Community Duty Programme

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    Community Duty Programme

    As part of ones responsibility to their community and nation all citizens and residents of Strathae must commit to 8 hours of unpaid work that is benefitial to the nation, community or an underpriveledged group. Any government or community organisation may use Community Duty registered labour or register hours into the Community Duty system.

    There are however some basic rules for the programme:
    1:Volunteering for religious organisations in work religious in nature may not count towards Community Duty Hours
    2:Any labour must be directly beneficial to the community in a practical way
    3:Community Duty labour may not entail any financial benefits including having expenses paid to the individual
    4:Only non-profit or government organisations run not-for-profit may use Community Duty LAbour
    5:One may be called on to help with House Building Duty this may not be refused , these hours count towards Community Duty.

    Penalties for not completing Community Duty:
    1:Loss of any voting priveldges for citizens
    2:A fine of at least 20 Copars for every missed hour unless one works down the fine in an agreement
    3:If the evasion of community duty continues then deportation for residents or jail and work in a community programme for citizens may follow

    Penalties only apply after 3 warnings from your local Community Duty Area Manager.

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