Terrorist Attack

  • Comrade Orton Dylan, who recently replaced the now Commissioner Comrade Beefheart, had recieved news from Aesop Rocks of the bombings in Moseley. He had been given permission to announce the attacks upon his country. His first big speech in this magnificent hall, he was nervous but knew he must conquer these nerves and make the speech which could define his future career. Standing, looking sombre, he looked out amongst the various MEPs.

    Members of Parliament, I come to you to announce something I thought I would never have to say to you. Aesop Rocks was today attacked by terrorists in four seperate attacks across the Capital Moseley. The latest figures leave 376 in hospital, 45 critically, 83 dead. This has shocked our nation and Government. We are concered about security within the region and request that all Governments remain vigilant against any suspicious activity.

    We would also like to extend our hand to the other nations who were subjected to this insanity. I hope that our Governments may work together to ensure we may cover all areas of intelligence. Our Intelligence service requests a meeting with your own - along with any other nation that wishes to attend, at our HeadQuarters in Moseley.

    The motions are already in motion to find the perpetrators and our Intelligence has been activated. We have CCTV footage of the Suicide Bombers and hope that we will have names before the morning. We ask for all nations co-operation in the capture of these people's superiors.

    I need not remind you that this is a first in the European Union. We need to unite against such acts of terrorism, against the destruction of democracy and freedom, against the people who feel it acceptable to kill innocent citizens. I hope that Aesop Rocks may count on assistance from all members of the European Union.

    Thank you MEPs.

  • I honestly cried when I heard this news. Terrorism is something we need to hit hard. There is no room for this action in the European Union. We must fish out and discover its roots and destroy it before it causes us to live in fear. I offer aid on behalf of my nation and my government and monarch send their deepest and complete condolances and offer to help the effected nations in the steps to recovery and battling the terror at home.

    _Signore Saolo Verrina took his seat. _

  • We are shocked to hear this awful news. Such an act of terrorism is unacceptable and unexcusable. This is not only an attack on innocent people but on freedom, democracy and all values that we hold dear. The government and the people of the Confederacy of Aleutia offers our deepest condolences to the victims the attack.

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    Kuslikov sat on his chair, frowned, obviously occupied with other, more serious subjects than mere terrorist attacks on other countries. Eventually, however, he sipped some watered vodka from his glass and stood to deliver a short speech to express his nation's official stance.

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics offers its deepest condolences to the families of the unfortunate victims, and offers a hand of support in order to capture the culprits behind this evil scheme.

    He was plain and to the point, but he was empty of words. Kuslikov looked around him before he sat again, to sip more watered vodka from his glass.

  • The Rt Hon. Geoffrey van Orden sat in a daze. He recalled the terror of the 7.7 attacks on his capital city. He eventually stood to address the Parliament.

    I send the sympathies and condolances of my government and people to the victimes of this tragic attack. We shall mourn the dead and pledge our aid to the right honourable gentleman's government.

  • As Acting-Vizier, and on behalf of the reigning Caliph, I dedicate myself and my nation's resources to aiding your nations in apprehending and destroying this insidious terror organization, which has not only caused so much devestation in your lands, but wrought terrible damage on the minds of our youths, inciting them into such vile acts of hatred.

    -Harim Sharif

  • Dr. John Dorian now furious with rage on what had happened firmly stood up and spoke in a loud tone.

    On behalf of Triera I would like to thank all the nations that have expressed sympathy to our nation and the ones directly affected by this act of terror. But I come here with a message and that is that this act of terrorism was an act of war and those found guilty shall know no mercy.

    _Completing his short speech he sat down comfortably knowing that the message had been sent across Europe. _

  • QUOTE (Triera @ Feb 5 2007, 11:09 PM)

    But I come here with a message and that is that this act of terrorism was an act of war and those found guilty shall know no mercy.

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for someone to say.

    Verrina jumped from his seat.

    **We need to nip this in the butt... so to speak. No mercy to terrorists, and we must destroy this at the source. **

  • After Intelligence gathered, Aesop Rocks believes this act to be an act of aggression and war against our great nation. I hope all nations will support the destruction of this evil.

    We would also like to thank nations for their support and words of kindness in these troubled times; we are greatly appreciative of this. Such genirosity has truly shown us the unity of our union.

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    Benny Ostrava stood in order to give a measured response to the entirety of the European Parliament.

    On behalf of the Federal Republic of Belarum, we greatly appreciate the outpouring of support from the nations of the European Union. We hope that the events which have occurred prove to the regional community that we can no longer afford to enter into conflict with each other in a reality where enemies without borders seek to destroy our very society.

    Because of the recent events in the Federal Republic, the President will no longer be able to attend the Europolis Summit. His efforts are needed at home, where much is left to be done. However, my nation is prepared to send forth Foreign Affairs Minister Franklin Yager and myself to represent the Federal Republic of Belarum at the Summit. We hope that the regional community finds this acceptable.

  • We are here to bring another shocking news:

    According to the official report from the United Kingdom States, hundreds of people have been killed in the recent riots in our south western neighbour, which according to the government of the UKS were initiated by 6 terrorist groups. Among the casuaties are 24 Aleutian nationals together with some other 300 foreign citizens.

    We find this incident horrorful and outrageous as it is the worst loss of life for Aleutia in many years.
    The government of Aleutia officially condemns the killings and requests the government of the UKS to ensure the safe return of our remaining citizens in the nation.
    Also, to help the evacuation of our citizen, we would like to ask for permission from the government of UKS to allow our troops and aircrafts being sent to London to secure the safety of our citizens and citizens of other nations.

    Our government hereby declares Thursday Feb 8th the National Day of Mourning for those who lost their lives in the last 2 days.

  • The Empire sends it's sympathies and condolances to the victimes the attack.
    Cato sat down after the short sentence, he had much to think about right now.

  • The governor rose to address Parliament. Unsure of the roots of this terrorism, he had little to say.
    The provincial government of Apollon Musagete sends its condolences to the victims of the attacks. We implore Parliament to aid in the investigation.

  • Recieving yet more information from the Government back in Moseley, Comrade Orlan once again rose to address the Parliament.

    We thank members for their kind words of support. We also commend Aluetia on the motion that the 8th be a day of rememberance for the innocent.

    My Government has authorised to let you all know that we have captured three suspected terrorists who resided in Aesop Rocks but are Alikhstani nationals. These individuals shall be interrogated immediately. Intelligence gathered is pointing towards an Alikhstani-based terrorist network spanning a number of European Union nations, including many ETO members.

    Aesop Rocks shall not stand for this kind of intimidation from the scum of this world. We shall hunt down and destroy the roots of this evil.

  • Receiving an urgent notice from his office, Vincent Cable rose to address the House.

    I rise to confirm that six Derbyshire nationals have been detained in conection to the terrorist attacks in Belarum. Again, my government wishes to express its concern and despair for the loss of life.

    I can also confirm that four individuals have been detained in Derbyshire in connection with the attacks. The Home Secretary will be answering questions in the House of Commons tomorrow.

  • The Order of St Joseph would like to send our condolences to the victims of the terrorist attacks. May God save their souls.
    The Order and the Grand Master also condemn the attacks and desribe them as barbaric. We believe there is no religion, no faith but blinded believes and fundamentalism would embrace such acts.

  • Sig. Verrina rushed into the Parliament out of breath stumbling to his position.

    Cardinal Alessandro da Cieli has been kidnapped from The Vatican City! Please pray for his soul. If anyone has information on his whereabouts the Italian Government and Catholic Church begs for your cooperation. We want to head up an organization to take care of this sudden reign of terror over Europe. We will NEED allies and money to do this.

  • We are shocked to hear that Cadinal Alessandro da Cieli were kidnapped. This is clearly an attack on the Catholic faith by the extremists. The Order of St Joseph offer our assiatance to our Italian brothers and His Holyness the Pope.

  • We apologise for our late reply - internal affairs have been rather busy as of late.

    The kidnapping of Cadinal Alessandro da Cieli is an absolute disgrace. We cannot allow our nations to be terrorised. Aesop Rocks offers our assistance and co-operation in the rooting out of these and all terorrists across the European Union. We hope that all nations can unite against this evil and destroy it at the source.

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    The Federal Republic of Belarum would also like to offer our deepest sympathies for the people of Nazione Italiana. The kidnapping of the Cardinal is simply reprehensible, and the FRB would like to offer help in any way possible. Our efforts domestically to recover from the wave of attacks that have struck us is almost complete; we now seek to offer a helping hand outwards.

    Nazione Italiana, we would like permission officially from your nation to launch a Belarian Intelligence Office led investigation into the kidnapping of Cardinal Alessandro da Cieli.

    Also, to the nations of Aesop Rocks and Triera we seek to offer funds and personel to any nation who requests it because of these heinous attacks.