Discussion on the Future of the Security Council

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    GDR and the Duxburian Union are the only remaining, active member nations of the Security Council. As of 2008, the SC lacks an official mandate to conduct executive business for the European Union, and thus has done little since. What shall we do with this institution? We can:

    A: Choose to dissolve it


    B: Choose to add nations

    It would still be unclear what role the SC would play if expanded. Thus, the Duxburian Union currently favors dissolution. We await the response from GDR on their position.

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    I personally think that the most logical option to choose is to dissolve the SC. In its current form, the existence of the body has no sense. Otherwise we could, instead of dissolving, turning it into a room of discussion for the most influential nations of the region and NOTHING else. No executive functions, no 'regional policeman' paper...

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    That is a logical avenue, although said function could also be served simply by calling summits of influential nations.

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    I think then that we should indeed dissolve the organisation.

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    In accordance with the wishes of the two remaining Security Council members, the Duxburian Union formally moves to dissolve the Security Council.

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    Now that the region has a functional ECoJ, the Duxburian Union:

    Noting how the Security Council is down to 2 remaining active members,

    Noting that the motion to dissolve the body has sat for over a month,

    Believing that the Temporary Authority Act was passed without any legal votes cast,

    Noting that only one piece of legislation passed the Council during this time, which has never been utilized,

    Noting that the Temporary Authority was repealed due to Security Council inactivity,

    Expecting the Act to be challenged by the ECoJ,

    Expecting the Security Council to be condemned or other punitive retroactive penalty levied,

    Noting that it was not a member of the Security Council when Temporary Authority was in effect and should be held blameless,

    Believing that the body no longer serves any purpose,

    Hereby leaves the Security Council, effective immediately.

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