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    The Soviet Delegation would like to announce that all passed amendments have been put inside the constitutional draft. Voting may now begin on the Constitution as a whole, at its current state.

    The poll will remain open for 72 hours until 2 June 2007, 12 pm BST. Post your votes as well as put them in the attached poll.

    [ooc: Keep in mind this means, voting-only. You've had all the time you needed to whine, so just go yay or nay.]

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  • Lidia Giulia Mazzarti of Nazione Italiana submits a **YAY **vote.

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    The Belarian Senate has voted in favor of the legislation, and President Viktor Draugen has signed the motion in favor of the new European Constitution.

  • Aesop Rocks votes FOR the adoption of the new Constitution and also wishes to thank the representatives and people who put such hard work to ensure this process could run smoothly. Without help from all our members, particularly the Soviet Union and Dim Quai representatives, this could not have been achieved.

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  • I believe voting is now over and that the Constitution has passed through our lower house. However, I am unsure as to whether we are legally bound to put it before the European Commission who will ratify it? I believe that we are bound to do so however as it is such an important document I blieve that we should also be wary of not allowing it to become accepted by a small, elected, minority. Therefore, I propose the institution of the new Constitution be done immediately and without any EC ratification.

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    That would sadly be unconstitutional. We have to put it before the Commission.

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    An Act to Establish a New European Constitution**

    The text of the new European Constitution.

    *Sidenote from the current President of the European Union -

    After elections are held for the seats of the new European Commission and winners are chosen for positions in accordance with the new Constitution, I shall hereby resign the Office of the Presidency of the European Union, and as the last act of my administration, shall dismantle the current government and its functions in order to establish the new government and its functions.


    Marcus E. Tristan
    Marcus E. Tristan, ELP
    President of the European Union

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