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  • RE: Crowning of High Duke Nikolai III Event

    alt text

    Bishop Jakob Knight, the Bishop of the Inquistan Orthodox Diocese of the United Duchies, spoke next.

    "It is such a special and blessed occasion for all of us to be gathered here today for the crowning of High Duke Nikolai III. As many have already said, the High Duke is kind, compassionate, and wise beyond his years. He has overcome many difficulties and obstacles, and has remained strong and steadfast when facing adversity. It is his character, not just his bloodline, which has made him fit to be High Duke. There is little doubt that he is worthy of his position, and that his reign will bear fruits of prosperity for the Duchies.

    As the High Duke accepts his new responsibilities, it is also a reminder for all of us to accept ours. To quote Philippians 3:13-14, 'I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.' We have all had our own struggles, but our past does not define us. Instead, we must continue to move forward, accept the responsibilities that we have and the realities that we face, and we must work together to build a better world that the Lord has intended for us to build.

    As Romans 8:37 reminds us, 'in all these things we are more than conquerors'. We are all truly remarkable, with capabilities beyond even our own comprehension. Thus, by not being deterred by struggles or by fear, and by committing ourselves to our responsibilities and duties, we will be more than we ever imagined. This is how we shall honour ourselves, our country, our High Duke, and also how we honour our Lord. As the High Duke accepts his new crown, so do we all. Now, let us march on together in His name."

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  • RE: European Aviation Agency - Main Office


    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Centryl Gren (Grand Central International Airport)
    City/Location: Verinteno/Veria
    Requested Airport Code: D-GCL
    Length of the Longest Runway: 4,500m
    Number of Runways: 8

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Grenmezlir Acennan Aelir (Grandmaster Acennan Aelir International Airport)
    City/Location: Verinteno/Veria
    Requested Airport Code: D-GAA
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,800m
    Number of Runways: 4

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Bata Verinteno (Verinteno Bay International Airport)
    City/Location: Verinteno/Veria
    Requested Airport Code: D-VTB
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,637m
    Number of Runways: 4

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Valle Silikonn (Silicon Valley International Airport)
    City/Location: Verinteno/Veria
    Requested Airport Code: D-SIL
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,571m
    Number of Runways: 4

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Domin Centir (Dominion Center International Airport)
    City/Location: Dairghazburo/Niko
    Requested Airport Code: D-DOM
    Length of the Longest Runway: 4,000m
    Number of Runways: 4

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Nerstonn (Blackstone International Airport)
    City/Location: Dairghazburo/Niko
    Requested Airport Code: D-BLA
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,200m
    Number of Runways: 3

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Laatzen Imperyl (Imperial Laatzen International Airport)
    City/Location: Laatzen
    Requested Airport Code: D-IMP
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,700m
    Number of Runways: 4

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Suez Gren (Grand Suez International Airport)
    City/Location: Laatzen, Suez
    Requested Airport Code: D-GSZ
    Length of the Longest Runway: 4,188m
    Number of Runways: 6

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Valle Redd (Red Valley International Airport)
    City/Location: Laatzen
    Requested Airport Code: D-RED
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,350m
    Number of Runways: 3

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Azrekko Solcedo (Azrekko Sunfire International Airport)
    City/Location: Azrekko
    Requested Airport Code: D-SUN
    Length of the Longest Runway: 2,500m
    Number of Runways: 2

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Azrekko Senstromm (Azrekko Sandstorm International Airport)
    City/Location: Azrekko
    Requested Airport Code: D-SSA
    Length of the Longest Runway: 2,610m
    Number of Runways: 2

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Azuro Bluwazir (Azuro Bluewater International Airport)
    City/Location: Azuro
    Requested Airport Code: D-ABW
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,450m
    Number of Runways: 3

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Norpor (Northport International Airport)
    City/Location: Tampere
    Requested Airport Code: D-NPA
    Length of the Longest Runway: 2,938m
    Number of Runways: 2

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Lindeno (Lindeno International Airport)
    City/Location: Lindeno
    Requested Airport Code: D-LIN
    Length of the Longest Runway: 2,600m
    Number of Runways: 2

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Devoy Memoryl (Devoy Memorial International Airport)
    City/Location: Hasilthec
    Requested Airport Code: D-DEV
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,000m
    Number of Runways: 3

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Grenmezlir Andres Marian (Grandmaster Andres Marian International Airport)
    City/Location: Kaumbrenn
    Requested Airport Code: D-GMM
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,800m
    Number of Runways: 3

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Alverano (Alverano International Airport)
    City/Location: Alverano
    Requested Airport Code: D-ALV
    Length of the Longest Runway: 2,500m
    Number of Runways: 2

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Noreazr (Northeaster International Airport)
    City/Location: Hasna
    Requested Airport Code: D-NER
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,900m
    Number of Runways: 3

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airport Name: Aeropor Enternashionyl Strommgata (Stormgate International Airport)
    City/Location: Chirez
    Requested Airport Code: D-STG
    Length of the Longest Runway: 3,892m
    Number of Runways: 3


    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerogati Aeromezlir (Skymaster Airways)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: AML
    Requested Callsign/Designator: SKYMASTER

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerogati Domin (Dominion Airways)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: DOM
    Requested Callsign/Designator: DOM

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerogati Federyl (Federal Airways)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: FED
    Requested Callsign/Designator: FED

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerogati Nerstonn (Blackstone Airways)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: NER
    Requested Callsign/Designator: BLACK

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerogati Suez (Suez Airways)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: ASZ
    Requested Callsign/Designator: SUEZ

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerogati Velocitte (Velocity Airways)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: VEL
    Requested Callsign/Designator: VELOCITY

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerolini Harizenn (Horizon Airlines)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: HZN
    Requested Callsign/Designator: HORIZON

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerolini Impere (Empire Airlines)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: IMP
    Requested Callsign/Designator: EMPIRE

    Nation: Union of Duxburian Dominions
    Airline Name: Aerolini Viktore (Victory Airlines)
    Requested 3-Letter Code: VKT
    Requested Callsign/Designator: VICTORY

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    Girls on Tour.png


    "This is like, our first trip together! Aaaaah, I'm so excited!" Archbishop Mikaela Kligenberg cheered enthusiastically. "We're going to have so much fun! I'm really looking forward to this, and I really can't think of having anyone for better company than you, Bina! Thank you for suggesting a holiday."

    Mikaela reclined in her large sofa seat of the recently refurbished Girls on Tour Jet™. The Girls on Tour Jet was one of the Archbishop's bright pink jets, and it was special in that it was outfitted with everything that the Archbishop and her closest girlfriends ever wanted for long and extended journeys. The jet was recently retrofitted to meet all of President Albína Reiserová's wants and needs, and it now included all of the amenities and forms of entertainment that the Czech President wanted. Importantly, the jet's refurbishments also included a custom-made sofa seat that was perfectly moulded to the body and behind of the Czech President, and it was also heated to her most desired temperature for optimal comfort.


    A bar inside the Girls on Tour Jet contained a wide variety of the Archbishop and President's favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The Archbishop and the President sat with their drinks of choice in-hand while they watched one of Reiserová's films, A Comrade Wedding, which was playing on a massive built-in TV screen with surround sound blaring from all sides.

    The Archbishop was fighting to hold back tears, as she felt so sorry for Reiserová's character, who was going through so many troubles as she taking care of sick and injured horses. "Aww, your character is so sweet and selfless, just like like you, Bina! She also needs a holiday, I think. It's what she deserves. I also love the accent you're doing by the way. It sounds so cute! What region is that accent from? Moravia?" Mikaela guessed, selecting one of the two regions of Czech Slavia she actually knew about.

    After watching the film, the two leaders got up from their seats and engaged in some vigorous and intense sessions of Dance Dance Revolution. "My second favourite revolution, after the one in Czech Slavia, of course," Mikaela announced before they started dancing. The ladies danced to an array of different songs, although, naturally, they also danced to a large sum of Mikaela's own discography. Reiserová's was quite the natural pro at DDR, which impressed Mikaela immensely, as it was one of her favourite games. The Archbishop was especially pleased to see the President dance well to the choreography of Fight For This Love.

    Soon enough, the Girls on Tour Jet arrived at its first destination: Pamplona, Navarre, Spain.

    "It's not as lovely as it normally is during the summertime, but it still beats the cold winter going up North," Mikaela remarked as she peered out of a window, out towards the brisk sunshine outside. "Ibiza is usually my go-to destination in Spain, but not during this time of year. If you can't sun tan in 30 degree weather, then you're just not going to get your dream tan. The secret to a long-lasting tan is having so much of the sun's radiation hit your skin, that you basically need ENAA approval, which, luckily, I also happen to be part of," Mikaela explained with honest relief in her voice. "Although, UV rays create the w-word, so don't worry, we'll be avoiding that. Luckily, there's so much to do in Spain!"

    The Archbishop and the President were helped off the jet by the pilot, Jimin. Jimin thanked President Reiserová for the recognition that the Ministry of Culture of Czech Slavia bestowed upon him for his song Butter, which he wrote for the Pan-European Festival of Czech Culture, although he was still slightly bitter about losing the contest to a 17-year-old girl.

    After departing their jet, the ladies were whisked into an armoured limousine and were taken to a luxurious hotel located in the city centre of Pamplona. There, the Archbishop and the President shared a penthouse suite together, which consisted of the top floor of the entire building. After a change of clothes and some freshening up, the two headed to the hotel restaurant, which was completely cleared for the two heads of state. They were also given a personal attendant, a handsome young Spaniard named Ricardo. Before seating the women at their table, Ricardo took them to the cellar to inspect the hotel's wine selection.

    The hotel carried various wines from across Navarre and the Basque Country; many of them old, rare or made in traditionally intensive ways. To demonstrate how some of the wines were made, a station was set up in which two wide and stocky barrels of grapes were prepared to be stomped on. The women were instructed to take off their shoes, wash their feet in a bucket of water, and then to tread on the grapes in order to crush them.

    "Oooh, this actually feels... kinda nice, doesn't it?" Mikaela asked Reiserová as she treaded on the grapes with her bare feet. "We've definitely had our feet in stickier situations than this."

    After their wine making tutorial, the women washed their feet again, put on their shoes, and they each selected a wine from the gallery. They were then taken back up to the restaurant, where they ordered from a selection of Spanish foods. Mikaela ordered some albondigas, which are tapas meatballs, that came covered in a mixture of tomato and almond sauce and were served with some spaghetti.

    While Mikaela and Reiserová waited for their food to come, the women were treated to an intimate live performance by Rosalía, who performed on the restaurant stage for them. Rosalía performed a few of her songs, such as Malamente and Pienso En Tu Mirá.

    Once their late-lunch was served, a flamenco dancer came out on the stage and danced to some soft flamenco music while the two ladies dined and chatted. Mikaela decided that now was the best time to delve into some deeper discussion with President Reiserová.

    "So, Bina, tell me everything that's new with you, besides being President for Life. How are things, really? Also, how are your two children doing these days?" Mikaela asked, remembering the pictures of the children she saw in the President's office while she was last there. Despite having two children, Mikaela didn't remember if the President was still or ever married, and in fact, doesn't recall him ever being mentioned or heard of. Perhaps he was just very lowkey? Nonetheless, Mikaela was always very interested in discussing partners, and being newly-engaged herself, she was more interested in discussing boys than ever before.

    "You've never mentioned it, so please excuse me for asking, but are you married or seeing anyone? You've never told me. Since I'm now seeing Tomás, who is such a lovely guy, I need some advice on potentially being married to a Czech guy. What's the key to a Czech boy's heart? Tomás is really into drinking beer and watching ice hockey, but I don't know too much about those things. What are some things I could do to impress him? I don't want him leaving me at the aisle!

    Speaking of which, I'm also hoping to have my wedding sometime this summer. I'd love not only for you to attend, but for you to also be a bridesmaid? It would mean so much to me. You might even have to help me plan it, if possible, because I was going to ask Ani to plan it for me, but I think she's in a dark space following her marriage annulment with that Reitzmic prince. I don't think it would be good of me to ask her to plan my wedding after those events. That whole disaster also has me so worried, by the way. What if that happens to me? True love is so hard to find these days.

    I'm hoping what Tomás and I have is like the true love that Prime Minister Bridges and President Aguilar have. I saw both of them recently, and I think they are more in love than ever. Although, I've heard that others have finally picked up on these feelings that you, Mira and I have long known. Apparently other people are now trying to match-make them and are taking our credit! I guess we are trend setters. It's a shame that those boys are still in such denial about it."

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  • RE: Union for the Mediterranean Summit I | Nueva Antequera, España

    alt text

    Chief Bishop Secretary Edward Firoux arrived in Nueva Antequera eager and excited to begin the process of creating a new framework for Mediterranean cooperation. Such has framework has already long been on Firoux's mind, and as an experienced veteran of drawing up agreements and writing legislation, the Chief Bishop Secretary was hoping to be in the centre of the action. Now in his position as Chief Bishop Secretary, Firoux was placing regional integration into the forefront of the Inquistan government's agenda. After championing the European Monetary Union, it was time to move on to integrated Mediterranean cooperation.

    Firoux has rubbed shoulders with many regional leaders and representatives in Europolis, but has never had the pleasure of meeting the Spanish Foreign Minister or any representative of Gania. The Chief Bishop Secretary was looking forward to becoming acquainted with them, as he hoped to henceforth be in very regular contact with his colleagues.

    "Minister Alfonso Dastis, is it? It's great to finally be able to meet you. I've heard great things about yourself," Firoux complimented as he shook hands with the Spanish minister. Indeed, Minister Dastis was the successor of Jean Claude Juncker, so he had big shoes to fill, and thus far he seemed to be doing just that.

    "It's an honour to finally meet the President of Gania. I have been hoping to see Gania participate more actively on the European stage, and so I am very excited to be able to meet you, Madam President," Firoux stated warmly as he shook hands with President Beatriz Argimón.

    Firoux then proceeded to welcome the other Ganian ministers with a warm reception. "Gania has already been part of the EU for some time, but I want to formally welcome your nation to the EU again. It is so good to see you all here today."

    The Chief Bishop Secretary then seated himself at the meeting table and poised himself with seemingly perfect posture. "Well, are we ready to begin?"

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  • RE: Copalan Copium

    "Oh, well, about that..." Mikaela began. "You should probably be glad that you didn't ride the golf cart. A completely wild and insane pillar suddenly jumped out in front of us! I think it needs to be removed in order to keep people safe! Definitely watch out for it in the future.

    Anyway, that was an amazing ceremony! Thank you for inviting me to participate. I always enjoy inter-faith events like this! I think they're so beautiful."

    Antoni and Silas suddenly appeared before the Archbishop and Prime Minister. Silas flashed two bottles of wine from under his suit jacket and smiled. "The executive lounge of this airport is great, it has an amazing selection of drinks!"

    "Not sure I can fit these in my carry-on," Antoni added as he held bottles of champagne in both of his hands. "Also, the souvenir shop could use some better merchandise. All they have are some cheap figurines of the Copala's Freedom statue."

    Silas' eyes beamed with opportunity. "Those figurines will probably soon be collectibles considering that the statue itself might eventually get abolished. We should buy some, they'll be worth a fortune if that happens."

    "Great idea! I love duty-free shopping," Mikaela commented, before turning back to the Prime Minister.

    "Again, thanks for hosting us! I always enjoy every chance I get to see you," Mikaela smiled while giving a friendly nudge to the Prime Minister. "After we visit the gift shop, we'll be off. We're taking the first inaugural flight out of here! Heading straight back to Saint Dominico."

    "Such a pleasure," Antoni stated earnestly while extending his champagne-fisted hand to shake hands with Prime Minister Bridges. "I have no doubt our agreement will be ratified soon."

    "I hope you feel graced by my presence," Silas added, also earnestly. Silas took out a business card and handed it to the Prime Minister. "Kligenberg Industries will make ample use of the economic incentives to do even more business in Caspian City. If you want to make some money and some smart investments, give me a call! We can make great dividends together. Some call it insider trading, I call it, uhh, intuition."

    With that offer at the table, the Inquistans decided to raid the gift shop, buying all of the Copala's Freedom statuettes, before then catching their flight back to Saint Dominico, bringing an end to the successful trip.

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  • RE: Copalan Copium

    "Have you ever been a member of the mile high club, Antoni?" Silas asked as he sat at the back of a golf cart, with Antoni beside him and Mikaela driving in the front.

    "The mile high club? Nah, that actually sounds more stressful than having to negotiate some sort of agreement regarding the Spanish straits."

    "Not good under pressure, eh?" Silas laughed.


    Suddenly, the golf cart carrying the Inquistans crashed directly into a large concrete pillar. Silas and Antoni went flying off sideways, while Mikaela clung onto the steering wheel.

    "What are you, blind? I know we turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses of our allies, but do we really need to turn a blind eye to physical objects?" Silas scolded from the ground, rubbing his shoulder which was injured from the incident. "You drove right into that thing as if it was about to sell you a fake Dior bag."

    "The women's rights movement has been set back by 10 years," Antoni groaned as he got back onto his feet.

    "It came out of nowhere! I swear it jumped right in front of us," Mikaela protested defensively. "I think the airport needs to remove it, we can't have it jumping out in front of more innocent people!"

    "It looks like it might be vital to the structural integrity of the building, but we can bring it up to the Reitzmics," Antoni answered diplomatically.

    "Oh no, the cart won't start again!" Mikaela gasped with a shaky voice. "It's really not turning on again. I think the cart is broken!"

    "I don't want to cause any panic, but the front of the cart appears to be on fire," Antoni observed nonchalantly.

    "It's gonna blow!" Silas yelled, leaping up to his feet and then tackling Mikaela off the cart and onto the ground. "Take cover!"

    "It's a golf cart. It won't blow up. The engine doesn't use jet fuel. It's probably electric," Antoni responded calmly as he examined the flames coming from the front of the vehicle.

    "Jet fuel is exactly how the Reitzmics got Coventry, we can't let that happen to us," Silas commented as he held Mikaela tightly to the ground. After a few moments, Mikaela wiggled herself out of his grasp, and the two Kligenbergs got back up on their feet.

    "Well, we're definitely running late now," Antoni stated as he looked at his watch, totally unphased by the entire accident.

    "My legs hurts, how much further will we have to walk?" Mikaela asked in pain.

    "Here, I'll help carry you," Antoni offered as he slowly bent down and offered himself up as a newly-unlocked steed. "Don't worry, I'll have no problem carrying you. I'm deadlifting 120kgs these days. I did a personal best just the other day: a one rep best of 180kgs," Antoni bragged.

    "Well, you know what weighs much more than that? My bank account," Silas interjected. "So many 0's, I can't even count. Not to worry though, I would be willing to shed some 0's for you. Let me take you out for some dinner sometime?"

    "Si, you need to stop hitting on every living and breathing thing, especially right now," Mikaela cautioned anxiously. "People are waiting for us."

    Mikaela jumped on Antoni's back and the Inquistans then set off, quickly navigating the airport until they spotted the Reizmic delegation.

    "Should we tell them?" Antoni asked.

    Silas shook his head. "No, no, better not."

    "We should be truthful! Besides, that pesky pillar needs to go," Mikaela requested.

    "But then we have to explain the whole golf cart situation. Let's just say we had nothing to do with it. We can just say it came that way. Yes, brilliant! We can say the airport came with it," Silas commented feeling confident.

    Mikaela relented. "Ok, fine."

    Upon seeing the Reitzmics, the Inquistans smiled and greeted them warmly.

    "We're ready for the grand opening!" Mikaela greeted with enthusiasm.

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  • RE: 100th Anniversary of the Socialist Republican Party

    Silas' humour may have been a little lost on Minister Šín, but Silas persisted. "Illegal? No, no, we would never do something illegal. I mean, some might be of that opinion. Sure, there might be some laws saying certain actions are not allowed, or even criminal, but with enough resourcefulness, money, and a few important friends, it's all just simply... frowned upon, or just a bad look," Silas explained with with an amused tone but a serious expression.

    "We could most definitely put the accounts and company stakes under the ownership of your kids. That's some good thinking, genius even. Also, while other kids sell lemonade on the streets, your kids will be making millions for every new mountain that is flattened and dug up. Kids are never too young to learn the values of hard-work, making money, and of silencing local residents who have been displaced by mining activity.

    No, I insist that my offer has no strings attached. This is an extension of my generosity and friendship, that is all. Of course, you know, if the mining activities of any Inquistan-backed companies ever got disrupted, sure, the value of your children's assets would drop substantially - in the millions, probably - which you wouldn't want, would you? So you'd probably want to avoid that from ever happening. Likewise, if the mining business in Czech Slavia boomed, your children would make a lot of money in their returns of investment. But no, I want nothing in return. This is just a gift, and I am glad to hear that you will accept."

    Silas accepted the ketchup which he then put on the half-eaten hotdog. Silas then put the hotdog back in his suit jacket. "Still saving this for later."

    Mikaela fully understood Reiserová's outburst. Mikaela couldn't think of anything worse than new wrinkles, or dark circles under eyes, and so that is why she had to break the truth to the President.

    Mikaela once attended a formal party with her ex-friend Celeste Callumbruni, who didn't tell Mikaela she had smudged her lip gloss. Mikaela was at the party for two hours until somebody finally pointed it out her. Mikaela felt like a fool. Yes, Celeste had repeatedly slept with multiple of Mikaela's former boyfriends, stolen two pairs of her earrings, crashed one of her yachts, and leaked many insider stories about Mikaela to the paparazzi and the press, but these were things that Mikaela could forgive. But letting her make a fool of herself by walking around a party with smudged lip gloss? That was an unforgivable line to cross. Mikaela had no choice but to cut Celeste's toxicity out of her life, and she swore she would never allow her friends to suffer from the same fate of having uncomfortable things pointed out, particularly about one's own appearance.

    Good thing that President Reiserová was keen on Mikaela's idea to tour across Europe. It's exactly what both women needed.

    After a Juncker-like thunderous applause erupted following the President's speech, the Archbishop decided to deliver her own words. While the President's speech may have been written, the Archbishop decided to deliver her speech spontaneously and adlib the whole thing.

    "Yay, it’s so good to speak to you all today on this very important occasion!

    As a fellow revolutionary, I stand with you all. Glamour Magazine once described me as a revolutionary of the pop music industry in Inquista, while in 2013, the Red Croatian magazine the Matriarchy described my accessory fashion choices as revolutionizing the way in which handbags can complement outfits. As revolutionaries, we are not afraid to change up the game and pave our own way. Czechs have bravely paved their own way, and Czech Slavia is now much better off because of it.

    When people think of revolution, they often think of red. You have all made, like, a very smart decision to associate yourselves with this colour. The colour also represents love, passion, courage and good health. The colour red also looks great on gowns, dresses, high heeled shoes, and you can never go wrong with red lipstick. This means you can all look great while representing such strong values! Super smart and forward thinking, you guys.

    100 years. Wow, a whole decade. A decade of great progress and achievement, and hopefully there will be many more great decades to come. Socialism totally works. You know, I might even consider myself a socialist. Socialising is one of my favourite things, so I’m not surprised the Czech people love it too. T-B-H, there is nobody I would rather socialise with than President Reiserová herself. The President is such a kind, compassionate, smart, and strong woman, and I know if there’s anyone who could lead Czech Slavia into the future, it’s President Reiserová. Good thing she is President for life. I think it’s amazing that socialising gives Czechs life-long jobs. Czechs having such strong job security is an example of Czech Slavia’s many great achievements.

    Keep it up, sweeties. You are all doing great. Thank you for allowing me to attend this milestone, and I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you."

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  • RE: Applications | European Constitutional Committee


    Name: Councillor Wesley Greene
    Nation of Origin: Union of Duxburian Dominions

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  • RE: Dyl Reviews: RL Reiserová Films

    The 27-Hour Day (2021)


    Rating: ☭☭☭☭ (out of 5)

    New York businesswoman, podcast host and influencer Lauren (Reiserová) is a go-getting busy bee girlboss who puts her work and career before everything else. Lauren is the Queen of the Sigma Grindset, and she shares the secrets of her success on her podcast, the 27-Hour Day, which helps listeners make the most efficient use of their time.

    Lauren tries to court a business opportunity with a big-time author and lifestyle influencer, which is an opportunity that then seems to be in doubt after Lauren flubs an interview with the VIP who rebukes Lauren's severely lacking work-life balance. For this reason, among others, Lauren is convinced to attend a week-long relaxation retreat to Montana. One retreat to Montana, and an hour and a fifteen minutes of this film later, Lauren becomes a changed woman who decides to put her own personal needs before her career. Lauren is ultimately offered a chance to work with the author she was originally trying to court, but she decides to turn her down. More importantly, however, Lauren finds herself a handsome man in the process.

    The film centres itself around a message of personal growth and progress, and the film itself successfully manages to build a cohesive plot pointing in this direction, but it also sometimes teeters on the mundane. Most of the film follows Lauren's stay at the retreat, where viewers watch Lauren undertake various 'relaxing' activities (picking berries, painting, canoeing, baking, etc). Most of these activities are rather boring or unimportant, but Lauren's constant (and cute) flirtations and banter with the stoic retreat boy keep things interesting. Plot development and a sense of progress is only evident in the developing feelings between Lauren and her love interest, as well as Lauren's slowly changing sigma grindset.

    On paper, Lauren could very easily be an unlikable character. She's an extremely ambitious girlboss with an A-type personality, and her success could easily render herself a snob. However, Lauren doesn't seem to take herself too seriously, and she keeps and open mind and an open heart to all suggestions that come her way, as well as to dedicating herself to personal growth. Lauren is fun, witty, and very rootable. We cheer her on her journey. A large part of this is also due to Reiserová's acting, which is especially superb. Reiserová really brought life and dimension to Lauren's character, and she very successfully moulded Lauren into a hero.

    The love interest also went on his own journey, but it was somewhat muddled and lost in the weeds. The love interest at first did not seem to have any real personality besides being a bit flirty (although we're also told he hasn't dated anyone in many years), or have any real motivations of his own. We eventually learn that the guy dropped his dreams of becoming a veterinarian in order to instead help maintain his mom's retreat following the death of his father (a Hallmark film would simply not be a Hallmark film without at least one deceased parent). The actor does a fine job portraying his character, but his character mostly feels one note, one dimensional, and not fully fleshed out. The love interest's actor is Canadian though, so there's that.

    There doesn't seem to be any real conflict in the film whatsoever, except Lauren's own personal struggles concerning her work-life balance, but a disagreement very abruptly breaks out between Lauren and her love interest 15 minutes before the film ends, which appears to be another reoccurring theme in Hallmark movies. Thankfully, this disagreement is cleared 10 minutes later after Lauren returns to New York, and the love interest spends some time playing catch with his dog and holding a vague conversation with his mom, which then suddenly prompts him to return to veterinary school at Cornell, and to pursue a relationship with Lauren.

    There were some side characters in the film, but we only care about one of them: Piggy. In fact, Piggy is probably the star and highlight of the whole show. Piggy was a piglet that lived on the retreat and was cared for by the love interest. The piglet stole every scene she was in, and we all relish in each of her appearances. Unfortunately, Piggy is sold-off rather unceremoniously near the end of the film, which is heart breaking.

    The film, which is supposed to take place in New York and Montana, was actually filmed in Vancouver, BC. It has quite a few stunning shots, with mountains in the back drop. The beautiful environment in the film is aided by a very pleasant soundtrack, which sounds like something about of the Sims (but in a good way).

    The romance in the film isn't necessarily the strongest, even though we do get one kissing scene before the 1 hour mark. Most of the romance comes in the form of cheeky flirtation, but it will still manage to turn your cheeks red. This Hallmark film offers more than romance though, and at least offers a compelling main character with their own interesting journey, as well as a very cute pig.

    Four hammer and sickles out of five.

    Bonus review from Goose (Czech Slavia): "Main character was an unrelatable workaholic, but still charming. There was a cute piglet."

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  • RE: Speaker and Deputy Speaker Election Voting, January 2022

    The Union of Duxburian Dominions votes as follows:

    II Yuridiana YAHONTOV
    III Donald TUSK

    Deputy Speaker
    I Nicholas BENFIELD

    Wesley Greene
    Councillor of the Duxburian Union

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