Ministry of Foreign Action

  • Official Page of the Ministry of Foreign Action

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    The page will anounce the foreign politics of the Republic and will be the platform of the embassies system

    Form to fill out to open a permanent diplomatic mission:

    Ambassador Name:
    Number of Staff:
    Number of Security:
    Weaponry Present (if any):
    Vehicules in the embassy:
    Special Requests:

  • EU

    Nation: The Kingdom of Montenbourg
    Ambassador Name: Her Majesty's Ambassador of the Kingdom of Montenbourg to Left-Handed Democratic Republic Sir. Enrique Nieto-Peñals
    Image: alt text
    Number of Staff: 30
    Number of Security: 35
    Weaponry Present (if any): 10 Semiautomatic rifles.
    Vehicules in the embassy: 4 Lincoln Navigators.
    Special Requests: None

  • Acepted. We welcome the new diplomatics to the country

  • Diplomatic Comunicate of the Republic
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    After the events that are happening in the Union of Syndicates the Left-Handed Democratic Republic express their firm purpose to repatriate
    their citizens in the country

    The governemment express our protest against relocation
    of foreign citizens of other countries to a secret localization

    So this Ministry anounce that the borders will be closed for some days, and the Emergency allows us to intensify the militar controls to the people who cross the borders

    The National Republican Guard has started to patrol in every place and has permision to arrest that people who may compromises national security, whether national or foreign

    Our Governemment is the government of all lefties, and we have to protect our national citizens but we descart tougher measures at the moment

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