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  • RE: Tea and Zitdrenoz (Reitzmag-Ruthund Summit)

    "I'd like to first thank the Government of Ruthund for opening these diplomatic relations with our country. I believe that this initiative is an important step in the further development of both our countries. Both Reitzmag and Ruthund have a rich cultural and historical background, and these diplomatic engagements are important in enhancing and developing our nations' cultures. Reitzmag is currently working on many initiatives like these to establish peace, stability, and development in the region. And with this I look forward to discussing the agenda for this meeting with your leaders. I wish that this meeting would be fruitful and make a mark on the histories of both our nations. Thank you"

    Simon stepped back from the podium and bowed.

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  • Operation Blue Hydra

    (under development)

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  • RE: I Will Have Order -- Operation Takedown

    Somewhere in the North Diessenian Government Quarter

    Het Goor, North Diessen
    24th October 2021, 0350hrs

    alt text alt text

    Members of the Imperial Defence Council (IDC), including Imperial Councillor Basil Lawson and Chief of the General Staff Vice-Admiral Bauer, are listening in live to operation reports during the commencement of Phase Two of Operation Takedown. The IDC is currently viewing operations in the Diessenian Capital, Het Goor, where Imperial Guard units are commanded by Major-General Ettore Stuart.

    Major-General Ettore STUART, Officer Commanding: [Over radio]: "Chalks, status report, over?"

    Lieutenant Dale REMUERE: "Chalk 1, ready and waiting."

    Lieutenant Lunduc JOHANSCH: "Chalk 2, ready and waiting."

    Lieutenant Dante EMILIS: "Chalk 3, ready and waiting."

    Lieutenant Lambert DUNKINE: "Chalk 4, ready and waiting."

    M-Gen. STUART: "Command, ETA on go?"

    Chief of the General Staff BAUER: "Viper, this is Command; ETA is 7 minutes, over."

    Bauer had planned for months for this moment. The convolution of hundreds if not thousands of minds working on a single aim: to bring the government of North Diessen under the control of someone the Empire, and the Imperial Armed Forces more generally, could sway whenever it wanted. To use North Diessen's position on the Caspian Coast, its resources and airstrips. To prepare for the digging of a second canal binding the Caspian and Persian Gulf together. Today, it all came together. Bauer had promised the Emperor that Phase Two, the most critical and diplomatically sensitive phase of the entire operation, would be a resounding success. Formenting civil war in North Diessen was but the pretext for a much larger aim: the Imperial Armed Forces could not simply march into Het Goor and depose President Pekcan. Well, they could; but it would raise eyebrows in Europe. This way, there was a cover of legitimacy. The Inimicians would withdraw as soon as possible after tonight, and declare the ending of civil strife in North Diessen a success. In fact, they ended the Confederacy's independence. The clock struck 4am.

    BAUER: "Viper, this is Command. Takedown Two is go. I repeat, Takedown Two is go."

    Immediately, the figures on the great plasma screens in the Imperial Situation Room began to move. Bauer's nerves were on edge. The next few moments could decide the fate of the entire operation, the fate of months' planning, the fate of the Empire's standing abroad, and most importantly, the fate of his career.

    STUART: "Chalk 1, Chalk 2, commence bombing."

    REMUERE (Chalk 1): "Roger. Commencing bombing."

    An explosion went off in the deserted streets. Car alarms blared as Chalk 1 began to make as much noise as possible. At the other end of the road leading to the Presidential Palace, Chalk 2 began to fire at the building, dressed all in black.

    STUART: "Command, switching to local channels. Will advise."

    Stuart switched his set to a local Diessenian military channel rather than the encoded and encrypted secret Inimician wavelength. "Attention to all units in Het Goor, this is Stuart, Officer Commanding. We have a potential assault on the Presidential Palace. We are 10-31. I repeat, we are 10-31." By calling out 10-31, Stuart activated the emergency plan for Imperial Guard Troops to collect all key Diessenian personnel present in the Palace complex. The scene was now set.

    EMILIS (Chalk 3): "Viper Command, this is Chalk 3. Proceeding to extraction, Irene."

    STUART: "Copy that, advise accordingly. Chalk 4, status report?"

    DUNKINE (Chalk 4): "Chalk 4, proceeding to extraction, Ambrose."

    Chalk 3 approached the Presidential Palace, with the aim of taking President Inge Pekcan (codenamed Irene) to safety, while Chalk 4 would bring Ekrem Mueller (Ambrose) to the Palace's underground situation room instead. As Chalk 3 approached Pekcan's chambers, the President became aware of the Inimicians' intentions.

    EMILIS (Chalk 3): "Madam President, we have a situation outside and are evacuating the area. You will have to come with us." He knocks on the heavy door to Pekcan's chambers. No response. "Madam President, this is Lieutenant Emilis of the Inimician Imperial Guard, you must come with us at once."

    Confederal President Inge PEKCAN [Through the door]: "I've seen this coming, Lieutenant Emilis. You go back to Telum and tell your Emperor he can come get me himself, or not at all."

    EMILIS (Chalk 3): "Stand away from the door, Madam President."

    Emilis orders his designated breacher to obliterate the door's lock with a specially designed breaching shotgun, sending sparks flying across the President's room. As the Guard enter, they find Pekcan hastily recording a video of herself.

    PEKCAN: "This is President Pekcan. The Imperial Guard are coming for me. They're trying to take ov--" A cry of pain as her phone is beaten out of her hand with a rifle butt. Emilis secures the phone and ensures deletion of the footage.

    EMILIS (Chalk 3): "You're coming with us." A bullet from Emilis's rifle shoots through the President's left leg, sending a high-pitched wail through the empty streets. The President is carried off, into the dark, never to be seen again.


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  • RE: European Development Agency

    I vote FOR proposing this counteroffer to the Union of Duxburian Dominions.

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  • RE: Commission Elections, October 2021

    The Kingdom of Montenbourg votes as follows:

    For the Office of Premier Commissioner

    1. Jean-Claude JUNCKER (Spain)
    2. Kittichat THONGTHANG (Ruthund)
    3. Sofie ČIKAROVÁ (Czech Slavia)

    For the Office of Internal Affairs Commissioner

    1. Paul-Gabrielle MUZHARE (Nofoaga)
    2. Margaret THATCHER (Brickston)
    3. Joseph BIDEN (Reitzmag)

    For the Office of Foreign Affairs Commissioner

    1. Pekka HAAVISTO (Mennrimiak)
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  • RE: I Will Have Order -- Operation Takedown

    Telum Capital Defence Command

    Headquarters of the Imperial Armed Forces

    Strategic Meeting of the Imperial Defence Council, 23rd Oct 2021
    Operation Takedown [IC Secret]

    Attendance as above.

    Artabanos: "Afternoon, everyone. I trust you have made significant enough headway against Reuland for us to start Phase two of this operation? Your projections at the start of this week were three to four days - that deadline is now here. Vice Admiral Bauer?"

    Bauer (Chief of General Staff): "We have indeed, Your Imperial Majesty. Reuland put up more of a fight than we had anticipated, clearing the Reuland valley too more personnel than we had initially mobilised. In part, this was certainly due to the -- with respect to Mr Mueller -- complete ineptitude of the Diessenian Defence Force, and their lack of any significant military material. However, I am pleased to report that rebel presence in Reuland has mostly been eliminated, barring the government quarter in Goirke, which we have intentionally not assaulted as yet."

    Mueller (North Diessen): "Is it true that many of the rebels have fought their way into Dromund Kaas?"

    Bauer: "This seems to be accurate. Our mechanised divisions only managed to completely surround Goirke late this afternoon, and satellite intelligence suggests up to three thousand armed rebels were received with open arms in Dromund Kaas. What their final destination is we do not know, however, we have received reports of some of them joining piracy bands along the Kaasian coast."

    Mancov (Imperial Defence Officer): "I trust our fleet has not been in any trouble, Vice Admiral?"

    Bauer: "Not at all. As I said, we are ready to commence Phase Two whenever you give the word. Reuland has not yet been returned to Diessenian Defence Force administration, our troops there outnumber them at least two-to-one. The Imperial Guard batallion in the Diessenian capital of Het Goor stands ready to execute its role in the coming Phase through its staging of a diversionary explosion, leading to the covert arrest of President Pekcan. Our units at the three other main Diessenian military bases have been fully briefed and are supported by elements of the Special Operations Command and Imperial Guard Anti-Terror Command."

    Artabanos: "How exactly will they subdue Diessenian units? Isn't news likely to spread like wildfire?"

    Bauer: "It is, and, well, they won't subdue them, as such. As You say, Your Imperial Majesty, open conflict inside military bases is likely to lead to significant news coverage. Instead, Phase Two calls for the severing and rerouting to trusted sources of all communications lines into and out of these three bases, and the institution of a complete facility-wide lockdown, in the early hours of the morning. This is when the least activity takes place, and the smallest amount of people are likely to get injured."

    Artabanos: "I see. What will happen to the remaining Reuland terrorists after Phase Two completes?"

    Bauer: "Upon the triggering of Phase Two, we will circulate reports of the terrorists having attacked our units in Goirke, as part of the "attacks" in Het Goor. We will then make short work of their remaining presence in Reuland and, once the situation with the Diessenian Defence Force is stable and Mr Mueller is handling the reins, we will depart."

    Artabanos: "Mueller? Any objections? Are you ready to do your duty by your country?"

    Mueller: "Certainly. Vice Admiral, how will I know the operation has begun?"

    Bauer: "Imperial Guard units will collect you from your temporary residence in the Het Goor government quarter once the "attacks" begin, formally to escort you to a safe location. Instead, they are to bring you to the central situation room in the Confederal Presidency, where you will assume your new role."

    Mueller: "Excellent. And you received my list of individuals not to be harmed, as well as individuals who are on our side?"

    Bauer: "I did indeed, Your Excellency. The latter group will similarly be brought to you in the situation room."

    Artabanos: "Perfect, gentlemen. I authorise you, Vice Admiral Bauer, under the power vested in Me through the Constitution of the Empire of Inimicus and the Imperial Great Seal, to commence Operation Takedown (Phase Two) at 0400hrs tomorrow, 24th October 2021. Good luck to you all."


    [[EDITED 23/10/2021 20:30pm BST -- PHRASING]]

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  • RE: Commission Elections, October 2021

    The National Imperial Council of the Empire of Inimicus, in its Special Sitting of 21st October 2021, in the presence of His Imperial Majesty, has determined the votes of the Empire as follows:

    For Premier Commissioner:

    1. Jean-Claude JUNCKER
    2. Harish DESAI
    3. Ville NIINISTÖ

    For Internal Affairs Commissioner:

    1. Joseph R. BIDEN
    2. Ilmaras KALESSED

    The Empire of Inimicus ABSTAINS from voting for Foreign Affairs Commissioner.

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  • RE: Proceedings of the National Imperial Council


    Wilfred COCX, Vicarius & Chairman: "Thank you all, Councillors. We now move to possibly the most contentious vote of today, the decision on who should receive the Empire's votes for Premier Commissioner of the European Union. I thank Councillor Ayla for starting the discussion on the Premier race earlier this morning. Do any other Councillors have anything to add?"

    Jeff SPELLER, United Green Front: "I would just like to add, Chairman Cocx, that voting - or rather, not voting - for a certain candidate based on their performance in just the last week, rather than looking at the whole Commission term as a whole, is not only unwise, it is a travesty to the people we are sworn to represent."

    Hetty TILKI, Emperor's Finest: "I think the objections made by Councillor Ayla concerned more than just the last week, Councillor Speller. Čikarová's complete inactivity during the last European Commission term places her alongside the likes of Ms Merkel, who uttered literally zero words from her pristine seat in Europolis while raking in a salary most of us could only dream of. No, Councillors. As much as Mr Juncker's policies contradict the emphasis on national sovereignty we all value, we cannot risk another term with communist sympathisers at the helm. I will be voting for Jean-Claude, and I urge you all to do the same."

    Simon LANE, Centre-Conservative Union: "There is also another option, Councillors. I hear many of us do not feel like voting for Čikarová, and I completely agree. I also concur that the EPA's Euro-integrationism is what we have all been fighting for the last decade, so voting for Juncker would be counter-intuitive for most of us, perhaps barring Councillor Speller. However, two more candidates for Premier exist. Why not vote for Desai or the Menrimian? The Duchies candidate emphasises sovereignty explicitly, and Niinistö is another strong, indepdendent candidate."

    H.I.M. ARTABANOS: "We know this European League of Sovereign States emphasises treaty-based governance, and when has that ever worked in our region? Just look at the Treaty of Telum, signed in this very room. Given current circumstances, Simon, I cannot see myself voting for a Duchian."

    Table banging.

    LANE: "Then how about Niinistö? Someone with experience, an ex-minister?"

    Christopher STRATHCLYDE, Executive Representative Leader: "We know nothing about Niinistö, Simon. At least we know what we're voting for with Juncker and even Čikarová. The question, Councillors, is plain: who can Inimicus negotiate with best? Who could do the least damage to our interests? I think that answer stares us clearly in the face."

    COCX: "Thank you, Colleagues. We will now move to a decision. Your Imperial Majesty, Your votes?"

    H.I.M. ARTABANOS: "8 votes, Jean-Claude Juncker, 4 votes, Harish Desai. 3 votes, Ville Niniistö."

    H.I.M. ARTABANOS: 8 votes, Jean-Claude JUNCKER; 4 votes, Harish DESAI; 3 votes, Ville NIINISTÖ.
    REMAINING MEMBERS: 15 votes, Jean-Claude Juncker; 3 votes. Harish DESAI; 2 votes, Ville NIINISTÖ; 1 vote, Sofie ČIKAROVÁ.

    COCX: "Very well, thank you, colleagues. Please note that under Imperial Decree CCXII, only those candidates who received five votes or more in total will appear on the Inimician ballot paper. I now have the pleasure of certifying the Inimician vote for the Autumn 2021 Commission elections as follows:

    "For Premier Commissioner:

    1. Jean-Claude JUNCKER
    2. Harish DESAI
    3. Ville NIINISTÖ

    "For Internal Affairs Commissioner:

    1. Joseph R. BIDEN
    2. Ilmaras KALESSED

    "For Foreign Affairs Commissioner: ABSTENTION.

    "Thank you all. Session closed."

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  • RE: Proceedings of the National Imperial Council


    Nazil SCHOUT, Emperor's Finest: "With your leave, Mr Chairman. I must say, colleagues, I have been exceptionally uninspired by any of the Internal Affairs candidates. I had expected the Commission debates to offer some kind of solution to my conundrum, because as of right now, I feel like voting for no one at all. Unfortunately, the choice is not simple. We have the choice of voting for Mr Pinera, who mentioned not a single concrete plan in the whole debate; someone whose entire platform is based on "femboys", which, well, I don't think anyone on this table is familiar with; -- "

    H.I.M. ARTABANOS: "Hm, well, someone is..."

    Laughter in the chamber.

    SCHOUT: "I er, well, yes, Your Imperial Majesty, perhaps. Then the Istaklen candidate, who made the grotesque claim in the debate that her vague ideas amount to something concrete, which she then refrained to mention. Ms Marin's contribution had a size proportionally inverse to the length of the Barrington family's criminal record, and I confess I know next to nothing about her platform. The EPA candidate appeared to have lost their tongue, and as such I cannot imagine any Councillor voting for them. Similarly, Ms Thatcher, whose record was impressive, but whose policies are apparently non-existent, cannot receive my support. And then, well, Joseph Biden remains. Do I need to mention anything other than that he's Reitzmic?"

    Matthew BIRCH, Inimician Liberal Appeal: "At the very least, Ms Kalessed behaved with dignity throughout the whole campaign, and we can expect her to be an active Commissioner. Councillor Benfield, as our European representative, do you have a view on Kalessed's record?"

    H.I.M. ARTABANOS: "I must say, Councillor Birch, and I apologise to Councillor Benfield for interrupting, I do not intend to vote for any PEL mischief in this election; they had their chance. And they blew it by attempting to tell us we could not defend ourselves. No, sir.

    Table banging.

    Nicholas BENFIELD, independent: "I have nothing to add save what His Imperial Majesty stated just now. The Empire was misled by the House of Commons last summer into voting for the PEL, a mistake which we cannot and must not repeat."

    BIRCH: "So would you rather Biden? A Reitzmic Commissioner? What good could that do the Empire? Nothing but negatives could result from a Biden commissionership."

    BENFIELD: "Indeed. I concur with Councillor Schout on this, and must say I am finding this choice an immensely difficult one, and not because there are so many good candidates."

    COCX: "Very well, thank you, Councillors, now for the formal ballot. Your Imperial Majesty, Your votes?"

    H.I.M. ARTABANOS: "Er. Yes. Well. Err. 7 votes, Joseph Biden. 7 votes, Ilmaras Kalessed. 1 vote, Sanna Marin."

    H.I.M. ARTABANOS: 7 votes, Joseph R. BIDEN; 7 votes, Ilmaras KALESSED; 1 vote, Sanna MARIN.
    REMAINING MEMBERS: 11 votes, Joseph R. BIDEN; 9 votes, Ilmaras KALESSED


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  • RE: Commission Elections, October 2021

    alt text

    The Electoral Commission of the Kingdom of Reitzmag presents the final results of the European Elections conducted on October 21 2021.


    Name Affiliation Nation Constituencies
    Sofie ČIKAROVÁ Party of the European Left Czech Slavia 326
    Harish DESAI European League of Sovereign States United Duchies 318
    Kittichat THONGTHANG Independent Ruthund 32
    Jean-Claude JUNCKER European Progressive Alliance Spain 21
    Ville NIINISTÖ Independent Mennrimiak 3


    Name Affiliation Nation Constituencies
    Sir Joseph BIDEN Independent (European Union Reform Organization) Reitzmag 412
    Ilmaras KALESSED Party of the European Left Istkalen 126
    Kittichat THONGTHANG Independent Ruthund 118
    Sanna MARIN Independent Mennrimiak 31
    Paul-Gabrielle MUZHARE European Progressive Alliance Nofoaga 12
    Margaret THATCHER Independent Brickston 1
    Sebastian PIÑERA ECHENIQUE Independent Gania 0


    Vote Constituencies
    Yes 182
    No 518

    Therefore, the following conclusions are made:

    1. Sofie ČIKAROVÁ, from Czech Slavia, of the Party of the European Left amassed the most number of votes and wins the race as Premier Commissioner in the Kingdom of Reitzmag.
    2. Sir Joseph BIDEN, from Reitzmag, of the European Union Reform Organization amassed a majority of votes and wins the race as Internal Affairs Commissioner in the Kingdom of Reitzmag.
    3. Pekka HAAVISTO, Independent candidate from Mennrimiak, did not attain the necessary amount of constituencies to win the vote of the Kingdom of Reitzmag and lost the race for Foreign Affairs Commissioner.

    Bob Posner
    Chief Executive Officer, The Electoral Commission

    Craig Westwood
    Director of Communications, Policy, and Research

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