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  • RE: Istkalenic Elections 2024

    Results - National Workers' Committees

    Elections to the 16 national workers' committees have concluded. Because of their nature, in which all candidates stand as independents, we cannot provide results based on party-affiliation; we can only project, roughly, party control. Our predictions are provided below:

    Labor Committee: Communist
    Cultural Committee: Communist
    Students' Committee: Communist
    Domestic Workers' Committee: Communist

    Crafts Committee: Republican Syndicalist
    Trades Committee: Republican Syndicalist
    Industrial Committee: Republican Syndicalist

    National/Civil Defense Committee: Statebuilding
    Civil Service Committee: Statebuilding
    National Distribution and Commerce Committee: Statebuilding

    Pensioners' Committee: (Vesek-aligned) Farmer-Greens, w/ support from committee-members endorsed by Radical Democratic Party
    Independent, Intentional, and Religious Communities' Committee: (Vesek-aligned) Farmer-Greens, w/ support from committee-members endorsed by Radical Democratic Party and the non-endorsed

    Foresters' Committee: Agrarian
    Fishers' Committee: Agrarian

    Farmers' Committee: National Republican-Agrarian

    Miners' Committee: National Republican, w/ support from unendorsed committee-members

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  • RE: California-Istkalen Summit in San Francisco

    "We can do much the same - we can liberalize and streamline our student visa process in alignment with your reforms, and ourselves move to reserve a number of positions within our national university and polytechnic systems, equal to the number that you reserve. I assume we are in agreement on free trade? If we are, then do you have any terms? Is there anything else you would also like to discuss?"

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  • RE: The EU's Latest Tweets posted in European News Consortium
  • RE: ECoJ Nominations, February 2024

    Picture of Mae Lynwood

    Candidate Name: Mae Lynwood
    Home Nation: The State of Elthize
    Incumbent: No


    Mae Lynwood has been a prominent figure in the Elthic judiciary, as well as in Elthize in general, for over a decade. She has left a lasting impact on Elthic politics and the country as a whole, becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the Elthic judiciary. Before her role as a justice in the High Court of Elthize, Lynwood served in both the now-defunct Supreme Court of Elthize and the Constitutional Court of Elthize. Before that, however, she was known as a humble lawyer, fighting against corporate malpractice, where her 2007 case against Eee, a budget airline in Elthize, caught significant attention.

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  • RE: California-Istkalen Summit in San Francisco

    "Istkalen," said Orlich, "is going through a period of transition. We are working to establish a stable democracy, and my government has been tasked with laying the basic foundations for it. Now, as I understand it, California is already monitoring the situation - I'd like to make clear that we are perfectly fine with this."

    "We'd be very interested," she continued, "in establishing free trade, as well an educational or cultural exchange program. How do you feel about these things?"

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  • RE: California-Istkalen Summit in San Francisco

    They were all corrupt, though Ursula Orlich, all so terribly, terribly corrupt . . .

    100 days had she spent, already, as Prime Minister, the great conductor and highest representative of the conniving mob that comprised the Istkalenic government. One hundred days, one-zero-zero; short, as governments and tenures went, and yet just long enough to have run her down and left her heart darker than it had been before.

    Before - before she had come to Kirelesile, that crowded, hot mess of a city, before her affairs had become those of the government - before, when her occupation had been to render justice and right, as laid out so long ago by Liris, into physical reality, she had thought herself moral, enlightened, high. She had seen herself as a representative of the ideal - the divine - on Earth, a channel of pure light from above that would dispel the darkness and the rot in society, and she had done her work, passing judgment on all things, dividing them into the moral to be promoted and the immoral to be rooted out, plainly, neatly, methodically.

    But her time in government, in negotiating and compromising with what so often were those and that corrupted beyond all salvation - in dealing with, in leading, what she instinctively knew was, and would have judged in her past life as, what was as close to pure evil as could exist in this world - had left her ashamed. She had become someone whose life seemed dedicated to the propagation and preservation of vice - and she felt the weight of it bearing down on her every hour, every minute, every second.

    San Francisco, she thought, would be something of an escape. She would be doing something for the country - something good, something moral - and she would be away from all the bad of her country, at least for a while. And it was a beautiful city, too - that was another positive.

    She came, at last, to join the Californian delegation.

    "It's such a pleasure," she said in greeting, smiling, "to be here. Thank you for having me! Now, I'm sorry to get to the point so quickly - but that is our way in Istkalen, I'm afraid - what would you like to discuss?"

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  • RE: News Media of Istkalen


    Séguy and Liiv jointly announce entry into Republican Syndicalists

    Marianne Séguy, the de-facto leader of Istkalen's far-left, and Andrus Liiv, the so-called "prophet" of its far-right, have jointly announced their entry into the Republican Syndicalist Party.

    At a surprise press conference held earlier today, the two appeared together to denounce their old movements and positions as "decayed" and "not fit for purpose" and to anoint the Republican Syndicalists as the future of radical populism, left or right, in Istkalen.

    "The Communists have become a swamp of liberalism," said Séguy there. "The Republican Syndicalists have taken from them the historical mission of protecting the dignity and welfare of the common person. And so it is the Communists I reject and the Republican Syndicalists I now join."

    "We live in a world," continued Liiv on from her, "that is collapsing in on itself. The state is decaying, our society is decaying. The common good has become lost in growing egotism, this dissonant chorus of the "I" above all that is drowning out the "we" that once held us together. The right I once supported is too lost in its anachronisms to realize this; the left that was once the most stalwart defender of cohesion, of responsibility, has become, as my friend has said, now a morass of liberalism, of destroying, corrupting libertinianism over all. And so I, as she has, am turning to the new alternative - to the the Republican Syndicalist Party."

    Séguy, joined by nine other Communists, has already left the Communist parliamentary faction and applied for membership in the Republican Syndicalists'; Liiv, for his part, appears to have directed his Northern Radio, as well as its magazine, Awakening, to begin broadcasting and printing messages in support of Republican Syndicalist aims and policies.

    This shocking decision is nothing short of an absolute victory for the Republican Syndicalist Party. With Liiv's open endorsement, the party will almost certainly secure for itself almost all of the demobilized voters of the populist right; Séguy's endorsement, for its part, is likely to give the party more of an air of respectability, endow it with deep connections to left-trade unionism, and add to its base those parts of the radical left that are dissatisfied with the recent drift of the Communists and Agrarian Union towards the liberal positions of the Social Democratic Party.

    It may, however, also mark the beginning of ideological change that the party's founders may not necessarily be amenable to. Ikalsser, Raadik, and the 15 deputies in the party's parliamentary faction ultimately created the Republican Syndicalists in an explicit attempt to provide a more right-leaning, "authentic" alternative to the conservative National Republicans. Though they have dressed themselves and their words in a thick coat of populism, they are thus all, nevertheless, conservatives at their core. The introduction of more genuinely radical elements, from both right and left, may, however, force their political project into a considerably more "anti-elitist" space, more honestly committed to the abolition of the bureaucracy, the full secularization of the state, and the "syndicalization" of society and economy - something which almost certainly was not their initial intention, and which they are likely to resist.

    As of now, the party's leaders have been generally supportive of their new members, wholeheartedly celebrating their decision to join the party.

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  • RE: Festival of Veles - Festival of Intercultural Respect and Understanding

    There was no country Évretas Iketemar despised more than her own. Her comrades-in-arms she found dull, unconcerned with art, with anything of the higher or the divine, their lives lost in their endless buzz of prosaic work. Their practices - their beliefs and their rituals, their songs and their dances, their rites and their celebrations - she found even duller.

    Liris's doctrine of austerity had stripped away all beauty and intricacy from their lives, leaving everything blunt and gray and uninteresting. Marriages, to what extent they existed at all, were meaningless, mechanical recitations; there was nothing to them, no emotion, no tenderness, no worship, apart from those motions and words that were absolutely necessary to make them valid in the eyes of whatever authority was conducting them. Funerals were much the same, reduced to the act of burial or cremation, comprised of nothing but that which was necessary to get rid of the dead body, itself reduced to nothing more than a vague unpleasantry.

    It was all so unsentimental, and it was killing her, for her own life was all art and motion, brought to life in wild sound and music. It was energy and excitement, an eternal, elevated striving to capture the higher Forms as best as she could; it was the antithesis, in its entirety, to the ever so horribly ordered society in which she lived.

    To be given the opportunity to leave, and be paid - paid! - for so leaving, then, even if only for a day, was, for her, something close to deliverance. And the Festival of Veles would, she was sure - she could already picture it in her mind's eye, ecstatic, wild, colorful dances around a great, roaring fire, a tall statue, jeweled and sparkling, carved ornately, with care and with unfathomable devotion, looming in the background, watching, standing guard over, all the wonderful, colorful, lively festivities - give her all that she wanted. Her cup would run over; it would more than run over.

    What new pieces she would be able to write afterwards! She scribbled little, wild passages of song in her notebook, already hearing the fragments of little passages of the new music she was convinced would come to her rising out of the rites of the Rodnovery.

    She had managed to convince the boring, workaholic ministers - Virejane, too much a utilitarian, and Laakonen, too much a man - to stay away. She would be - thankfully! - alone to admire the energy and artistry and, above all, whimsy of the Czech pagans.

    Thus did she arrive in Litoměřice, gliding across the pavement, overcome with excitement, face alight with a smile as she took in the bright fire, the wonderful singing, the beautiful statue - all she had imagined, all she had wanted, and then more.

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  • RE: Elthic News Media


    Wirt Harland announces Progressive Conservative Party

    The party, defined as a centrist one, will run for parliamentary elections in July
    February 14, 2024

    Returning from Europolis to St. Lucas yesterday, Wirt Harland acted quickly to reveal his plans for the upcoming months. Having previously announced his candidacy and resignation from the Congress for Social Democracy (CSD, formerly Labour) weeks ago, Harland revealed his new party, which would compete in the next parliamentary elections this July: the Progressive Conservative Party.

    "Here, we are turning a new page in Elthic politics," Harland addressed the crowd in the first rally for the party, organized in St. Lucas. "Here, we are planting the seeds of a movement committed to protecting the welfare and prosperity of the people of our country."

    In the same press conference where he stepped down as Internal Affairs Commissioner, Harland also revealed that he was leaving the Congress for Social Democracy party, which he'd been a part of since 2006, serving as one of its members for the National Assembly from 2008 to 2009, and as one of its senators from 2009 to 2018. He was the joint presidential candidate for the Labour Party and the Elthic Green Party in 2018, where he lost to the incumbent Greenwich Grimwald by a small margin.

    "There's something beautiful about today being Valentine's Day, as we announce a party, a movement that loves you, the Elthic people!" Harland continued, his words followed by loud cheers.


    Pictured: the logo of the Progressive Conservative Party, unveiled at the first rally in St. Lucas.

    During his tenure in the Labour Party, Harland positioned himself as a moderate politician, putting a clear barrier between himself and the more left-leaning members of his party. The Progressive Conservative Party, where he was elected as the leader, is expected to follow this principle, scooping up centrist voters.

    In the rally, Harland stressed the importance of security, adopting a tough-on-crime stance: "I have said this in 2018, and I will say it once more: Grimwald has failed to keep Elthics safe. Crime keeps on rising, we keep losing our people, our kids to preventable murders... In certain areas, our people can't keep property, and the government has remained silent. Luckily, we still have a chance to fix this, to make things right, and I have never stopped believing the Elthic people."

    Despite his seemingly poor performance as Internal Affairs Commissioner, Harland remains popular in Elthize. A recent NET poll found that 52% of respondents agreed that a Harland presidency would be beneficial for the country.

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  • RE: Elthic News Media


    Weyes Blood achieves top 3 EuroVoice finish for Elthize

    It is the best result of the country since its debut in EuroVoice 42
    February 12, 2024

    The long-awaited results of the 45th edition of the EuroVoice Song Contest are finally here, following repeated delays which were almost enough to break even the least patient Duchian. Held in the city of Saint Dominico in Inquista for the second time in a row following the victories of Nancy Ajram and MorMor, the trophy went to Ineland for the second time. Chérine, with her song "Ça m'ennuie pas" (French for "I don't mind"), received 95 points from other countries, including 12 points from Portugal and 10 points from Elthize, California, Reitzmag and Yosai.

    Meanwhile, Elthize managed to achieve its best result once again, with Weyes Blood finishing in third place with her song "Everyday". It received 84 points, including 12 points from the United Duchies and Yosai, as well as 10 points from Istkalen and 8 points from Mishar Republic and Icholasen.

    Three points behind Chérine, Icholasen (competing under the Nicoleizian Joint Eurovoice Team) finished second, with Maria and Margot Helling performing "Servus, Gruezi, und Hallo!". They received the most 12 points out of any entry, getting three: from Inquista, Istkalen and Red Croatia. They also received 10 points from the Conch Kingdom, 8 points from Portugal, as well as 7 points from Elthize.

    Narrowly missing a top 3 finish, TTRRUUCES of Istkalen with their song "Tainted Blue" received 12 points from Elthize, getting 80 points in total. They received another 12 points from the Mishar Republic as well. Spain awarded them 10 points, while Yosai and Ineland gave them 8 points.

    The unexpected delays which occurred during this edition of the contest meant that various changes had to be made to the presentation of the results. Instead of the usual presentation of spokespersons from all participating countries announcing their points and adding to the final result, the results were announced directly by the hosts, starting from the last place. This meant that chosen spokespersons of the participant countries and regions could not show up to announce their points, including Ichiko Aoba, who was supposed to announce Elthize's votes. This broke the tradition of the previous contestant (or contestants) being the spokesperson for the next EuroVoice. When asked by NET, Ichiko Aoba announced that she would not attempt to be the spokesperson in the next edition of the EuroVoice Song Contest.

    Drama ensued in the song selection in Elthize as well. On August 30, 2023, a day before the official date for the song reveal, it was leaked by journalist Alfred Ingram that the song supposed to be sent to Inquista was scrapped at the last minute, following "unexpected problematic behaviour" from one of the artists chosen to represent the country. While no identities were revealed, an anonymous source reported to NET that, at the time, the artist in question had recently been in controversy following their questionable comments regarding transgender people. The source also reported that this controversy occurred right after the song was chosen.

    The next edition of EuroVoice is expected to be held sometime in the summer of this year in Ineland.

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