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  • RE: Gaels Post

    Preparations for Strathae Catholic and Orthodox Remembrance of Blairite Cultural Genocide Apology Ceremony almost complete
    The preparations for the apology ceremony to Catholic and Orthodox Church are almost finished. The government have invited the heads of all heads of the churches in Strathae have been invited including all Orthodox branches and the head of the Catholic Church in Strathae. The ceremonies title has been unveiled as Remembrance of Blairite Cultural Genocide Apology Ceremony and will list the name of high profile victims who were persecuted under the Blairite reign with a monument to all those who were persecuted being unveiled. A letter of apology to each head of church will be read for what the government is now terming a "cultural genocide comitted against christians and Catholic and orthodox in particular." The government plan to officially declare the period a cultural genocide in a mark of respect for the churches. They hope this will help the world move on from the dark period of Strathaes history.

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  • RE: Gaels Post

    Strathae government buys billboards and ads throughout Europe asking Christians to claim compensation from fund

    The Strathae government launched their Europe wide campaign focused on nations with the highest numbers of Christian expats who have come to Strathae to work or live and study to get them to claim compensation funds of €42,300 that may be due to them for persecution during the Blairite years. The government ad campaign is to be focused on public transports , billboards at key transport centres and key leisure spots as well as adverts on bus stops and at train stations. The ad will have the slogan Sorry for Blair package as the logo with the line "Christian? Been inStrathae more than 6 months in last 20 years? APPLY NOW for your 42,300 Euros in compensation." . This is the first step in a campaign to get those who have missed out due to bank accounts and addresses changing since last contact with the Strathae government.

    The government said in a statement "Still too many Christians persacuted under Blair haven't got their rightful compensation we have put in a fund for them to claim. We therefore have took the step to have adverts in key places to get their attention to claim what is rightfully theirs and not miss out. We will not cease advertisements until we are sure that everyone who is owed money has received their compensation for that dark time in our recent history." The adverts will all be in the local langauges.

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  • Strathae Warlist

    Official Nation name: Clan Democracy of Strathae
    Conventional Nation name(s): Strathae
    Population: 31,670,000.00
    EURO GDP: €1,321,570,731,400.00
    NS Economy Description: Frightening
    Defense Spending as % of Budget: (Limited to 15% without War Mod/Admin approval)7.50%
    Arms Manufacturing:-13.39
    Producer Tier?: No
    Producer Slot if applicable: -


    Army (total personnel): 116,000
    Air Force (total personnel): 119,000
    Navy (total personnel): 0
    Strategic Forces (total personnel): 0

    Total military personnel: (This is limited to .75% of your RP Population)235,000


    Army (Total Tanks and Artillery): 180
    **Air Force (Total Aircraft):**227+275 Helicopters
    Navy (Total Ships): 0
    Strategic Forces (Total Launchers): 0


    Total ICs available: 24,430.22
    Total ICs used: 13,117.00
    Total upkeep cost:

    Defense Spending as % of Euro GDP: (limited to 5% without War Admin/Mod approval)
    Projected Defense Spending in Euros: 1.65%
    True Defense Spending in Euros: €66,151,841,616.36



    Motorised Infantry: 12
    Mechanised Infantry: 8
    Airborne°: 3
    Special Forces°: 6
    Armour (15 Main Battle Tanks or 20 Secondary Battle Tanks per Unit): 6
    Artillery (15 Artillery or Anti-Air Pieces): 6
    Headquarters/Logistics Unit: 9


    Fighter. Superiority ♦: 0
    Fighter, Multi-Role ♦: 170
    Fighter,Strike ♦: 0
    Attack ♦: 0
    Helicopter, Transport: 20
    Helicopter, Multi-Use/Utility ♦: 0
    Helicopter, Attack: 35
    Tanker: 10
    Drone, Attack ♦°: 15
    Drone, Reconnaissance ♦°: 15
    Transport: 10
    Bomber ♦: 0
    Bomber, Heavy: 0
    Strategic Bomber ♦°: 0
    Air Maintenance/Logistics Unit: 34.00

    Total Amount of Stealth Upgrades: 0


    Patrol Boat: 0
    Corvette: 0
    Frigate: 0
    Destroyer: 0
    Cruiser: 0
    Transport/Auxiliary Support Ship: 0
    Amphibious Assault Carrier: 0
    Helicarrier: 0
    Aircraft Carrier, Light: 0
    Aircraft Carrier, Standard: 0
    Supercarrier: 0
    Attack Submarine, Diesel (SSK): 0
    Attack Submarine, Nuclear° (SSN): 0
    Cruise Missile Submarine, Nuclear° (SSGN): 0
    Ballistic Missile Submarine, Nuclear° (SSBN): 0
    Shore Support/Maintenance Unit: 0

    Ground-based superweapons

    ICBM silo°: 0
    Mobile ICBM launcher°: 0
    Ballistic Missiles: 0
    Conventional Ballistic Warheads: 0
    Strategic Nuclear Warheads: 0
    Strategic Biological Warheads: 0
    Strategic Chemical Warheads: 0
    Strategic Force Support Unit: 0


    Satellites°: 0
    Military Satellite Network°: 0
    Space programme: 0
    Space research programme°: 0
    Nuclear technology: 0
    Nuclear weapons°: 0
    Biological weapons: 0
    Chemical weapons: 0
    Drone Technology °: 1.00

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  • RE: The Federal Republic of California-Factbook

    National Flag


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  • A Latino Summit (California-Spain)

    San Diego

    Chancellor Stacey Abrams arrived in Mission Viejo at her San Diego residence. She knew this upcoming summit was immensely important. Stacey knew she had to represent all Californians. An aide handed the Chancellor a dossier.

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  • RE: The Federal Republic of California-Factbook


    39%: Hispanic
    36%: White
    14%: Asian
    5% Black
    3%: Mixed
    0.4%: Islander
    0.4%: Aboriginal
    0.2%: Other

    35%: Male
    36%: Female
    29%: Non-binary

    0--24: 31%
    25-55: 43%
    55+: 26%

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  • RE: EU Custom Maps

    Map Update Progress Post Thing

    Don't mind me just casually stealing Spain's thread to highlight the WIP Unofficially-Official project to update the EU Map. All plot numbers correspond to an occupied plot, or one I thought deserved a direct analog. If you are not in any way represented on the new map DM me here or on discord and I'll get it sorted.


    Snapshot 1 - Random changes that I can't remember
    Snapshot 2 - Random changes that I can't remember
    Snapshot 3 - North America Update, South America and Carribean got some love too.

    Timeline Goals

    • Mid-June: Borders/Main Landmasses to be finalized
    • Mid July: Topography to be finalized
    • End of July: Ecoregions/Climate Maps Done
    • Beginning of August: Resource Map Done ~Maybe Vote to Activate Map~
    • By End of October: Official release/community vote

    *Why the jump between August and November? I'm moving! To where its a surprise! Some of you may be incredible jealous once I announce it!


    Can I make requests?: Yes. Does not mean I will promise anything however. DM them to me in discord or on the forums, if on discord pin the request in our chat pleae.

    Are resources going to stay the same?: Sorta, there's going to be three resource maps. One for oil/gas, one for minerals, and one for freshwater/logging/arable land. I'm using RL datasets to kinda plot out how things will go. If you lose something most likely you will gain something new.

    Why are you doing this?: For no reason than I got bored during Christmas, and then I realized how much I hate the shape of the current EU that is all.

    Can we switch plots?: No.

    If I have more questions?: DM Me on discord or here.

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  • RE: California News Media


    Prime Minister Abrams Enacts New Climate Scheme

    SACRAMENTO---The new Prime Minister consulted The Greens on a new climate policy. Her goals are to increase the carbon limit and enacting a carbon trading scheme. This is predicted both will pass the National Assembly and Senate.

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  • California News Media


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  • RE: The Federal Republic of California-Factbook

    National Assembly




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