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    Europa Park, Europolis

    Campaign week has come and Joe's plans are coming to life. A rally with more than a million attendees have been prepared at the heart of the union, the campaign is finally to be launched in Europolis. The program begins with colorful light shows and musical performances. And then, the main event comes. A bus painted in a special livery with a variant of the campaign logo appears and honks as it approaches the stage.

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    "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the one and only...JOE BIDEN!" the hosts announce as the crowd roars with applause and cheer.

    Joe comes out of the Bidenbus and to the stage as the audience cheers him chanting his name.

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    "Hello everyone! Europe it's so great to be here to stand up for all of your interests and for what is right. Our campaign says it all, no more malarkey in Europe. In my administration, we will end all sorts of malarkey and bring the Union back to its glory days with the rest of the European Commission and the European Council."

    "For our campaign agenda, we will end European partisanship and get rid of political wars. I firmly believe that politics has no place in our Union and that it only causes problems instead of solve them. We shall finally draw the line of sovereignty, what areas the EU may and may not touch. A constitutional review would take place in my term to see whether or not our member-states are pleased with the current state of the EU and the constitution. Repeal the sanctioning powers act, and open negotiations with the UNSR to achieve peaceful co-existence without the threat of nuclear war and violence. Remove the European Assembly and replace it with more viable ways of communicating with the heads of each member-state, and so much more. Our agenda isn't about inter-regional transport, nor about sanctioning member-states, because our priority is to bring back the union to where it should be. All these malarkey is what we'll get rid and we will do that within at least 4 months."

    "However, I cannot do this without your help. People, the fate of the EU is within your hands. We can save the union from collapsing, but we would only be able to achieve that if you vote who will really give you change that is right for the EU. The power is al in your hands, so vote JOE BIDEN in this coming European Elections. And together, we will get rid of malarkey in the EU. It is time for change, and that is what we'll give to you. Thank you and have a good day everyone!"

    The audience cheers Joe as he goes through his plans for the campaign. People chant his name as he descends the stairs and go back to the bus.

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    #JOE2021 Day 2: Europartisanship has no place in the Union

    St. Dominico, Inquista

    After the campaign in Europolis, Joe went for St. Dominico even if it's known for being very pro-EPA. On the way, he heard that Emma Granger is his new opponent and cannot believe it. He knew how Emma Granger acted in the European Council recently and would not let her destroy the European Union further in the Commission. Emma was clearly aiming to meddle with the affairs of member-states, this is something that he believes would cause the fall of the union. As he thought of how he would attack Emma and stop her from being elected, the Bi-plane (Biden Airplane) touched down at St. Dominico for the second rally. He exited the plane and went straight to the park where the rally would be held.

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    As he arrives at the park, the audience chants his name even before the hosts announce his presence. So, the hosts decided to not announce his name and let the main event start without introduction. Joe then ran up the stage with the audience cheering and clapping.

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    "Thank you and good day ladies and gentlemen! I'm very happy to give a visit to all of you here in St. Dominico. As you may know, I am Joe Biden and I am running for Internal Affairs Commissioner. My campaign is clear and simple, NO MORE MALARKEY in the European Union!"

    The audience applauses as he introduces his campaign.

    "At this moment, the union is in danger of collapse because of many factors. Countries are threatening to leave and form a new union. And I thought that it's time we stop it because the past administrations have done few to act on this matter."

    "One problem I noticed is europartisanship, in which politics is brought into the union by forming eurogroups and parties. This has to stop, because we don't need politics in the EU. Politics only brings divisions and separates us from each other because of ideology. We speak of wars in the European Council and the European Commission but would not get rid of the war secretly lingering around the union. It is time we change, we reform, and see the true state of the Union. Europartisanship has to stop, we have to listen to the cries of the people and not our personal interests. It's time we build back better for the European Union."

    "However, I need all of your help to achieve this. The fate of the EU is in your hands. So vote JOE BIDEN in the coming European Elections if you want to make Europe a better place and bring back its glory days. Together, we can achieve anything and stop malarkey from making our union collapse. Thank you and have a great day everyone!"

    The audience gives a roaring round of applause as Joe finishes his speech. They chant his name as he goes down the stage to take questions and engage with the people better.

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    BUILD BACK BETTER for the European Union

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    #JOE2021 Day 3: Sanctions break the Union


    The attacks from the opponents were insane, but he had to fight for what is right. Just in time, his plane landed at Prague for the rally. Joe then transferred to the Bidencopter which would take him to the campaign grounds. After a few minutes, the Bidencopter arrived and landed at the park.

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    The crowd cheers as the helicopter touches down and Joe comes out of the helicopter. He took to the stage without any introduction.

    "Good day Prague!"

    Crowd cheers and chants his name.

    "Today, it is time we make the EU better. No more forced sanctions and embargoes, no more malarkey. Enough of the EU pressing on its member-states and forcing them to do something. Change is coming, and we will bring it. Unlike other candidates who only make promises but doesn't act."

    The crowd cheers again.

    "Sanctions don't solve the problem, diplomacy does. In my administration, we will ensure that the EU stops forcing its member-states to do something and meddle with their Internal Affairs. This malarkey has to stop and we will do it. Look at the UNSR, we sanctioned them but nothing happened. It's time we let the member-states decide what they want."

    "And if you want that to happen, vote Joe BIDEN in the coming European Elections. We will conduct a constitutional review in 4 months and reform the EU to match the real interests of the member-states. If we work together, we can stop Krexit, Anglexit, Mennrexit, or any other exit from happening. Thank you and have a great day everyone!"

    The audience gives a big round of applause with roaring cheers and chants.

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