04 April 2020

Decemviri Attendance: Ayrault, Ocasio-Cortez, Parly, Le Drian, Taubira, Casabianca, Burkhard, Lavigne, Prazuck

Ocasio-Cortez: in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, I call this meeting of the Decemviri to order.

Casabianca: Welcome, Minister Ocasio-Cortez and Minister Taubira. And of course, welcome Prime Minister Ayrault.

Ayrault: Well, what do we know right now?

Casabianca: The Fremetians have activated their Iron Dome defences. They must know something is happening. We received notice from the Fremetian government via our established channels that they are hoping to have it fully ready in a few days.

Ayrault: So, what can we do to encourage the response.

Casabianca: We first need to ready the Navy. We will need increased presence in the Channel and in the seas around Scandinavia and Fremet. I suggest starting with the Trident formations. Continuous at-sea deterrent in formation. Send one of the nuclear submarines and give it a formation of submarines around it. Flank it with a couple of frigates and several patrol ships.

Ayrault: How soon can we get it ready?

Prazuck: We can get that formation ready to go in 96 hours. 72 more likely, since we've been on war footing since the Nicolezian uprising, but 96 is the safe bet.

Ayrault: Great. In the name of Her Majesty, I authorise this operation. What shall it be called.

Prazuck: Operation Harmattan.