• RE: EU Economic Data

    Annual living costs (after tax) as % of income: 12%
    Annual average savings as % of income: 39%
    Government spending in the economy as % of GDP:49%

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  • RE: The Blyvbirn | Government of the Realm of Great Ruthund

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    Monday- 19 October, 2020
    Today, Councilor Helhuan Ziharuthstukur has resigned from her post as European Councilor for our country. We are disappointed that Helhuan has made the decision to leave her post prematurely, but we shall respect her wishes. Elections for European Councilor will be held on the 13 November, 2020 and shall be sent to Europolis to resume the duties of European Councilor starting 16 November.

    Councilor Helhuan had to right to address her grievances with this government, regardless of how valid they are. But it shall be known without doubt that this government was elected democratically, and in accordance with the Basic Law of this Realm. Any Ruthen and European for that matter should respect that. Similarly, the EU Councilor shall be elected democratically and will abide by their duties outlined in the European Law. This means that they are to respect government decisions whenever they may apply to the office of European Councilor. Personal objections to these responsibilities shall remain personal-- anything deviating from this principle shall be considered unprofessional behavior by this government.

    As a result, this government reserves its right to recall the European Councilor when we determine they are not adequately representing the Ruthenish people and are perusing their own political agenda. This government has tolerance for individuals to degrade the office and the democratic process of it by self-interest. We look forward with working with our new democratically elected EU Councilor.

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  • RE: Europe Day - 19th October 2020

    Donald Tusk was in his Europolis' favourite hotel, as he had some pending Council sessions and debates were still going on. He had access to private chats were the members of the Government announced an statement was coming out, and when someone released it, he started to read it. "Perfect", he said. The Government had announced he would attend with the Spanish President to the Europe Day celebrations, which were simply a great idea in Tusk's view.

    He got ready and once he had prepared everything, the Spanish Councillor got onto his electric Europolis car. He was lucky enough to have a parking lot in Europolis near the hotel where he could get his car parked with no risk of being stealed or something like that. He entered the garage and then, got onto his car. He turned the engine on and drove to the Airport, where he would meet the Spanish President, Jesús Aguilar, once again.

    alt text

    Jesús Aguilar had prepared his suitcase for this special day, and he woke up early that day. Once he took breakfast, he said goodbye to his family members and got onto the motorcade which would escort him to Torrejón de Ardoz airbase. Meanwhile, he called Tusk to check he was going to give him a lift, and the answer was affirmative. The President arrived at Torrejón de Ardoz, salutated the military personnel he found on his way to the Falcon and boarded on the plane towards Europolis.

    During the flight, the President decided to work for 30 minutes and write a book for the other 30 minutes of flight. The flight was expected to last for an hour, because of the windy conditions at an altitude of 12.000 metres, which was something the President understood as a fan of aircraft knowledges and their stuff. The crew told the President that the plane were due to land, and the President got ready for landing. During the approach, the plane flew over the city of Europolis and the President decided to look by the window. He saw the celebrations from his plane and before touching down, he saw a poster from what was supposed to be a Juncker fan. The poster said: "Welcome to Jean-Claude Juncker International Airport - There's nothing better than having a good Junckflight.". Aguilar laughed a bit and said: "I hope this becomes true sometimes".

    The Presidential plane landed at Europolis' airport and Tusk picked up Jesús, in order to attend the celebrations.

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  • RE: Repeal the Elected and Accountable Council Act 2020

    Well, there's nothing more I can say than Councillor Firoux has said, because I'm very supportive of the Elected and Accountable Council Act, but I will try to get something more than he did and go further, so I can have a similar reasoning but with different words and getting more statements on it.

    Councillor Gökçen, I find concerning the fact you want to abolish one of the proposals that has made our Union more democratic, because it makes me think what can we expect from your policies. I know here many Councillors support democracy, but removing this act might be dangerous for the European Union, because of reasons I'll explain later. As a person who was elected by the Spanish people, I would like to give you my view on the matter: The Spanish Government chose a Councillor with no political affiliation, who didn't care about the European affairs,I cannot remember any intervention on this Council from him, and the Spanish people decided to remove him from office and they chose me instead. Since then, I've been in around a 95% of the Sessions the Council has hosted, maybe more than 95% but that's not the main matter. Now, if the Government appoints someone who doesn't care about European Affairs, and the citizens are not happy, shall they wait until a new party rules their country to have a different Councillor? It would be 2, 3, 4 or 5 lost years where they could have fought for their rights as a nation, where non-benefitial laws for them could have been passed in this Council.

    You have brought here the case of Angleter, and I want to say something about the matter: That have made me discover what some people think about our Union, about democracy, about hearing their citizens. When someone is scared about losing powers, they try their best to avoid anyone taking a seat they wish giving to another person. Imagine a dictatorship like Noctoria, which dissapeared, appointing a Councillor. This act forces dictatorships to make elections for something at least! Are we letting those oppresed people behind or wiat, let me guess: Let's get daddy Europe to solve it, because they do nothing at the end! This Council shall condemn Dictatorships, of course it should, but shall not be in charge of solving the conflicts in member states, that's why we have a Commission. And Councillor, this act represents the Alkharyans voice, maybe you don't want this place, then resign and let an election happen, they'll vote for other politician or independent candidate who wishes this job more than you do.

    Councillor, if you didn't know, one of the European Union's principles is democracy. When a nation joins the European Union, they are supposed to know about our values and about our laws and regulations. If you didn't know about this, don't worry, here we are to tell you that democracy shall be protected by the EU. Of course, we have the European Court of Justice to make individuals, collectives or nations accomplish the law, but this Council, the Commission and the ECoJ shall protect a basic human right as democracy. I would like to thank you for explaining us your political system, which is very useful for myself, but I'm sure regulations exist to allow nations to rule who can run for what place, and if you read the regulations properly, I think this "invented problem" about the Kurultay being unable to dictate who can run and who cannot on Alkharya could have been avoided. In fact, all of this could have been avoided if we just read the legislation passed by this council.

    About term limits, you can listen to the Speaker's suggestion maybe and just propose an amendment in order to allow member states to put term limits in place, something I will vote for as I think the European Union shall not restrict what members can and cannot do too much, and if they do, they should do it with the main goal of protecting the values we, as citizens, and our nations, represented by their Government and their Head of State, are supposed to follow, respect and accomplish. If it made the European Union to enter a division, then I guess: A) We have some anti-democrats around and we haven't seen them; B) There are some countries that call theirselves democratic but they don't know what democracy is and never used it or C) They make an election in 4 days without letting candidates a chance to explain their proposals. What is your Councillor?

    And again, I disagree with your fourth point. Why shouldn't be a separate entity, because the Government would lose control? Oh, how democratic then it is to control what your Councillor says in this Council. Councillor Gökçen, despite my political affilation to the current ruling party in Spain, the Partido Popular, I represent the 41 million Spaniards which can and cannot vote. In my case, I meet with the Spanish President every week, might be a videocall or a presential meeting, depends on the amount of pending work I have left to do and how many Council sessions we get. We, as Councillors, are responsible of making laws for every European Union State, we shall respect the values and enforce them with our laws and regulations. If a dictatorship wants to have their voice heard in this Council, they will need to take it into an election, with enough guarantees to ensure democracy exists. And if you don't support this statement, I would then need to start doubting about your democratical skills.

    Thank you very much for bringing up this debate, but my answer to this is a no. I will stand with those protecting democracy, and this Council is responsible of guaranteing such values and rights to the people, whether you like it or not. I know somes anti-European Union who might be celebrating this proposal: I guess you just want to give them wings. Thak you very much.

    Donald D. Tusk
    Councillor for Spain

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  • RE: Repeal the Elected and Accountable Council Act 2020

    I do not agree with this proposal. As our Council Speaker had said "There is nothing in the Act that states that people outside of the Kurultay can nominate themselves. It only states that "candidates for Councillor were able to freely nominate themselves", which of course can only be limited to the members of your Kurultay. It never states that any and all people are allowed to nominate themselves." At the end the European people have a say in this, and yes we represent them each councillor nominated or proportionally represented as their own country laws specify.

    We have to be very careful what you want to imply Councillor Gökçen, we are talking about the right of Self-determination on how every coundillor gets elected.

    We surely can call a summit on European heads of government or state to propose a "superact" or something, then approved by the Council. But repealing this act will bring disunionship.

    Emma Granger
    Councillor of Montenbourg

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  • RE: Repeal the Elected and Accountable Council Act 2020

    Debate starts NOW and will continue until 20:45 GMT on October 22nd, 2020.

    You disapprove of the way the European Council is portrayed in the Act? One of the core values of the European Union is democracy, as stated by the Preamble of the Constitution, and it is a value that the EU promotes. Why shouldn't the European Council, the greatest democratic decision-making body of the European Union's institutions, be an example of a democratically-elected body? To suggest otherwise not only weakens the European Union's promotion of democracy, but it would also make the European Union hypocritical on the matter. Your point on the ECoJ doesn't make any sense, precisely because it is not a legislature, and we are discussing who has legitimacy to legislate.

    For the most part, I disagree with your second point. Many of the so-called restrictions laid out in the Act are quite general, and don't even prohibit that example that you gave. There is nothing in the Act that states that people outside of the Kurultay can nominate themselves. It only states that "candidates for Councillor were able to freely nominate themselves", which of course can only be limited to the members of your Kurultay. It never states that any and all people are allowed to nominate themselves. There are restriction that could be put into place, and almost always do exist, to limit and define what an eligible 'candidate' is. For example, certain age restrictions or certain status, as you described with the Kurultay, could be put into place. Presumably, the restrictions have to be reasonable, otherwise it could be argued that the elections wasn't free or fair, but that's a completely different battle than the one you suggested.

    For your third point, this is something I actually agree with, I am not a fan of unlimited term limits. That clause exists, because when I was originally proposing the legislation, I consulted several of my colleagues on the matter, and the majority of them all wanted to see it in place. If you wanted to propose an amendment to remedy this specific clause, then I'd support such an amendment.

    As for your fourth point, I hear you. I don't think that anyone who supports a democratically-elected Council would suggest that it's better than a government-appointed one in each and every single measure, but rather, it's just the best of all options. Here's why:

    It is perfectly valid and legitimate for the people to elect a certain government for their member state, but select someone else not from the government to represent them in the European Council. We've seen this time and time again within the European Union, and for a long time, I myself was an example of this. The duties of a member state's government and the European Council, while they sometimes may overlap, are fundamentally very different things. You realise, as a Councillor, while you represent Alkharya, you make decisions and vote on things which directly change and impact the laws in all member states, including Inquista, Spain, Ruthund and so on? Your government and the Kurultay do not have any legal jurisdiction over these countries, and no matter how hard the Kurultay may try, it cannot pass laws that change laws in Inquista. It simply isn't Inquista's legislature. Thus, the jurisdiction of your Councillor and the Kurultay are completely different, and are concerned with very different things. Thus, we can see also how European Council is intertwined with shaping the direction of all of the European Union. Furthermore, while it is common that countries also hold elections on the matter, it is actually up to Councillors to vote in European Commission and European Court of Justice elections. Again, this has to do with European-wide affairs which escape the legal jurisdiction of your national government or legislature, as these bodies directly impact other member states and their own jurisdictions.

    There are also many further points to make in the case for the EACA. The European Council can, as I already explained, make decisions which are far-reaching across all of Europe. Councillors are actually very powerful legislators. It is irresponsible, and quite frankly, extremely illiberal, to make these powerful legislators unaccountable to the public. A frequent criticism of the European Council and of the European Union prior to the EACA was that the EU had a major democratic deficit, in which unelected bureaucrats were hiding in the shadows of Europolis, making powerful decisions, and members of the public got no say in this whatsoever. Eurosceptics and nationalists chastised the European Council, calling it undemocratic, they questioned its legitimacy, since nobody had chosen these legislators, or even heard of them, and some even wanted to abolish the European Council altogether. Well, now the power rests in the hands of the people. Now they're upset that the people get to actually choose, and not their government.

    Legislators, especially ones of great importance, such as those in the European Council, ought to be elected. While I'm sure your country may have an extraordinarily enlightened and technocratic government - and I don't mean that facetiously - but you don't need to be a regular observer of politics to understand how the inner working of politics works. Members of a government will ultimately choose someone who is a reliable mouthpiece for them and their party, who probably has the most friends and influence in the government, as their Councillor, and all qualifications and expertise are often secondary consideration for appointment. I am sure you and other supporters of appointed Councillors will get very angry with me for suggesting this, but let us not pull the wool over the public's eyes and suggest that’s not how politics often works. People aren't fools. That's precisely why the people ought to elect their councillors, as they are far more likely to be a better judge of what would actually make a good councillor based on the public's own measure of merit and qualifications.

    I will limit myself to one final point for the sake of brevity. The European Union has, and has had, many member states which proudly and openly describe themselves as non-democratic. I'm not a fan of this, but fine, so be it. However, if these self-described non-democratic states were also able to appoint un-elected councillors to our chamber, then that would be a slap in the face, and in which case, the European Council would truly be a cabal of illiberal bureaucrats who dictated EU law without any accountability, and that would be a great shame.

    I hope that the power of the European Council continues to lie in the hands of the European people. I am proud to be a representative of the Inquistan people, who I am honoured to serve.

    Edward Firoux
    Council Speaker and Councillor for Inquista

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  • RE: Newark International Film Festival 2020

    Country of Origin: Montenbourg and @Inquista
    Movie Title: The Tourist
    Tagline: The perfect trip, the perfect trap.
    Rating: 85% Rotten Tomatoes
    Premier Date: 20 September 2020
    Genres: Action/Drama

    Plot: During an impromptu trip to Europe to mend a broken heart, math teacher Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) finds himself in an extraordinary situation when an alluring stranger, Elise (Angelina Jolie), places herself in his path. Their seemingly innocent flirtation turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse while various people, who all think that Frank is Elise's thieving paramour, Alexander Pearce, try to capture the pair.

    Credits: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp (Actors); Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (Director); CanalStudio (Company)
    Movie Poster: alt text

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  • RE: Newark International Film Festival 2020

    Country of Origin: Montenbourg
    Movie Title: La La Land
    Tagline: Here's to the fools who dream
    Rating: 91% Rotten Tomatoes
    Premier Date: 15 October 2020
    Genres: Musical/Romance

    Plot: Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) are drawn together by their common desire to do what they love. But as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.

    Credits: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone (actors); Damien Chazelle (director); Bourgeon Brother Pictures (production company)
    Movie Poster: alt text

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  • RE: Spanish Goverment

    alt text


    I talk on behalf of the Government I preside when I wish every single European citizen, wether his nation might or might not be an European Union member state, a happy Europe Day. During this years as part of the European Union, The Kingdom of Spain has made new friends, sufferend some conflicts which both parties have been able to solve and established new relationships with many historical nations in Europe.

    Spain is now friend of many nations we couldn't imagine we would be friends with, has been benefited from the influential sphere the European Union forms around the different nations and has been able to push forward legislation and amendments in the European Council thanks to our Councillor, Donald Tusk. Moreover, the Kingdom of Spain is also protecting other countries, such as Nofoaga, with whose we keep a really friendly relationship. Apart from that, we co-operate with the Empire of Inimicus sharing military bases in both countries in order to enhace mutual protection and to have stronger relationships.

    We shall also recognise the hard work that is being made by Commissioners and the European Council, Institutions which are really necessary to make the European Union work, and I hope their work is never disturbed by the interests of nations or certain people which are not members of theirs.

    Europe Day shall be a date to celebrate, and so we will do. Since it was announced that Europe Day would be celebrated for the 1st Time ever, the Government announced it would be a free day for all the Spanish, and so it will be every single year that we stay in this necessary and prosperous Union. Donald Tusk and Myself will join the European Commissioners and leaders in the Europe Day celebrations at Europolis. Happy Europe Day everybody.

    Jesús Aguilar
    Spanish President

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