• RE: Commission Nominations, Jan/Feb 2021

    [Candidate photograph or image]
    Candidate Name: Münevver Birdane
    Home Nation: Alkharya
    Office(s) sought: Internal Affairs Commissioner
    Incumbent? (Y/N): N
    Eurogroup Affiliation: None or independent
    Biography: Started political career in the provincial parliament of Burçak, Barbaros in 1996, elected as a member of the regional parliament of Barbaros in 2002. She served as the governor of Barbaros from 2008 to 2014. Lastly, she served as a member of Kurultay from Barbaros until 2020.

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  • RE: Speaker and Deputy Speaker Election, Jan/Feb 2021

    alt text
    Candidate Name: Aylin Gökçen
    Councillor country: Alkharya
    Intended Position?: Speaker or Deputy Speaker
    Incumbent?: Y
    Experience: Member of the provincial parliament of Alfur Province (2006-2008), Member of the regional parliament of Alfur (2008-2012), Member of Kurultay (2012-2018), Minister of Justice (2018-2020) 1st Councillor of Alkharya (2020-present)

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  • Discussion about the State of the European Union

    Jean-Claude Juncker entered the Council for the last time on his Commissionship as Internal Affairs Commissioner to accomplish one of his last promises: delivering a speech about the state of the European Union. When everything was ready, he stood up, went to the podium and delivered his speech:

    alt text


    As I promised, I would come to the European Council for a last time to open a discussion about the State of the European Union, delivering a speech and then, answering to your questions, if there are any. Today, I am here to accomplish that promise, because I am someone who believes that promises ought to be accomplished.

    I am here to say that it's been an honour to have been the European Union's Internal Affairs Commissioner, and furthermore, it will be an honour to leave a better European Union than the one I found 8 months ago. Hopefully my substitute will be able to say the same when his time comes, for the good of our region and the common European project we all share and love in some way. Before I start listing everything, I would like to apologise to any that has felt offended by any of my words or speeches during my consequtive terms in the European Commission, and I hope you all accept these apologies.

    Today, I'm proud of these 8 months of hard work, of hard campaigning, but also, of getting to know many countries and many Europeans, bringing the European Commission closer to them. These 2 terms have seen the creation of the European Commission App, the applications for many European possitions, 2 European-scale summits with the EU leaders, a debt to the Commonwealth of Leagio to turn their energy production greener, the peace talks in Eastern Haane which at first were a success, but then a cruel war took place, the anti-racism plan, the European Heritage Site Programme reactivation, the first Europe Day in our region's history, the Eurorail project, which will kick off tomorrow, summits with Montenbourg, Czech Slavia or Angleter, the Caspian Countries negotiation table and the European Green Deal, along with many other things as transparency, establishing the 'diplomacy first' I've said million of times, as also a much closer approach to problems and issues in Europe. Without any doubt, I can affirm I've been one of the Commissioners who has spent one of the higest amounts of time in the European Council.

    Sadly, not everything in this job is easy: During my 8 months term, I have seen many disgusting things: revolts in Czech Slavia, how many people tried to offend me in Reitzmag burning effiges of myself, protests against me and the ban of the European Commission app in Mennrimiak, which by the way I loved because they helped me to be even better, the Spanish - Reitzmic diplomatic crisis which at the end was solved with a little help from me, the cruel and violent war in Eastern Haane which, comparing it to other wars, I had never seen anything as brutal as that, the appearance of the Union of Nicoleizian Soviet Republics, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But I have also seen many great things, like a new democratic Government in Inquista, the passion of many Europeans for their institutions or the new countries that have joined us during these months. Suming up all of this is equal to a great legacy which, in my opinion, my substitute will receive.

    When my substitute's term starts, I will be leaving my office with a huge smile, but also with a huge empty space in my heart. It is not easy to leave the job you have been doing for 8 months, and you love so much, but we need to protect the democracy of the European Union. But also, a huge smile of accomplishing many of the promises and getting to do many of the things I promised in my campaigns. I would like to advice everyone about how hard this job it is: you can feel you are ready, but believe me, you don't know how does it feel to enter that office and seeing a big tower of papers you need to read. Being a Commissioner on this region isn't easy, and if someone believes it is, he is absolutely wrong.

    Now that I'm here, I wanted to wish the best of luck to Speaker Firoux, whose also leaving Europolis, this time after his resign as Speaker of this chamber. Edward, and I'm sorry to call you like this in public, but this messages requires so, you have been one of the best, if not the best Speaker of the European Council, and I hope your future life gives you lots of happiness. We will miss you, but you'll leave us a great legacy. I would also like to adress you, Councillors, to thank you for your patience with me and your continued co-operation and interest on everything I did on this chamber. Also, to any nation leader that could be watching this, it has been a pleasure to work along with you during these months, with the only purpose of helping you, your government and your country.

    Finally, I wanted to save up my most emotional words to the millions of Europeans and my Commission mates. Angela, Antoni and also Eilidh, who for sure will be watching this speech from her house, you have been the best Commission mates someone could have had. It has been a pleasure to work along all of you, and I feel I still debt a lot to you. To the million of Europeans, I wanted to thank you for your love or hate towards me. I have no rancour against any of you, but admiration. I admire that you have else loved my job or survived to it. I wanted to give a special thanks to those that supported me, that were on my rallies when I went around every single country of Europe. You are the ones that made this dream come true.

    I would like to be back soon, as Internal Affairs Commissioner or as Premier Commissioner, the time and of course, my mates from the European Progressive Alliance will say. Today, I close a chapter of my life, one of the greatest, and with lots of pride and happiness, I leave a better Europe. Thank you very much for everything, thank you to everyone, and now I'm up to answer any questions you have.

    Good afternoon and God Bless the European Union, God Bless your countries, God Bless the Europeans, God Bless you all. Thank you very much, for everything.

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  • RE: Commission nationale des valeurs mobilières (CNMV)

    Form V-1 filed by Picard SCS 20 January 2021

    General information for filing

    • Preliminary
    • Outstanding common-level equity numbers herein reflect conversion of items such as employee stock options

    Entity information
    Authorized capital structure

    • 1,000,000,000 Series A ordinary shares with one statutory vote each, of which 35,000,000 are issued to New Picard’s employees who aren’t family members and outstanding
    • 150,000,000 Non-economic series B ordinary shares with ten statutory votes each, of which 15,000,000 are issued to family members involved in Picard SNC (“SNC”), our general partner (“GP”), and outstanding
    • 500,000 Undesignated preference shares, of which 0 are issued and outstanding

    SCA conversion
    Currently, we operate as a société en commandite simple (SCS), or limited partnership, known as Picard SCS (“Predecessor”) organized under Bajor-Lorraine Company Law (B-LCL).

    Prior to the effectiveness of this registration statement, we will convert into a société en commandite par actions (SCA), or master limited partnership, under the applicable provisions of BLCL and be known as Picard SCA (“the SCA conversion”).

    The information in this registration statement is based on our estimate that, in the SCA conversion, our ordinary shares will be issued to holders of Predecessor’s ordinary shares on an equivalent basis.

    Being our GP, SNC has sole discretion to dissolve us and form Picard SA ("Successor"). If Successor is formed, our authorized share capital will become Successor’s authorized share capital on an equivalent basis, and the series B ordinary shares will become economic interests.

    The offering
    Underwriters: Goldsmith SaRL, Steinwolf SaRL, Valeurs Mobilières Gagnon SaS
    Series A ordinary shares offered by us: 23,500,000 shares
    Series A ordinary shares outstanding after offering: 58,500,000 shares
    Price range: Ꞡ - Ꞡ
    Proposed Kaÿrdaq symbol: WINE

    Size: 13,750,000
    Expiry: 6 months from effectiveness

    Audited T4 2020 financials
    Shares outstanding: 50,000,000 Ordinary shares
    Revenue: Ꞡ315,700,000
    Net profit: Ꞡ157,850,000 or Ꞡ3.15 per share

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  • RE: A Tale of Two Monarchs

    "Oh, that would be fantastic -- I will get to work on an agreement the moment you have boarded your plane home, Your Majesty -- I hadn't quite prepared myself for the preparation of one before this meeting, I'm afraid. In any case, I'm extremely anxious to be working so closely with more Montenbourg diplomats and politicians, you all seem like a very civilised bunch", Artabanos said, before gesturing the Queen to the exit and opening the door for her. He quickly grasped into his pocket and took a deep, long sip from His flask before continuing to the press room, where it seemed like thousands of flashes greeted the two monarchs with every move they made. Artabanos had always despised these photo ops, but they were a necessary evil - how else was He going to show off His ties?

    alt text

    Having sat down in the press room, Artabanos shook the Queen's hand for the cameras and began His statement: "Thank you all for coming and for helping me in wishing Her Majesty Queen Victoria of Montenbourg the very warmest of welcomes to the Empire. As you will know, our previous meeting, here in the Palace, did not end fortuitously, and yet the bond between Montenbourg and Inimicus has never been stronger. The Inimician Government, and Myself personally, wish to acknowledge especially the diplomatic and moral support from Montenbourg during recent crises involving Reitzmag and Eastern Haane.

    "We know Montenbourg as a dependable friend and ally, and wish to continue this friendship in the future. It is with this in mind that I can now publicise a very recently-made decision by both our governments to start formalising an official partnership and alliance, details of which you will, no doubt, hear about in due course. For now, though, I simply wish to express my joy at the Queen's coming here, and to express how much I am looking forward to the state banquet in just a few short hours, at which we will no doubt hear much more from her and her entourage. Welcome, Your Majesty, to the Empire."

    With that, Artabanos invited the Queen to make her own statement to the press.

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  • RE: Jean-Claude Juncker's Agenda

    20th January 2021

    • Jean-Claude Juncker will offer a speech in the European Council, accomplishing his promise of opening a debate before leaving Commission about the State of the European Union. The speech will be broadcasted publicly on the EU App and Commission channels.

    21st January 2021

    • The Internal Affairs Commissioner will travel to Inimicus on the morning to ride on the first Eurorail trip from Telum to Madrid, going through North Diessen, United Duchies, Red Croatia, Inquista and Spain.
    • Juncker is also expected to deliver a speech before the start of the trip on Telum.

    22nd January 2020

    • Jean-Claude Juncker will offer an interview to EUnews, live from his office in Europolis.
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  • RE: Eurorail Summit - Saint Dominico, Inquista

    Juncker smiled and concluded the summit:

    "After we have all agreed to the proposal, I'm happy to announce Eurorail is a thing, The first is planned to take place on the 21st January, 2021. We will start our route in Inimicus, then we will go through North Diessen, United Duchies, Red Croatia taking the diversion to Inquista and then we will pick up President Aguilar in Santiago de Compostela, just before arriving to Madrid. I would like to thank you all for the success of this project, because this is not the success of a single person, it's the success of a whole team, which includes you all. Thank you for coming, and the summit is now over."

    The leaders then took a family photo and everybody left towards their respective country, except Juncker, who returned to Europolis.

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  • RE: Eurorail Summit - Saint Dominico, Inquista

    "Commissioner Juncker", Artabanos announced towards the end of the summit, "With the extension of the Eurorail project to the borders of the Empire, I will be happy to agree to this proposal. Inimicus does require fairly stringent passport checks, but these can either be conducted before travel, or during travel by Imperial Border Force agents. I have full confidence this could work, and I share Archbishop Kligenberg's view that Eurorail should not be exempt from cross-border controls. In any case, I look forward to travelling on Eurorail myself in the very near future, when the necessary safety checks have been conducted, of course. Wouldn't want any repeats of last summer, now would we?" Artabanos's face greyed somewhat. "Anyway, er, thanks again, Commissioner, and congratulations on your success."

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  • RE: Commission Nominations, Jan/Feb 2021

    For Atty. Winston's registration, please refer to registration from the last election.

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