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    Politics and Government of the Archrepublic

    The Archrepublic of Vayinaod is a unitary republic based upon the presidential system which relies upon a system of checks and balances. While originally formed as a federal republic, consistent and systemic changes to the nation slowly resulted in the central government of Vayinaod, currently all powers and duties rest with the central government unless otherwise prescribed by the Constitution or Acts of the Storting. Three branches of government are defined in the Constitution of 1975, the Executive also known as the Konsulship, the legislature also known as the Storting, and the Judiciary also known as the Supreme Judicial Council.

    The Arch-Konsul leads the executive branch, acting as both Head of State and Head of Government. The position serves at the pleasure of the people, and is completely separated from the legislature. The Arch-Konsul works to enforce the laws and regulations passed by the Storting, act as Commander-in-Chief of the Vayinaodic Armed Forces, represent the nation abroad, review laws passed by the Storting and veto them if he views necessary, appoint members to the Judiciary, issue Konsulate Orders and Proclamations to faithfully enforce the laws and constitution. The Arch-Konsul is supported by a First Konsul who takes the place of the Arch-Konsul when required, who is elected on a separate ballot from the Arch-Konsul, as well as a multitude of Secretaries each running a department of the national government. These secretaries along with ambassadors, commissioned officers, judges, and other officials are appointed by the Arch-Konsul, but require a two-thirds majority of the Storting to be confirmed. The Arch-Konsul is elected to four year terms directly by the people via a preferential voting system using the Alternate Vote, where citizens rank their choices on the ballot. The group term for secretaries serving below the Arch-Konsul is known as the Konsulate.

    The current members of the Executive are:

    • Arch-Konsul: Alvar Johansson
    • First Konsul: Rakel Sorensdotter
    • Secretary of Defense: Alexander Strand
    • Secretary of the Treasury: Erna Rundström
    • Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Emilie Stendahl
    • Secretary of Commerce: Felix Thorsen
    • Attorney General: Kristian Nylund
    • Secretary of Immigration and Home Affairs: Diana Frisk
    • European Councillor and Secretary for EU Affairs: Carita Falk
    • Secretary of Culture, Outreach, and Sports: Adam Hansen
    • Secretary for Energy, Infrasture and Housing: Gottfrid Eklund
    • Secretary of Education : Klara Jönsson
    • Secretary of Science, Technology and Digital Development: Hilda Olofsdotter
    • Secretary for Rural Affairs: Alexander Halvorsen
    • Secretary for the Environment and Climate: Michaela Blomgren
    • Secretary for Fisheries: Fredrik Norling
    • Secretary of National Parks and Places: Wynnstan Rask
    • Secretary for Labour and Social Security: Elísabet Olofsdotter

    The legislature for the Archrepublic is known as the Storting, its members known as Storting Members (SMs) are elected every two years matching the electoral calendar of the Arch-Konsul every other election. Members are elected from single-member constituencies using the Alternative Vote system similar to the Arch-Konsul. If required by-elections are held within two months of a vacancy unless the vacancy occurs two months before the next scheduled election. The Storting is responsible for creating the laws of the nation, reviewing appointments by the Arch-Konsul, and reviewing Konsulate Orders and Proclamations when it feels necessary. Passing a law in the Storting requires a 50% + 1 majority of voting members present, constitutional changes, declarations of war, and confirmations require two-thirds majority. Treaties require a 55% majority. The Storting is made up of 331 voting members, chaired by one President among them. The Storting is broken up into committees staffed by the SMs who each sit on at least one committee. These committees are initial starting point for legislation and is where the Storting can reviews the Executive and its recent actions. The Storting may call Secretaries and other officials for questioning, however it may not call the Arch-Konsul in for any questioning, this is known as the Right of One. The Storting typically instead calls forward the representative of the Arch-Konsul typically the Attorney General or First Konsul depending on the circumstances.

    The Judiciary of Vayinaod is headed by the Supreme Judicial Council, who is the final court of appeals, and is the final court of constitutional review. The Judiciary is split between Civil, Criminal, and Administrative courts; with there being four court levels; Municipal, Regional, Provincial, and Republic before it reaches the Supreme Judicial Council. The Supreme Judicial Council is made up of seven members appointed to ten year terms, renewable only once. Council Justices must be selected from a lower court, and be vetted by the Vayinaodic Bar Association for proper qualifications. The Judiciary in Vayinaod tries cases, reviews laws, executive actions, regulations, settles disputes.

    Currently there are ten parties with representation in the Storting:

    • Social Democrats
    • Free Greens
    • Progressives
    • Liberals
    • Centre
    • Democrats
    • Moderates
    • Conservative Alliance
    • Christian Democrats
    • Traditional Democrats

    The Social Democrats, Free Greens, and Progressives make up the current government in a coalition, are typically referred to as the Left Alliance. They sometimes rely on supply and confidence from the Liberals and Centre parties when required. The Moderates, Conservative Alliance, Christian Democrats, and Traditional Democrats form the Right Alliance and can typically lead their own coalition without support. The Democrats are the newest major party, and are attempting to form their own populist movement outside the two traditional alliances.

    The Republics of Vayinaod and the capital city, Nyetthem
    alt text
    Current composition of the Storting visualized
    alt text
    Social Democrats (107) | Free Greens (43) | Progressives (16) | Liberals (19) | Centre (12) | Democrats (36) | Moderates (71) | Conservative Alliance (11) | Christian Democrats (13) | Traditionalist Democrats (3)
    Current electoral map of Vayinaod
    alt text

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  • Vayinaod, Archrepublic of

    alt text

    alt text

    The Archrepublic of Vayinaod

    Common Names: Vayinaod, The Archrepublic
    Capital: Nyetthem
    Demonym: Vayinaodic

    • Official/National: Vayinish
    • Recognized/Regional: English, Russian

    Ethnic Groups:

    • Vayinaodic- 86%
    • Uralic- 7%
    • Other- 7%

    Government: Unitary Presidential Republic
    Head of State and Government: Arch-Konsul Alvar Johansson
    European Councillor: Carita Falk
    Legislature: Unicameral (Term: Storting)
    Judiciary: Supreme Judicial Council of Appeals


    • Founding: 1189
      *Modern Constitution: 1807
      *EU Membership: 2019

    National Motto: "Tandem Domum Redeo"
    National Anthem(s): "To the Stars of the North"
    National Animal(s): The Pegasus

    Area: WIP
    Total: WIP
    Water (%): WIP
    Population: 31,910,871
    GDP: TBA
    Total: TBA
    Per capita: TBA
    Currency: Vayinaodic Kroner ( K )
    Date Format: DD-MM-YYYY
    Drives on the: Right
    Calling Code: +12
    Internet TLD: .vd

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  • The Northern Inquirer

    alt text

    Democrats take Social Democrat's Havic Central Constituency ; Social Democrats fear majority at stake

    alt text

    Anders Stoltensson, Democratic party leader, after hearing the news of yet another by-election victory

    June 13th, 2019
    By Clara Ernasdötter

    Havic, Vayinaod---- Arch-Konsul Alvar Johansson’s Storting majority was made even slimmer today after the growing populist party, the Democrats, made another by-election gain by taking Havic Central from the Social Democrats. The Arch-Konsul’s majority was already slim with two seats before the resignation of Marcus Svenson due to “personal reasons” following a highly publicized affair with a Rechroatian immigrant. Now with only 166 seats left in his coalition, the Arch-Konsul may look to secure a confidence and supply agreement with the Liberals to ensure the last portion of his agenda passes in time for the September election.

    Havic Central was captured by the Democrats with 31% of First Preference votes, and a final tally of 56% in the second round after votes were distributed to the top two candidates. Founded last summer due to the Johansson Administration announced new limits on natural gas and oil exploration in the arctic sea, and an increase on income tax to account for the lost revenue ; the Democrats have seen multiple gains in by-elections or Storting Members (SMs) defect from the Moderates, Centre and even the Social Democrats themselves.

    Political analysts have struggled to define the Democrats beyond simply its self-described populism. Due in part to its tax policies that mirror or sometimes go beyond even the Social Democrats, but social conservative stances that more mirror the Moderate party and the nation’s social conservative tendencies. The parties environmental policies being viewed as more moderate with the party accepting climate change but acknowledging that it should not totally limit economic interests. However, the parties call for new immigration limits has been seen as a cornerstone of its agenda and its most controversial among mainstream political parties. With each Democratic candidate being more and more varied among platforms, the only true connecting feature is its support for party leaders Anders Stoltensson.

    While Social Democrats still lead 1st preferences with 35% according to the latest polls, current seat estimates place their coalition ten seats short of a majority in the September elections, and with the Konsul-Ship also up for election this year as well ,Arch-Konsul Johansson will find his third and final election to be his hardest yet. Current polling has him leading the first round, but only polling 53% in a hypothetical second round with “generic” moderate candidate, and only 51% against Anders Stoltensson, the two likely second round opponents.

    Sources instead the administration have hinted that the Arch-Konsul will unveil a new immigration plan in the next few weeks in order to combat the Democratic attempts to make it their flagship issue. With campaigning beginning at the end of July, the parties will start to unveil the final manifestos by the end of this month. Most analysts predicting that the moderates will include a provision to deny any possibility of a coalition with the Social Democrats or the Democrats should a hung storting be returned. Making the Storting campaign even more important for the Arch-Konsul if he wishes to keep his agenda going.

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  • RE: Costume Institute Gala - the Met Gala, 2019

    "Somewhere more private? Sounds great. You know this place better than I do, so you lead the way." Irene was pleasantly surprised at the chemistry between Anastasia and herself. Neither of them came here to make friends - Anastasia was using Irene for good publicity and Irene was only associating with Anastasia because she was the top dog at the event, but this relationship looked like it might end up blossoming into something surprisingly genuine.

    When the exhibitionist mess that went by the name Tyra interrupted Irene just as she was to head off with Anastasia, she was annoyed... but this wasn't a situation that she could escape. She knew that 'TYRA AND HEIDI CHALLENGE IRENE TO A POSE OFF' was headline material and that if she just walked off, the public opinion would be divided into those thinking that Irene was a dignified woman disassociating herself from two messy models (#TeamIrene) and those who thought that Irene was threatened by the younger girls and was no fun (#TeamTyra).

    "I can't believe this Tyra bitch pulled off something like this... This is the most interesting thing that happened at the event so far, the most likely thing to be heavily covered by the media... the most likely top headline... I have to leave this exchange looking good." she thought, blissfully unaware of Severina's nearly impossible to top stunt because it took place off the red carpet.

    "Oh my, you girls are so silly!" Irene giggled as she stepped in the middle of Tyra and Heidi, wrapped one hand around each and forced them into a big angel hug. "Aren't they fabulous? A queen and two angels!" she shouted, indicating friendliness and subliminally suggesting a way to cover this event to press.

    "A queen and two angels is a good headline... The two thirsty bitches still get good attention, but I'm the one in the center and I'm the one whose queen... I'm the Beyonce of the trio and Tyra gets to be Kelly. Heidi can be... ummm... the other one."

    The press immediately jumped at this.

    Irene was NOT letting Tyra speak or take her center stage position in front of the press, so she made sure to answer all of the questions - even those not directed at her - but in a way that seemed friendly as opposed to overbearing.

    "Oh, you never know with us girls! Maybe we'll have some naughty fun later..."
    "If other German women are anything like these two, I'm in love!"
    "Oh, don't do Tyra like that! She shouldn't act like she's around a Queen, I'm just a normal girl!" The press collectively awwwed at Irene's faux kindness and immediately prepared to praise her humility. But even more importantly, this answer prevented Tyra from stepping in to say how honored she is to be next to a monarch. "Tyra could've ended up being portrayed as a humble girl that worked her way up to being able to stand next to me... I wasn't going to let her 'I can't believe I made it! I'm posing next to a queen?' shtick see the light of day." Irene thought.
    "Haha, who cares about race nowadays? We're all fabulous human beings and that's what matters. We're ebony..." she points at herself. "Ivory..." she points at Heidi. "And regular, normal, everyday dark brown wood." she points at Tyra. The press continued to awwww at Irene, the humble, anti-racist and totally-not-passive-aggressive-and-overbearing Queen.

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  • Icholasen News Media

    NBC News:

    Janis Kennedy, Lead Anchor: Eilidh Whiteford is holding a press conference today to outline her policy agenda for her new Cabinet. It will be the first time that Whiteford has spoken out since some key members of her cabinet resigned. On the scene is Francis Butler, our head political correspondent.

    Francis Butler: Here, Whiteford is due to stand in front of this orange set, with Party of June logos to detail what she and her core three cabinet colleagues intend to do now that they are almost starting a new government. Oh, and here Whiteford is coming to the stage, with her key ministers surrounding her - let's listen.

    Eilidh Whiteford: Though my government may seem in a crisis, it is important to remember where we have come from. Under my administration we have made sensible budget cuts to reduce the national debt, and it has worked. We have reduced the budget by 1.4% since 2017 and are on track for relative equilibrium in 2022. Some of my colleagues want to go too fast, and push too brutally to reduce spending, but my new colleagues and I reject that stance. Austerity is not necessary for us, we just need to be more sensible. Now, I would like to outline our three main policy objectives for the rest of this parliament.

    One, keep healthcare at the funding level it is now. Though our opponents say that it is a waste of money, dental care for the under 25s is an investment in our young people's teeth, and I stick to that. In addition, free prescriptions are a way to make our society more equal, and this government will not apologise for pursuing equal rights.

    Two, continue pushing for a green future. This government has agreed on a new nuclear power station, this will allow us to close some gas fired and coal power plants. But, we do not want to keep going, when we could be building more wind-farms off the coast. Again, we want a moderated and careful move over to a carbon neutral future.

    Three, make some sensible and managed cuts. We don't want to take a knife to the budget, but of course there are some unnecessary things that can go, for example certain industry subsidies that no longer make sense in our vision for a carbon neutral future, such a coal and oil subsidies. These will be coming to a gradual close and will be taken up by private companies.

    Thank you for listening, me and my colleagues will be taking questions now.

    Francis Butler: Ms. Whiteford, are you confident about the by-election in Saint Romain?

    Eilidh Whiteford: I am very confident. We won last time with 9% more of the vote than the NAP, and I'm sure we will replicate that success and bring back more Senators and return the Nonet seat to the Party of June.

    Other journalist: What do you think this move to the left will do to you electorally? In some places in Regina - where you are quite close to picking up a Nonet seat - are quite right wing and might react against this turn.

    Eilidh Whiteford: I would say that we're successful electorally because we have a wide range of support across the country. The Nonet, though important, isn't necessarily the be all and end all for us. We want to get a wide range of support from across the country. If that's it, I'd like to thank you all for coming and just emphasise again that we're excited for the coming months, we're going to put up a fight in Saint Romain.

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  • RE: Costume Institute Gala - the Met Gala, 2019

    Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum

    Tyra noticed the attention slide off of her antics for a moment when the delegation from Red Croatia showed up.

    "Oh HELL no! Who is that girl stealing my shine?! She can kiss my fat ass!" Tyra grumbled. She ripped off her dress to reveal a different ensemble underneath.

    alt text

    "Jesus Christ..." Heidi grumbled. "We weren't supposed to do that until we got inside the venue, Tyra!" Tyra paid Heidi no mind and stormed over towards Irene.

    "Well, so much for the surprise," Heidi said to herself, performing a quick change on the carpet to reveal her own angelic wings.

    alt text

    Tyra had made her way over to Irene before saying.

    "Girl, I know you are fierce; I know that you are tough. Why didn't you tell me we were gonna do this right here right now? Strike a pose!" Tyra announced before doing several poses a la vogue. "Booty scootch with a tooty tooch!"

    Heidi wandered over to Tyra and Irene, ready to apologise but the desire, the power of a modelling moment proved far too strong for Heidi to resist, and she too began to strike a pose.

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  • RE: The EU's Latest Tweets

    alt text

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  • RE: The EU's Latest Tweets

    alt text

    alt text

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  • RE: Costume Institute Gala - the Met Gala, 2019

    Pete Waterman

    alt text

    The legendary music producer behind most of Angleter's hits in the 1980s and many of its less successful EuroVoice entries, Pete Waterman, or "Sir Pete Waterman" as he likes to call himself, is known primarily around Europe for the much-loved protest song Nuke the ECoJ.

    Pete made his way along the catwalk wearing a classic black tie suit with a light overcoat. After posing for photos briefly, and upon seeing the photographers divert their attention to some woman or something, Pete shouted out: "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW SIR PETE WATERMAN IS FOLLOWING THE THEME?"

    After a few seconds, as it became apparent that nobody was interested, Pete walked over to the cameras and edged in between two women he didn't recognise. "EXCUSE ME," said Pete to the press, "THIS IS SIR PETE WATERMAN, CATHOLIC THEME!"

    Pete turned around and asked the two models to remove his coat. They did, reluctantly, revealing the back of his dinner jacket reading in large Tipp-Ex letters 'ECOJ REPENT OR GO TO HELL'.

    "IT SAYS: ECOJ REPENT OR GO TO HELL! Also we need more trains. Waterman out." Pete made his way past the rest of the bewildered press and into the exhibit.

    Gisela Stuart and Peter Montfort

    alt text

    "We're the only Angleteric politicians here, aren't we?" asked Gisela.

    "Well, you are. I'm not even a politician," replied Peter. "But yes, everyone else is too scared of Cardinal Sidhu and the voters."

    "Do you miss being accountable to the voters?"

    "Oh, absolutely not. I much prefer running the vote to taking part in it. I wonder if Sidhu will try and boycott any EV entry who goes to this."

    "Haha, could you imagine. Fucking rock singers doing public penance to try and get 12 points from Angleter."

    "Speaking of bishops, why did you take me as your date and not, you know, Firoux?"

    "Because you know this isn't a real date."

    The press shouted for Gisela and Peter to come over and take questions from them

    "Premier Commissioner, what's on your head there?"

    "It's a nativity scene; how better to represent the birth of a new era for the EU under my leadership?"

    "Is this really the best use of your time? What will the voters think?"

    "I'm not here to talk politics; tonight is about charity, supporting our fashion industry, and respecting the artistic tradition of the Catholic Church. That's why I'm here and I hope everyone else is here for the same reason. And besides, I can't run again next time, so I don't need to obsess over my 'image' or anything like that. Have a great evening!"

    "And Mr Montfort, will we be seeing this costume next time you're in Icholasen for EuroVoice?"

    "You'll have to watch to find out!"

    They continued into the exhibit.

    Kate Bush

    alt text

    Kate Bush was on a roll after a new tour and an appearance at EuroVoice 34 in Angleter. The press called her over almost as soon as she arrived on the catwalk.

    "Kate, can you take us through your outfit? No Wuthering Heights red dress?"

    "I'm wearing all black because traditionally it's the colour women wear when meeting the Pope. In fact only a handful of queens and princesses are allowed to wear white instead; so the inspiration came from that."

    "And what do you think of what you've seen so far tonight?"

    "Well, I've only just got here, but from the couple of outfits I've seen tonight, I'm totally blown away. Great originality, great creativity; it's what tonight should be all about."

    "Can we be expecting a performance from you tonight?"

    "Nothing official, but you know what, I bet you could do with some entertainment out here, right?"

    The journalists all eagerly agreed, so Kate launched straight into the chorus of Running Up That Hill:

    "If I only could... make a deal with God..."

    Kate signalled for the journalists to join in; some of the other attendees on the catwalk began to crowd around and also joined in:


    Kate stopped singing and gestured to the crowd, who filled in:


    Kate finished: "Say if I only could, ooh-oohhh"

    The audience that had built up around Kate applauded as she took a bow and then proceeded towards the exhibit.

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  • RE: The Nine Dominions of Icholasen

    Government & Politics:

    Political Parties:

    The Party of June is the main Political Party in Icholasen currently, and controls the Senate, the Nonet and 5 different Dominion Assemblies. Here are all the Nicoleizian Political Parties and what they stand for.

    alt text
    National Assemblies' Makeup (Breakdown of the Nicoleizian vote and Seats)

    Icholasen is made up of 9 Dominions, that some deem are extremely artificial creations. Only a few Dominions existed before the reforms in the 1990s to federalise the country. Each Dominions sends a number of Senators to the Senate proportional to their population and to the entire national population. However Dominions all send 1 Nonet Member no matter what their population. Elections to the Senate and the Nonet are all connected to the individual governments of the 9 Dominions. Instead of having separate local and national elections, the 9 Assemblies in each Nicoleizian Dominion has exactly the same seat makeup as the seats they send to the Senate, with Assembly Members (ideally) working with their counterparts in the Senate to best represent their local constituents. In addition, the party who holds the Nonet seat for the Dominion, also holds the Governorship, whether the Governor's party can hold the Assembly or not. The Governor of the Dominion holds powers in tiebreak situations but is not a part of the legislature. The Governor acts as the head of the Dominion's executive and proposes legislation.

    Each Dominion of Icholasen has its own Assembly. Here, is the makeup of Each Dominion Assembly.

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