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    25th April 2018 - 16:52

    LIFE - Issue #1 - Luz de Libertados and St Esther.                                                                                                                                               By Maria Juncasa

    A look inside Europe's unheard places.

    LUZ DE LIBERTADOS AND ST ESTHER - The Memorial Rock, on the peak of Mt. Freedom

    After a stunning 1008m walk up the slopes of Mt. Freedom, we reached the top; a snow topped, flat plateau. It was relatively big and in the centre stood a stone. If you were to look closer, you could see names engraved onto the stone, such as Jon, Kafa and Mekta. The stone is said to hold the names of the first inhabitants who came to the island; a sign of freedom. Around the stone sits eight wooden torches. Or what would've been the place of the flames. This plateau is used to celebrate the annual Libertese festival: Walk of the 200; made to celebrate the makings of Luz de Libertados, where islanders will walk up to mountain peak and pray to the stone before having a party. Often celebrated with music and dancing.

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  • RE: The Kingdom of Montenbourg - Government Ministries

    Ministry for Children and Family Development

    Montague, Strasbourg-.25 April, 2018

    The Ministry measures against sexual violence and harassment

    One of the Montenbourg Government’s gender equality policy sub-goals is that men’s violence against women must stop. With reference to #metoo, the following lists some examples of implemented and forthcoming measures to counteract sexual violence, harassment and assault. The Ministry's work involves preventive initiatives, stronger protection and support, more effective law enforcement, work environment investments and awareness-building measures. On 1 April 2018, the ten-year national strategy to prevent and combat men's violence against women, including honour-related violence and oppression, as well as prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes, came into effect. The strategy, which contains a package of measures, is intended to guide central government steering in this area and has a particular focus on developing efforts to prevent violence. In total, the Mnistry is setting aside around M£1.3 billion for efforts to counteract men's violence against women in 2017–2020. A new gender equality agency begins working in April 2018. The agency will work with follow-up, analysis, coordination, knowledge and support for achieving the Ministry's gender equality policy goals. One of the sub-goals is that men's violence against women must stop, and that women and men, girls and boys must have the same right and access to physical integrity.

    At the end of 2018 the Ministry proposed to the Royal Council on Legislation new sexual offence legislation that is based on consent.The Montenbourg Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority will receive resources to implement information and training initiatives in the area of sexual offences. The Act on special protection for workers against reprisals for whistleblowing concerning serious irregularities, the Whistleblowing Act, which entered into force on 1 April 2018, can be applicable in situations where an employer takes reprisals against an employee for reporting sexual harassment to a government agency or the media.  The Children´s Welfare Foundation Montenbourg is receiving M£500,000 from the Ministry to disseminate information and support materials on sexual harassment to all compulsory and upper secondary schools.

     Helle Thorning-Schmidt

    Minister for Children and Family Development

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  • RE: The Kingdom of Montenbourg- Factbook

    Montenbourg legislation - how laws are made

    Some bills contain proposals for new legislation, requiring extensive deliberation and debate before a vote can be taken, while others consist of proposals for policy guidelines or major or minor amendments to existing laws. A growing proportion of legislation affecting Montenbourg is enacted by the European Union. Some of these laws apply directly, without prior sanction by the Riksdag, while others must be implemented in existing Montenbourg legislation before they can take effect.

    How laws are made

    Although most legislative proposals laid before the Riksdag (Montenbourg parliament) are initiated by the Government, some bills may be based on suggestions put forward by the Riksdag or by private citizens, special interest groups or public authorities.

    Before the Government can draw up a legislative proposal, the matter in question must be analysed and evaluated. The task may be assigned to officials from the ministry concerned, a commission of inquiry or a one-man committee. Inquiry bodies, which operate independently of the Government, may include or co-opt experts, public officials and politicians. The reports setting out their conclusions are published in the Montenbourg Government Official Reports series.

    Before the Government takes up a position on the recommendations of a commission of inquiry, its report is referred for consideration to the relevant bodies. These referral bodies may be central government agencies, special interest groups, local government authorities or other bodies whose activities may be affected by the proposals. This process provides valuable feedback and allows the Government to gauge the level of support it is likely to receive. If a number of referral bodies respond unfavourably to the recommendations, the Government may try to find an alternative solution.

    When the referral bodies have submitted their comments, the ministry responsible drafts the bill that will be submitted to the Riksdag. If the proposed law has important implications for private citizens or the welfare of the public, the Government should first refer the proposal to the Royal Council on Legislation to ensure that it does not conflict with existing legislation.

    Responsibility for approving all new or amended legislation lies with the Riksdag. Legislative proposals, whether proceeding from the Government or a private member, are dealt with by one of the parliamentary committees. Any of the Riksdag's members can table a counter-proposal to a bill introduced by the Government. Such a proposal is called a motion. If a motion is formally adopted in the Riksdag, the Government is bound to implement its provisions. When the committee has completed its deliberations, it submits a report and the bill is put to the chamber of the Riksdag for approval. If adopted, the bill becomes law. 

    After its successful passage through the Riksdag, the new law is formally promulgated by the Government. All new or amended laws are published in the Montenbourg Code of Statutes.

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  • RE: Montenbourg Social Media and Press

    Bettel backs Clinton in last-minute intervention in Australia Federal election

    April 24, 2018 8:50 pm| by Arah Kitnesen||Skåne News

    On a non-official statement the PM of Montenbourg says Clinton, who faces right Christian Porter, appeals to hopes not fears

    Xävier Bettel has made a last-minute intervention in the Australian Federal election in support of Hillary Clinton saying “the success of Australia matters to Europe”.

    Clinton, a centrist-left, faces Christian Porter of the right National Party on the 5th of May. Polls put Clinton several points ahead but tension is on the air. Leaving the Prime Minister residence reporters approach to Bettel who where asking an opinion on the upcoming elections. 

    "I’m not who to get involved in any elections,  we will approach any whom wins these upcoming Australian elections, but for me these elections are important to the future of Australia and the values that we care so much about." 

    A reporter of Conservex, an alt-right newsroom, insisted on his position on inmigration and nationalistic stances of some people at his party and similarities with Australian political leaders stances as they think that Montenbourg needs to stop the rhetoric in favor of refugees."Look anyone who wins these elections will be welcomed and supported.... Now you and I know that refugees are a reality that we all together must face with open arms and support, they are humans just like you and me.” he said.

    Bettel said he and his spouse supported Clinton because she appealed to “people’s hopes and not their fears” and ended his message with the words “Advance Australia.”

    Charles Kupchan, a special assistant on Europe in the Bettel Cabinet, said he thought Europe’s fate involved those core values. “Prime Minister Bettel was very concerned about the political trajectory of the European Union, particularly after the situation of the refugees before the Refugee Protection Act very much insisted in the European Council. He became quite seized with helping to rebuild self-confidence in liberal values and practices,” said Kupchan, and professor of international affairs at Bosco University.

    Philip Gordon, who was secretary for Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Anderson administration, said: “It’s not surprising [Bettel] has done this. Clinton represents everything he is for and Porter everything he is against.” However, Gordon, now a senior fellow at the Montenbourg Council on Foreign Relations, raised the possibility the intervention could backfire. “Clinton will obviously thinks this will help. Even though he hasn't been in Australia, Bettel will be a very popular in Australia,” he said. “But I do worry it could motivate Porter voters and others who are anti-elite, anti-refugee or even anti-Montenbourgian or even racist, so that it hurts Clinton more than it helps. But at the end Clinton and Bettel are two key progressive figures that will do some good for Europe."

    Also the PM was asked about the non-official position taken by the President of Luz de Libertados and St Esther's on Minister McCord interview and how the president says that she stepped too far in that she believes 'people look up to Montenbourg for leadership throughout Europe'. "Look, our country alone is non-better than any in Europe, only together we as a whole are stronger. Suhanna and I knows that emotions gets its way, and we are leading change just as Luz de Libertados and St Esther did with there vote on the Refugee Protection Act, because our nations understands that we must become protagonists of change and take the lead on matters that are a reality for our Europe... And look the strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation of "hey, we are all good, all perfect." sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't, they are in there right. We together will be the scriptwriters of our destiny and will feature our countries as stars that showed the way towards a brighter future for Europe and the World. Our role is to listen to them, include them as well as to support and enable them in any way we can, because we are all building a better Europe."

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  • RE: Australian News Media

    Federal Election 2018: Clinton Backs Refugee Act, Challenges Rudd, Porter

    National Party leader Christian Porter at the National Press Club delivering a speech on the economy

    CANBERRA --- Very rarely has a politician of the left taken such a lead over a politician of the right among the National Press Club members, but such was the occasion. That Hillary Clinton, the Prime Minister and Progressive Alliance leader, and National Party leader Christian Porter went on the same day was already an amazing opportunity as it was, but to see them back to back deliver their speeches on the vision for the country. No starker contrast was the standpoint on the refugee issue. Here's Hillary Clinton:

    "Australia is a nation blessed with riches and a culture that accepts all as long as they are ready to work hard and have a fair go at prosperity. For some political parties to use refugees as bargaining chips for political gain, that is wrong and immoral. I challenge Labor, the National Party and the rest of the Australian political spectrum: what exactly are you proposing as an alternative to accepting refugees and helping not only the military effort in Dromund Kaas but the humanitarian effort as well?"

    Here's Christian Porter:

    "Hillary Clinton and the Government will find a way to sell Australian security down the drain. Economic security will be lost by the fact that these refugees will have a free pass to economic migrant status and work for pennies on the dollar. She will bring in radicals that will conduct terrorist attacks in our nation, much like they have in the United Kingdom at Piccadilly Circus. She will not stop the boats of humanity, destroying Australia's moral security in its position as a leader in the region. She is perhaps the most dangerous politician we have had in Australian history ever occupy the Lodge (the residence of the Australian Prime Minister)". 

    Two quotes, but the response from the audience was clear as a standing ovation for Clinton last almost 4 minutes while tepid applause greeted Christian Porter. The National Press Club has been, for now, the bastion of the centre-right and has acted as coronations for National Party Prime Ministers like John Howard and Tony Abbott. That took a step towards changing this weekend with the arrival of Hillary Clinton.

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  • RE: Turkmenbaijan - Factbook


    The flag of Turkmenbaijan consists a blue field and two coloured bands in yellow and white defaced a crescent and star in the center.
    The blue colour represents the open sky due the warm and deserted climate in Turkmenbaijan. Yellow is for the sun which gives light and life as well the European background of the nation while the white band represents social justice and harmony. The crescent and star symbolise the Turkish descent of the Turkmenbaijani people.
    The flag was adopted on april 20th 2018.

    Untill april 20th 2018 a flag consisting a green field, 3 golden stars and a map of the nation in the center was used.

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  • RE: Council Of State Official Hansard

    Riksdag Excerpt

    20 April 2018

    After the teen pop-sensation ‘Justyn’ is dead, and the police investigation into his brutal murder-by-decapitation has revealed that it was a contract killing, organised through a highly professional ‘dark web’ assassination firm. The Riksdag made a reunion discussing the situation.

    RUTH UBINGER (Nationalitz): This talentless teeny-bopper’s pop music may have been criminally bad, but he didn’t deserve the death penalty! Haha.  Clearly law enforcement is struggling with modern technology. Your Majesty, Prime Minister, members of the Riksdag, if you’re watching, take my advice: spend some money on a decent Cyber Crimes division. Fill it with people who might have failed a stupid physical test, but who have tech-savvy and brains. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes I’d love to join up!

    EVAN FREEMAN (Classical Monarchist Party): You can’t police the internet short of shutting it down, and only a loony would suggest that could be an option. People need to defend themselves at the moment of attack! Crazy regulations about so-called ‘reasonable force’ are holding us back. Let the free market arm the people, so that a free people can freely defend themselves! Though obviously, ahem, not for free.

    AXEL JUGHEIN (Green Party): We would like to legalise our little enterprises, so we can move from the dark web and into the light of legitimate business, death merchant apps and micropayment mutilations. We would allow create a small excluded target list, and will always be fastidious with tax payments. Just think on it.


    Decision: HM Government is doing everything in their hands to regulate, sanction and prosecute dark-web enterprises.

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  • RE: Council Of State Official Hansard

    Riksdag Excerpt

    20 April 2018

    Sporting events have always drawn big crowds of passionate fans, but those same crowds can bring a temporary surge in crime. While extra policing can be assigned, questions have been raised over who should pay for this.

    SILVIO LIU (Liberal Party): These are big-profit events for the corporations that run them, but they generate considerable externalities which must be paid for by taxpayers,” . “Let the profiteers pick up the extra cost, as guesstimated... I mean, carefully calculated by a department.

    ARCHIBALD SESTERO (Classical Monarchist Party): Excuse me? Since when have private companies been liable to fund public services? If you cut into profits, you discourage free market enterprise, and if you do that, there’ll be less sporting entertainment. And you know what happens when a populace doesn’t get its sports? That’s right - they start thinking about politics, and criticising their social betters. Do you really want that to happen?

    BORIS TRADSVO (Green Party): There’s no need for all this bovver. So we like to let off a bit of steam before and after the match, and have a bit of a scrap. It’s all good fun, and nobody who don’t wants to be there has to be there if they don’t wants to be, right? So why not give the rozzers the day off, and let us sort ourselves out?

    GOLIGHTY VRASYU (Nationalitz): Sports fans are a nasty bunch, but you’ve got to admire their fighting spirit. Come wartime, we could use men of their calibre. Shut down all professional sports, and conscript the lot of them. All that pent-up energy can instead be directed to the national good.


    DecisionMatches are often attended by police presence with water cannons... just in case. For die-hard fans.

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  • RE: Membership Applications

    @louraniediplomat said:

    Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded): The Federal Republic of Louranie (Répullen Lüre)
    Nation Name on NS (short): Louranie
    Puppet (if so, of whom?): N/A
    Map plot requested: 45
    Capital city: Braighton
    Currency: Lourane Dill
    National language(s): English, Louran (Véllàpot)

    Head of State (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): President Mr. Salvador L. Brangen 
    Head of Government (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): President Mr. Salvador L. Brangen 
    Governing party: Conservative Party
    European Councillor (Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): Mr. Lapoid P. Höffel
    Political group (if any): N.A.
    Player history on NationStates: https://www.nationstates.net/n...
    My country accepts the Constitution of the European Union (Y/N): Y

     Added and welcome! Sorry for the delay.

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  • RE: Turkmenbaijan Media and Press



    EUROPOLIS - An employee of the turkmenbaijani representation within the european institutions in Europolis reacted this morning in the political talkshow 'EuroTürk' on the ongoing discord between some nations concerning the Refugee Protection Act.

    Yesterday minister McCörd of Montenbourg made some statements concerning the humanitarian policies during an interview. Those statemenst were unsuccessful in Luz de libertados and St Esther. Following the Libertadian press LLLBC/LLRC the minister of Montenbourg is unknowing and is ranking the Montenbourg society superior to other societies. From turkmenbaijni circles in Europolis it is called to talk about the content and to finaly stop this toughness toward eachother.

    ''The reaction of Luz de libertados and St Esther is exaggerated'' sounds its further.

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