Constitutional Amendments

  • sounds reasonable. Intelligent Humans votes for both amendments

  • Dim Quai votes for both ammendments.

  • We would like to suggest that the 3rd admenment, which has been agreed upon by us and the Soviet Union, to be brought onto the poll as soon as possible, since without this change, the Union may find itself in very dangerous situations later.

  • [OOC] Aluetia - it'll mean starting the Poll over again which I feel is unneccessary. I hope that there can be a second round of amendments and proposals to clear up any further problems. I am sure that more will come out of the woodwork and so I feel that with a second reading, although seemingly bureaucratic unneccessities, will actually be - in the long run - less detramental than no such happening.

  • I am very confused... can we all come to a decision? What exactly is going to occure here now with this? Is this vote being posponed?

  • No. But there will be a second round. I hope.

  • I see it as one of two options:

    Either we scrap this vote and start again


    We have a second round of amending and discussion

    I am certainly a strong advocate of the second for the reasons already cited by myself earlier in these discussions. I feel that to take away the opportunity for a second round would be a dangerous option when it comes to the implementation of our new Constitution. I also feel that to scrap this vote would be unneccessarily confusing and bureaucratic and so I hope that I have support on this motion for another round?

  • I would go for the second round.

  • Traceynia Votes FOR for Amendment one and ABSTAINS from Amendment two.

    ~Nathaniel Feintuch
    Traceynian European Representative.

  • The Poll is now officially closed and I believe both amendments have passed with a large majority. I hope that the delegates from the Soviet Union may be able to write these new amendments into the Constitution.

    May we now begin the second round of amending and the likes?

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