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    Free Trade movement in Senate

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _Earlier today the Senate of Jerusalem has unanimous voted to create a Free Trade Organization for free distribution of goods between free countries. _

    **Wealth should be shared over borders and cultures should be exchanged to create better understanding between all people. Free trade creates the possibility for countries less off to compete with richer countries, and not to have their dreams crusched at the tariff walls of the rich world. For far to long the third world countries has been hindered to create a better life in their homelands due to unfair trading conditions. Socialistic countries as well as conservative ones have considered their own farmers, some 4% of the total population, to be more important than entire nations ability to raise from poverty and create the life denied to them by birth.

    We all know that those farmers will have security within our rich welfare systems until they can re-educate and gain work in other areas. The poor farmers in Sudan does not have this luxury, if no one buys their groceries their entire families will starve.

    The FTO will prove to be the evidence of the combination; free trade and welfare. All memberstates are obliged to pay a member fee to gain entrance in the organization, this fee will pay for adminstrative costs but most of it will be refunded to ensure the welfare of those who might lose their jobs in a free trade society.

    No man woman or child can choose to be borne in a poor or rich country, but they all can make a difference. I urge all members of the European Union to join the FTO, and togheter we can create a prosperious future for our own countries, and at the same time give the third world countries a fair chance on the international world market.** Stated Consul Marcus Aemilius Scaurus

  • The Imperial Tribune
    Demonstration in capital against FTO treaty

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _Today Conservative and Nationalistic fractions has demonstrated against the Senates Free Trade Organization treaty in the Capital. Security and police magistrates confirms that the demonstration has been conducted in a peaceful manner. Although aggressive agitators have spurred the population to take action, nothing happened. The number of demonstrants were estimated to some 2,000 by the police and security forces.

    No comments has yet been made by the governmental officials. The demonstrators claims that neither the Boni Faction nor the Optimares will remain in important offices the next period. This however creates problems for the Nationalistic faction since the Populares voted for the FTO treaty in the Senate. Discussions and rumors about a new party to candidate for Senate later this year has not yet been confirmed. So far the "enormus popular support" against the FTO are no where to be seen._

  • The Imperial Tribune
    Well wishes to Vizier of Alikhstan

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    Both Consuls of the Holy Roman Empire welcomes and endorse the liberal Vizier newely elected in the neighbouring country of Alikhstan. Especially welcome are his new progressive program for liberalisation of the muslim state. This could greatly ease the tensions between the Holy Roman Empire an Alikhstan, and will make further diplomatic ties easier. Says Censor Quintus Lutatius Catulus of the Boni Faction. It is extrodinary for both Consuls and the Optimares and the Boni Faction to endorse a foreign political leader. This bodes well for future relations with Alikhstan since the sucessful war of 1979.

  • Nationalistic Faction Party founded

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    The Nationalistic Faction party were founded today on their first party meeting. Some 500 delegates from all over the Holy Roman Empire gathered in the Capital city of Jerusalem to discuss the policy of the newely founded party. The manifesto are not finished yet, but are waited to come later this week. What we know now, are that with the NF tariffs and quotas will be imposed. Christianity will be declared state religion, muslims will be deported and homosexuals will be "rehabilitated" in special "camps".

    It's a black day for Civil Rights in the Empire _says Censor Quintus Lutatius Catulus of the Boni Faction. And _ The beginning of a new erasays newely elected party leader and former Consul Quintus Vibilus

    _However the NF have a long road to reach their goals. Today three parties are ruling togheter in the Senate with representation in the government. These are the figures of todays Senate:

    Boni - 128
    Opt - 112
    Pop - 65

    Even with the possibility of a NF-Popoulares coalition, it is very unlikely for the Boni Faction and Optimares to lose their vast popular support. However conservatives within both the Optimares and particulary the Boni Faction have expressed their dissatesfaction over the new Free Trade treaty. It would be highely unusual for a government to lose an election in a time of prosperity and economic growth, with low unemployment rates._

  • Soviet Warmongering

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _The Soviet leader adressed the free pepole of Kouvek earlier today. On the topic of Kouvek koining the FTO. _"I sincerely hope that these reforms will be recalled before we are forced to ourselves protect the interests of the Koeuvek people and brothers of us." Threathened the Soviet leader.

    Such threats cannot be tolerated. Exclaimed Senator Lutatius of the Optimares party. It is a threath to the free people of Kouvek and I sincerly hope that the European Union will cope with this problem immediatly! Senator Lutatius have also send a letter to the Holy Roman Empires MEP group in the parliament demanding that they take action. The letter was signed by 25 Optimares Senators, 17 Boni Faction Senators and 9 Populares Senators.

    The newely formed Nationalistic Faction party made a statement in public in Jerusalem this afternoon.

    Communist aggressors must be put down, like crazy dogs! Said Sergiu Cincinnatus, spokesperson for the newely created Nationalistic Faction. On the questions that the NF recently had opposed the FTO and the fact that kouvek are a socialistic nation, Cincinnatus didn't reply, but swiftly left the podium.

  • The Aleutian Election results
    A victory for extremities

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _The final result for the Aleutian election has proven to be a victory for extremities and a loss for the moderate powers of Aleutia. The two most succesful parties in the Aleutian election were the National Solidary Front and the Aleutian Communist party, whilst the established parties, the Christian Democratic Party and the Aleutian Socialist Party made significant losses in both houses.

    The change in the Aleutian powerhouses are no doubt a reaction to McLaurens incapability to improve situation for all Aleutian citizens, but the political climate in Aleutia still stunnd the rest of the world due to such a blow to the establishment. Sources from the Senate of Jerusalem have indicated distress over such radical figures and it's no telling which effect the radical election in Aleutia will have on it's neigbouring countries. Among the the Holy Roman Empire, which citizens will go to the polls later this year._

    The neutral nation of Aleutia has become a political battleground for communists and nationalists. _Said Senator Gracchus of the Optimares party. _I regret the loss for the CDP, but we have to respect and accept the Aleutian peoples will. However I fear that the call for reforms from the CDP policy and progress towards either the communist way or the nationalistic way, will see nothing but backlashes and political strife in both houses. Senator Gracchus continued.

    _Celebrating members of the Nationalistic Faction emerged in both Jerusalem and the second largest city of Antioch as the NSF made third largest party in the Federal Assembly. _"a symbol of victory against the uprunning communist party, and a guarantee to law and order for our brothers and sisters, in Aleutia." Exclaimed Holy Roman Empires Nationalistic party leader Quintus Vibilus. Socialists and communists demonstrants meet the Nationalists on several occassions, but no one was injured. The local police magistrates successfully separated the two demonstrations from eachother. 34 socialists and communist demonstrants were arrested and 17 nationlists, for destroying private property.

    The Aleutian Election Results*

    Federal Senate

    • Christian Democratic Party: 1 seat (-5)
    • Aleutian Socialist Party: 0 seat (-3)
    • Aleutian Communist Party: 4 seats (+3)
    • National Solidary Front: 4 seats (+2)
    • Aleutian Greens: 4 seats (+3)

    Federal Assembly

    • Christian Democratic Party: 32 seats (-21)
    • Aleutian Socialist Party: 10 seats (-26)
    • Aleutian Communist Party: 15 seats (+12)
    • National Solidary Front: 22 seats (+17)
    • Aleutian Greens: 20 seats (+18)

    Current distribution of Federal Legislature positions:

    Federal Senate

    • Christian Democratic Party: 13 (36.1%)
    • Aleutian Socialist Party: 9 (25%)
    • Aleutian Communist Party: 5 (13.9%)
    • National Solidary Front: 5 (13.9%)
    • Aleutian Greens: 4 (11.1%)

    Federal Assembly

    • Christian Democratic Party: 84 (42.4%)
    • Aleutian Socialist Party: 57 (28.8%)
    • Aleutian Communist Party: 15 (7.6%)
    • National Solidary Front: 22 (11.1%)
    • Aleutian Greens: 20 (10.1%)

    *Source: The Confederate Press

  • Aleutian Defence Bill - Double standards of morality

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    The Aleutian decision to increase the military spendings were meet with surprise in the Senate during todays session. "I'm most surprised over this decision by the Aleutian government. I would say that their efforts to pass a neutrality act in the European Parliament lost much of it's substance. Encourage the rest of the Union to respect a neutrality treaty and then increase their own military efforts are not what I call serious politics." Said Senator Andrus of the Boni Faction. He was supported by many senators from all Senatorial parties.

  • Disturbance on the other side of the Gulf

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _The liberal Vizier Sezer al-Suhrawardi has been kidnapped by unknown insurgents. This violation of a national leader has been meet with devestation in Jerusalem. The Senate of Jerusalem have sent a telegram to the Alikhi government demanding that the responsibel for these actions shall be brought to justice. The high magistrate has offered help to the Alikhi government in finding the criminals. Offering a team of criminal expertise on terrorism and a military Spec-Ops unit to help in the search and investigation.

    The II Imperial Navy has been set on high alert to protect the waters and airspace of the Holy Roman Empire. _"The escalating situation in Alikhistan puts preassure on it's neighbour. Particulary our nation since the nationalistic anf fundamentalistic movements in Alikhistan have always been elements of confrontation. It's most unfortunant that the liberal Vizier Sezer al-Suhrawardi was kidnapped for Roman-Alikhi relations. The Senate and our government welcomed liberal reforms in Alikhistan to ease the tension between both nations." Said Dr Drusus, political experts commentator.

  • Soviet Mars landing in the shadows of upcoming election in the Holy Roman Empire

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _Whilst the Soviet Union claims to have landed on Mars and Belarian scientists stirs up the debate questioning if they did. The Holy Roman Empires population have other things on their minds; the upcoming election.

    As both Consuls have agreed to announce election today before the Senate under preassure from all parties, the Holy Roman Empire stands in a crossroad. The support of the leading Boni Faction has diminshed, and for the first time in over 50 years, their traditional claims of power will be threathened. It has been possibel for the Boni Faction to remain in power for so long, due to the long lasting co-operation with the Optimares party, lasting some 34 years back in time. However the Optimares are also losing ground in the latest polls.

    The only sitting party advancing in the polls are the Populares party. The Populares are co-operating with the Boni-Opt coalition in most questions, but they are considered the only opposition in the Senate.

    The new threat are the Nationalistic Faction Party, the extreme right party gaining ground in all of the latest polls, and have a good chance of gaining seats in the Senate._

  • The Pontifex Maximus urges voter not to vote for the NFP

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _During His Holyness the Pontifex Maximus Lucius Cornelius Sullas, visit to the Grand Cathedral of Saint Paul in Antioch, he preformed mass. During sermon the Pontifex Maximus urged all good christians to vote with their hearts in the upcoming election, and to avoid extremities that could hurt the good spirit of the country.

    This was clearly a message to the christians in Holy Empire not to vote on the Nationalistic Faction Party. Sergiu Cincinnatus, spokesperson for the Nationalistic Faction Party, announced in a pressrelease that: _The Pontifex Maximus role in the government are simply a cermonial one. He should not comment or set any political agenda, during mass or in any other occassion. The Nationalistic Faction Party have delivered a protest letter to the Senate demanding that the Pontifex Maximus should be restrained from political outburst.

    His Holyness the Pontifex Maximus Lucius Cornelius Sullas replied that the church shall interveen in any stateaffair that affects the church or it's members. Since 98% of the population are members of the protestant church, despite the fact that it never was declared state religion, the church have a large mandate to react and act.

  • NFP split - sisterparty or competition?

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _On the Congress of NFP the party did split into two since the Congress were unabel to unite on several important questions. Among them were homsexuality, tariffs and quotas, muslims, law and order, religion etc.

    Sergiu Cincinnatus, former spokesperson for the Nationalistic Faction Party were elected party leader for the newely formed Fascistic Front, which adapted the program presented by Cincinnatus._ We are proud to represent all true Romans in our great Empire! We shall not stand back for anything, no muslims or perverts of nature! _Sergiu Cincinnatus said in a brief speech to the 2000 members of the Fascistic Front in Jerusalem.

    If the NFP and the FF will co-operate or fight it out over the voters in the extreme right is yet to be seen. But experts believe that it will be difficult for two extreme parties to compete with the established parties in the Senate._

  • Voters Guide

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _As election draws near the poplitical parties have begun their campaignes for Senatorial and governmental power. 8 years have passed since the last election for Senate and governmental offices.

    Today the Boni Faction rules the Senate and the Empire in coalition with the Optimares Party. The opposition has been the Populares, however the three Senatorial parties have enjoyed extended co-operation since the election of 1983 when Christian Unity lost their Senatorial seats. Since then Boni, Opt and Pop has been alone in the Senate. Only once since then, in 1991 did a member outside Boni, Opt and Pop hold office. This was Marcus Tullius of the Libertas, he served as Censor for 2 years on popular demands.

    Nationalistic Faction Party emerged earlier this year, but did recently split into two. Thus we have eight parties in this years election which is historical. In 1983 there were five parties, and in 1991 the socialdemocratic party Opus Iunxi were formed. Opus Iunxi were formed due to internal debate in the Libertas party, the debate did probably cost Libertas their best chance to attain Senatorial seats in over 50 years._

    Quick Info:
    There are only two elections, Senatorial and governmental offices.

    After the Senatorial election each party gains seats accordingly in regional and local councils depending on the constituency.

    This means that each party has to present a complete manifesto and program for politics on all levels.

    Each party has a list of potential Senators and one list for governmental offices.

    The governmental offices are divided according to the amount of votes gained in the Senatorial election, but persons who gain 10% or more (but least 50 000 votes) of the votes in their home constituency goes first.

    The Senate appoints Consuls.

    Each party has to achive 6% of the votes to gain seats in the Senate.

    The Pontifex Maximus are appointed for life by the Senate but has to be approved by a two third majority of the church members.

    These are the registered parties for 2007 years election, by party name and affiliation:

    Boni Faction, _Boni _- Conservative - Liberal
    Optimares Party, _Opt _- Conservative - Christdemocratic
    Populares Party, _Pop _- Nationalistic - Liberal
    Nationalistic Faction Party, _NFP _- Nationalistic - Conservative
    Fascistic Front, _FF _- Nationalistic - Fascistic
    Christian Unity, _CU _- Christdemocratic
    Libertas, _L _- Liberal - Socialliberal
    Opus Iunxi, OI, Socialdemocratic

  • Historical Poll

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    The latest polls are in and if they are true, the Holy Roman Empire are in for a historical change! This early and before most campaigning has started, it's most unlikely that the current result will stand, but it gives a heads up for what's coming. It will be hard for the established parties to remain in power, and might see the first change of power since 1976. The popular Boni Faction has lost much of it's traditional support from both religious and middle class incomers. This despite steady economical growth and low unemployment rates.

    In conjunction to the conference, two polls were presented by the IBR and a private enterprise on mission from several news channels.

    Imperial Bureau for Research
    Boni Faction: 32%
    **Optimares Party: ** 21%
    Populares Party: 15%
    **Nationalistic Faction Party:**7,3%
    Fascistic Front: 8%
    Christian Unity: 7%
    Libertas: 4,5%
    Opus Iunxi: 5,2%

    Roman Research & Consulting
    Boni Faction: 40%
    **Optimares Party: ** 19%
    Populares Party: 13%
    **Nationalistic Faction Party:**5%
    Fascistic Front: 6,5%
    Christian Unity: 8%
    Libertas: 3,5%
    Opus Iunxi: 5%

  • Geopolitical Conference in Jerusalem

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    It's most remarkable that a party of traditional popularity and the good financial situation lose support this close to an election. Said Hugues Arvius, professor in modern politics on a seminar in Jerusalem for politicians, students and media on the yearly Geopolitical conference. The main reason to the rapid loss of support should be the increased discontent about how the government handles foreign affairs. The Boni Faction enjoys enormus support when it comes to domestic politics, but as globalisation brings foreign countries into the livingrooms of Roman citizens, awareness grows. Obviously the voters want another policy, while other polls indicate that most people are satesfied with the current domestic policies, seven out of five Boni voters, says that they consider vote for another party only for the foreign policies. Continued Professor Arvius. While many traditional voters demands secession from the European Union or a harder line towards other member nations, others want a neutral line with a more anonymous presence. As terrorism hit other nations around the European Union, the feelings about muslims have swayed as well. Much because of our location close to Alikhistan, the nation where the terrorist are believed to reside. This explains the boost for the nationalistic parties in the past few months. I believe that we will see a historical change in Imperial politics by the end of this year. With a multitude of political parties presented in the Senate, this will in turn provide a whole new political challenge for the Imperial political system. Finished Professor Arvius.

    The difference between the two polls are on the Boni Faction and the nationalistic parties, clearly voters are abandoning the established parties, Boni, Opt and Pop for others. This is the first time since 1960 the Empire experience such diversity amongs it's citizens. Commented the Professor Arvius briefly as he left for another seminar.

    Last elections results were:
    Boni: 41%
    Optimares: 34%
    Populares: 20%
    Christian Unity: 3%
    Libertas: 0,5%
    Opus Iunxi: 1,5%

    The great losers in the polls are clearly the Optimares, the conservative second largest party, who's agenda totally has been in the shadows of the popular Boni Faction. We are not worried at this stage, it's a long way to the election and our campaigne are about to begin. We are confident that we will win back the voters we have lost in past elections and continue to set the agenda for the Empire in the Senate. Said Consul Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus, also leader of the Optimares party. I don't think we are in the 'shadow' of the Boni Faction, we have had a good co-operation with them for the good of the Empire, if people have troubel to see the difference between our both parties I suggest they read our party manifesto, now excuse me. Said Consul Pompeius Magnus before he left the pressroom in the conference facilities.

    The Populares are also experience problems while Christian Unity are on it's way back into the Senate. Opus Iunxi are close to Senatorial seats and will push hard for seats in the Senat for the first time ever. Libertas gained much ground, but won't make it into the Senate with these figures, however it's a great step forward for the party everyone thought would disappear from the political arena. Clearly the Roman citizens are aware of the need of a liberal party in the debate, and we are gaining much of what we did lose in 2001 years election. Said Libertas party leader Tiberius Vibius, also attending the conference. The big surprise would be the newely found nationalistic parties rapid way to success. It looks like both parties will have a chance of gaining Sentorial seats if there was an election today, and the media attention they got lately has probably helped them to profile themselves.

    Quick reflections on the poll:

    It's normal that the public opinion sway under the preassure of international events. But in the end it's all about what you get paid, how good your healthcare is how good school your children attend. The Boni Faction has provided all this and much more in the past years, I'm confident that the voters will keep that in mind when it's time to vote again. - Consul Marcus Aemilius Scaurus, Boni

    If the people wish to vote on upstarts and dissidents I will be the first to regret it. - Censor Gaius Marius, Pop

    People turn to God on two occassions. One, when they are prosperos enough to seek Him out to say their thanks. Or two, when they are so deep in their despair and have no one else to turn to. But He is with you all the time. - Party leader Decius Aurelius, CU

    Weatlh comes from the people, from the toil and sweat of the working class. This Empire are built on it's workers shoulders, as are all Empiers. We demand our right, no less no more. - Chairman Lucius Sextus, OI

    Hear the voice of the Roman people! Release the historical heritage and make all Romans free from the yoke of the three evils: communism, homosexuality and islam! The people are giving us a clear mandate for change, let the establishment wake up with a hangover and let our enemies be chased away from our holy soil! - Party leader Sergiu Cincinnatus, FF

    We go forward togheter, towards prosperity and a better nation for all true Romans. Brothers and sisters against the corrupt in our society and against our common enemies. Party leader Quintus Vibilus, NFP

  • Major Tax Cut - How much did you get?

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _The government performed a major tax cut effecting today. _It has been on our agenda for a long time, but now was the first time since we took power, that we had that opportunity. Said Aedile Gaius Julius of the Populares party.

    The chance that the tax cut will be recived as much as a bribe in election times as a relife on citizens private economy are clear. The timing of the tax cut can be discussed, we have seen these things happen before with various results. But from an economic perspective I question the motives from the government. The economy is working fine, with stabel growth and low unemployment. Perhaps our leaders intend to keep it that way and increase consumers buying power. The only problem would be if the market get's over heated since the industry are working at a high pace. Said Antonius Gracchus president of the Imperial Chamber of Commerce.

    The tax cut are still welcome, the rapid increase on prices in most residential areas are pressing middel and low incomers hard. Many of the taxes imposed by the Populares during the recession in 1972 are still in effect. But now, with a turning economy the government feels that the time is right for a major tax reduction. Many of the former taxes are abolished, among them tax on fortune, heritage and mansions.

    The taxes were imposed by the Populares with the help of the Opus Iunxi 1972 with heavy protests from the Boni Faction. However they haven't been removed until now, this despite the fact that the Boni Faction has ruled for nearly years as the largest party in the Senate.

  • 7th Enviromental Conference in Antioch

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _Every sixth year the city of Antioch hosts the Enviromental Conference in Imperial Regency Hotel, in central Antioch. The conference are attended by distinguished scientist in the fields of enviroment, energy, biology, society, and leading politicians as well as students, media and foreign guests. This conference is the fifth one since the introduction of the Enviromental Associations Committee. The Enviromental Association Committee consists of several leading scietists as well as Senators from the Senatorial Enviromental Committee. They set the enviromental goals for six years terms and evaluate the work done in the Senate.

    Today the new goals where presented during the Enviromental Conference closing ceremony, the goals set by the governmental Enviromental Committee for 2013 will be to reduce oil usage by 50% and to completely eliminate the use of coal. Nuclear power were delcared an important tool in decreasing pollution and dependency of fossil fuel. Furthermore the usage of natural gas should be reduced by 20%.

    The government also declared that no further investments in wind power nor hydroelectric power would be presented._ A wind power station pollutes more during production than an operational nuclear powerplant. We must be very clear that wind power are a complement to our energy power, not the solution. The government will not aid any project in wind power, however we won't try to stop any project either. Private enterprises may still construct wind power as long as they are not in conflict with any enviromental, architectural or securty issues. Said Consul Pompeius Magnus during the ceremony. Our stance on this issue are not new, this government has clearly advocated nuclear power as the primary source of energy for the Empire. However the government have adapted a new stance on hydroelectrical power. Hydroelectrical powers including the construction of large dams are no longer on the agenda. We will not continue to expand hydroelectrical dams in the norther regions of the Empire. Building dams always affects the natural ecosystem, and with our nuclear program that won't be necessary. We have worked very hard with safeguarding our enviroment and the security of our current and future nuclear power plants. Continued Consul Pompeius Magnus. The nuclear program will be presented later this week by government official before the Senate.

  • Government grant for Super Critical Water-cooled Reactor (SCWR)

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    _The Imperial Chamber of Nuclear Technology, ICNT, was yesterday granted another ?2 billions for development of an SCWR. Leading scientist claim that they are near a major breakthrough in the area and after several hours of discussions with leading politicians the grant was passed before the Senate. The money has been granted by various private enterprises on the nuclear technology front in the country as well as a large contribution from the government.

    The critizism has been massive from enviromental groups within both the Boni Faction, Optimares and others. Furthermore the grant puts strains on the shrinking budget surplus. However the faction against further nuclear research has been unabel to gather any support within the Senate. 2006 years polls on the issue states that 98% of the Holy Roman population are in favor for further nuclear expansion.

    The Holy Roman Empires governemnt has stated that another 20 reactors are to be built within the next 10 years, but that program has been halted to wait the result from the SCWR. The research and scientific work has been ongoing for several years, and two test sites have already been built at great cost. The latest grant will not only further improve the facilities, but hopefully speed the process._

    We are already certaint that further nuclear power will be the key for welfare in the Empire. Said Censor Quintus Lutatius Catulus of the Boni Faction. The nuclear power in the Empire are one of tha safest in the region. Extended regulations and legislation about nuclear security gives us a safe, clean and relatively cheap source of energy. The Imperial Nuclear Safety Association, INSA, guarantees the safety of all our facilities. Another 20 reactors will secure our current and future needs of energy, thus make us less dependabel on the variations on the world market. Our good economies let us make such investments and further contribute to a cleaner world as well as to secure future energy problems. But we need to await the results on the SCWR before we can continue our work.

    The two largest private enterprises on the nuclear market, Roman Power and Empire Energy control 25 out of the 55 nuclear reactors in use in the Empire today. The other 30 are owned by the state owned company Imperial Energy.
    Nuclear power supplies most energy (47,7%) followed by oil (24%), natural gas (10%), hydroelectric power (9.3%) , coal (6%) and wind power (3%). As for electricity, nuclear power plants generate close to 67% of the Empires requirements; hydroelectric dams (17%); wind power (3%) and fossil fuel plants (coal, gas and fuel oil) supply most of the rest.

  • Campaign kick-off

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    Today the official campaigne kick-off are held all over the Empire. The race for governmental power 2007 has begun. The Boni Faction traditionally celebrated kick-off at the Imperial Regency Hotel in Jerusalem. Party leader and first Consul Marcus Aemilius Scaurus held the opening speech.

    The Empire stands in a crossroad. We face enviromental, economical and social challenges ahead. This party, the Boni Faction, has devoted and deliberately been performed a policy on along-term basis. During our period in power, we have reduced unemployment and crime, this while we have stablized the economy, brought the national budget from deficit to surplus. And keept the industry going by favorabel terms and encouraging new comapnis to establish in our country. We believed that we did the right thing then, and we believe that we are doing the right thing now, and we believe that we will continue to do the right thing for the Empier and it's children.

    The kick-off was continued with dinner and more speeches by distinguished members of the party like Pro-Consul and MEP Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis, Censor Quintus Lutatius Catulus and Quaestor Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus.

    The Optimares celebrated their kick-off in their vast landestate outside Hebron. The estate was donated by Consul Horatius Pompeius, ancestor of the current Consul Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus. We take much proud in the great improvment made during the past mandate periods. However we are still aware of the lacks on the international arenas. Our leding MEP Pro-Consul Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis has done a remarkable job in the European Parliament, and we believe that further efforts must be made in the EU and the ETO to secure peace, stability and growth for the entier region. Our foreign policy have traditionally been focused on our immediate surroundings, Alikhistan and the Persian Gulf. We are determined to continue the internationalization of the Empire, but not at the cost of our traditions and customs. Commented Consul Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus just before the opening ceremony.

    The Populares celebrated on the costal city of Safed where they traditionally enjoy the most support. Their kick-off was celebrated on the streets with tens of thousands of celebrators. It's reported to be carneval atmosphere in the city. Our power emerges from the people. The people are our children and they seek ledership, a leadership they find in the Populares. Said Tribunus Plebis Lucius Cornelius Cinna while going through the cheering crowd. The Populares way of conducting campaignes has been critized by their political adversaries. The method of inviting the entier city and offer them free wine and a feast has been widely discussed in the country. However the feast is limited to the city of Safed and once every sixth year. The co-operation in the Senate with the Optimares and the Boni Faction have reduces the critics over the years. The 'festival' are a welcome celebration in the city as thousands of people visit the city for the event. It's good for the city reputation, tourism and and extra boost for the shops, and hotels in the city. Therefore the annual music festival reach it's peak every sixth year, when combined with the traditional Populares festival. We have no problem with that. Declared Safeds citymayor, also a member of the Populares party.

    The other parties celebrated their kick-off with different campaignes all over the Empire. The Roman people welcome the kick-off as an extra interesting day devoted to politics. In connection to the kick-off, the Imperial Bureau for Research has released another poll.

    Imperial Bureau for Research*
    Boni Faction: 35% 32%
    Optimares Party: 23% 21%
    **Populares Party: **16% 15%
    Nationalistic Faction Party: 6% 7,3%
    Fascistic Front: 6% 8%
    Christian Unity: 7% 7%
    **Libertas: **3% 4,5%
    Opus Iunxi: **4%**5,2%

    *Highlighted and Blue indicates current figures. Red indictaes last poll.

    The increase for the governmental parties, Boni, Opt, Pop, are possibly the tax cut made earlier this week. The greates loser in the last poll, are the small parties, especially the Opus Iunxi and the Libertas. The only stable party is the Christian Unity looking strong and certaint to aquire Senatorial seats the upcoming term.

  • Civil-war in Alikhistan!

    By: Lucius Barbatus

    A few hours ago Belarian airplanes attacked and bombed Nationalists and Terrorists targest in Alikhistan. This was in respons to the Alikhi Caliphs request from the ETO in restoring order and safeguard the Alikhi people. All Roman citizens have been succesfully evacuated from Alikhi soil as of now. Belarian fighters and bombers stationed on Belarian aircraft carrier outside the Empire created widespread reactions in the Capital of Jerusalem.

    At the request from the Caliph of Alikhistan Belarian forces committed several airstrikes against key targets on Alikhi soil. Terrorist cells, camps and rebellion strongholds were attacked and succesfully bombed. The Empire will support the Belarian and ETO effort in the area to police the rebells and the terrorists. The government has already given the High Command the task to prepare military bases for ETO presence. This means that the Empire will be a tempting target for terrorists, to counter this threat I have requested the full deployment of the Defcon 2. This means that all key installations in the nation will be under military jurisdiction, nuclear powerplants, dams, key industry etc. will be patrolled and controlled directly under the military High Command. Furthermore 15 000 extra policeofficers will be recruited for extra patrolling in the cities. CCTV systems will be installed on all public places in the major cities, on buses, trains, trainstations, forums, public buildings etc. It will also be possible to do an extensive surveillance on telephone, radio and internet traffic to help prevent and locate possible terrorist threats. I have been promised that the Senate priorities the request and I expect an answer later today. Said Dux Marcus Aemilius Scaurus, Imperator of the Imperial Guard, speicla envoy to the ETO and head strategist of the Imperial High Command.

    It's an outrage if the Senate should grant the request of Defcon 2! It would be a crime to every Romans integrity. A war between Alikhistan factions should not affect Roman citizens at this level. We demand that Defcon 2 are halted in favor for Defcon 4. Said Libertas party leader Tiberius Vibius. The Chairman Lucius Sextus of the Opus Iunxi stated in a pressreleas that; It's shameful that the Senate approves to harbour ETO elements on Imperial soil. We also protest agains the fascistic tendencies of Defcon 2 as it would strike hard against the comradeship among Roman citizens.

  • Belarian forces on Imperial soil

    _It has just been known that Belarian forces are stationed on Imperial soil. The amount are yet to be keept secret by the government, but the force are said to be 'considerable'. Joint bases have been prepared by the Imperial High Command, with the extension of several naval, air and landbases close to Alikhistan.

    Early this morning the Senate approved Defcon 2 to be implemented, and during the day, most divisions have been put on high alert._

    As of the start of Operation Just Cause, initiated by the Belarian Federal Government, the Empire has allowed Belarian presence in the country. There has also been several larger extensions of our bases close to the Persian Gulf to meet the new capacity required. The bases will be joint operational bases for Imperial as well as Belarian forces. However the possibility of Trierian and/or other forces will be meet as well. I must state that as of now, no Imperial forces will be committed in the ongoing fighting in Alikhistan. The Imperial navy, airforce and army are placed under increased readiness, to protect our borders from terrorist threats. The Supercarrier ISS Jerusalem with it's taskforce has been dispatched to safeguard Imperial waters in the troubeled area. Said Dux Marcus Aemilius Scaurus.