federation of Istkalen, except in the case of refugee applications.
    2. Member states are encouraged to suspend any remaining diplomatic representation of the Federation of Istkalen in their countries.
    3. Any further representation of the Federation of Istkalen in the European Union is hereby suspended.

    Individual Sanctions

    1. These sanctions apply to any and all government officials of the Federation of Istkalen, its former and future iterations, as well as breakaway governments or authorities forming from the same.
    2. These sanctions shall not apply to government officials from any interim government of the territory of the Federation of Istkalen formed by agreement between several member states or European authorities.
    3. All assets held by sanctioned individuals in member states shall be seized as soon as practicable. Monetary assets are to be held by the European Central Bank until further notice.
    4. Visas, travel permits, laissez-faires, or other state-issued documents, excepting refugee applications, shall not be extended to sanctioned individuals.
    5. If found in the territory of any member state, sanctioned individuals are to be arrested and questioned -- member states shall be free to try these individuals in accordance with their own customs.

    I will close discussion on this Sanctions Package on 26th April, 9am BST

    Premier Commissioner Dr Walter Cocx

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