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    Opinber tilkynning hins virðulega konunglega ríkisstjórnar Manræmiak
    Official Communicate of the Honourable Royal Government of Mennrimiak

    Today we have been informed that the spanish have decided to pause our agreement and have started to pull their military forces from their established base on Mennrimiak
    To this the Government of Mennrimiak has decided to send an ultimatum, all Spanish armed forces must leave within a week if they fail to comply they will be arrested for possesion of military grade weapons not registered in the kingdom of Mennrimiak

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  • RE: The Adventuranza Redress (Yosai-Spain Summit)

    It was a typical autumn day in Madrid, with a gentle cold breeze that made you feel cold during the morning and the night, but with the globally-loved Spanish sun, that made you feel warm enough to wear a jacket, but cold enough not to wear just a t-shirt. Of course, Spain was the country of the good weather, and if you wanted to wear short-sleeved clothes, you were perfectly able to, same happened with those that prefered long-sleeved clothes. Freedom, as the President's partymate and colleague, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, said during her campaign back in April this year.

    The presidential plane departed with Jesús Aguilar, the Spanish President; Alfonso Dastis, Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation; and Teodoro García-Egea, the Minister for Overseas Territories and Missions and Straits. The Spanish delegation, arrived, as expected on time, but the flight didn't even change a word from their thoughts, whoch would be revealed later to the Yosai's delegation. The President and the Spanish Government's members shook hands with the high-officials from Yosai, not a tense shake of hands, more like a friendly one. Tension would surely come later on...

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  • RE: Euronews

    How EPA lost the Duchies
    alt text
    It was so hopeful that mid 2020 when the United Duchies finally joined the Union after years of campaigning and trying. The fervour was obvious you could see it in the streets with the street parties , EU flags and all the hype and support from politicians but alas the honeymoon was shortlived once people realised what it meant after changes a few months in. You see the Duchies has always valued sovereignty and a sense of some laws should be local especially social laws including laws like gay marriage and whether ceremonies can be conducted in a Duchie or over health issues and laws surrounding that. The first creeks occurred as northern Duchies were forced to not only allow civil ceremonies as they had to before but call it gay marriage , still this was only the north right!

    But then it happened the flood of legislation over social issues particuarly from a councillour now commonly known in the Duchies as "Do Gooder Granger". First it was okay with Child Marriage Act and the Reproductive Healthcare Act but then came the defeat by EPA of ammendments to once again let states decide their marriage laws , then the Mental Health Act proposals among others and the failure of the EPA to support changing EACA enough to allow countries to truly decide how they select their councillour putting limits on new entrants options. The increase in law proposals continued upsetting Sovereignty supporters even more it was truly over for the EPA. You see they went over the line the EU as entered was just right sovereignty but local control over laws also but it became increasingly clear in Duchian eyes the the EPA wanted to federalise now with the Frontex Proposals and further proposed powers of the EU over member states key laws. The stage was set the ELSS and candidates like Bidens and PEL's candidates times had come despite anti-leftist sentiment from the attacks in the Duchies , maybe the Duchies can learn to love the EPA again but can the EPA change enough , allow enough sovereignty or roll back powers at the EU enough for this once entirely hopeful and Europhile nation to learn to love the EPA again , who knows but on a current trajectory I doubt it with who they have in their membership!

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  • RE: Spanish Goverment

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    On the Spanish Base in the Kingdom of Mennrimiak

    Today, I am announcing that the Kingdom of Spain has decided to suspend, for an indefinite timeframe, the agreement between the Kingdom of Mennrimiak and the Kingdom of Spain concerning the establishment of a Military base in the artic country. We deeply regret having to take this decision, but we will not allow our foreign policy or a foreign country to blackmail our country and force us to implement their policy concerning certain topics to keep the military base working. Threatening with cutting diplomatic ties with Spain and to exit a treaty to force us into certain policies will never work with us.

    The Spanish troops deployed on the Kingdom of Mennrimiak have started their departure process and the equipment is being shipped back to the Kingdom of Spain.

    D. Pedro Baños
    Minister for Defence

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  • RE: Commission Elections, October 2021


    For the Office of Premier Commissioner

    1. Jean-Claude JUNCKER (Spain): 57%

    2. Sofie ČIKAROVÁ (Czech Slavia):30%

    3. Ville NIINISTÖ (Mennrimiak): 13%

    For the Office of Internal Affairs Commissioner

    Joseph BIDEN (Reitzmag): 53.6%

    Paul-Gabrielle MUZHARE (Nofoaga): 46.4%

    For the Office of Foreign Affairs Commissioner

    Pekka HAAVISTO (Mennrimiak): 100%

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  • RE: Confederal Presidency of North Diessen

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    Confederal Presidency of North Diessen

    24th October 2021

    This morning, Reuland separatists attacked the heart of Diessenian democracy in Het Goor. The government precinct was breached, and despite stiff resistance from Inimician Imperial Guard forces, terrorists made their way into the compound of the Presidential Palace, where I was severely wounded. After threatening a live execution on public television, I was rescued by Lieutenant Emilis of the Imperial Guard, and carried away to safety. As of this morning, the situation in Het Goor is secure and no terrorists remain on the run, as far as we are aware.

    This callous and cowardly attack came as the last remnants of dissenting territory in Reuland are under a final assault by Diessenian and Inimician troops. Within hours, our civil conflict will be at an end, and justice and rule of law will reign victorious. I can only be grateful for the combined efforts of the Diessenian Defence Force, the Imperial Armed Forces, and all those countless women and men of Reuland who continued to stand by our side over the last weeks and months. Some of them suffered a fate far worse than death, and our nation owes a debt of gratitude to them.

    To ensure the continuity of our government at a time of national rebuilding, when new connections between old friends and enemies must be made, I am triggering the Constitutional line of succession, by which order the former Minister for National Defence, Ekrem Mueller, has been elevated to the Confederal Presidency. President Mueller was sworn in at Het Goor at 5am this morning. Given Mueller's strong track record of decisive action against insurgencies and foreign threats, I have no doubt that his conduct in the Confederal Presidency will be prosperous and effective.

    I thank you all for your loyalty and support over the last eighteen months, and trust you will extend the same support to my successor.

    Former President of the Confederacy Inge Pekcan

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  • RE: I Will Have Order -- Operation Takedown

    Situation Room, Confederal Presidential Palace of North Diessen

    Het Goor, North Diessen
    24th October 2021, 0415hrs

    alt text alt text alt text

    Inge Pekcan clasped her arm and was roughly sat down on one of the intentionally uncomfortable seats in the situation room. She had chosen those seats herself -- she did not want anyone to experience even a remote degree of comfort when matters in this room would always require the utmost attention of everyone. In a way, she realised she knew it was all over. Ever since her accession to the office of Confederal President, her main concern had been the managing of relations between her nation and Inimicus, the Confederacy's strong, erratic southern neighbour. When the Treaty of Telum was signed, she was confident she had once and for all eliminated the risk of meddling Inimician interference in Diessenian matters.

    Evidently not. Here she sat, surrounded by Imperial Guardsmen, who she had even requested to come to her aid. She fully admitted she had mismanaged the Reuland situation, but was she to be repaid by being manhandled and shot by those who had pledged her help? She had been compliant with the Inimicians, had given them what they wanted, had worked constructively with them, and had flattered Emperor Artabanos. She could not imagine why they would want to rid North Diessen of her - she was the ideal President from the Inimician perspective. Who, then, would want to supplant her?

    The answer came in through the thick glass doors. Ekrem Mueller, Pekcan's most trusted Minister for National Defence, was escorted by four heavily armed soldiers dressed in black, the Inimician red, purple, and black flag on their arms. He was escorted, not dragged. Not shot. Pekcan knew all she had to know. "Ekrem, you?", she managed to stammer.

    "Your time in office is complete, Inge. You must realise this now. The question before you is, will you make way for the new order, and spare the Diessenian people hardship and strife, or will you block our new transition, and create misery for thousands more?"

    "You swore an oath, Ekrem. You swore to our rule of law, to our constitution. You can't -- " A jolt of pain struck Inge as Ekrem's hand pressed hard on her wounded arm. "Fine, fine. You win. Just - just let it end. Please let it all end."

    "You'll make a live radio statement announcing your incapacitation and your triggering of the Constitutional line of succession, transferring your powers to me. You will sign the documents we have prepared. Then, you will receive medical attention and board a transport. We will not see each other again."

    She did not need to guess what country she would be taken. "I hope this moment is burned into your memory", she said with a feeling of anger she had not previously experienced, "As one day, when you feel secure and blissful, you will topple from your pristine position into nothingness and void." She sighed, and added in her native German: "Wer hoch steigt, der wird tief fallen."

    "I'm sure", Ekrem replied, and gestured to radio technicians standing outside.

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  • RE: News Media of Istkalen

    Istkalen Information Service: Rikkalek addresses the Congress of Producers

    Head of State Vistek Rikkalek today addressed the Congress of Producers, calling for an end to "Western-style politics" and the institution of an "Indigenous system of government" in Istkalen. In particular, he condemned the political violence and infighting that has plagued Istkalen until recently, arguing that the country must adopt a "system of political cooperation," based on the National Front and the Congress in order to survive.

    "Over the past few months," he stated, "our nation has seen some of the highest levels of social, economic, and political turmoil it has ever experienced. Our countrymen have turned against each other, nationality against nationality; ideology against ideology. This is plainly the fault of the system which my predecessors sought to introduce. Istkalen simply is not fit for a system of competitive pluralism; it merely incites intercommunal violence to these levels. In order to cultivate stability, we must turn to an indigenous system of government, a system of political cooperation instead of competition."

    "My government has sought, at every turn, to return authencity and stability to this nation, socially, economically, and now politically. In the coming months, as an integral part of the construction of non-aligned socialism and the carrying out of the Internal Revolution, a new government shall be constructed in Istkalen, a government free of partisan-ism, a government founded on the workers of this nation, which shall arise out of the people's syndicates and the National Front. The politicians will all be thrown out, replaced by the moral, the genuine, and the hardworking. We do not seek the abolition of pluralism per se; in fact, we encourage it; we merely desire to do away with the present politics, Western-style politics, for it has brought nothing but misery to us."

    This was met with a great hail of applause from the Congress, composed overwhelming of nativists and authoritarians strongly opposed to liberal democracy.

    RIkkalek, however, went on to describe his plans for new elections to the Congress, which would occur along more traditional lines.

    "We will firstly seek to restore this Congress. We shall do away with the Western methods of election, and substitute them for our own. Companies of workers shall elect the best of their own to serve on the producers' committees that form our ranks, two-by-two rather than one-by-one. Only the qualified, the hardworking, the moral, shall serve. With this, we shall thus create a government of the producers, a native government, a true government, a government that befits this nation," he stated, further speaking about how it would bring industrial organization and the state together and thus further abolish politics as they are.

    Rikkalek has always had an antipathy towards traditional politics, as well as an affinity for ideas of merging industrial organization with the state - ten years ago, while relatively unknown, he was a syndicalist who collaborated with the short-lived reformist SDP government in its attempt to abolish the estates and establish a state founded on principles of industrial unionism. This address, as such, is merely a nationalist and statist variation on his previous politics, addressing virtually the same themes - returning power to the workers, establishing industrial self-government, and ending corruption and inequality. While it is almost certain that Rikkalek has moved somewhat to the right, particularly in his abandoning of the principle of socialization, it cannot be said that he truly believes in what he is saying; it is very possible that he is merely attempting to convey it in a palatable form to the politicians of the Congress of Producers. This, if true, would not be something new - while Rikkalek does clearly have specific principles he governs by, he will represent them in radically different ways to different sectors of society and the outside world. To the Congress of Producers, for example, he may, as he did here, present everything in an overly nationalistic light; to the population, in a more 'producerist' light, leaning towards a more moderate socialism or Western-style social democracy; to the West, everything in the most liberal light possible.

    This may be made clear by the effects of Rikkalek's proposed reform. By introducing the planned electoral changes in particular, virtually all of the ultranationalists benefited by the previous system of indirect election would be removed, replaced largely with centrists adhering to "non-aligned socialism" in its purest form. Similarly, the transformation implied for government, in which bureaucratic functions would be handed to the people's syndicates, would have the effect of reducing or eliminating the power of high-ranking bureaucrats, most of whom are also either nativists or former "national" Social Democrats, giving it all to competent but ideologically non-suspect and loyal individuals. The reforms planned for the National Front are in all likelihood not to ever be implemented; the parties and organizations that form it are well-entrenched, popular, and at this point support Rikkalek more than oppose him. To abolish or weaken it would merely be a blow to Rikkalek's own power, one which would open a dangerous power vaccuum in Istkalen's politics that could very well lead to far worse - the Northern Radio, for example - gaining power.

    In essence, Rikkalek's intention is to continue the "construction of non-aligned socialism," in his own words, in its existing moderate form rather than in the more extremist path he has implied; in doing this, however, he seeks to paralyze and remove the little opposition that continues to exist in the country and fully consolidate his power.

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  • Operation Blue Hydra

    (under development)

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