European Relief Force Act 2012


    Proposed by Gun-Toting Animals :: Passed (11-1), September 4th, 2012 :: Unamended


    This act is designed to create a force under the control of Europe capable of distributing humanitarian aid in nations stricken by natural disaster or devastated by war.


    1. The relief force, hereafter referred to as the European Relief Force (ERF), shall consist solely of volunteers from member nations of the European Union.

    2. Volunteers are to be trained by the Commission for Defense and Peace-Keeping of the European Union in humanitarian relief work. Training includes one extensive training and a refresher course every six month. Volunteers that engage in active relief operations shall be unpaid. Those who train the aforementioned volunteers shall be paid a salary appropriate to their country of residence.

    3. This organization is not a peacekeeping force, weapons may only be used as a means of self preservation.


    1. The European Relief Force can be deployed into nations post disaster or post conflict at the request of the member nations where operations would be held. The European Relief Force can also deployed during a truce, on condition all parties involved agree.

    2. Such a request shall be sent to the European Council to deliberate over and decide on the course of action that is to be taken. The Council will decide whether or not the ERF shall be deployed and the size of the operation. This includes how much aid and resources are to be used. A vote of 55% will be necessary to pass a resolution in favor of deployment. The Council can, at any time, propose conditions to the aid, limits the operation in time and/or area and so on.


    1. The operations of the European Relief Force will be overseen by the Defense Commissioner. The Defense Commissioner will be responsible for coordinating the ERF's activities with the nation operations are being held in, as well as other nations who are willing to help provide logistics for humanitarian aid distribution.


    1. The ERF will be funded by the European Budget at its conception but may find other sources of funding.

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