European Seed Trust Act 2014

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    Proposed by Imperial Prussian State :: Passed (11-0), September 28th, 2014 :: Unamended


    1. This Act serves to help protect the biodiversity of the planet by the collection of seeds through the European Union. These seeds shall be taken to seed banks established throughout the European Union. This shall be accomplished through the European Seed Trust.

    2. For the purposes of this Act we define the following terms as follows;
      a. Seed: a flowering plant's unit of reproduction, capable of developing into another such plant.
      b. Seed Bank: An area which is suited to the categorizing, storage, research, and most importantly preservation of seeds


    1. This act shall establish the European Seed Trust, which shall work in conjuncture of National Seed Banks or similar projects, and the European Commission.

    2. The European Seed Trust shall be administered by a Director who shall be appointed by the Commissioner of Internal Affairs for two year terms.
      a. The European Seed Trust Director shall be an established scientist in the field of biology, ecology, or botany; who shall put aside corporate, national, and political affiliations in pursuit of this act.

    3. The European Seed Trust Director shall work with National Seed Banks, or similar projects in order to retrieve seeds in order to store in the three seed banks established in this Act. The Director shall also ask for the donations from member states, organizations, corporations etc. if the provided funds from the European Budget are surpassed.

    4. The European Seed Trust shall make yearly reports on their progress to the Internal Affairs Office, which shall be published for the public's viewing. In this report the Director shall also request the expected funds for the next year.

    5. This act shall set aside 100 million Euros for the European Seed Trust in its first year of operation.


    1. This Act shall establish seed banks in nations which apply to the European Seed Trust to be Union Seed Banks, they will apply to the Director of the European Seed Trust, and as such are approved by him/her. There will always be a maximum limit of three Union Seed Banks, but regional based ones shall not be limited at this time.

    2. These banks shall be run by the European Seed Trust, but are still subject to the national jurisdictions as that of Embassies of a nation.

    3. These banks shall have room for at least half of the known plant species on this planet as of September 2014, they may continue to increase size if needed.

    4. These banks shall on an individual basis provide worthy applicants the chance to borrow seeds for research purposes. Each bank shall set a fine for such research on their own merit.

    5. These banks shall set up the necessary conditions that the European Seed Trust and Scientific Community find exceptional for the storage and preservation of the seeds.


    1. This Act encourages member states to set up seed banks either by the public sector or incentives in the private sector. It also encourages these seed banks or similar projects to donate and help the European Seed Trust in its mission to preserve plant species for future use and generations.

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