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    Message from the Premier Commissioner Sofie Čikarová following her election

    People of Europe, brothers and sisters, friends, allow me to express my thanks to you. Thanks to your valiant effort the European Union finally got a Commission that will stand up for the masses, for equality and for the sovereignty of nations. Despite the predictions of our defeat we have persisted and we have won overwhelmingly. From the time we first campaigned we have build a firm United Front that proved to withstand any attack and that shall not shatter as long as there is a fire of revolt in our hearts.

    Our Union is still gripped with many problems instability, natural catastrophes, unemployment, risk of armed conflict. In the coming days the creation of European Development Agency will be proposed, which will be able to provide member states the subsidies in case they have need for them and which will focus on fighting these problems. Any steps taken to re-conciliate with the Union of Nicoleizian Socialist Republics can also expect to be sponsored by the Office of Premier Commissioner. On the other hand, people of Europe can rest assured that as a Premier Commissioner I won't support any attempt to dictate the adoption of sanctions to the member states. The Commission shall not violate the free trade among the member states, instead it shall support them in their development.

    I ask you, the people, to remain united. For when we united we achieved what was deemed impossible and if we remain united no task will be too big to overcome. A just Europe lies ahead. Advance forward, not one step back!

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    Statement from the Premier Commissioner Sofie Čikarová regarding the situation in Independent territorial collectivity of the Nofoaga Islands

    People of Nofoaga Islands and all affected by the eruption of the Mauga'afi volcano, allow me to express a deep sorrow over the horrific natural disaster that has claimed the lives of many of your countrymen, of your friends, of your family members. The hearts of all Europeans are with you in these difficult times and the European Commission stands ready to provide assistance to you if needed. I wish you all strength and fortune in recovery and rebuilding your country and moving forward.

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    Statement from the Premier Commissioner Sofie Čikarová regarding the internal conflict in Reuland

    People of Europe, as internal conflict has erupted in Reuland it has forever violently seized many children from their parent and many other children were made into orphans. It is my sincere hope that the involved parties will end the hostilities and resolve their disagreements through dialogue to so that the people in the region may live in peace and that no parent will again have to bury their children as a causality of an armed conflict.

    I also call to any outside actors to refrain from conducting military operations in the region without prior consultation with the rest of the European Community and to immediately cease any ongoing military operations in the region that were not consulted with the rest of the European Community.

    The European Commission is prepared to act as a mediator between the parties involved in the conflict, if requested.

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