Confederal Presidency of North Diessen

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    This is the official briefing room of the President of North Diessen, a sovereign confederacy in southeastern Europe, northwest of Dromund Kaas, north of Inimicus. The Districts of North Diessen, united in confederal brotherhood and fromally represented by the President, are Hammikeln, Linnich, Het Goor Büyükşehir, and Reuland.


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    President Inge Pekcan (left) and Minister for National Defence Ekrem Mueller

    President Pekcan: "The Diessenian government, and all good-hearted citizens in our Confederacy, watched in horror last month as our souther neighbour's Emperor and several other high-ranking Inimician officials came down in Portus Inimici. At the time, I extended my personal condolences to the families of all thirty-four victims, and sent my sympathies to Emperor Artabanos, who I was pleased to hear yesterday is now revalidating at home. North Diessen has never enjoyed anything other than cordial and friendly relations with the Empire of Inimicus, resulting in several agreements in the areas of trade, defence, and common European politics.

    "However, several allegations appeared in the Inimician state media lately, suggesting a missile launched from Diessenian soil caused the Emperor's plane to go down. These allegations were partly confirmed by the Inimician Jerome Dommelsch, Constable-in-Chief of the Imperial Transportation Safety Association, in a press conference on Saturday.

    "We have co-operated with the Inimicians around this issue from the very moment Emperor Artabanos and his compatriots crashed, offering our full aviation intelligence services, sattelite images we possessed, and manpower to clear the wreckage. We sent a team of representatives to the Inimician capital, Telum, to consult about cross-border implications for the disaster, as well as to familiarise ourselves with the new Inimician Vicarius, WIlfred Cocx.

    "Our kindness and spirit of co-operation was answered by Mr Dommelsch with a vague allegation of the missile in question having been launched "from the north", in other words, from our sovereign territory, although he did not dare make that step. This is, in the eyes of the Confederal government, completely unacceptable. Let me be very clear: North Diessen has not fired any missiles. We do not even have any missiles. Any serious allegation that we would attempt to assassinate a foreign, elected head-of-state, not only does damage to our inter-state relationships, but degrades the prestige of those making the allegation. This must end."

    Ekrem Mueller: "In response to these extremely hostile threats eminating from the Inimician Imperial Palace, I have, in my capacity as Minister for National Defence, revoked the visas of all Inimician officials present in the Confederacy of North DIessen, and dismissed the Inimician ambassador. They have three days to leave the country or face arrest. Furthermore, no new visas will be issued to Inimician applicants, although private Inimician citizens currently residing in North Diessen may continue to do so and apply for their visa to be extended. North Diessen will, as of 12:00 Diessen Standard Time today, begin carrying out compulsory customs and border checks on all vehicles and persons attempting to enter North Diessen from Inimicus. We will further close the eastern section of the Diessenian-Inimician border, corresponding to the Inimician Terra Dominus and the Diessenian district Reuland. Minor cross-border roads may also be closed at short notice and without warning.

    "The Diessenian diplomatic team will continue to press our cause in Telum if they will be allowed to do so, however we have also decided to take the following diplomatic measures to protect our interests. First, we are invoking the suspension clauses of the Diessen-Inimicus Free Trade Agreement of 2012, and of the Joint Defence Agreement of 2014. The practical implications for this are manifold for both sides of the border, and we hope the Inimician Imperial Government will approach us with all haste to reconcile relations between our two countries."

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    Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Bundesaußenbeauftragte/Dışişleri Bakanlığı) Arnum Blauberg


    Legislative authorities in the Kingdom of Reitzmag this morning announced the unilateral repeal of the Treaty of Buckingham, putting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Nicolezians, Haaneans, and Copalans in jeopardy. The Confederal Government of North Diessen recognises the right of Reitzmic authorities to have sovereignty over its own territory, but sees the backtracking on its promises as an incredibly worrying sign.

    The Confederal government is currently engaged in negotiations with Reitzmag, the United Duchies, and Pravoslaviya, on the organisation of the Caspian Sea and the fate of artificial islands Reitzmag built illegally. Although it is far from certain an agreement will be reached, given the stubbornness and demanding nature of Reitzmag's position, the Confederal government is now less than enthusiastic about making any sort of agreement with Reitzmag.

    Simon Bridges and his government have now demonstrated that international treaties are worth not a shred more to them than the paper they are written on. The Confederacy of North Diessen is therefore reluctant to agree to a treaty concerning the Caspian Sea without formal, written reassurance of the Kingdom of Reitzmag that they will not simply repeal any agreeements within weeks or months of signing.

    The Confederal Government also would like to stress that if the Kingdom of Reitzmag rescinds on any clause of any agreement concerning the Caspian, the entirety of such agreements would be seen as null and void in the eyes of North Diessen. If Reitzmag refuses to agree to any Caspian Treaty, or fails to give proper reassurance about its conduct, the Confederal Government intends to lodge a formal Sanction Request with the European Commission.

    Sanctions packages against Reitzmag, announced in the Confederal Gazette on 3rd March 2021, shall remain in force until the signing of any Caspian agreement, and may further be reinforced with the expulsion of Reitzmic citizens resident in North Diessen and a complete ban on aircraft and vehicles originating from Reitzmag if Simon Bridges's government does not commit to a peaceful solution to the Caspian issue.

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    Bundesaußenbeauftragte Arnum Blauberg

    Following the successful negotiation of a Treaty on the Caspian situation and the demolition of Reitzmic islands by Internal Affairs Commissioner Birdane and involved parties, including the Confederal Government of North Diessen, I am pleased to announce today that all sanctions levied against the Kingdom of Reitzmag will be lifted effective immediately.

    We are pleased, as well as surprised, that this situation has been resolved diplomatically, and urge the Kingdom of Reitzmag to solve its affairs and disputes in a similarly constructive manner in the future.

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    Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Bundesaußenbeauftragte/Dışişleri Bakanlığı) Arnum Blauberg; Inimician Imperial Foreign Officer Sarah Gladwell

    Joint Statement with the Imperial Government of Inimicus RE: Caspian Triumvirate

    The Empire of Inimicus and the Confederacy of North Diessen note the formation of the Caspian Triumvirate, bonding together the Kingdom of Reitzmag, the Empire of Selvaris, and the United Duchies. The Confederacy of North Diessen, an active, involved partner of the United Duchies in the Caspian region, is surprised to hear of the formation of this alliance without its involvement, or even its consultation. The Confederal government sees no other option but to issue a stern objection to its ally, the United Duchies, and to ask the government in Cair Para to never again overlook the Confederacy of North Diessen during matters of international diplomacy ever again.

    To the Empire of Selvaris, a new nation in our Union, the Confederacy of North Diessen and the Empire of Inimicus extend a hand of friendship. Our nations share not only a geographical area, but common interests of peace, security, and rule of law. Both our governments are eager to work on the relationship between our capitals and that of Selvaris. Similarly, the Empire of Inimicus and the Confederacy of North Diessen know the United Duchies government to be a true ally -- we have been bound by the Treaty of Telum for many months, and have always stood side by side when tensions and conflict arose.

    With this in mind, the Confederal and Imperial governments are deeply concerned that formal agreements have been made between the United Duchies and the Kingdom of Reitzmag. We furthermore ask how it could be that, where Duchian influence was being rightfully used to counter Reitzmic aggression in the Caspian only months ago, the United Duchies is now keen to extend a warm hand of friendship to Reitzmag. We cannot tell the United Duchies how to conduct its own international diplomacy. However, as we are bound by the terms of the Treaty of Telum, and our intelligence data, military and not, as well as our strategies, intentions, markets, and services, are to varying degrees accessible by Duchies authorities, we have a compound interest in maintaining our sovereignty and territorial and military integrity through the Duchies administration.

    The Confederal and Imperial governments therefore feel forced to take the following measures, until such a time as reassurance from the United Duchies government is found:

    • No more national security, military, or economic intelligence will be shared by the Confederacy of North Diessen and the Empire of Inimicus with the United Duchies;
    • Military units of the United Duchies present in the territory of the Empire and/or the Confederacy will be approached, disarmed, and extradited;
    • The territorial waters of the Empire and Confederacy shall no longer be accessible to military vessels from the United Duchies. Economic activty can remain unhampered.

    These measures are to take effect at 00:01hrs Inimician Standard Time on Monday, 5th June. We hope other signatories to the Treaty of Telum, in particular the Kingdom of Spain and the Duxburian Union, support us in taking like-minded action. We further hope that the Duchies government reviews its interests carefully and approaches our governments as soon as possible.

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