European Aviation Standardization Act 2019

  • Commission


    Proposed by Cllr. Carita Falk (Vayinaoid) :: Passed (5-2), July 3rd, 2019 :: Unamended


    I. This act shall hereby establish the European Aviation Agency (EAA) to establish the standards and recommendations for civil aviation within the European Union in conjunction with national agencies.
    II. Understanding the need for concise communication in the air and on the ground, English will be established as the recommended language for communications.


    I. The EAA shall set standards and recommendations for air navigation and communication, air emergency procedures, air traffic management practices, aircraft registration, and flight inspections.
    II. Any standards and recommendations shall be made in conjunction with National civil aviation agencies.
    III. The EAA shall work with national partners to harmonize cross-border border procedures in respects to civil aviation.
    IV. The EAA will rely on national agencies to implement the standards and regulations agreed upon.
    V. The EAA will work with national agencies on ensuring there is no unlawful interference in civil aviation, and will investigate any complaints concerning unlawful interference made aware to the EAA.
    VI. The EAA will assist in investigating ,if requested by a national agency involved in an accident, or required by the European Council, any aviation accidents that occur within the European Union.
    VII. The EAA may produce its own report on any incident it assists and or investigates.
    VIII. The EAA will use and recommend the use of English as the regional language for civil aviation.
    IX. Newly designed airframes shall require EAA certification if they wish to be available for regional use and export. This shall not prevent national agencies from denying their own national certification for any airframe as it sees seen fit.
    X. Certification standards for the EAA shall be agreed upon the advisory EAA Council and the EAA Director on an annual basis.


    I. The EAA will have its headquarters in the Free City of Europolis.
    II. The EAA will be under the purview of the Commissioner for Internal Affairs.
    III. The Commissioner for Internal Affairs will appoint a Director of the EAA.
    The Director of the EAA will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of EAA and will work with alongside national agencies and the EAA Council as required.
    IV. The EAA will have an advisory EAA Council. The EAA Council will be composed of one representative from each national agency in order to come to agreement on the nature of EAA regulations.
    V. The EAA will have an initial annual budget of 1.45 Billion Euros.


    I. The EAA shall be fully established with a Director and the Advisory Council within six months of the passage of this Act.
    II. Member States shall have one year to conform to initial EAA standards and recommendations.
    III. The EAA Director and Advisory Council will first hear any disputes involving member states or private parties on matters within their jurisdiction.
    IV. The EAA will have the ability to fine, or suspend any aviation activities of, national agencies and partners, airlines, and personnel.
    V Suspected criminal activities, if identified by the EAA, will be referred without unnecessary delay to any prosecuting agency that may have jurisdiction over the activities in question; and any relevant evidence will be made available to prosecutors, defense, and courts in accordance with the laws of the relevant jurisdiction.
    VI. Any administrative action may be appealed to the Commissioner for Internal Affairs.

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