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    The Tweets of The Citizens #3 - EuroVoice Edition!

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  • RE: Malboryan News Media

    Time is not kind to PMP: Young voters frustrated and demand more action

    Voters aged 25-36 demand more action from PMP as time goes forward


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    Malborya First Party (PMP) has been on the power since 2008. If they win the 2019 elections, this will be their 4th term as the ruling party. However, their chances of winning it are getting slimmer and slimmer every second.

    Both PMP and Prime Minister Mr. Lacu Eusebiu now have approval levels reaching new lows, never seen before. It is believed that the cause of the sudden sink is because PMP is considered "incompetent", due to their nature of staying silent and inoffensive on extreme issues, like homelessness or the discrimination of the Protestants on Catholic-heavy areas, like Vasilica Da Anna.

    "What we're seeing here is the start of a new age for The Malboryan Republic", says Ester Sonya, a political analyst since PMP took power in the office. "We're seeing a new generation of Malboryans who demand more than things staying the same and business going as usual. They demand change, so they vote for parties that lean more towards the left, like PG or AVM."

    Survey companies also back up Mrs. Sonya's claim. Recent surveys show that PMP has lost around 7% to 14% of it's voters, compared to surveys last year.

    "We are not surprised at all." Mera Birtta, founder of a famous survey company tells Mainecras. "2019 has been a very static year for our country, especially in a year where changes after changes happened in our neighbours and other countries. I, and of course, all Malboryans, wish for the best to our country, and many think PMP is not the best for our country, which, though debatable, might be correct."

    The election is expected to happen at the start of the second half of November 2019.

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  • Irish News Media

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    Fitzgerald Government Looks Slightly Vulnerable After Weak Budget

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    DUBLIN --- €235 billion economy is not bad for a nation that is still growing economically quickly, but that's what Irish men and women heard today on the floor of the Dail. Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe gave a budget speech ahead of the 2020 calendar year and it looks to be a budget that there's not a lot of winners but everyone seems to nearly the same by the end. The Government is touting this as a huge win for them, but Fine Gael will have to work harder as an election seems to loom at any moment. Labour have said that they would fight the cuts to public services and press the Government on transportation and wage growth specifically in the lead up to an election.

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  • RE: Fremetian News Media

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    Weekly Bulletin

    Friday - 18 October 2019 - TRONDHEIM

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    Increased Political Pressure for Railway Nationalisation
    Shown Above: Nordrail-Vest Rail Depot, Helmsdorf

    TRONDHEIM- As nationwide polls continue to show growing support for the nationalisation of the Regional Rail Operating Companies (RROCs), a major blow has been dealt to the rail companies in their fight against the nationalisation campaign.

    A court in Rhodenheim has issued cease and desist orders to all RROCs preventing them from lobbying officials and parliamentarians after allegations of attempted bribery arose in the southern province of Blumenfeld last week. The court said that the stay on lobbying and the standing order for Fremetian government officials to maintain "...as little contact as possible" with RROCs will last until investigations into the lobbying activities of rail companies can be examined.

    With an absence of direct political influence for the foreseeable future, now may be the time for a final push for railway nationalisation in Fremet. The Bundestag's October session begins on the 21st, and several parties have already committed to putting the issue on the agenda.

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    FIHL to Open Season with Match in Nordhavn Saturday
    Shown Above: Kysten Arena in Nordhavn
    NORDHAVN- The Fremetian Ice Hockey League will open its 2019-2020 season this year with a match in Nordhavn between Norrland HC and Flachesfeld HC. This season will be the first in nearly ten years to not hold its opening match at St Nicholas Arena in Trondheim.

    The FIHL President, Knut Aacker, said at a press conference in June, "As renovations to the St Nicholas Arena in Trondheim will likely not be completed by this October, we have decided to move this season's first match to Kysten Arena in Nordhavn to better accommodate the large crowds associated with seasonal opening matches. We plan to return to a larger and updated St Nicholas Arena next year."

    The renovations at St Nicholas Arena will increase its seating capacity by 15,000 and add new, state-of-the-art "quality of life" improvements for fans, officials, and players. The renovations are scheduled to be completed by Christmas of this year.

    The opening game will be broadcast in SR1 and NRK at 17h00 UTC.

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    Fremetian National Health Service Breaks Ground on Expansion at the Royal Trondheim Hospital
    Shown Above: Royal Trondheim Hospital's Main Complex
    TRONDHEIM- The FNHS has broken ground on new long-term care and outpatient surgery wards at the Royal Trondheim Hospital's main complex just outside central Trondheim. The new ward is planned to add an extra 250 beds and operating theatres to accommodate increased demand from the growing city.

    The FNHS Building Trust says that the new wing, which will be linked to the main hospital complex via a series of tunnels and over-street bridges and that it expects completion by year's end 2023. With a total project budget of 234 million francs, this project is the first of a new series of renovation and construction projects that are expected to be undertaken by the FNHS in the coming fiscal year.

    That's the lot! See you next week from us here at Der Trondheimer.

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  • RE: Gaulois News Agencies

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    Breaking: Prime Minister Baschet announces HM The Queen has issued writs of election, calling for Nov. 7 Poll

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    "I have just seen Her Majesty the Queen and chaired a meeting of the Cabinet earlier this morning where we agreed to call a general election. We believe that the choice is clear between a Travailliste government that will continue to work for the interests of all Gaulois or a Fillon-led Democratic government that will be on the side of big business and the wealthy. Our record is something we can be proud of, a record of getting more than 300,000 of our citizens back into work, a record of receiving the highest amount of tax receipts without having to raise taxes on the middle class, and a record of delivering high quality healthcare, public services, transportation and others as we move towards record numbers in GDP and GDP per capita.

    "Gallorum has expanded her reach of friendship into the heart of the European Union, securing deals with Icholasen and Inquista with more coming. We know what we have done but call on the people to return us if they are satisfied with the progress we have made."

    This was the statement made by Elisabeth Baschet outside of the Hotel de Matignon in Aurelis, signalling that the anticipated general election would be held on November 7th, several months ahead of the scheduled May election,

    "Now we will be able to secure a mandate to continue to govern and share big, bold ideas with every one of our citizens."

    It is expected that Baschet and the Parti Travailliste will defeat Fillon and the Christian Democratic Party. At present, the lead is at 38% to 30% with key marginals paving the way for a majority Travailliste government for the first time since the fall of Nicolezian communism should the election be held today.

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  • RE: IT - Inquista Today (News)

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    GLOWING Mikaela Kligenberg Flaunts BREATHTAKING Engagement Ring

    Article by Kathy Vickers
    October 10, 2019

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    SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE: The 34-year old (and not getting any younger) Mikaela Kligenberg has finally traded in her purity ring for an actual ring.

    Mikaela Kligenberg was photographed as she was seen entering the Grande Hotel in Saint Dominico today, where she was spotted flashing a new ring. Mikaela Kligenberg has not made any formal announcement as of yet, but inside sources, as well as today’s photograph, have confirmed that Mikaela Kligenberg is officially engaged. Close fans and followers of Mikaela Kligenberg have also noticed that she no longer wears her purity ring, which she has publicly and humiliatingly worn since she was 15-years old.

    The 34-year old Kligenberg heiress has been known to lead a rather dry, action-less and virtually non-existent love life, which has been woefully documented on her reality television series, Keeping Up With the Kligenbergs. Mikaela Kligenberg’s sudden engagement has caught many by surprise, and according to inside sources, it has even shocked some of her closest friends and family members, who were convinced that Mikaela Kligenberg would never be able to find love.

    Inside sources claim that Mikaela Kligenberg is engaged to Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez, who she met during her recent fracas in Ibiza, Spain.

    alt text
    DESPERATE: Mikaela Kligenberg has gotten engaged to Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez despite knowing him for less than 2 months.

    Mikaela Kligenberg has been seen beaming with the Captain while they have spent time out and about in Saint Dominico. Despite her apparent happiness, inside sources remain sceptical of her budding romance. Mikaela Kligenberg only met Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez less than two months ago, and many inside sources believe that the Captain is taking advantage of the Kligenberg heiress’s fame and fortune. Other inside sources claim that Mikalea Kligenberg has also become shamefully determined to get married before she reaches 40, with one insider source stating that “Mikaela would probably be willing to marry a Nicoleizian onion farmer at this point if it meant that she wouldn’t die alone.”

    Another insider source stated that "Mikaela is shocked, mortified and astonished that Queen Anastasia of Icholasen has had three husbands while she's had none. It's total jealously on Mikaela's part."

    Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez, who also goes by the moniker ‘El Capitán’, is a now-former Captain of the Spanish Legion. The Captain was apparently scouted out by Mikaela Kligenberg while he was marching in a parade during Spain’s EU anniversary celebrations. After finding and haranguing the Captain, Mikaela Kligenberg apparently then invited him to join her disastrous venture to Ibiza, which he accepted.

    It remains unclear if Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez played any role in the Ibiza catastrophe, but it has been reported that he is currently wanted by Spanish authorities. Attendees of Mikaela Kligenberg’s wild Ibiza party have claimed that the Captain proved himself to be the most talented and impressive dancer of the evening, which apparently won him a special place in Mikaela Kligenberg’s heart. The Captain subsequently fled Ibiza alongside Mikaela Kligenberg that evening, and inside sources claim that he now resides in one of Mikaela Kligenberg’s villas.

    alt text
    TALENTED: The Captain has all three B’s – brains, brawn and blazin’ speed.

    Since coming to Inquista, Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez has become a professional racing driver and dancer. The Captain has become a Formula One driver for Force Inquista-Kligenberg Motors, as well as a Inquistan Super Street Rally driver for K-Racing Point. It has also been reported that the Captain will be joining Mikaela Kligenberg as a dance coach on her new upcoming dance competition series, the Greatest Dancer.

    Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez’s sudden professional racing career and involvement in television are single-handedly attributed to Mikaela Kligenberg, who is said to have used her Kligenberg influence to land him his opportunities for Kligenberg-controlled race teams in both the Formula One and Inquistan Super Street Rally leagues. This, together with the fact that the Captain will be a dance coach alongside Mikaela Kligenberg on the Greatest Dancer, has led one insider source to refer to the Captain as “a user and abuser” of Mikaela Kligenberg’s wealth and connections. The same insider source warned that, “Mikaela has a history of showing kindness to leeches, such as with people like Prince Tommy of Icholasen, who just use up other people’s money and influence. Mikaela needs to be careful.”

    alt text
    NOBODIES: From left to right – Curtis Pritchard, Oti Mabuse, Matthew Morrison, Mikaela Kligenberg, Todrick Hall, Aleshia Dixon and Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez make up the cast of presenters, judges and coaches of the Greatest Dancer.

    However, some rumours have also suggested that Mikaela Kligenberg is actually using the media attention surrounding her relationship with the Captain as a means to promote her up-coming show, the Greatest Dancer. The Greatest Dancer joins Mikaela Kligenberg’s long line-up of current reality television shows, and network bosses are apparently worried that the show will underperform in reaping television ratings, in part due to a lackluster group of panelists and presenters. Network bosses are apparently hoping that increased media attention on Mikaela Kligenberg will bring in viewers, but they are also hoping that the Captain's own appearance on the show will also bring in more viewers. Captain Juan-Bernard Fernandez-Velasquez has apparently already impressed the network bosses, with one insider source stating that the Captain possesses amazing dance moves with “ass-quaking capabilities off the Richter scale.”

    alt text

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  • RE: The Gallorum - Icholasen Summit

    "I have agreed with you all I think needs to be agreed to - from economy, to defense, to citizens rights, I think this summit has been an immense success."

    The two heads of government were lead out to an area outside the Saint Pierre Dominion Assembly with two podiums, and the press seated outside. They were both invited to make statements and then to answer questions.

    "Today, here in Saint Pierre, we have made great progress towards a more peaceful future. Ms Baschet and I have agreed on defence policy, agreeing to standardise our nuclear arsenals and we have agreed to cooperate on security and run drills cooperatively. In addition, we have made the freedom of movement of people, goods and services easier for people on both sides of la Manche which will facilitate economic growth. This is a step in the right direction, so I look forward to continuing to cooperate with the government of Gallorum to carry on this move towards peace. I will now take a few questions."

    "Hi, Henri François from the National Times. Is it total free movement or are there some caveats?"

    "It is total free movement for people who want to work. People who get jobs within 3 months of making a move can continue living in either Gallorum or Icholasen, but without jobs they cannot continue on."

    "Michelle Legault from the NBC. Are you confident these proposals can pass through the Nonet?"

    "Absolutely. I have no doubt ever since the Saint Romain by-election win that we will be able to secure a majority in the Nonet for the proposals agreed here. I will take one final question."

    "George Henderson from the Saint Novella Chronicle. Will there be a decrease in the military power of Icholasen?"

    "No, we will be working to raise both our nations up to the same level, rather than reducing our military force. This is so that we can face up to the problems we face as a nation. Thank you for your questions."

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  • RE: Ireland, The United Provinces of - Factbook


    Official name: The United Provinces of Ireland (Cúigí Aontaithe na hÉireann)
    Shortened name: Ireland (Éireann)
    Abbreviation: IRL, IRE
    Demonym: Irishman/Irish (noun), Irish (adjective)
    Capital city: Dublin (1.1 million)
    National motto: “Éire go, Deo!”
    National anthem: Londonderry Air
    National colours: Green and orange

    Government type: Unitary parliamentary republic
    Legislature: Oireachtas
    Legislature type: Bicameral assembly

    • Lower House: Dáil Éireann
    • Upper House: Seanad Éireann
      Head of State: President Mary McAleese (in second term of 7 years)
      Head of Government: Taoiseach Frances Fitzgerald TD (Fine Gael)
      Highest court: Supreme Court of Ireland

    Location: On the Irish Peninsula in Scandinavia, including the island of Leinster
    Total area: 42,924 km2
    Terrain and landscape: A country of low, central plains and some high coastal rocky features and mountains. Areas of interest include the Giant's Causeway, highland areas towards the coasts and land border.
    Climate: Temperate maritime climate; warm and humid summers and cool winters. It does rain 176 days of the year
    Average daily mean: 9-10°C
    Average total precipitation per year: 1100 mm

    Population: 10.1 million
    Population density: 230/1 km2
    Urban population: 64%
    Literacy rate: 99.8%
    Official languages: English and Irish
    Ethnicity: Irish: 82.2%, Irish Traveller: 0.7%, Other White: 9.5% (total White: 92.4%), Non-EU: 2.1%, Black: 1.3%, Other: 1.5%, Not Stated: 2.6% (2016)
    Official religion: None
    Religion: 78.8% Catholic
    Suffrage: 18 years of age (age of adulthood); universal

    National currency: Irish pound (£)
    National currency exchange rate: £1 = €1.08
    GDP: €145 billion
    GDP per capita: €14,388
    Average salary: £14,916
    Unemployment rate: 3.7%

    Time zone: Central European Time (CET) (UTC+1); Central European Summer Time (CEST) (UTC+2)
    Date format: DD-MM-YYYY
    Calling Code: +353
    Drives on the: left
    Internet code: .ie

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  • Ireland, The United Provinces of - Factbook

    Flag of the United Provinces of Ireland

    alt text

    Ensign of the United Provinces of Ireland

    alt text

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  • RE: The Gallorum - Icholasen Summit

    "Then we are agreed then!" Baschet said, turning to her staff. She felt this was going well.

    "What else would you like to accomplish at this historic meeting? The significance for our nations can't be ignored truly."

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