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    Preperations will start today for the 1st International Music Festival in Marrakechia. Mr Maleek has said the Festival will take place all over the Country and he has invited the Head of State of Os Corelia to be Guest of Honour for the 1st Festival.

    We can reveal the venues of the festival will take place:

    Stade de Marrakech
    Seats: 45,000
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    Palais des Congress
    Seats: 10,000
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    Hotel La Mamounia
    5,600 Seats
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    Marrakechia prepares its cities for the State Tour
    Marrakechia has started preparing the decorations and all sorts for the State Tour with the King and the Viscount of Os Corelia.

    Organizer of the State Tour Mounir El Hamdaoui said ''This will be a great time to boost our Tourism industry and boost our cooperation with Os Corelia with Tourism.''

    The Viscount will be landing at Marrakechia Airport and will be greatly greeted and the following cities that he will visit is; Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier, Fes & Casablanca.

    With those cities we are ready to put up the Os Corelian National Flags up in those cities of sign of respect next to the already placed Marrakechian Flags.

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    FM Andre Moussadi has requested an meeting with the head of state of Os Corelia & Monogolia.

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    The dates of the meeting between the Os Corelian & Monogolian head of states has been set for the 20th May to resolve the dispute.

    The office of the FM of Marrakechia has sent an invitation to Alexander Klingingberg, Prime Comissioner of the EU to hold the talks.

    Messaoudi: ''We hope after the talks that this dispute could be over and the sign of normalising relations between the two countries could suceed.''

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    The Kingdom of Marrakechia has called an halt to the Zombay-Lichtensburg conflict condemming both sides.

    The Marrakechian Red Cross has sent 200tons of humanitarian aid and bring both the citizens of Zombay and Lichtensburg to safety.

    ''The leaders of both nations should be ashamed of themselves.'' added by the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs for the EU.

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    The Prime Commissioner of the EU, has accepted an invitation to host the Os Corelian - Monoigolian meeting which will be on tommorow and the details that the Os Corelian HOS will be on the left The Prime Commissioner in the middle and the Monogolian HOS on the rght of the table.

    The meeting will be attended by the FM and Commissioner of Internal Affairs for the EU.

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    HM King Mohammed IV has condenmed the Moscow Metro blast which left dozens innured in a telephone call to the Head of State of the Soviet Union saying 'The Kingdom of Marrakechia condems this barbaric attack on a great city and we would like to cooperate with the government to catch these suspects.'

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    HRH Prince Moulay Ismail is prepared for the upcoming elections hoping to get elected in the European Court of Justice.

    At a press conference he said 'I have all the strenght to get elected in the elections'.

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    HM The King Condemns the Tamil Islands Government and National Newspapers after false reports on the Kings Brother HRH Prince Moulay Ismail.

    After the newspapers of Tamil Islands spreading false reports about Moulay Ismail the Government of Marrakechia has acted strongly pushing sanctions on both the newspaper and the Government including sanctions againts Anand Sukumar Priya.

    Following the barbaric seizure of the EC Moulay Ismail was working with the WA Delegate and loyal EU Countries urging all to withdraw its endorsements of Free Hashimia and endorse Grossdeutches Reich

    Moulay Ismail has served the Internal Post very well including normalising relations of Os Corelia between Monogolia organizing the meeting.

    Later on the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that the Citizens of Tamil Island are forbidden to enter the Kingdom of Marrakechia and the Western Sahara. Marrakechia is threatening to deport Tamil Citizens from the Kingdom and Western Sahara and urged all citizens of Mmarrakechian Identity of Tamil Islands to leave.

    And finnaly the FM said: The Taim Island is an undemocrated nation which many people are scared of the government and if they try and protest againts the government the government would fire live ammunition.

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    False reports from Tamil Islands

    HM Prince Moulay Ismail has not condemmed such report from Tamil Islands but the King has.

    HM The King: The European Union cannot trust such a Country where the laws are barbaric and undemocrat. Our Secret Intelligence Services in the Tamil has recientely found out that the Tamil Police & Military has jaile Democratic supporters in the Dictatorship of the Tamil Island.

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    Abdelkrim Sousasia has been elected new Prime Minister as his party the Justice & Development Party has won the elections with 54.44% of the vote.

    The Justice & Development has voted for Alexander Kligenberg to win the European Commission Elections againts the Marrakechian freinds of Maleeka of Os Corelia.

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    Following an meeting between the Ministers following the chance of bomb attacks in Marrakechian cities, The Military will be starting an crackown on the Polisario Sahawri Front which controls the Marrakechian Province of Sahara. The Government has asked other nations to help eliminate these terrorists.

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    Thee Tamil People's Liberation Cycling Revolution team has ried to fabricate false reports of the RAM team doping but the Angleteric Cycling Foundation has tested the team and it appears the RAM has not been doping as the Tamil team attempt of fabricating has be unsuccessful.

    Marrakechia becomes first nation of EBUC and Eurovoice to sends is singer to Os Corelia for EV6. Pitbull has been chosen to represent Marrakechia but the song will be revealed few days before the deadline of entries.

    It was a shock to the naton as Pitbull has been chosen to represent as the people thought it would be Amele Bent representing but no one expected that Pitbull would say yes to the invitation.

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    The Marrakechian Government has praised of how the current Commission work this term.

    'This terms Commission has done lots of work with the EU such as Establishment of the EUBC an etc.' says the King, Mohammed IV.

    HM also added 'we hope they would carry on what they are doing'

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    More Details has been revealed for the Marrakechia's entry to Eurovoice:
    2M has announced that Marc Anthony will join Pitbull on the stage in Aerodimus.

    Also its expected that new rules to be implemented after the EUBC-EV meeting.

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    Marrakechia has confirmed an early confirmation to participate in Eurovoice 7 which the host is not decided yet.

    There will be a major changes to decide who to represent Marrakechia as a National Final will be used for the first time.

    The format of the NF:
    -3 Artists will be selected by 2MTV
    -3 Songs will be given to the Artists and they will remake their own version of the song given.
    -It will be an 100% Televote results to decide the winner to represent Marrakechia.

    The Artists & Songs will be revealed soon.

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