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  • RE: Seeing Colours

    "You'll have to contact someone else about the retreats, they're managed by someone else, Ayros Tiraki. I can give you her contact information, if you're seriously interested in this," said Rikkalek.

    "I've watched a film named A Glenbrno Winter, but I doubt it was the same one that you did. It was a production of a Ms. Ilisapit Ikrat, which she tried to pass off Czech, and was about ritual sacrifice, which she claimed was a recurring theme in Czech films. I assume she wanted to make it extremely disgusting and shocking, but she tried to the point where it was really just extremely boring. I think I even fell asleep when she first screened it for us. So I'll just take your word on the lead, I guess."

    He was still genuinely confused about the deal which Silas had offered. "I still don't understand. Your proposal is putting the stability of the Inquistan state at risk. Not a major risk, certainly not one that could cause significant issues by itself, but still a risk. That's a little dangerous, for everyone, isn't it? The state maintains order, it maintains stability; without the state, people become disordered, deranged. There is no business, no institution, which can function in an environment like that. You talk about profit, but we both know that weakening the state will act as against that, cancel it out, maybe even decrease it. Your proposal is to weaken your society and your personal interests to strengthen ours; you gain nothing, and we gain everything. For a country as rich and as powerful as Inquista to be making a proposal like this is nonsensical; there must be another motive. Given this, I don't think it's wise for me to agree to this in particular."

    "And then, of course, there are the stocks you've offered me. It's illegal, you're right, and something that would get me removed from office and then thrown into some ditch, but I don't even understand why it would be a good thing. I've never seen any difference between speculation and gambling, both involve money being connected to nonsensical, nonexistent things which are bet on, and both lead to dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and ruin. On top of that, what can you do with the money itself? Buy things? Why would you want to buy things? What satisfaction does buying things give someone? None, in my opinion. It's power, really, that can satisfy someone; and one can't buy power with money. Or well, it's possible, but then you have the risk of everything coming down very quickly - you'd have no legitimacy in anyone's eyes."

    "Anyways, appointing a new ambassador would probably be a good thing, absolutely. Although of course there are some in the government who might complain."

    He listened to the others after they entered.

    :"Our commitment to any agreement will be strong," said Rikkalek in response to Antoni. "Istkalen is, of course, a recovering country, and there will be, politically, some instability as a result of that, but any government, every government, will honor, fully, the nature of the new relationship between our two states. We keep our word."

    "And, of course," responding to Mikaela, "we would be fine with visa-free travel. We don't have any additional concerns."

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  • RE: Loan System Reform | European Council Discussion

    Neoliberal clownery. Just no.

    Ilmaras Kalessed
    Internal Affairs Commissioner

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  • RE: Loan System Reform | European Council Discussion

    I'd like to thank the inputs of the Honourable Councilors for the United Duchies, Lusitania and Vettonia, and Inimicus. Now, I'd like to explain as to why I see these reforms as necessary.

    The EDA as of now has not yet catered to any developing country. Most recent requests that the agency received are from Inimicus, Duxburian Union, North Diessen, Czech Slavia, and the United Duchies. Among these nations, only North Diessen may arguably be the only developing country to have benefitted from the EDA. It had seemed to me, that large countries are the one that had been benefitting from the agency more. It may also be observed that requests of large amount from highly developed nations are usually in the form of interest-free loans except for that from the Duxburian Union, and the fact that most of these loans are proposed to be payed in a duration over 3 years gives me an impression that large developing countries are abusing the system. I find it very disappointing how these developing countries speak of helping developing countries but abuse the system they created for their own benefit. The EDA Budget as of now is limited, and with more high-value requests from highly developed nations coming and draining the budget, then I doubt that developing countries will ever benefit from this project.

    This is why I'm proposing a separate agency that would cater solely for developing countries and reforming the system in place for the EDA so that nations do not abuse the availability of the option to have interest-free loans and not take into account inflation across the region.

    I also included a proposal to make the EDA more financially independent and competitive to other loaning agencies. This is because I have observed and seen that developing countries who request large amounts of funds for a loan/grant turn to other loaning agencies when they are rejected due to lack of enough funds for the grant to be approved. And this embarrasses the EDA, teasing it for not having enough funds and not catering to their needs despite them not being the intended target for the EDA's funds. That proposal was made to counter this system of antagonization of the EDA in favor of other agencies/organizations. However, I do think that if nations choose to turn to other loan agencies to simply antagonize the most available one, then it would be more appropriate if the EDA is just removed altogether and the agency I proposed to solely cater for developing countries be the only one to remain in place.

    I hope, that my arguments are understood clearly. This change isn't for an unnecessary bureaucracy, but for the benefit of those which the EDA was meant to focus on and of the entire union as a whole. Thank you.

    Sir Joseph William Amberton Biden Sr. GCVO
    Premier Commissioner, European Commission

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  • RE: Reitzmag, The Kingdom of


    (under development)

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  • RE: The Government of the Republic of Istkalen

    Statement of the Helétek

    My desire has been, is, and will be, always, to bring about the resurrection of our nation by any means. But I have not been strong enough to do so; I have compromised, I have been tricked. I am fallible, I have been weak.

    The Second Act of Socialization passed not because I was absent, not because I wanted to remain neutral, but because I was blind. In the past I have upheld the common will because I have defended the workers against the state; here I foolishly believed that the state and the workers had become one, and therefore that it was my responsibility to uphold its decisions. In delusion I had thought that what I had set out to do - to democratize our country, to end the elitism - had been fully accomplished.

    I cannot afford to be blind anymore.

    The factionalism must come to an end. Kerel, for all his faults, was correct - they divide the nation and delude everyone. They create an environment of ideological purism which ignores the true desires of the people. Politics itself must come to an end, and be replaced with simple, neutral, and rational administration.

    The Directory has been indefinitely suspended; elections on new, non-partisan, and participatory lines will be held to the workers' associations in due order. A new government has been appointed in the stead of the Directory, led by Kalju Ilves.

    An end to the old, to the irrational and undemocratic; and the dawn of the new, the participatory.

    Vistek Rikkalek
    Helétek of the Republic of Istkalen

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  • RE: Reitzmag-United Kingdom Summit

    SB: "We don't really antagonize or wish to antagonize anyone with alliances, there are simply just nations that threaten our national security who are offended by our continually growing force. Anyway, I am glad that you too are open for a defencive agreement between our nations. But aside from that, we also have some very advanced products which our defence contractors want to market here in the United Kingdom for your Armed Forces. Maybe there is something that you are interested in among the products they offer? "

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  • RE: The EU's Latest Tweets




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  • RE: Freedom of Navigation Act

    With five votes for and six votes against, this act has FAILED.

    Iras Tilkanas
    Council Speaker and Councillor for the Republic of Istkalen

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  • RE: Reitzmag-United Kingdom Summit

    SB: "I'm very glad to hear that, perhaps it would be appropriate we leave the further details to our Ministers later about that. Anyway, may I know what the UK sees about a defence cooperation between our nations?"

    He then tries to control himself, hoping the UK Prime Minister responds positively and sides with the respectful nations and not the neo-colonialist powers.

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