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  • RE: Freedom of Navigation Act

    I vote FOR Amendments III and V and AGAINST Amendments I, II, IV and VI.

    Donald Tusk
    Councillor for Spain

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  • RE: European Development Agency

    On the Subsidy Request for United Duchies Cycle Super Highway System

    Voting on the Subsidy Request for United Duchies Cycle Super Highway System shall begin now. At least TWO Commissioners must vote. I, Jean-Claude Juncker, vote AGAINST this request to be granted.

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  • RE: Juncker - Tilkannas Meeting

    Juncker gave a cup of coffee to the Speaker of the European Council and he served the drink for both of them, while listening to what Iras had to say. He then answered to what the Istkalenian Councillor said:

    "I do remember that the Council has had some... remarkable incidents that have compromised not only Councillors' security, but also the personnel security. While I believe some action should be taken, we need to be very cautious about how we approach this. Mandating countries how they should elect their Councillors or telling them what conditions they should have does not seem to be very popular indeed, just look at the now repealed EACA... Maybe the Code of Conduct of the chamber should include a mandate for Councillors to undergo security checks before entering the building? I do not know if that's in place yet, but it would be a good starting point".

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  • RE: A Caribbean Starman (Gadalland & Aspern - Spain Summit)

    Jesús was really happy when he first saw Dina after arriving at Hemberdale Railway Station. He shook hands with the Sertian Councillor in the European Council, and spoke: "Ms. Dina, nice to see you! It is a great pleasure to be here for three days and to be able to visit such an amazing nation as Gadalland and Aspern. And of course, let's head to the platform and see how that shiny new train looks!"

    Both the President and the Councillor headed to the platform, where the President had been informed that a joint statement between Ms. Dina and him would take place. When they arrived there, he waited for the Sertian Councillor to announce if the statement was taking place or if they were leaving that for later.

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  • RE: Leagioan News Agencies

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    Navy Purchases Ships From the United Kingdom

    Last week, Prime Minister Lahaye announced that her government was able to secure a deal that was weeks in the making with the United Kingdom as part of a step to modernize the Leagioan Navy. The move comes part of the coalition agreement to modernize the military of the Commonwealth with new equipment and additional focuses on research such as Drone technology and hyper-sonic missiles. The government of Commonwealth in a agreement with the Starmer Government in the United Kingdom, the two countries would work together in developing a new class of frigates and destroyers as well as new drone. As part of a iniative to begin the process of modernizing the Leagioan Navy in particular, the Commonwealth purchased licenses for the following the British Class of Type 45 Destroyers and the Type 23 class Frigates.


    (A image of LNS Gopen taken as it sailed out of Port Hilson)

    (A image taken of the brand new Alberto Malillos sailing into Port Hilson)
    The classes will have all the original British technology but modifications of some of the Leagioan counterparts of ASW detection and radar. The new classes will be named as according to the new ship naming conventions that President Mouri-Kudo authorized, which in this class the Type 45 Destroyers will be called the Gopen Class Destoryers and the Type 23’s are the Abel Ortiz Class Frigates. The Ministry of Defence announced that 3 of the new Gopen Class Destoryers were purchased from the shipyards of the United Kingdom (LNS Gopen, LNS Jullien, LNS Freedonia) and 5 Abel Ortiz Class Frigates were purchased as well (LNS Abel Ortiz, LNS Alberto Malillos, LNS Hyden Cole, LNS Louie Holland, and LNS Noah Valledres).

    Lahaye Government Submits Bill for Nationalized Healthcare System

    Prime Minister Lahaye with the support of Minister of Health - Mark Dime of the Green Party submitted a bill for a nationalized system of healthcare for the Commonwealth, where it is based on a multiple payer system of health where depending on the occupation, jobs would pay parts of it with the government of different levels of the commonwealth from Federal to local through taxes, and depending on the procedure it is paid by the patient unless it is necessary for the health and safety of the patient. The bill called the National Healthcare Act places all nurses, doctors, and medical personnel as employees of the Common government of the Commonwealth. Furthermore, the Act establishes a regulation that grants the creation of Bureau of Quality Health where it will provide price regulations. In addition, the bill would shift health insurance companies from selling insurance in general to selling benefits that would improve that would cover cosmetic surgery and other non-necessary procedures. The bill is expected to go through the Health and Social Services Committee within the House of Councilors before it goes through a official vote.

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  • RE: Spain News Media


    Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, new Minister for the Spanish Commonwealth Affairs, Overseas Missions and Territorial Waters

    Hasta la vista, Liz Truss. That has been the most repeated message over social media this afternoon after the Palacio de la Moncloa released a statement which confirmed the former Minister for the Spanish Commonwealth Affairs, Overseas Missions and Territorial Waters had resigned "voluntarily" and that thanked her for her services, while announcing the name of her successor, another woman: Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. She is the third person to assume the office in less than 2 years, a record that tells how many problems President Aguilar faces at finding someone that is capable enough of holding such a relevant position within the cabinet.

    Aguilar, who came back a few days ago from Gadalland and Aspern, might have been tempted to dismiss Truss way sooner than he has actually done. According to close sources to the Spanish President, who is also the President of the Partido Popular, Truss' words about the possible Government reaction to a possible passage of the Navigation Act were "out of place", alongside her inappropiate interference in the European Council affairs, as she is believed to have imposed the Spanish Councillor, Donald Tusk, what he had to say. If he did not obey Truss orders, the Minister threatened him with running against him on the next Councillor election and "make some corruption scandal up to guarantee he would not be a problem". Tusk reported this to Aguilar, that told him to "continue obbeing Truss until he had enough support to dismiss her".

    The new Minister, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, is a well-known figure in the Partido Popular, and also part of the conservative wing of the party, but according to a MP, she is "smarter than Truss at choosing her words both in public and private". With this new addition, Aguilar pretends to keep a hardline on the Straits policy, but without causing the scandals Truss caused during the past weeks.

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  • RE: A Caribbean Starman (Gadalland & Aspern - Spain Summit)

    Presidential Plane
    Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean

    It was another day in the Spanish President life, which changed back in 2016 when former President of the Partido Popular and the Spanish Government Mariano Rajoy decided he was the ideal person to succeed him at the front of the main political party in Spain and, if Jesús was lucky enough, as the Head of the Government. Aguilar, who has always enjoyed having to face new challenges and addressing them effectively, accepted such an important task and completed it with success, but now he had a challenge giving him lots of headaches and that he had had to leave behind due to a very important event taking place.

    And that important event was no other but the inauguration of the second Spanish spaceport in Gadalland and Aspern, which was accompanied by a three day long trip around the Caribbean nation. Jesús was always very keen on being informed by his secretaries and advisors about the happenings on the Caribbean, and with the recent election of Fornithias Cranst as the Braetha of Gadalland & Aspern, Aguilar knew this would be a key trip in what seemed to be a new era on the relationship between both nations. During the trip, his whole team slept, but he preferred to read a book rather than having some rest. At some point, a member of the crew realised that the President was not sleeping, and the man decided to ask Aguilar why:

    "Why are you not sleeping, Mr. President?", the crew member asked. Aguilar, who was reading a book, raised his head and answered politely: "I have never liked to sleep while I travel, no matter if it is on a bus, a train or a plane. I guess I am weird sometimes", he said, laughing slightly. The crew member laughed too, and told the President that he was making the final checks before the descent started. Aguilar fastened his seatbelt and the plane started its approach to Hemberdale, where it landed 30 minutes later. Then, it taxied to the gate, where two fire trucks were waiting and a water arch was performed to welcome the Spanish delegation. Finally, the plane came to a stop, and everything was now ready to begin.

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  • RE: The Government of the Commonwealth of Leagio


    The President of the Commonwealth of Leagio hereby announces that by the authority granted to them by the Constitution of the Commonwealth and varies laws of the commonwealth that the following executive orders have been issued. These executive orders shall take effect tomorrow January 30, 2023:

    Executive Order 2023-01

    • Authorizing the planning for the development of the Leagioan 1st Army into the state of Loors for annual combat training during the month of March.

    Executive Order 2023-02

    • Directing the Ministry of the Interior to submit a list of recommendations to the National Congress on improving public transparency over data collection from the National Intelligence Agency.

    Executive Order 2023-03

    • Approving and directing the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Research to hire highly qualified refugees into needed areas of national defense development for the Commonwealth.

    Executive Order 2023-04

    • Authorizing the new naming convention for ships of the Leagioan Navy developed by the Ministry of Defense
    Ship Type Naming Convention
    Submarines Words of Province, Defense, and Liberty
    Patrol Ship Named After Famous Soldiers
    Frigate Presidents of the Commonwealth
    Corvette Governor-Generals of the Commonwealth
    Destroyer Provinces of the Commonwealth
    Cruiser Famous Congressman
    Carriers Capitals and Large Cities
    Auxillary Ships Rivers, Mountains, Famous Officers

    President Ran Mouri-Kudo
    President of the Commonwealth of Leagio

    With the Approval of the following:
    Prime Minister: Marie Lahaye

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  • A Caribbean Starman (Gadalland & Aspern - Spain Summit)

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  • RE: Spanish Goverment

    On the War Threats of the United Kingdom

    The Kingdom of Spain condemns the war threats of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on a recent statement issued by their Government, in which it was stated that "reliberating Gibraltar" was over the table. The Spanish Government would like to remind that Gibraltar has never been subjugated by any country and that is has always been under Spanish sovereignty, and that the British Empire era the United Kingdom once went through has been over for years. The Spanish Government has called the British Ambassador for inquiries, in order to receive a formal apology and obtain the needed explanations after these unberable threats that put in risk the Mediterrean Sea stability and peace in the European Union.

    Dña. Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría Antón
    First Vice-President of the Kingdom of Spain
    Minister of the Presidency and Relations with the Cortes

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