• RE: Mishar Snap Elections 2023

    Polling Stations Opened

    We're excited to announce that the polling stations are now open across Mishar Republic! It's your time to make your voice heard and shape the future of our nation. Exercise your right to vote and be part of this crucial democratic process. Your ballot, your choice, your future. Let's do this, Mishar!

    Mishar expats can cast their ballots HERE.

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  • RE: The Government of the Republic of Istkalen

    Statement of the Head of State

    As a result of his opposition to the program of the National Revolution set out by the National Salvation Council - and thus his evident unwillingness to carry out the will of our country's highest decisionmaking body, his highest responsibility - Milrakas Ikoszer is to be removed, with immediate effect, as Prime Minister, and replaced with Elspeth Oskon, whose service in government and the opposition has proven to me her loyalty to the country, the state, and the implementation of our common political project.

    Itani Virkonas
    Head of State of the Republic of Istkalen

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  • RE: RTD 24

    Roscoes announce change to brand ranges
    Roscoes announced they are to eliminate outside brands from their store shelves and go all own brand within 2 years. The companies stretegy is designed to reduce costs and allow for more competitive pricing for goods while maintaining quality. The company set out its plan to offer 3-5 options for each product and 3-5 packaging sizes for each product. The company will offer a value, standard and premium organic offering for each product and where appropiate a kosher and halal option using their brands with each product coming in single , couple and family size options to simplify the experience. They aim to stock more product categories overall while reducing stock-keeping units at their supermarket. They also plan to purchase more brand names in specific categories to offer as own brands.

    One of the first product areas to be streamlined is chocolate with only Simply, Cadbury's , Indulge and Noam chocolate products to be offered from next month with Milka being dropped from the chain. Biscuits will also be streamlined to Simply, Roscoes, Indulge, Organicum and Noam biscuit ranges being offered. The plan is expected to cut operational costs and increase efficiencies. The company is planning to increase manufacturing of its products ranges to about 60% of its products within 3 years. The company plans to partner with a few quality suppliers for own brand items that are not economical for it to make itself. All technology brands other than consoles and the own brand Teksmart and Bush technology products outside of the mobile and tablet technology products and home products other Domum are to be dropped also with all clothing other than A&A to be dropped within the year. It is hoped profits will rise as a result with much higher profit margins.The company will be developing new own brand branding for ranges of products in order to differentiate own brands better.The company has brought Morphy Richards the kitchen electronics brand to strengthen the offering of the company.

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  • RE: Leagioan News Agencies


    Treaty of Tellum Ratification Resolution Passes National Congress after Intense Negotiations and Passing Stronger Electoral Reform for 2024

    In a historic session held yesterday, both houses of the National Congress came together to pass two pivotal pieces of legislation, marking a significant milestone in the nation's political history. The Treaty of Telum Ratification Resolution and the Democracy & Stability Act were met with bipartisan support, signaling a renewed commitment to international cooperation and a more inclusive democratic process.

    The Treaty of Telum, a landmark international agreement aimed at fostering peace, security, and cooperation among participating nations, has been under careful consideration by the National Congress for the past several months. After thorough deliberations and discussions, legislators reached a consensus, recognizing the mutual benefits of ratification. This monumental decision solidifies the nation's commitment to global stability and collaboration on key international issues, where the Commonwealth would be placing in a different political playing field where it would have a member of ECON in the north (Yosia) but Minister of Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini reassured members of the National Congress in both houses Foreign Affairs Committee in saying that the relations between Leagio and Yosia will not having any sudden deterioration in how the countries committed to trade and the Southern Europe Universal Rail that connects the two with Ethize and the Duxburian Union to transport freight and passengers. The treaty puts Leagio in a defensive alliance with Spain, Inquista, Duxburian Union, and North Diessen. The Treaty also provides benefits that involves Artabanos Canal, Suez Canal, and the Strait of Gibraltar which are waterways that Commonwealth trade depends upon for a majority of its overseas shipping.

    Simultaneously, the passage of the Democracy and Stability Act marks a significant step towards modernizing the nation's electoral system. Inspired by successful models from around the world, the bill introduces a Proportional Representation (PR) District method for the House of Councilors, aligning with contemporary democratic practices where the size of the House of Councilors will be reduced to a base number of 500. This reform addresses long-standing concerns regarding the fairness and accuracy of representation in the House of Councilors, creating a more inclusive political landscape. By adopting the PR District method, the National Congress aims to better reflect the diverse perspectives and interests of the nation's citizens, ultimately strengthening the democratic foundation of the country and allowing more connectivity with the people that the Councilors represent. The number will also take effect for representation to be provided to the Project Wayside community that will be renamed to Oko City and be represented in the National Congress as a state of the Commonwealth separated from the State of Arlick. The action comes as the referendum that took place named Project Wayside as Oko City with a majority wanting statehood, which the Arlick state government decide to make approval of and got the approval of the National Congress. Oko City will officially run as a state with its own elected government after the 2024 National Election. In the results census completed last year, the new coming State of Oko City will have 6 seats in the House of Councilors which will increase the total new starting number of the House of Councilors to 506 for the 2024 Election.

    The Democracy and Stability Act also included many different provisions of the method of Proportional Representation and elections for positions in the European Union. One of the important regulations created were on political alliances, where the act established that parties in alliances can decide if they want to distribute seat separately from alliances during the calculations. The national vote threshold was kept at 2% for individual parties and 6% for alliances, which will be calculated with the Modified Saint League Method. However, if a party that has 2% of the national vote does not receive a seat and is not in a alliance, then they will be qualified to receive subsides at the amount that is given to minority interest political parties until the next election unless they run into the same situation. In addition, the Leagio voter will be allowed to cast four different types of votes with minor differences. The First two relate to their first choice of party and person and then a second preference with the same types. The purpose of the second preference is if mainly the party that someone votes does not make the 2% threshold, which at that point will be redistributed to the voter’s second preference of both party and person. In addition, the act authorize funding grants to political parties and alliances that help elect independent affiliated candidates into the National Congress.

    One of the key factors that led to the successful passage of the Electoral Reform Bill was a strategic political maneuver. Conservative members of Mouri-Kudo's party, recognizing the importance of the Treaty of Telum Ratification Resolution, entered into negotiations that resulted in a historic deal. As part of the agreement, they supported the electoral reform, paving the way for a more balanced representation in the House of Councilors. The successful passage of both the Treaty of Telum Ratification Resolution and the Electoral Reform Bill put into question the path of the Commonwealth and the stability of the Progressive Alliance Party as Mouri-Kudo had to make direct concessions to the conservative faction of her own party to achieve what she made as a campaign promise that she needed to fulfill before the Primary elections for both the office of President and Governor-General (which Mouri-Kudo’s party hopes to gain as it is a consider a vote in the Senate).

    For matters relating to EU elections, the Democracy and Stability Act changes to where the the Foreign Affairs Commission is elected by the National Congress by Instant Run-off, the Premier Commissioner is elected by first-past-the-post in the order of placement, and the Internal Affairs Commissioner is elected in the order of placement as the Premier Commissioner.

    Polls show that a majority of Leagioans approve of the Democracy and Stability Act and the passage of the Treaty of Tellum Ratification Resolution that was passed, but many criticize the hoops that had to be made by Mouri-Kudo in a political fight that should have to last for two whole months entirely since the presentation of the ratification bill back in the summer.

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  • RE: Vícras Ammayawr Serdria

    Erdais to charge day tourists from 12 October

    26 September 2023

    The Erdais City braetha have voted to impose a tourist tax on day-trippers from outside the inner-Osperfey district.
    The announcement comes as Erdais saw a record-breaking summer of tourism, with numbers reaching up to 55,000 people on 18 July of this year.

    Erdais, a walled city within Osperfey, is very popular with tourists due to its narrow stone lanes, ancient religious sites, and the pristine and historic Erdais harbour, where locals and visitors are allowed to bathe and do water sports.

    More recently, however, there has been an increase in misconduct including fly tipping, excessive smoking and drinking and unsightly or disruptive behaviour, which has caused locals to complain to the Erdais City braetha.

    Howard Mannasith, an Erdais native who runs the Museum of Erdais, said just last week that a man shattered the door to the museum with a glass bottle. Mannasith called the police, who promptly pressed charges against him.

    A spokesperson for the Erdais City Braetha said, "Many of the tourists who come [to Erdais] to be disruptive are those who come from the surrounding areas of Osperfey or beyond for the day. Our locals should not have to suffer unruly behaviour from people who do not have to complete the same day-to-day tasks as those who live in the city and pay their taxes".

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  • Vícras Ammayawr Serdria

    Sertian News Media

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  • RE: Mishar Snap Elections 2023
    Question for the SocDem
    Your recent campaign has been described by some as relatively low-key, and this is reflected in the level of support your party has garnered. Do you believe this approach was a deliberate strategy, and if so, what were the reasons behind it? Alternatively, do you think a more dynamic campaign might have yielded different results?
    Thank you for the question. Our campaign strategy was indeed a deliberate choice, driven by our commitment to principled politics and a focus on substantive issues. While it may have appeared less flashy compared to some other campaigns, it was grounded in our belief that voters deserve thoughtful and substantive policy discussions. Our approach aimed to prioritize substance over spectacle. We believed that in a time of increasing polarization, providing detailed policy proposals and engaging in meaningful dialogues with citizens would be more effective in addressing their concerns. We wanted our campaign to stand out for its commitment to addressing the complex challenges facing our nation, from healthcare to climate change. In hindsight, every campaign strategy can be analyzed and critiqued. While our approach may not have generated as much immediate attention, we believe it allowed us to connect with voters who value thoughtful and well-reasoned policies. We remain committed to this approach, as we believe it is essential for the long-term health and prosperity of Mishar Republic. Moving forward, we will continue to engage with citizens, listening to their feedback, and refining our strategies to better serve our nation.

    Question for the Greens
    Your party was notable for supporting the vote of no confidence, even though you were a part of the government coalition. Looking back, do you believe this decision was a wise one, considering the impact it had on your party's reputation as a stable and reliable coalition partner, and how do you plan to regain trust in your ability to work collaboratively in the future?
    Thank you for raising this important issue. Our decision to support the vote of no confidence was not taken lightly, and it was based on our deeply held convictions about the direction of our nation's policies. We believed that the issues at stake, particularly in areas such as environmental protection and climate action, were of utmost importance and required immediate attention. While we understand that this decision created tensions within the coalition, we also felt a responsibility to our constituents and to our core values. We believed that it was crucial to take a principled stand on these critical issues. In terms of regaining trust as a coalition partner, we remain committed to constructive dialogue and collaboration with all political parties. We understand the importance of stable governance, and we are open to working closely with our coalition partners to find common ground and build a more sustainable and resilient Mishar Republic. Our focus is on the welfare of our citizens and the well-being of our planet, and we will continue to advocate for policies that reflect these priorities.

    Thank you to all the party representatives for your thoughtful answers. It's been an insightful discussion, and we appreciate your commitment to addressing the key issues facing our nation.

    Now, before we end this Super Debate, let's take a moment to look at the latest polling data. The polls give us a glimpse of the evolving preferences of our citizens, and it's always interesting to see how these numbers shift during an election campaign.

    centered paragraph

    As we wrap up this Super Debate, I'd like to extend my gratitude to all our viewers for tuning in and actively participating. Your engagement is what makes this democratic process vibrant and meaningful.

    Remember, your voice matters, and your vote counts. Stay informed, stay engaged, and most importantly, exercise your right to vote in the upcoming elections.

    Thank you for joining us tonight, and we look forward to seeing you in the next segment. Goodbye, and take care!

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  • RE: Mishar Snap Elections 2023
    Question for the Alternative for Misharia
    You were the loudest opposition during the drop of the Mishar economy and proposed the vote of no confidence. If you were to win the elections, can you provide a detailed plan on how your party would manage to rejuvenate and make our economy thrive, especially in the face of the economic challenges our nation currently faces?
    Thank you for the question. Our party takes a conservative and nationalistic stance, placing the interests of Mishar Republic at the forefront of our economic policies. During the challenging period when we proposed the vote of no confidence, we were deeply concerned about our nation's economic sovereignty. If elected, we have a clear and resolute plan to rejuvenate our economy, rooted in conservative and nationalist principles. Firstly, we firmly believe in safeguarding our national industries and businesses. We will implement protective measures to ensure that our domestic businesses have a fair chance to thrive without undue competition from abroad. Our 'Misharian First' approach prioritizes the growth and prosperity of our citizens and industries. Secondly, we'll reduce our dependence on international trade agreements and prioritize self-reliance. Our focus will be on strengthening our domestic manufacturing and production capabilities, ensuring that we have the means to meet our own needs without relying excessively on global supply chains. Lastly, we'll promote economic patriotism by encouraging citizens to support Misharian businesses and products. Our policies will emphasize the value of 'Made in Mishar' and 'Buy Local.' We believe that by nurturing our domestic economy and reducing global dependencies, we can protect our nation's economic interests and sovereignty. In summary, our conservative and nationalistic economic plan is geared towards preserving Mishar Republic's autonomy and prosperity. We are confident that this approach will rejuvenate our economy and prioritize the well-being of our citizens.

    Question for the Agrarians
    Recent reports have highlighted that some of your members have posted hateful messages about the LGBTQ+ community on social media platforms like Twitter. In a diverse and inclusive society, would you say that such behavior is acceptable within your party, and how do you plan to address this issue moving forward?
    Thank you for raising this issue. Our party believes in preserving traditional values and cultural norms that have been integral to our society for generations. While we respect the rights and freedoms of all individuals, we also acknowledge the importance of maintaining our cultural identity and moral compass. It's essential to understand that our stance on these freaks is rooted in our commitment to traditional family values and religious beliefs. We believe that the traditional family unit, consisting of a man and a woman, plays a fundamental role in our society's stability and well-being. Moving forward, our party will continue to uphold our values while working to ensure that all citizens are treated with dignity and respect. We remain committed to fostering an inclusive and harmonious society that respects the rights of all individuals, even as we uphold our traditional values.

    Question for the Communists
    Over recent years, it appears that your party has experienced a decline in support. What strategies and policies does your party have in place to reverse this trend and gain more votes in the upcoming elections?
    Thank you for your question. We are acutely aware of the decline in support for our party in recent years, and we are actively taking steps to address this challenge. Our approach involves reconnecting with the working class and marginalized communities, who have historically been at the heart of our support base. To achieve this, we are intensifying our grassroots efforts, organizing community outreach programs, and actively participating in local events to directly engage with people and better understand their concerns. We also recognize the importance of adapting to the changing political landscape. In this digital age, we are investing in online platforms and social media to effectively communicate our policies and engage with a broader and more diverse audience. Our focus is on showcasing how our policies can improve the lives of everyday citizens, emphasizing areas such as workers' rights, affordable healthcare, quality education, and social safety nets. Additionally, we are refining our policy proposals to address the specific needs and concerns of our citizens, ensuring they align with our core principles of social and economic justice. We believe that by demonstrating the relevance and impact of our vision for a more equitable and just society, we can win back the trust of those who may have drifted away from our party. In summary, our strategy revolves around community engagement, digital outreach, and policy refinement. We are committed to reconnecting with our core base and appealing to a broader spectrum of voters who share our vision for a fairer and more equitable nation.

    Question for the People's Party
    Pensions are a growing concern, with many in the working class feeling uncertain about the sustainability of their retirement funds. What specific strategies and policies does your party propose to address this pressing issue and provide assurance to the working class regarding their pensions?
    Thank you for bringing up this critical issue. We understand the concerns of the working class regarding pensions, and we are committed to finding sustainable solutions that ensure financial security for our citizens in their retirement years. Our plan revolves around a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, we will prioritize fiscal responsibility to secure the long-term viability of our pension system. We'll work to ensure that the funds allocated for pensions are managed efficiently and transparently, minimizing any risk of instability. Secondly, we believe in empowering individuals to take charge of their financial future. We will promote financial literacy and retirement planning programs to help citizens make informed decisions about their savings and investments. This will include initiatives to encourage private retirement savings accounts, providing an additional layer of financial security. Additionally, we recognize that demographic shifts are impacting pension systems worldwide. We will explore options such as raising the retirement age gradually to align with increased life expectancy and implementing means-tested adjustments to ensure those with greater need receive adequate support. Lastly, we're committed to exploring public-private partnerships that can help strengthen our pension system. By collaborating with the private sector and leveraging investment opportunities, we aim to maximize returns on pension investments. In summary, our approach is centered on fiscal responsibility, individual empowerment, and adaptability to demographic changes. We are determined to address the concerns of the working class and ensure that pensions remain a reliable source of financial security for all citizens as they enter their retirement years.
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  • RE: Mishar Snap Elections 2023
    Question for the Progressive Party
    Your movement is the largest voice in favor of leaving ECON for a different organization, such as the Telum Treaty. Why is that, and what specific advantages do you believe our nation would gain by pursuing this path of departure from ECON and seeking membership in an alternative alliance?
    Thank you for the question. It's true that our previous government faced a vote of no confidence, and we acknowledge the challenges we encountered during that time. However, we have used that experience as an opportunity for reflection and growth. We've taken significant steps to address the concerns raised during that period. We've conducted an internal review of our policies and governance, leading to a more cohesive and united party. We've also engaged in extensive outreach, listening to the voices of our citizens, understanding their grievances, and incorporating their feedback into our new platform. Our party believes that adversity can lead to growth and improvement. We've emerged from this experience with a renewed commitment to transparency, accountability, and inclusive governance. We are confident that our policies, which prioritize social justice, economic stability, and environmental sustainability, align with the aspirations of our citizens. Furthermore, we believe that the past should not solely define our future. We are dedicated to proving our capabilities and earning the trust of the electorate through our actions. We invite voters to judge us based on our renewed vision, our concrete policy proposals, and our commitment to a more inclusive and prosperous future for Mishar Republic.

    Question for the Democrats
    Your last government didn't withstand a vote of no confidence, and with the rising popularity of the largest opposition party, why should people vote for you in this election? Please provide insights into how your party has learned from past challenges and why you believe you are better equipped to lead our nation forward.
    Thank you for this question. Our position regarding ECON has evolved out of careful consideration for the interests of our nation. While ECON has undoubtedly provided security and stability over the years, we believe it's essential to periodically reassess our international commitments to ensure they align with our evolving priorities. Our interest in exploring alternative alliances like the Telum Treaty is rooted in the belief that a diversified approach to international relations can yield significant benefits. The Telum Treaty, for instance, places a strong emphasis on economic cooperation, regional security, and diplomatic dialogue – areas that align closely with our nation's interests and values. By pursuing membership in the Telum Treaty or similar alliances, we aim to diversify our international partnerships, strengthening our position in regional and global affairs. We see this as an opportunity to leverage our unique strengths, contribute to regional stability, and forge new economic and diplomatic ties that can lead to greater prosperity and security for Mishar Republic. However, it's important to emphasize that our approach is not one of recklessness. We are committed to a responsible and orderly process of evaluating and potentially redefining our international affiliations. Any decision to leave ECON would be made after a thorough examination of the implications, taking into account the potential impact on our national security, trade relationships, and diplomatic standing. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that Mishar Republic remains adaptable and well-positioned to navigate an ever-changing global landscape while safeguarding our nation's interests and sovereignty

    Question for the Aliance
    Your party is known for its broad platform that encompasses various ideologies from across the political spectrum. While this diversity can be a strength, it also presents challenges in terms of cohesion and policy consistency. Can you explain how your party effectively manages this diversity and leverages it to create policies that best serve the interests of our nation?
    Thank you for the question. Indeed, our party takes pride in its diverse platform, which we view as a reflection of the rich tapestry of ideas that make up our nation. While managing this diversity can be challenging, it is also our party's greatest strength. We believe in the power of dialogue and consensus-building. Within our party, we foster an environment where members from various ideological backgrounds engage in open and respectful discussions. These conversations allow us to identify common values and overarching principles that form the foundation of our policy decisions. Our approach is to seek common ground while respecting individual perspectives. We view diversity as an asset, not a liability. It enables us to consider a wide range of viewpoints when formulating policies. This often leads to comprehensive and balanced solutions that take into account the needs and concerns of a broad spectrum of citizens. Furthermore, our party values pragmatism. We understand that governing a nation requires flexibility and adaptability. While we may have differing views within our ranks, our commitment to the welfare and progress of Mishar Republic supersedes any individual ideology. This commitment drives us to find practical and effective solutions to the challenges our nation faces. In essence, our party's diversity is harnessed as a source of strength, innovation, and adaptability. It allows us to draw from a wide pool of ideas and perspectives, ensuring that our policies are well-rounded, forward-thinking, and responsive to the ever-evolving needs of our citizens.

    Question for the Federalist movement
    As a newcomer on the political scene, your party brings a fresh perspective to our nation's politics. However, some voters may have reservations about your party's lack of experience in governance. Can you share your strategy for effectively transitioning from a movement to a governing entity, and what specific qualities or policies set your party apart from the established political players?
    Thank you for the question. We understand the skepticism surrounding newcomers in politics, but we believe our fresh perspective and approach bring unique strengths to the table. While we may be newcomers as a party, our members bring a wealth of experience from various sectors, allowing us to make well-informed policy decisions. To effectively transition from a movement to a governing entity, we've prioritized transparency and accountability. Our comprehensive policy platform reflects the aspirations of our citizens, and we actively seek input through public consultations. We believe that governance should be a collaborative effort, with policies shaped by the voices of the people. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to regional development and identity. We recognize the diverse needs and challenges of different regions within Mishar Republic. Our policies are tailored to address these disparities, and we advocate for a decentralized approach that empowers local governments and communities to make decisions that directly impact their well-being. In essence, while we may be newcomers, we bring a fresh perspective, a commitment to transparency, and a dedication to regional development that we believe sets us apart from the established players. We are eager to earn the trust of the voters and prove our ability to effectively govern and address the pressing issues facing our nation.
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  • RE: Brickston News Cooperation (BNC, English Regional)


    Overhaul of the Tax System?/Reform des Steuersystems?

    On request of the Briekish Government and the Presidential Administration
    Talks about a new tax system replacing all current taxes is underway for the next economic year

    The President, his Administration, the Treasury, the Finance Minister, the Autonomous Economic Regions Authority, The Cabinet of Monetary Research, and the Foreign Minister, bring an important notice.

    Section 1:

    [Der Neuordnung] New Tax System Referendum/[Der Neuordnung] Neues Steuersystem

    There will be a national referendum on the implementation of "Der Neuordnung", the new tax system proposed by many members of Parliament and endorsed by the President. The resolution has already passed in the Parliament. However, under guidelines issued by the Court of Justice, a nationwide referendum was deemed necessary. All details about the new tax system are given below in later sections of this article. The referendum voting process excludes [all date-based restrictions refer to the date 23/09/2023]:

    • All under the age of 18
    • All non-residents [excluding citizens overseas for less than 10 years]
    • All individuals with proven criminal charges who are currently in legal confinement [prisons, house arrest, etc]
    • All citizens overseas for more than 10 years

    Section 2

    Benefits of Land-Value Tax over Property Tax

    (i): Property tax is the current taxation system used for taxing the ownership of property assets in Brickston. Property tax takes into account not only the value of the land which an individual owns, but also the value of construction, maintenance and renovation of the structures constructed upon it. This tax is currently collected on a yearly basis at a flat rate of 1.1%.

    Property tax is a disincentive for landowners to develop the land that they own, hampering the country's development. It has led to thousands of structures being left in decay amidst the excruciatingly burdening system.

    (ii): Land value tax, under this resolution, will replace property taxes entirely. Land value tax, unlike property taxes, taxes properties solely based on the land value and not on what is built on it. It is an incentive for landowners to develop their land and is seen as economically beneficial.

    Section 3

    Abolishing of Corporate Tax & Capital Gains Tax

    Under this proposition, the corporation tax will be abolished, meaning that corporations will no longer be obliged to pay the current 1% flat corporate tax for Briekish businesses, 2% for foreign businesses and 3% for all businesses selling alcohol or tobacco. Capital gains tax will also be fully abolished.

    Section 4

    Proportion of taxes contributing to federal, provincial and county/regional governments

    A1: General Rules

    (i): The treasury and the Ministry of Finance is responsible for allocating the federal budget of the state of mainland Brickston and all Overseas Territories, excluding Norden Isle.

    (ii): The Federal Government will be responsible for allocating its budget to various sectors and services of the country.

    (iii): The Federal Government cannot regulate the budget allocation/handling of provincial governments, but can set benchmarks that provincial governments may be obliged to follow.

    (iv): The Federal Government can only set regulations for budget allocation for key services such as education, healthcare and law enforcement in county governments.

    (v): Both the Provincial Governments and the County Governments will be obliged to provide its jurisdiction with a Department dedicated to overseeing budget allocation to see if it is adequate.

    (vi): The courts of jurisdictions will be accountable to review the budget allocation process and the appropriateness of monetary handling by all individuals/bodies involved.

    A2: Proportions for different taxes

    (i): Income Taxes

    The following tax proportions apply to all provinces on the Briekish Mainland only. See external sources for other information.

    Federal Government: 47%
    Provincial Governments: 30% [All goes to the province the individual belongs to]
    County Governments: 21% [19% goes to the county the individual belongs to]
    Municipal Governments: 1%
    Special Economic Zones: 0.6%
    Other: 0.4%

    (ii): National Insurance Contributions

    The following tax proportions apply to all of Brickston and its overseas territories.

    National Healthcare Service: 46%
    Disaster Management Insurance: 17%
    National State Pension: 14%
    Debt Clearance Interest: 7%
    Disability Benefit: 6%
    Maternity Allowance: 5%
    Bereavement Benefit: 2%
    Other: 3%

    (iii): Land Value Tax

    The following tax proportions apply to only the Briekish mainland.

    Federal Government: 60%
    Provincial Governments: 10% [All of this goes to the province the individual belongs to]
    County Governments: 25% [All of this goes to the county the individual belongs to]
    Municipal Governments: 5% [All of this goes to the municipal counties of the province an individual belongs to]

    (iv): Value-added Tax

    The following tax proportions apply to only the Briekish mainland.

    Federal Government: 27%
    Provincial Government: 33% [All of this goes to the province the individual belongs to]
    County Government: 40% [All of this goes to the county the individual belongs to]

    (v): Municipal Council Tax

    The taxes are only levied in municipal regions with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

    Municipal Council/Borough the taxpayer inhabits: 95%
    Municipal Region the Council belongs to: 5%

    (vi): Inheritance Tax

    The referendum will re-introduce inheritance tax on all of the Briekish Mainland.

    Federal Government: 99.99%
    Other: 0.01%

    Section 5: Tax Brackets

    (i): Income Tax

    Income Tax has no brackets, and is a tax imposed at a flat rate of 6%. Deductions will continue to exist [non-taxable income].


    Type Specifications Maximum Amount held in Deductions (at exchange rate €1=D¥1.88)
    Type A Single Taxpayer D¥3,600
    Type B Couple Taxpayer D¥3,900
    Type C Veteran Taxpayer D¥4,500

    Income Tax:

    Type Specifications Percentage
    Type A Single Taxpayer 6%
    Type B Couple Taxpayer 6%
    Type C Veteran Taxpayer 0%

    (ii): National Insurance Contributions

    Type Specifications Maximum Amount held in Deductions (at exchange rate €1=D¥1.88)
    Type A Single Taxpayer 1%
    Type B Couple Taxpayer 1%
    Type C Veteran Taxpayer 0%

    (iii): Land Value Tax

    Type Specifications Percentage of Land value/Value (at exchange rate €1=D¥1.88)
    Type A Land used for Agriculture/Pastures 7%+D¥1,200
    Type B Shop/Commercial Area 8%+D¥4,500
    Type C Council Housing/Elderly Housing 6%
    Type D Land owned by a veteran 7%
    Type H Heritage Estates 12%
    Type G General [All other] 16%

    (iv): Value-added Tax

    Type Specifications Percentage Tax
    Standard Rate Most Goods and Services 8%
    Reduced Rate Essential Goods and Services [Food, clothing, etc] 2%

    (v): Inheritance Tax

    Inheritance Tax, under this resolution, will be progressive taxation.

    (i): System for Briekish Mainland excluding Himmeruckend, Norden Isle & Neue Amsterdamme

    Tax Bracket Range Percentage Tax
    Bracket A 0D¥-15,000D¥ 1%
    Bracket B 15,001D¥-100,000D¥ 3%
    Bracket C 100,001D¥-500,000D¥ 7%
    Bracket D >500,000D¥ 11%

    (ii): System for Himmeruckend & Neue Amsterdamme

    Tax Bracket Range Percentage Tax
    Bracket A 0D¥-15,000D¥ 1%
    Bracket B 15,001D¥-100,000D¥ 3%
    Bracket C 100,001D¥-500,000D¥ 5%
    Bracket D >500,000D¥ 7%

    (iii): System for Norden Isle

    Tax Bracket Range Percentage Tax
    Bracket A 0D¥-50,000D¥ 0%
    Bracket B 50,001-200,000D¥ 1%
    Bracket C 200,001-700,000D¥ 2%
    Bracket D >700,000D¥ 3%

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