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    President DiMarsico Looking Forward to Stepping Down

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    In his press conference, President DiMarsico announced his plans to step down from office earlier today. "My job is done" stated the president. "It was my job to oversee the country's transfer from being a monarchy to the republic that it is today. As I stand here today, I believe that the job has been completed. I will oversee the election of the first democratically elected president of Rhine Ruhr then, I will vacate my post."

    After the formal announcement, the President then took questions from the press. Our own Sofia Maly asked "What are your future plans?" to which the President DiMarsico replied "Well first I am aiming to excite the nation to participate in the primary elections. I myself, am looking forward to hearing what potential candidates have to say about improving Rhine Ruhr." Upon answering a few more media questions, the President then left; but not before turning around one last time and exclaimed "I encourage every citizen to participate in the nation's political process. I wish luck upon those who choose to run for office. Thank you for your time."

    Thomas DiMarsico was the last member of the monarchical family to rule, and was the first President of Rhine Ruhr. He was a distant cousin of King Gianmarco who passed earlier this year. The new King was not too keen of his new and what he thought to be undeserved power. Agreeing with most of the populace then King Thomas VI laid out formal plans to transition the monarchical power to the people. After a series of reforms the nation became a republic. After a unanimous vote from the new congress, DiMarsico become the first president of Rhine Ruhr. He was to lead until the nation stabilized from the transition. Six months have passed since DiMarsico first worn the crown, and only three months have passed since the beginning of the presidency. This may seem to be a very short amount of time, but the government claims that it is ready to move on.

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    Primary Season Heating Up

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    It has only been two weeks since the president had announced the upcoming elections and already the presidential nomination field is heating up. The newly formed political parties are eager to discover candidates and support them. The Liberal Party is currently looking for a new chairman, while the Conservative and Socialists parties are creating excitement around their candidates.

    Early standouts include Roderick Midgley of the Christian Liberals, and Erminlinda Wiater who currently has no party affiliation. The early leader in the polls however is Centrists Party's Diederich Fiedler who is running strongly on the campaign promise of appointing an ambassador to the European Union instead of wasting taxpayer Euros flying to and from Europolis. There are an estimated 120 political parties currently in Rhine Ruhr, but political analyst say that the number will drop as parties merge and collapse in the coming weeks.

    President DiMarsico released a statement "I am pleased to see the massive participation in our political system. I am also glad that congress chose to have an open primary system. An open party system is for the best, for it most fairly reflects the opinions of the people. It also will play a role in regulating the political parties."
    Primary debates are expected to begin soon, however it is still unknown when the primary elections will actually take place. All this paper knows is with political parties from The Monarchical Restoration Party to the Autobot society, this election looks to be an exciting one!

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    European Council Delegate Chosen

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    Following pressures from critics of all sides President DiMarsico appointed has finally appointed an ambassador to the European Council. "Its not that I did not want an official delegate; I just thought it would be more appropriate if an elected president appointed an European Council Delegate" said the President at today's press conference.

    Dominik Frank was officially sworn in as Rhine Ruhr's European Council Delegate after Senate approval early this morning. Frank is already under fire for being the formal Minister of Foreign Affairs under the Gianmarco monarchical rule. President DiMarsico too is under fire for appointing an ambassador that belonged to his political party. "I withdrew from the party on the eve of my appointment" claims Frank. "I am merely an ambassador who only shares the opinion of the government. Do not view me as a politician, but as a glorified messenger boy" assured Frank at the conference.

    Shortly after today's press conference, Frank left for Europolis where he voted against the Broadcasting Union Bill. Although popular among many Council members, Frank could not vote for it. "The Union looks to socialize television. Members of the Union will become the elitists of European television. Those who are not in the Union will be locked out of European wide events and will not be able to compete with member broadcasters" stated Frank. He refers to QUOTE

    Membership is open to companies that broadcast on a naitonal level (10% or more of national audience ratings) and the incentive to join is that Broadcasting Union joint events are exclusive to members to broadcast.

    These corporations are already seen as large and difficult to compete with. Critics of the bill see it as monopolizing television. They wonder how can smaller broadcasters dream to compete already national corporations who will now get free access to the region's biggest events.

    Frank also referred to QUOTE

    The union will also provide a news agency and new ticker to be used by all members.

    "The Union also wishes to censor our national press" claimed Frank. "Member broadcasting stations will be spoken for by the Union. How can our citizens trust the information they are hearing? They would be hearing the formed opinion of the Broadcasting Union and those of the Commissioner of Internal Affairs, and not those of domestic journalists. I will NOT vote for this bill!".

    In his first day, Frank already has voted on a monumental bill. Supporters are eager to see him at work in the coming months, but those critical of the ambassador look at the upcoming elections as a way to "withdraw" his appointment.

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    Liszckoszi Strikes Back!

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    After voting against the Union Broadcasting Bill then publicly denouncing it, Councillor Frank has not had much to say. Proponent of the bill the commissioner of Internal Affairs of the EU Maleeka Liszckoszi defended the bill, while landing in a few shots at the expense of Mr. Frank.

    Confusion is one way of putting it, it seems Councillor Frank has some kind of political chip on his shoulder


    We are accused of wanting to censor press? despite cearly stating channel autonomy.


    I think Councillor Frank hasnt read this bill properly!!!


    I dont think he knows what a news agency is


    We are not eilitist anyone can join?!


    We are creating a union for national channels to combine and make europe wide events

    At the moment Frank is currently the only member of the Council to vote against the Union Broadcasting Bill, a position that is becoming decreasingly popular among Rhine Ruhr. Self proclaimed "TV Funny Man" Ofir Roth spared no enthusiasm when he compared the situation to 'Karo Parisyan taking on Brock Lesnar'. "Frank is the newcomer trying to make his name by swimming against the current. Sure it may end up gaining him a few friends; but at the end of the semester they are the most repulsive kids on campus, while Mrs. Liszckoszi is the crowned homecoming queen" Ofir said while retaining his laughter. Ofir could not help but to add a bid on Liszckoszi
    when he said "Well played Mrs. Liszckoszi, but I don't know of anyone who reads your precious 'Corelia Today'? Oh whats that?... Its the third leading paper in the region?

    We will continue to monitor the situation if it even continues after today. It is the second day of Frank's councilor-ship and already he is losing popularity in the polls. Neither Frank nor President DiMarsico have released a statement.

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    Dominik Frank: In Response to Satire

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    Our very own Chandra Blumenthal caught up with Frank outside the European Council building in Europolis.
    "Mr. Frank what are your thoughts of Ofir Roth and his comments concerning you in his show last night?"

    "I'm excited! Being roasted by Roth means that I am a true politician" said Frank. "I as so do many regard Mr. Roth as the great social commentator of our time. He is able to take complex and sad events and explain them clearly to the public using satire. It is because of people like Mr. Roth that allow our country to heal after disasters. I believe comedy is the best way to explain and to bring light to events. I have been a fan of Ofir for a long time and I'm glad to be part of the show."

    "What is your response to Commissioner Liszckoszi comments in Corelia Today?"

    "I honestly don't mind" said a grinning Frank. "She is entitled to her opinion as am I. We see the bill in different ways and she has every right to defend it. I thought that the Bill was well written and I see why it is popular. I am just worried of what the Broadcasting Union could evolve into. It wont be surprising if this leads to pan European regulation."

    "There is nothing in the Bill about regulation Mr. Frank."

    "Just wait until the Bill gets amended in the future to include a television without frontiers directive which did allow free movement, but also did regulate aspects of broadcasting."

    "Couldn't you just vote against the future amendment then?"

    "I don't understand what the fuss is all about. The bill will likely pass without my vote, so I see no point in debating my vote."

    "Thank you for your time Councilor Frank."

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    Primaries Rapidly Approaching

    With the primary elections arriving next Monday, the presidential field is starting to clear up. After many political parties and candidates have dissipated in the last few weeks, we can now accurately view the playing field. The large parties still remaining with candidates are the Liberal Party, Conservative Party, Socialist Party, and the Libertarian Party. Many parties and candidates still do remain in the race, but we expect that to change by next week.

    Leading Candidates:
    **Liberal Party:**Roderick Midgley, Elisabeth Lauritz, Ludger Bosque.
    **Conservative Party:**Erminlinda Wiater, Quentin K?hler.
    **Socialist Party:**Janina Aaij, Ludde Nystr?m, Lim Yu.
    **Libertarian Party:**Ridley Dirckx, Jonas Oliver, Shanene Breiner, Fredrick Jeffery.
    **Other:**Diederich Fiedler, Soundwave Chromedome, Anita Holtman, Leandro Affini.

    We realize that there is still many candidates to choose from, but we plan to do a breakdown of each party and their candidates throughout the week. The open primary system allows for any registered voter to vote on any candidate they choose, just like in the final election. Contact your local voter registry office for poll locations. Voting begins next Monday 08/15/2011 at 6:00am and will close at 8:00pm.

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    A Closer Look Into the Liberal Party

    The Liberal Party of Rhine Ruhr seeks to cause social progress by reform and law making. This party is slightly left of center advocating for individual freedoms. The social policies currently pursued by the Liberal Party are increasing government services, implementing social welfare, and to protect unions from increasing corporate power. In order to afford these social changes this party plans to increase taxes, especially takes on those in higher income brackets. The main focus of the party is to decrease income inequality. The Liberal Party also looks to abolish subsidies given to domestic oil companies for locating oil wells. The Party looks to impose regulations upon manufacturing industries as well as household products. Another objective is to legislate anti-trusts laws to split up some of Rhine Ruhr's more larger corporations.

    The Candidates:
    Roderick Midgley:
    **Experience:**BA from Rhine Ruhr School of Law in Law Studies, Served one term in congress.
    **Views:**Wants to promote government funded church ran schools, to outlaw gay marriage, start government anti drug campaign, social welfare, labor laws.
    Elisabeth Lauritz:
    **Experience:**Mayor of Neuss 2004-2011
    **Views:**Social Welfare, increase education budget, gay marriage rights, close loopholes in tax code, product safety laws, decriminalize level 1&2 narcotics.
    Ludger Bosque:
    **Experience:**Sheriff of M?nchengladbach 2001-2003, Mayor of M?nchengladbach 2004-2006, one term in senate, Colonel in Rhine Ruhr Special Forces.
    **Views:**Rewrite tax code, labor laws, social welfare, regulate oil industry, relax immigration laws, increase trade tariffs.

    So that we can make accurate predictions about the elections we would like our newspaper subscribers to send us their Liberal candidate of choice, their profession(subscriber), and explain why they have chosen their candidate. Tomorrow we will examine the Conservative Party of Rhine Ruhr.

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    A Closer Look Into the Conservative Party

    The Conservative Party of Rhine Ruhr favors limited government with minimal regulation and governmental interference in the economy and other aspects of social life. This party looks to give power to local governments rather than to the national government. The Conservative Party promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and supports minimal and gradual change in the country. The focus of the party is to decrease the power of the national government. Social policies pursued by the Conservative Party are to limit government services, to 'protect' the institution of marriage, protect the sanctity of life, and to protect private industry from the government. In order to make an economic surplus this party would introduce tax cuts especially to businesses, cap the amount of money Rhine Ruhr can borrow, reduce trade tariffs, deregulate industry, and cut social welfare.

    The Candidates:

    Erminlinda Wiater
    **Experience:**Served one term as representative, author, Conservative TV personality.
    **Views:**Criminalize gay marriage, criminalize abortion, outlaw labor unions, make cuts on welfare.
    Quentin K?hler
    **Experience:**PHD in Law from RR School of Law, Recipient of RR Medal of Valor, Circuit Judge 15yrs, one term as senator.
    **Views:**Tax breaks, deregulate business, debt ceiling, limit welfare, cut social services, limit immigration, anti drug policy.

    So that we can make accurate predictions about the elections we would like our newspaper subscribers to send us their Conservative candidate of choice, their profession(subscriber), and explain why they have chosen their candidate. Tomorrow we will examine the Socialist Party of Rhine Ruhr.

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    A Closer Look Into the Socialist Party

    The Socialist Party of Rhine Ruhr advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. The party believes in social equality, collective decision making, distribution of income based on contribution, and public ownership of productive capital and natural resources. The Socialist Party of Rhine Ruhr looks to have state control over resources and industry. The Party wants health care for all citizens provided by the government. The Socialist government would provide all workers with benefits including paid vacation and maternity leave. Positions would be determined by merit not power or wealth. Policies pursued by the party are national healthcare, close the income gap, social welfare programs, regulate business, and promote personal freedoms. Above all the Socialist Party of Rhine Ruhr looks to keep in place the democratic system of government.

    The Candidates:

    Janina Aaij
    **Experience:**Chairman of Socialist Party 2011
    **Views:**National Healthcare System, Decriminalize Drugs, Increase Taxes, Place union leaders in government positions.
    Ludde Nystr?m
    **Experience:**Marxist Scholar, Columnist, Civil Rights Activist.
    **Views:**Social Equality, social services, business regulation.
    Lim Yu
    **Experience:**Political Activist, Columnist.
    **Views:**National Healthcare, Worker Rights, social equality, welfare programs, end religious practices, outlaw opposition parties.

    So that we can make accurate predictions about the elections we would like our newspaper subscribers to send us their socialist candidate of choice, their profession(subscriber), and explain why they have chosen their candidate. Tomorrow we will examine the Libertarian Party of Rhine Ruhr.

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    A Closer Look Into the Libertarian Party

    Libertarians believe that each person owns their own life and property, and has the right to make their own choices as to how they lives their life, as long as they simply respect the same right of others to do the same. Libertarians believe you should be free to do as you choose with your own life and property, as long as you don't harm the person and property of others. Libertarianism is thus the combination of liberty, responsibility, and tolerance. The goal as libertarians is to bring liberty to the world, so that these ideas can be put into action. The current goals of the Libertarian Party of Rhine Ruhr are to promote social equality, cut state spending, cut taxes, equal tax proportions, deregulate business and industry. The party in most part supports the decriminalization of low level narcotics. However not all members agree. Libertarians combine the social policy of liberals with the economic policies of conservatives.

    The Candidates:

    Ridley Dirckx
    **Experience:**PHD From Rhine Ruhr School of Law in constitutional studies, state judge 2001-2011.
    Views: Social equality, gay marriage, civil unions, decriminalize drugs of a small dose, rewrite tax code.
    Jonas Oliver
    **Religion:**Christian-Roman Catholic
    **Experience:**BA in Law from RRSoL, Mayor of Bonn 2009-2011.
    **Views:**Deregulate business, outlaw same sex marriages, cut wasteful welfare programs, reevaluate tax code, rewrite health insurance laws.
    Shanene Breiner
    **Experience:**one term representative.
    **Views:**Cut spending, social equality, rewrite tax code, reevaluate health care system.
    Fredrick Jeffery
    **Experience:**Constitutional Scholar, Columnist, Mayor of Cologne 2006-2010, One term senator.
    **Views:**Universal Health Care, Gay Marriage, equal taxes for all brackets, decriminalize level 1&2 narcotics, cut state spending, deregulate industry.

    So that we can make accurate predictions about the elections we would like our newspaper subscribers to send us their Libertarian candidate of choice, their profession(subscriber), and explain why they have chosen their candidate. Tomorrow we will examine the Other Parties of Rhine Ruhr and their candidates.

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    A Closer Look into the Other Candidates

    **Diederich Fiedler:**Centrist Party's Diederich Fiedler was an early standout in the presidential race. However after the appointment of Dominik Frank as the ambassador to the EU, Fielder has fallen in the polls. He does still have a sizable amount of followers though which may grant him the opportunity to be on the Presidential Ballot. By followers Fieldler is seen as the embodiment of Rhine Ruhr's slogan, 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.', because he does not have plans for a massive overhaul of the country nor its policies. Rhine Ruhr is known as an inoffensive centrist democracy by the world, and the centrist party plans to keep it that way.
    **Experience:**Columnist, one term senator
    **Views:**Maintain most policies, only will sign bipartisan bills.

    **Soundwave Chromedome:**Soundwave Chromedome of the Autobot Society, in this paper's eyes, not a serious candidate. Formerly known as Norm Jones, Chromedome legally changed his name while attending Comi-con in Cologne in 2009. His campaign has been completely funded by subscribers to his weekly blog 'A11 th1ng5 N3rdy'. With only 18% of his 2,500 followers being of required voting age, Chromedome's presence will be a short one.
    **Views:**Technological advances, more funding for space agencies.

    **Anita Holtman:**Since our article earlier this week Anita Holtman has dropped out of the race. The reason behind this decision is unknown, but is rumored to be due to debt accumulated by the campaign. Holtman was a famous rights activist and leader of the feminist party and movement.

    **Leandro Affini:**Being from the Monarchical Restoration Party Affini has unlimited donations from the former bourgeois of Rhine Ruhr. Being of prominent former status himself Affini looks to restore Monarchy, but with his family wearing the crown. Upon presidency, Affini looks to undo all of the changes brought upon by President DiMarsico and congress. Only being popular in candidacy with the aristocrats, the party lacks followers. The Monarchical Restoration Party looks to counter its low numbers with sheer funds. Many fear potential corruption if Affini makes the Presidential Ballot. Critics believe that he would offer entitlements to those who campaign and vote for him.
    **Religion:**Christian-Roman Catholic
    **Views:**Restore monarchy, raise taxes, eliminate congress, reevaluate judicial branch.

    The open primary system allows for any registered voter to vote on any candidate they choose, just like in the final election. Contact your local voter registry office for poll locations. Voting begins Monday 08/15/2011 at 6:00am and will close at 8:00pm. We hope that we have been an informative tool for the public and we urge that every citizen vote.

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    Primary Election Results

    In the spirit of election day the Times took the day off in order to vote and to reflect on the election. The results came pouring in around 9PM last night. More people voted than expected at around 36% of the voting population attended the voting polls yesterday. Some people may wonder how 36% can be considered a high turnout. It is, because as a nation Rhine Ruhr is ranked in the top 10% of the world for most politically apathetic citizens. Beside voter apathy, primary elections never do well in voter turnout. Most nations that have primary elections get between 24% and 30% of voter participation. We here at The Times believe it is due to the historical context of this election. This will be the first time Rhine Ruhr has voted for a president. A year ago this would have thought to have been impossible when we still served the crown. Although DiMarsico will still be the first president of Rhine Ruhr, this election will determine the first elected president. We are nearing a huge turning point in Rhine Ruhr; will we stay the same, or will we make a dramatic turn in a different direction? THE CHOICE IS YOURS RHINE RUHR!

    The Results

    The Liberal Party of Rhine Ruhr:25%
    Roderick Midgley:11%
    Elisabeth Lauritz:32%
    Ludger Bosque:57%

    The Conservative Party of Rhine Ruhr:20%
    Erminlinda Wiater:46%
    Quentin K?hler:54%

    The Socialist Party of Rhine Ruhr:15%
    Janina Aaij:77%
    Ludde Nystr?m:18%
    Lim Yu:5%

    The Libertarian Party of Rhine Ruhr:30%
    Ridley Dirckx:25%
    Jonas Oliver:18%
    Shanene Breiner:12%
    Fredrick Jeffery:55%

    Other Candidates:10%
    Diederich Fiedler:72%
    Soundwave Chromedome:1%
    Leandro Affini:27%

    The Presidential Ballot:

    Ludger Bosque, Liberal Party 14.25% of total vote
    Quentin K?hler, Conservative Party10.8% of total vote
    Janina Aaij, Socialist Party11.55% of total vote
    Fredrick Jeffery, Libertarian Party10.5% of total vote

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    President DiMarsico's Response to Events in Gro?deutsches Reich

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    In today's press conference, President DiMarsico adressed the unfolding situation in the Gro?deutsches Reich.

    "In the past week the GDR has undertaken dramatic political change. On August the 18 G?nter Waldenstein of the NSEP called for a vote of no confidence against then Chancellor Robert Mainzer. Upon losing the vote and the following election Mainzer fled the GDR with family to claim asylum in Os Corelia. Although this overthrow seems to have been done legally, this administration will keep a close watch on the GDR in the coming weeks. By no means does this government plan on being hostile to the new Chancellor. As of now Rhine Ruhr plans on maintaining business as usual with GDR, but if the new government infringes upon the rights of its citizens or interferes with the sovereignty of another nation, we will be forced to take actions. Thank you for your time."

    Other European nations have weighed in on the GDR since the coup. Occoron has taken a similar position as our own government on the situation, maintaining relations with the GDR, but vowing to take action if the new government doesn't respect it citizens' rights. Os Corelia has frozen relations with GDR claiming that the vote of no confidence was unjustified. Marrakechia has taken the most aggressive stance calling the new government to step down.

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    First Presidential Debate to Take Place Saturday

    It has been slightly over a week since the primary elections and already the candidates have been called to a debate. The debate is to take place at Rhine Ruhr Broadcasting Station's studio in M?nchengladbach. To watch the debate live turn your television to RRBS at 9PM on Saturday. We will analyze and share highlights from the debate in Sunday's paper. All candidates have confirmed that they will be at the debate. There is no specific topic to the debate, so a wide range of questions is expected to be asked. Topics likely to be discussed are budget, taxing, defense spending, economy, immigration, regulation, and social services. We expect this debate to make and break candidates. Fireworks are likely to go off between the candidates on several topics. This is looking to be a promising debate.

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    Analysis of The First Presidential Debate

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    Last night in M?nchengladbach we got our first real glimpse of the presidential candidates since the primaries nearly two weeks ago. Both Ludger Bosque and Fredrick Jeffery displayed great public speaking and posture, whereas Janina Aaij did not seem to be comfortable in front of the cameras. Quentin K?hler displayed his inexperience of being in front of cameras. Bosque and K?hler butted heads throughout most of the debate being on opposite ends of the spectrum on most topics. Libertarian candidate Fredrick Jeffery took shots at both of the candidates, while Aaij opted not to land any blows upon her opponents. Overall the candidates held there own on the stage and left the debate better off than before it. The exception to this being Janina Aaij who appeared to be passive and at times weak.

    The biggest winner of the first debate: Fredrick Jeffery
    Jefferey was clearly the winner of the debate in the eyes of this paper. He allowed his opponents to pick each other apart while he landed jabs on both parties from the outside. He always had an answer to every question and he came up with them quickly.
    The biggest loser of the first debate: Janina Aaij
    Right from the start of the debate, it was clear that she did not want to be there. Often she took pauses while answering a question. She allowed other candidates to attack her lack of experience and did not respond to her attacks. Aaij will need to turn this around in the coming weeks if she wished to remain in the race.
    The most likely to lead the polls following the debate: Ludger Bosque
    Bosque had a very strong showing at the debate. He had a clear answer to every question. He stuck closely to the ideological beliefs of his party. However he was caught in a battle of words with the conservative candidate Quentin K?hler. He may not have won the debate, but his party did receive the second most votes in the primary election and it is believed that he picked up the votes of those who's party had dropped from the race.

    Debate Highlights

    MC: What are each candidate's take on Rhine Ruhr's 43% income tax rate?

    user posted image
    **Ludger Bosque:**I beleive that 43% is a little too high of a number. I would like the tax rate to be about 10% lower, but to keep the number high for corporations and those who make more than 250,000 euros a year. It is the opinion of my party that if the extremely wealthy pay a bigger share of their income, our national deficit will perish.
    user posted image
    **Quentin K?hler:**We need to cut taxes across the board, especially those on business. Why should we make the job providers of this great nation carry a larger burden when it comes to taxes? I want the average income tax to be lower than 30% and be lower than 20% for businesses. Unlike my colleague Mr. Bosque here, I believe that lowering taxes will allow people to pump more money into the economy, therefore lowering the deficit.
    user posted image
    **Janina Aaij:**I think that we need to increase taxes just a slight bit more, but a tax rate near 90% for businesses. If the national government received most of the money earned by the people we can use their money to enrich their lives. High amount of money wont be needed to pay workers if most services were to be provided by the government. If people gave most of their money to the government it would never have to borrow money in the first place.
    user posted image
    **Fredrick Jeffery:**A 90% tax rate? That is just simply preposterous! (crowd cheers) We need to lower the tax rate, that is apparent. We need to have a tax rate around 25% for EVERYONE. Everyone pays the same amount of taxes, that is the fairest way to tax. Why should the businesses that stimulate the economy pay us even more than those who do not? Why should those who are living paycheck to paycheck support even more of the country than those who have benefited more from what this great county has to offer? (cheers) It is only fare that everyone pay the same taxes.

    MC: What is your opinion of the government's current defense expenditure of 2%?

    **Quentin K?hler:**Only 2% of government spending on defense is sad! (cheers) These are not sufficient funds to defend our country. We need increased military spending to fund weapons projects that would better defend the country. What if we were invaded? How would we defend ourselves? We are currently defenseless against our enemies.
    **Janina Aaij:**Two percent is not enough! I agree with Mr.K?hler; how are we to defend ourselves? Rhine Ruhr is open to invasion from those who want to harm us. We need to increase our military power to keep our interests safe, and perhaps allow others safe transition into our borders.
    **Fredrick Jeffery:**I believe that we need to increase military spending slightly. We should have a big enough of a military to defend ourselves and that's all. It is not the responsibility of Rhine Ruhr to police the world. We need to isolate ourselves from foreign conflicts and concentrate on ourselves! (cheers)
    **Ludger Bosque:**We do need a larger military budget. However we need not it reach over 20% of our national budget. Only enough to defend ourselves is necessary. Maybe perhaps enough to provide service to the EU's security council to help enforce its treaties.

    MC:What are each candidates thoughts on people immigrating to Rhine Ruhr?

    **Janina Aaij:**It is the position of my party to accept anyone who wishes to join this great nation. If I were elected I would allow immigrants access to the same benefits that naturally born citizens receive.
    **Fredrick Jeffery:**And allow immigrants to take advantage of our welfare programs? I am all for people immigrating to this country, but only if they are willing to contribute. I propose that we allow anyone to immigrate as long as they are willing to pay taxes. If the new citizen is willing to work for a living, they deserve to have access to our social services. However if they do not work they do not receive benefits.
    **Ludger Bosque:**I say open the gates to all those who wish to join us. I believe that if anyone has made the sacrifice of leaving their home in the pursuit of a better life, they deserve it! (cheers)
    **Quentin K?hler:**We need to be cautious when it comes to immigration. I say we allow only those who can contribute most to immigrate to Rhine Ruhr. Professionals who will make something of themselves should be granted access to this great nation. I refuse to allow lazy freeloaders to flood in, overcrowding the streets and putting a strain on taxpayers!

    MC:We currently spend roughly 1% of the nation's budget on social welfare. I would like to hear a response from each candidate as to how they feel about this.

    **Fredrick Jeffery:**We need to increase our social welfare. However we need to cut most non essential programs. I think that we need to dramatically decrease the time in which people can collect unemployment benefits. If people were motivated to look for work, we would need less money to cover services. We need to increase funding for health programs as well as public clinics. Family planning services should be increased as well. My position on retirement is to higher the age requirement for those who wish to collect social security. However we need to give those who qualify more. I would closely evaluate all social programs, and the ones that do not get cut will receive more funding.
    **Ludger Bosque:**The worst thing about this nation is it's inability to care for those who are less fortunate! Social programs should have the biggest weight on government spending. We need to increase spending on all programs in order to allow those who are less fortunate to better themselves.
    **Quentin K?hler:**We need to cut all social programs! People need to get off their rear ends and start working! I think 1% is an appropriate number to spend on deficit causing programs. People abuse the system and the tax payers suffer for it. The only social program I support is social security for those who have worked their entire lives! People who give to this country deserve to have a lengthy retirement!
    **Janina Aaij:**If I were to be president, most of government spending would be on social welfare programs. If the government provided citizens with all of the services they needed, then people would not have to make as much money to support themselves.

    We are unsure of when the next presidential debate is going to be, but it is estimated that it will be within three weeks from now. President DiMarsico has made it clear that he wants at least three debates before the election with an ideal number of four debates. The people of the crowed have voiced that they favor decreasing and equalizing taxes, increasing defense spending, and higher levels of immigration. This paper wonders how campaigns may change their policies in response to this.

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    Harsh Words by Maxence Bonnet to Laois-Offaly and the ONC

    I will not be supporting this referendum on the decision made by the EUBC. I would also like to vocalize my disgust in the insubordination displayed by the ONC. At first you agree to respect the decision made by the EUBC, but then the next day you recant your respect and as a further insult you call a vote to repeal the decision. Upon hearing of your request for a vote on the matter, commissioner Liszckoszi respects the ONC's right to call a vote on the matter. Respect that you never gave her might I add, but I digress. The only request the commissioner gave was that you wait until the end of the contest to call a vote, yet in a move of arrogance the ONC starts the conversation even before the contest even starts.

    I would also like to voice my dislike of these Euro wide selection contests. Why should I vote for your contestant? If I was unprofessional I would vote for someone who I knew I could beat, but then again maybe the ONC is too incompetent to choose an artist. These contest clog the forums, and distract from the contest itself. Nations should allow their own citizens to elect for who will represent them.

    I think I have made my point. I am against euro wide selection processes and I am displeased with the ONC for repeatedly disrespecting the Union and contest that they claim that they want to improve.

    Maxence Abel Bonnet
    CEO of RRBS

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    Rhine Ruhr National Team to Receive Training from Bas Rutten

    user posted image

    Bas Rutten is a highly respected mixed martial artist. He is retired now but boast a powerful record of 28 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw. Rutten was a one time UFC Champion and a 3 time King of Pancrase World Champion. He ended his career on a 21 fight unbeaten streak.

    "I am excited that the team allowed me to join their camp" exclaims Rutten. "People do not realize the effect MMA training has on athletes of all types. Our conditioning is world class, and our kick-boxing training vastly improves reflexes. Brazilian Jujitsu training gives athletes discipline and provides an increased flexibility. This team will train in all aspects of my game and will benefit from it. They will be sharper, faster, and more alert than the other teams."

    The National Team will receive MMA training twice a week throughout the championship and throughout the next season. The team may be just starting the training, but they are confident it will be effective. Even if the team comes up short in the competition, they will be more than prepared for the next one.

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    Presidential Debate to be Held on Friday

    The second presidential debate of Rhine Ruhr will be held Friday night at Gianmarco Hall in D?sseldorf. This debate to be held about two weeks after the first debate in M?nchengladbach. The Times will have a full analysis of the debate in Saturday's paper along with highlights. Topics to be discussed are: the rising murder rate, the government budget, the decreasing private sector, and Rhine Ruhr's recent economic downturn. You can watch the debate at 9PM on RRBS. All candidates are expected to be in attendance as well as President DiMarsico. DiMarsico will not be participating in the debate, but he will be watching from the front row. This debate looks to be an important one as poll numbers show that libertarian candidate Fredrick Jeffery is only a few points behing the current leader Ludger Bosque of the liberal party. This debate will mostly showcase each candidates economic policy. There is still no word of when the elections will take place, but the presidential cabinet assures it will take place in late October or early November.

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    Analysis of the Second Presidential Debate

    user posted image

    Last night at Gianmarco Hall we got our second glance at our presidential candidates. Both Fredrick Jeffery and Quentin K?hler had impressive showings. Both candidates showcased a strong economic policy, while Ludger Bosque seemed to struggle a bit with his economic platform. Janina Aaij had many ideas for Rhine Ruhr's economic future, but they were not popular with the crowd. Every candidate had held their own and left the debate better off than when they entered. Both K?hler and Aaij showed massive improvements.

    The biggest winner of the debate: Quentin K?hler
    K?hler showcased an aggressive economic policy. He had a much better showing this debate than he did last time. Unlike before, K?hler did not butt heads with any other candidates. He had an answer for every question and left most of his opponents in the dust.
    The biggest loser of the debate: Ludger Bosque
    Of all the candidates, Bosque had the weakest economic policy. The topics in the debate did not sway in his debate. Bosque may not have had a good night, but he is in no danger of falling out of the election.
    The most likely to lead the polls following the debate:Fredrick Jeffery
    Jeffery had a strong showing in this debate. He stuck closely to the beliefs of his party. He may have not won the debate, but his party did have the most votes in the primaries and we expect that to be enough.

    Debate Highlights

    **MC:**The current murder rate in Rhine Ruhr is 6%. How does each candidate plan to combat this statistic?

    user posted image
    Ludger Bosque: Six percent is an improvement on the ten percent we were boasting just a month ago. It is the Liberal Party of Rhine Ruhr that is responsible for the decrease in murders. If I were to be elected, this number will continue to decrease in correlation with increased welfare benefits.
    **Quentin K?hler:**My administration would combat this statistic with an increased police force. Having an increased police force would discourage criminals to commit crime, as well as provide jobs. Another tool we will use is to impose the death penalty on those who kill others. This action will deter most murders from taking place.
    **Fredrick Jeffery:**It was the Liberal Party who allowed the murder rate to increase in the first place! We need to increase the police force. We should also impose harsher penalties on those who do commit murder. They have infringed on others' rights to live, so in turn they lose that right! (applause)
    **Janina Aaij:**Under a social system, relations among the community would increase. This would lower crime. If services by the government were increased there would be less need for crime.

    **MC:**It is apparent that each candidate has big plans for changes in the government budget. I would like each candidate to state their biggest planned change to the budget.

    user posted image
    **Quentin K?hler:**Our greatest government expenditures are to socialist programs. We need to cut these programs and decrease the tax burden on our citizens (cheers). Our most crucial areas of government spending only take up only sixteen percent of the budget. We are currently backwards in our spending habits. If I am elected, I will reverse this.
    **Fredrick Jeffery:**I would cut many of the useless programs that are supported by the government, and in turn give a tax break to the people. I wouldn't necessary say that are spending habits are backward, but I say we should spend more on defending ourselves and less on regulating business.
    **Janina Aaij:**We need to spend more on our nations welfare systems. We only spend one percent of the nation's budget making life easier for our citizens and this needs to change.
    **Ludger Bosque:**I approve of our current government spending. I do however believe that some wasteful programs should be cut in order to reduce taxes on the working class.

    **MC:**How does each candidate feel about the currently decreasing private sector?

    user posted image
    **Fredrick Jeffery:**This is a damn shame! (cheers) We need to have a private sector accounting for at least seventy percent of employment not thirty-nine percent. I would change Rhine Ruhr into a more business friendly country, which will shift the balance to where it needs to be. We need to cut corporate taxes and provide incentives for those who are willing to hire new employees.
    **Janina Aaij:**I approve of a smaller private sector. Not to the point of communism however. We only need a public sector that is large enough to not allow corporate interests to influence our government.
    **Ludger Bosque:**I am slightly worried about our decreasing private sector. We need a private sector that accounts for at least fifty percent of our nations jobs. A robust private sector is needed to have a healthy economy.
    **Quentin K?hler:**This needs to change! (applause) We need a private sector to dominate our economy. In order for this nation to be an economic powerhouse, this needs to happen. Public economies are not nearly as successful as their private counterparts.

    **MC:**Following the last debate, Rhine Ruhr saw the greatest economic growth in its history. However in the last week this has taken a turn in the other direction. We are now at a point below where we were even before the first debate. How does each candidate react to this news and how do they plan to counteract this downturn.

    user posted image
    **Janina Aaij:**I am not at all surprised by the downturn. This is another prime example of the failures of capitalism. The nations economy is victim to the whims of big business. If business were more government controlled we would have a steadily increasing slope in our economy, not the mountain chain that capitalism provides.
    Ludger Bosque: This downturn is due to the decrease in worker trust in the economy. If we gave unemployed peoples longer benefits, they will regain confidence and rejoin the workforce.
    Quentin K?hler: This downturn is caused by the increase in taxing brought on since the last debate. Taxes have increased four percent since our last meeting and the economy reflects that. In order to undo this downturn we need to cut taxes across the board. (cheers)
    Fredrick Jeffery: I am going to have to agree with Mr.K?hler here. Taxes have increased and as a result businesses have made less profits resulting in layoffs. We need to decrease the burden on our job providers.

    We are unsure of when the next presidential debate is going to be, but it is estimated that it will be within three weeks from now. President DiMarsico has made it clear that he wants at least three debates before the election with an ideal number of four debates. The people of the crowed have voiced that they favor harsher penalties on those who commit murder, increasing the private sector, and decreasing taxes. This paper wonders how campaigns may change their policies in response to this.

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    Final Debate/Election Date Announced

    It has been a month since the last debate and now the third and final debate has finally been announced. The day of the debate will be on Wednesday October 12 once again at Gianmarco Hall in Dusseldorf. In this debate the candidates will be questioned by members of the audience and viewers from across Rhine Ruhr. This debate will be the most important one, because of its proximity to the election day and we will see the final candidates that are still in the running. As of now, all candidates are still running, but rumors are spreading about a possible merger between the Conservative and Libertarian parties. Both Jeffery and K?hler deny these claims, but we will keep our eyes on this. Although it is not official, it is expected that Janina Aaij will drop out of the race. This is expected, because of low poll numbers, poor debates, and overall lactation of the Socialists Party. Of course we will update you on any changes within the election and we will provide a full analysis of the third and final debate.

    President DiMarsico has finally released the long anticipated election day. The first presidential election of Rhine Ruhr will be October 17, 2011. "The election will be held, then we will begin legislation on term limits, requirements, ext. Then finally the candidate will take office on the first day of the year 2012" explained President DiMarsico. "We expect this to be a busy time with the election, new legislation, along with the EU elections in November. This time will also grant the Presidential Elect to form a cabinet and to prepare the move to Dusseldorf" continued President DiMarsico.

    A poll currently taken ranks the candidates as follows:

    Fredrick Jeffery-35%
    Ludger Bosque-31%
    Quentin K?hler-23%
    Janina Aaij-05%

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