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  • RE: Repeal the Freedom of Navigation Act 2023

    Representing Elthize, I vote AGAINST this repeal motion.

    May Hobbes
    Councillor for The State of Elthize

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  • RE: The EU's Latest Tweets

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  • RE: Elthic News Media

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    Nolan Brunson to be the councillor candidate for Labour & Greens

    Meetings done with FT-SA and Crimson have failed to bring one candidate
    March 7, 2023

    This morning, Michael Jenkins and Matthew François, leaders of Labour and The Greens, announced that Nolan Brunson would be their candidate for the upcoming councillor elections for the second time. The announcement comes after several meetings and conferences done by the opposition leaders as well as the leaders of The Crimson and the Socialist Alliance, in hopes of uniting the four parties behind one candidate. However, these talks seem to have been unsuccessful.

    Brunson, who was also the candidate for the two parties in the previous councillor elections, also appeared during the announcement. "I am grateful that I have the opportunity to represent Elthize in the European Union once again," he stated.

    In the first councillor elections last year, Brunson had lost to former councillor Liam Zachary by six percent. However, since Zachary is seeking re-election as an independent candidate against the ruling coalition's candidate, experts predict that Brunson may have it easier this time around, thanks to these circumstances.

    "People that voted for Brunson in 2022 will vote for him in 2023... The question here is, can we say the same for Zachary?" remarks Mel Jacobsen, a political analyst. "I mean, I do not doubt that Brunson will use this uncertainty to his advantage, marketing himself as a more stable candidate."

    Brunson's career in politics began as a community organizer in northern Montgomery. In 2014, his tweet about the general elections that year went viral, paving the way for him to become a popular blogger. In 2017, he became the social media manager for the Labour Party, working on Wirt Harland's presidential campaign in 2018. Brunson was elected as a member of the National Assembly in 2022, a position which he still holds. However, it remains to be seen if he will keep this job or move to Europolis as the next and third councillor.

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  • RE: Petition Office

    Petitioner(s): Devon Albert, The Nationals' candidate in the 2022 councillor elections in Elthize

    Petitionee(s): The Government of The State of Elthize & Greenwich Grimwald, President of The State of Elthize

    Reason for the petition: The recall of Liam Zachary from the position of Councillor for Elthize

    Relevant part(s) of the Constitution/legislation: Section XX, Clause I and III of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Section XX. Right to Democratic Governance
    I. Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.
    III. The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government.

    Evidence: News article from BBC Elthize - Liam Zachary to be removed as Councillor, May Hobbes to serve as interim councillor

    Remedy: Liam Zachary returns to his position as Councillor for The State of Elthize and serves until the next general election of the country.

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  • RE: Elthic News Media

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    Zachary to run as an independent candidate for the upcoming councillor elections

    by Frances Irving - February 27, 2023

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    Zachary speaking to the Europolis press following his election as Councillor, April 2022.
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    In his first public appearance after being recalled from his councillor position last Friday, Liam Zachary stated that he intended to run again as an independent candidate in the councillor elections this June, in an announcement made in Forecoaster the previous evening. "I have won an election with the will of the Elthic people, and I will do it again," Zachary said at the gathering.

    Around four thousand people attended Zachary's rally, which was held at Carrewich Park, northeast of the capital city. During the rally, Zachary emphasized his commitment to the Elthic people: "I came here today to tell the people, those that believed in me, I came here to tell them that this is not the end, it's nothing but a speed bump. And like all speed bumps, this is nothing but a small inconvenience that we will overcome." Zachary was the first Councillor for Elthize, a job whose responsibility is to represent Elthize in the European Council, the legislative branch of the European Union. He was elected to this position in April last year, after serving in various government positions for a decade.

    Zachary's approval ratings had been mostly positive, but they became slightly negative in recent months, particularly after he opposed Sofie Čikarová's anti-private prison bill. According to a NET poll conducted in January, 21% of respondents had a positive view of Zachary, while 24% had a negative outlook. The remaining 55% did not have an answer.

    On the other hand, May Hobbes, currently serving as interim councillor, is expected to be the candidate for the ruling coalition in the councillor elections. However, political experts are worried that this will cause further division. "The chances of the ruling coalition winning these elections are very slim," says Janice Kyou, an established journalist at our newspaper. "We don't know why they pulled out Zachary yet, but whatever the reason may be, it cannot be more important than essentially shooting yourself in the foot and giving the opposition a chance to take the councillor seat."

    So far, no other candidate has been announced. In the 2022 elections, the opposition had two candidates: Nolan Brunson, who was endorsed by Labour and The Greens, and Leon den Hollander, endorsed by the Socialist Alliance and The Crimson. A meeting between these four parties regarding the councillor elections is expected to happen next week.

    Meanwhile, Janice Kyou believes that, if these four parties manage to unite under one candidate, it will be a disaster for the ruling coalition: "If they manage to unite somehow, they will have the seat. I'm not saying they might have it or they may have it, no. They will have their councillor. Zachary still has the power to divide the ruling coalition's voters. If the opposition rallies around one candidate and Hobbes fails to weaken Zachary, which is likely, Grimwald will struggle."

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  • RE: Freedom of Navigation Act

    The Empire of Inimicus votes AGAINST this Act.

    Nicholas Benfield
    Deputy Speaker

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  • RE: Amendment to the Constitution of The European Union

    Representing Elthize, I vote FOR this constitutional amendment.

    May Hobbes
    Interim Councillor for The State of Elthize

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  • RE: Freedom of Navigation Act

    Representing Elthize, I vote FOR this act.

    May Hobbes
    Interim Councillor for The State of Elthize

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  • RE: The State of Elthize

    Councillor for the State of Elthize

    Work in progress

    List of councillors from Elthize

    Name Assumed office Left office Length of tenure Affiliated party Elections
    Liam Zachary (1994 -) April 15, 2022 February 24, 2023 (removed from office) 10 months, 10 days The Third Option - On coalition with New Democracy & The Nationals 2022
    May Hobbes (1962 -) February 24, 2023 (interim) present Incumbent New Democracy - On coalition with The Third Option & The Nationals None
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  • RE: Member State Applications


    Elthize now uses EMU as its currency, starting January 1.

    Liam Zachary has been removed from his position as Councillor. May Hobbes will take his place:

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