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    Strathae government buys billboards and ads throughout Europe asking Christians to claim compensation from fund

    The Strathae government launched their Europe wide campaign focused on nations with the highest numbers of Christian expats who have come to Strathae to work or live and study to get them to claim compensation funds of €42,300 that may be due to them for persecution during the Blairite years. The government ad campaign is to be focused on public transports , billboards at key transport centres and key leisure spots as well as adverts on bus stops and at train stations. The ad will have the slogan Sorry for Blair package as the logo with the line "Christian? Been inStrathae more than 6 months in last 20 years? APPLY NOW for your 42,300 Euros in compensation." . This is the first step in a campaign to get those who have missed out due to bank accounts and addresses changing since last contact with the Strathae government.

    The government said in a statement "Still too many Christians persacuted under Blair haven't got their rightful compensation we have put in a fund for them to claim. We therefore have took the step to have adverts in key places to get their attention to claim what is rightfully theirs and not miss out. We will not cease advertisements until we are sure that everyone who is owed money has received their compensation for that dark time in our recent history." The adverts will all be in the local langauges.

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  • Strathae Warlist

    Official Nation name: Clan Democracy of Strathae
    Conventional Nation name(s): Strathae
    Population: 31,670,000.00
    EURO GDP: €1,321,570,731,400.00
    NS Economy Description: Frightening
    Defense Spending as % of Budget: (Limited to 15% without War Mod/Admin approval)7.50%
    Arms Manufacturing:-13.39
    Producer Tier?: No
    Producer Slot if applicable: -


    Army (total personnel): 116,000
    Air Force (total personnel): 119,000
    Navy (total personnel): 0
    Strategic Forces (total personnel): 0

    Total military personnel: (This is limited to .75% of your RP Population)235,000


    Army (Total Tanks and Artillery): 180
    **Air Force (Total Aircraft):**227+275 Helicopters
    Navy (Total Ships): 0
    Strategic Forces (Total Launchers): 0


    Total ICs available: 24,430.22
    Total ICs used: 13,117.00
    Total upkeep cost:

    Defense Spending as % of Euro GDP: (limited to 5% without War Admin/Mod approval)
    Projected Defense Spending in Euros: 1.65%
    True Defense Spending in Euros: €66,151,841,616.36



    Motorised Infantry: 12
    Mechanised Infantry: 8
    Airborne°: 3
    Special Forces°: 6
    Armour (15 Main Battle Tanks or 20 Secondary Battle Tanks per Unit): 6
    Artillery (15 Artillery or Anti-Air Pieces): 6
    Headquarters/Logistics Unit: 9


    Fighter. Superiority ♦: 0
    Fighter, Multi-Role ♦: 170
    Fighter,Strike ♦: 0
    Attack ♦: 0
    Helicopter, Transport: 20
    Helicopter, Multi-Use/Utility ♦: 0
    Helicopter, Attack: 35
    Tanker: 10
    Drone, Attack ♦°: 15
    Drone, Reconnaissance ♦°: 15
    Transport: 10
    Bomber ♦: 0
    Bomber, Heavy: 0
    Strategic Bomber ♦°: 0
    Air Maintenance/Logistics Unit: 34.00

    Total Amount of Stealth Upgrades: 0


    Patrol Boat: 0
    Corvette: 0
    Frigate: 0
    Destroyer: 0
    Cruiser: 0
    Transport/Auxiliary Support Ship: 0
    Amphibious Assault Carrier: 0
    Helicarrier: 0
    Aircraft Carrier, Light: 0
    Aircraft Carrier, Standard: 0
    Supercarrier: 0
    Attack Submarine, Diesel (SSK): 0
    Attack Submarine, Nuclear° (SSN): 0
    Cruise Missile Submarine, Nuclear° (SSGN): 0
    Ballistic Missile Submarine, Nuclear° (SSBN): 0
    Shore Support/Maintenance Unit: 0

    Ground-based superweapons

    ICBM silo°: 0
    Mobile ICBM launcher°: 0
    Ballistic Missiles: 0
    Conventional Ballistic Warheads: 0
    Strategic Nuclear Warheads: 0
    Strategic Biological Warheads: 0
    Strategic Chemical Warheads: 0
    Strategic Force Support Unit: 0


    Satellites°: 0
    Military Satellite Network°: 0
    Space programme: 0
    Space research programme°: 0
    Nuclear technology: 0
    Nuclear weapons°: 0
    Biological weapons: 0
    Chemical weapons: 0
    Drone Technology °: 1.00

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  • RE: The Federal Republic of California-Factbook

    National Flag


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  • RE: Good Neighbors (Leagio-Elthize Summit)

    "I Understand, her wish to avoid the spotlight much. I use to be the same way before I went into the Progressive Alliance Party." Mouri-Kudo explained as she went to look in a draw within pulled out a large family-sized box of the Lemon Tea Packets that was unused and still wrapped.

    "Here you go. A little personal gift from me to your wife."

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  • RE: Member State Applications

    @UK-and-California Accepted.

    @Councilor-Fairchild Accepted! Welcome to the EU.

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  • A Latino Summit (California-Spain)

    San Diego

    Chancellor Stacey Abrams arrived in Mission Viejo at her San Diego residence. She knew this upcoming summit was immensely important. Stacey knew she had to represent all Californians. An aide handed the Chancellor a dossier.

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  • RE: Oregon

    Legislative Assembly of Oregon

    Speaker: Tina Kotek (LDPO)


    55 Liberal Democratic Party of Oregon
    33 Oregonian National Party
    4 Pacific Green Party

    Term: no longer than 4 years
    Last Election: 9 July, 2019
    Next Election: No later than 11 July, 2023

    The Parties:

    Liberal Democratic Party of Oregon (LDPO)
    Formed in 1906 from a merger of the Liberal Party and the The Union, a British loyalist party. The party initially started out as pro-British party that supported autonomy for Oregon but opposed separation from the Crown. Though the founding members were anti-Progressive, the early 20th century Progressive wave in Oregon influenced the party's politics and eventually formed a prominent progressive wing within the Party. By the 1970's the party became a coalition of social liberals and progressives after the political realignment that occurred in the Oregonian National Party. The LDPO has been the governing party of Oregon since 2006 initially in a coalition with the Pacific Green Party, then governing alone since 2010. The party enjoys support from the western parts of Oregon, chiefly from the urbans centers of Portland and Eugene.

    The party is progressive on social issues but ranges from centre to centre left on economic issues. The party is pro-European and supported Oregon's entrance into the European Union.

    Oregonian National Party (ONP)
    Formed in 1922, the Oregonian Nation Party started out as a nationalist party that promoted the full independence of Oregonian as well as Republicanism. Throughout the 20th century, the party played an influential role in Oregonian politics and was the focal piece of the Progressive movement within the Legislative Assembly. After dissolving it ties with the crown however, the Oregon National Party underwent a political crisis in which resulted in the party drift towards the Right and by the late 1980's became a firmly conservative party. The party gathered most of its support from the rural areas of the country, especially in Eastern Oregon. In fact the party since the 2000's have branded themselves as the Party that looks after the interests of Eastern Oregonians.

    The party in recent days has shifted further right, with many observers labeling it a National Conservative Party. The party is Eurosceptic and opposes Oregon's entrance into the European Union.

    Pacific Green Party (PGP)
    Founded in 1997 with the rise of the Green movement, the party primarily focused on environmental issues. Today however, the Pacific Green Party is considered a social democratic party focused on electoral, housing, and energy reform. The party gained it first seat in 2002 in Eugene and has since been a city where the Pacific Greens can reliably receive support. The Pacific Greens in 2019 also gained a seat in Portland.

    The party was categorized as centre-left with some its members being left-wing and is considered by observers to be the party of the dissident left. The party does not have a unified position on the European Union.

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  • RE: The Federal Republic of California-Factbook


    39%: Hispanic
    36%: White
    14%: Asian
    5% Black
    3%: Mixed
    0.4%: Islander
    0.4%: Aboriginal
    0.2%: Other

    35%: Male
    36%: Female
    29%: Non-binary

    0--24: 31%
    25-55: 43%
    55+: 26%

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  • RE: Seeing Colours

    "You'll have to contact someone else about the retreats, they're managed by someone else, Ayros Tiraki. I can give you her contact information, if you're seriously interested in this," said Rikkalek.

    "I've watched a film named A Glenbrno Winter, but I doubt it was the same one that you did. It was a production of a Ms. Ilisapit Ikrat, which she tried to pass off Czech, and was about ritual sacrifice, which she claimed was a recurring theme in Czech films. I assume she wanted to make it extremely disgusting and shocking, but she tried to the point where it was really just extremely boring. I think I even fell asleep when she first screened it for us. So I'll just take your word on the lead, I guess."

    He was still genuinely confused about the deal which Silas had offered. "I still don't understand. Your proposal is putting the stability of the Inquistan state at risk. Not a major risk, certainly not one that could cause significant issues by itself, but still a risk. That's a little dangerous, for everyone, isn't it? The state maintains order, it maintains stability; without the state, people become disordered, deranged. There is no business, no institution, which can function in an environment like that. You talk about profit, but we both know that weakening the state will act as against that, cancel it out, maybe even decrease it. Your proposal is to weaken your society and your personal interests to strengthen ours; you gain nothing, and we gain everything. For a country as rich and as powerful as Inquista to be making a proposal like this is nonsensical; there must be another motive. Given this, I don't think it's wise for me to agree to this in particular."

    "And then, of course, there are the stocks you've offered me. It's illegal, you're right, and something that would get me removed from office and then thrown into some ditch, but I don't even understand why it would be a good thing. I've never seen any difference between speculation and gambling, both involve money being connected to nonsensical, nonexistent things which are bet on, and both lead to dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and ruin. On top of that, what can you do with the money itself? Buy things? Why would you want to buy things? What satisfaction does buying things give someone? None, in my opinion. It's power, really, that can satisfy someone; and one can't buy power with money. Or well, it's possible, but then you have the risk of everything coming down very quickly - you'd have no legitimacy in anyone's eyes."

    "Anyways, appointing a new ambassador would probably be a good thing, absolutely. Although of course there are some in the government who might complain."

    He listened to the others after they entered.

    :"Our commitment to any agreement will be strong," said Rikkalek in response to Antoni. "Istkalen is, of course, a recovering country, and there will be, politically, some instability as a result of that, but any government, every government, will honor, fully, the nature of the new relationship between our two states. We keep our word."

    "And, of course," responding to Mikaela, "we would be fine with visa-free travel. We don't have any additional concerns."

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  • RE: Customary Logistics Council -- Gadalland and Aspern

    alt text

    Foundation of the Sertian National Fund

    25 May 2022

    It is the utmost pleasure of the Customary Logistics Council to announce the creation of the Sertian National Fund. This nationally-owned foundation is the cornerstone of Sertia's newly-designed welfare system.

    We as Sertians value the strength and vitality of our local communities. It is the government's wish to support our strong interpersonal connections which contribute to Gadalland and Aspern's rich culture, allowing solidarity and independent thought but maintaining a healthy level of co-dependence and unity.

    The Sertian National Fund (SNF) is where taxpayer money goes, and government support comes from. Through the SNF, the government will provide financial support for the needs of our citizens.

    The following benefits will become available with the creation of the SNF:

    • Low Income Supplementation
    • Financial support during periods of unemployment
    • Student Financial Support
    • Promoting equal access to our developing public transport system
    • Guaranteed assistance for voluntary donors

    The SNF will also oversee and strengthen existing benefits, such as the Elder Care Fund and the Sertian Health Service, as well as create increased social safety for our citizens.

    The government has allocated 40% of its spending to the SNF alone for the first two years, and the rest to general infrastructure.

    More information regarding eligibility requirements will be soon to follow.

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