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    This thread serves as the official maintenance report and development discussion for Eurowiki, the Official Wiki of the European Union.

    Admins & Mods:

    In order to begin editing or writing new articles, one must be registered as a member in the Eurowiki. To become a member, the following requirements must be met and the process of application must be finished:


    • Must be a member of the European Union.
    • Must be registered in the forums of the European Union.
    • Must be at least 2 months as a member of the region.
    • Must have a verified NationStates Account
    • Must be in the discord server of the region European Union.

  • ECoJ

    Hello everyone! I would like to encourage all of you to try out our Eurowiki so that I may get feedback on its performance. I am also currently working on making a dark theme for it and maybe try to incorporate it here in the forums. Eurowiki would be very important on preserving information about both existing and deceased nations. This would prevent us from lacking information such as flags and such about the deceased nation. I hope to see the wikis about your nation/s. Thank you very much!

  • ECoJ

    Hi everyone! Since I want to spice up things a bit, we will be having the first wikifest! This would be a competition of which eurowikians will be judged for their wiki articles. The winners would have a specially made token that would vary each year.

    The competition will run through the following categories of articles in Eurowiki:

    1. National Factbook - information about a nation.
    2. RP Character - information about a character in the RP.
    3. RP Places/Landmarks - information about places/landmarks in the RP.
    4. RP Event - information about a significant event in the history of the RP.
    5. List - simply contains useful lists of things that fall into a category.

    Each category will have one winer, and there would also be an overall Wikimaster. All editors will also be ranked based on their karma level by the end of the year and will also receive a special token prize. There would be no limit to the number of entries per category. It is very much advisable to everyone to make as many entries as possible for more chances of winning. The contest will begin as soon as there would be at least 10 members (including admins) already registered to Eurowiki and would have the final awards night by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more information regarding the contest. Players currently registered may also already start their wiki entries anytime. No need to wait for the contest to start.

    P.S. You may use this wiki I made as a template by clicking the view source tab in the top nav panel to get the codes I made. You may also explore codes by searching wikidot [insert what you want to do here] on your search engine. I advise everyone to use google instead so you can find better results.

  • ECoJ

    Hey there everyone! I have great news for all of you wikians

    I would like to confirm that Eurowiki will now be switching to use Wikimedia, this is also used in Wikipedia and NSWiki. That is to give a better look at our wikipage. If you have started your work on wikis, don't worry as we will be migrating your work to Eurowiki v2. When will this be released, well I am on the process of preparing and understanding how to make a self-hosted wikipage. The final launch of Eurowiki v2 will be announced soon. So stay tuned!

  • ECoJ

    Hi guys! It's been a while since I have given you updates on Eurowiki. So I'd like to announce that we're opening Eurowiki v2 anytime soon. I hope y'all will cooperate when we start testing the new version powered by mediawiki.

  • ECoJ

    Hi guys! I have good news.

    We cancelled Wikifest as we transitioned to a better wiki hosting service. The process was quick and I think that it's time to unveil it. Please welcome the new Eurowiki v2!

    Eurowiki v2 is hosted via ProFreeHosting and powered by MediaWiki. The Main Page and other things will be ready soon but I think we can now start making and editing our own pages. Furthermore, Eurowiki v2 will ask you to create an account and this is critical so we can prevent having anyone randomly edit our wiki pages even if they're not a member-state. Upon creating your account, you also have to confirm your email. Your email isn't visible to me and the other admins unless I open the e-mail address I made specifically for this. The new version of Eurowiki also has a new domain and will have better performance the Eurowiki v1.

    So what are you waiting for eurowikians! Time to make your wiki!

    But wait, how do you make a wiki. Well here are some important information you may use:

    So I hope you enjoy making your wikis in the new interface. As far as I know I think you can also change themes and yes we also have a mobile version but that is still in the process of configuration.

    Wikifest will be rescheduled to begin on December 1 2020, so you may begin making and editing your articles if you like. Same categories and mechanics will be used.

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