The Nation is Now in Good Hands

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    2nd of August
    Prague's Castle

    "Comrade President, Leader of the People, comrade Minister of Health and comrade Minister of Culture have arrived." announced the president's secretary.

    President Reiserová has lifted her head from the mirror she was staring in and told her secretary to tell the guests to wait for a couple of minutes. Right now she was busy removing her make-up, the sun was about to set and she wanted to record a video for the Reiserová's Moments program, without make-up but with the setting sun shining on her and deliver a short speech about the beauty of nature and the importance in aspiring to make another person happy. Her secretary has left the room and Reiserová could return to her task. After she was done, she quickly glanced over a picture with her sons in the mountains of Ruthund and over the Czech and Red banners flying outside her window and called her secretary to invite her guests in.

    "Comrade President." greeted the Minister of Health, Zuzana Saková, who used to be a member of the Social Democratic Patty before joining the Socialist Republicans during the Government crisis.

    "Comrades ministers." responded the President "Can you show me the documents Zuzana? Karel, here, tell me if it is good." the President continued addressing both of her guests and taking a few papers from Saková while handing over a small paper with a speech she has prepared for the video.

    "This is horrible, really horrible, are we sure these data are correct?" asked Reiserová frowning while looking at the documents.

    "Yes comrade President we can sadly be 100% sure about that."

    "Hmmm." Reiserová sighted while putting down the documents after which she has turned at Karel Šín with a smile "So? What do you think?"

    "Phenomenal! Absolutely phenomenal. I think you have written it perfectly, and that it will really resonate with the viewers." responded nodding and smiling Šín who didn't even read her short speech as he was not feeling like reading at that moment and knew his answer would have to be same regardless.

    "And they said appointing you is not a good idea!" said the satisfied Reiserová taking her paper back and admiring her own work for a brief moment.

    Half an hour later

    A small group of five high ranking party officials were heading through the halls of the Prague's Castle to a meeting with President Reiserová. The most notable of the group was Miloslava Benešová, one of the first high ranking party members who during the search for a candidate of the SRP for president backed Albína Reiserová and Reiserová has in turn left delegated much of the rights and duties of the Leader of the Party up to her, once she was nominated. Furthermore Benešová was elected as the Speaker of the Parliament after Radek Šedivý. For Benešová this position was comfortable, she was away from the spotlight and was hardly ever disturbed at her work. The meeting with the President was not supposed to be short, Benešová just needed to get her signature on the list of candidates.

    "Comrade President, we follow in your step as you guide us from victory into victory, without your light we would be lost in the dark!" greeted Benešová and after that she has greeted the two present ministers as well. She wasn't sure why they were standing behind the President, but it seemed that Reiserová dragged Šín along everywhere she went, despite his unpopularity with the party leadership. "I bring you here our lists of candidates in all regions, if you could just sign them." Benešová finished and put the papers on the President's desk.

    "No." Reiserová said simply, crossing both of her hands on the papers.

    "E...Exuse me comrade President?" let out the shocked Benešová.

    "I said no, comrade Speaker. I won't sign those papers. Why weren't they discussed with me? I've never seen them."

    "C... comrade President I assumed you would be in an agreement with the lists. But if you...."

    "And what can you tell me about this Comrade Speaker? Did you know this?" Reiserová didn't wait for Benešová's response and showed her the documents she has received from Saková. They were reports about obesity in children and unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. All of them started increasing noticeably after Czech Slavia liberalized its markets.

    "That is of course terrible comrade... comrade Presidnet, I was aware of the fact but I haven'ť seen any official numbers until now."

    "You are right, it is horrible." Reiserová went silent for a moment looking at all of the papers lying at her table. "I want to introduce new health standards for our food. I want all the junk food and drinks with overtly high rates of sugar gone from restaurants and stores operating here.... moreover I want new restrictions to ban all media promoting unhealthy lifestyle and food removed from our cinemas."

    "But comrade, what about our trading partners? Our relations and trust with them could be heavily damaged if we introduce such restrictions." Benešová tryied to oppose the President, but the President didn't react to her protests.

    "Furthermore I request that from now on I am officialy granted the right to issue decrees for the Socialist Republican Party and I request the same right for all matters of the Government allowing for a quick and effective governance." Reiserová continued her demands.

    The office went silent, everybody, except for Karel Šín who continued eating his toast with cheese and ham, was shocked by the words of the President. Finally Benešová was able to once again speak: "You demand the right to decide, unchallenged, about all the matters regarding the Party and the Government?"

    Šín, who now understood what a decree meant, began choking on his toast. As all attention was turned to him he gave a thumbs up and endorsed the idea as "simply genius".

    After the Minister of Culture managed to catch his breath Benešová continued. "Comrade President you demand that you are granted the right to effectively rule by decree over the country? What about our discussions and processes in the Party?" While Reiserová would not have the right to rule by decree directly, she could issue a decree ordering the Representatives in the Parliament from the SRP to vote in a certain manner, without any discussion.

    "Well comrade Speaker, didn't you say moments ago that I am the light without which you'd be lost in the dark?"

    "Yes, yes, of course, but... you demand this because of the rising rates of obesity in children?!"

    "Comrade Speaker, do you think I am stupid? Do you think you can just walk around me, using me only to sign your decision? I was excluded from almost every discussion in the Party, not even these lists of candidates were discussed with me. But I won't just be smiling and waving at the cameras while you focus on your discussions and lead our nation towards a catastrophy. I am not anybody's toy. I am the Leader of the Republican Socialist Party elected by the members of the Party and the President of the Democratic Republic of Czech Slavia elected by the people, there won't be any more walking around me for the future of our entire nation lies on my shoulders. Have I made myself clear?"

    Benešová couldn't believe she wasn't dreaming. She and others in the high ranking positions of the Party told Reiserová about her supposed greatness to make her trust them fully. And now Reiserová was fully convinced of her greatness. She no longer thought anybody else was capable of running the country without her oversight.

    "If you disagree with me, you can challenge my position as the Leader of the Party comrade Benešová, you have that right." Reiserová finished.

    "No. Of course not, Paramount Leader, I agree with everything." Benešová announced defeated, she knew that since all the focus in the country was always on Reiserová the ordinary SRP member liked her much more than Benešová and the same applied to the voters of the SRP.

    "Good," Reiserová smiled as she crossed out Benešová of the list of candidates entirely. "everybody has their role in the revolution, which they must adhere to. Comrade Smetana will you be able to impliment what we have all agreed to now?"

    "Yes, comrade President." responded Antonín Smetana, another high ranking party official who entered the office together with Benešová.

    "Good, the people are counting on you." And after the President has said those word she has signed the lists of candidates and then there was silence.

    "Glory to the Mother of the Nation!" the silence was broken by the shout of Saková, who couldn't help but smile a little, she suspected correctly how the President would react to the documents showing the rising rate of obesity in children and now she hoped to strengthen her position. Other people in the room joined her in chanting in support of the President and not long afterwords they began singing the "Red Flag" as Reiserová relaxed in her seat, joined them in their singing and after that quickly left to make her video. The sun was in a perfect position for it.

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