Papacito and the Archbishop

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    The Archbishop's jet touched down in Madrid, Spain. Mikaela was particularly excited for this visit, as Spain was her absolute favourite holiday destination. It is no secret that the Archbishop is particularly fond of Ibiza, where she frequently visits, and met the love of her life, her fiancée, El General Juan-Bernardo Fernandez-Velasquez.

    El General also happens to be the Inquistan High Commissioner to Spain, and as a diplomat, he accompanied the Archbishop on her flight to Madrid. However, as Inquista has moved its embassy to Ibiza itself, El General would be catching a connecting flight to the island, and would not be staying with the Archbishop for the state visit in Madrid. Besides, El General had private business in Ibiza that Mikaela couldn't attend anyway (or so she was told). El General told the Archbishop that a Spanish "diplomatic contact" known simply as "Renata" was interested in "celebrating" the close relations between Spain and Inquista, and El General had to attend a private event she was putting on in Ibiza. The Archbishop, who was a social media sleuth, managed to find the Instagram account of this so-called Renata, who could always be found in the comment section of El General's shirtless beach selfies, where she would be posting heart emojis and emojis of this weird purple plant. On her Instagram account, Mikaela found many pictures of this so-called Renata sitting on El General's lap, holding him, and acting rather affectionately. Mikaela didn't pay this much mind, as she knew Spanish people to be handsy and affectionate people, and so there was probably nothing going on at all.

    Mikaela stepped out of her jet and put on some shades. The sun was bright in Madrid, and it was a beautiful and warm day. "Imagine living in a country where it snows in October... couldn't be us!" the Archbishop murmured out loud with a joyous smile.

    The Archbishop was escorted into a pink armoured limousine, as is her requested style, and was to be driven to La Moncloa, which, among other uses, was the official residence and workplace for the President of Spain. As the Archbishop was driven through Madrid, she admired the surroundings and the beautiful architecture of the city. After some time, Mikaela then turned to her phone and caught up with the latest Spanish news via Twitter. Her drive to La Moncloa didn't take too long, and before she knew it, her pink limousine pulled up by the palace.

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    Mikaela stepped out of her pink limousine and admired the palace, as well the Spanish President (a fine specimen), who was waiting at the top of the steps to greet her. The Archbishop walked up to President Jesús Aguilar, and the two exchanged kisses, as is the custom in Inquista and Spain. The Archbishop was then led inside La Moncloa. The Archbishop was presented with a visitor's book, which she signed with a massive signature, taking space of half of an entire page.

    The Archbishop and President then went into comfortable space, which was fitted with a nice couch to lounge on. Mikaela plunked herself on the couch beside the Spanish President.

    "It is great to see you again, President Aguilar. While I enjoyed our meeting in Europolis, I think we will be more productive, just us two, without every single European leader at the table. I'm also so excited to be here in Spain! I love your country, and your people very dearly. There is definitely a strong bond between our Mediterranean nations.

    I hate to say, I've been reading up on Spanish news on my way here today. The sentence made by the Supreme Tribunal is very, very unfair. Corruption is such a harsh word that people use and throw around. People always say my cousin, Silas Kligenberg, is corrupt, because he awards government contracts to his own company... but isn't that just business? If he has a great company, then why shouldn't it be allowed to get all the government contracts? So silly. Don't worry, I know you're innocent, and that the PP has done nothing wrong.

    Also, congratulations on your daughter! I'm so happy for you. She's your fourth child, yes? As a new mom, do you have any tips for me? Granted, my daughter is a bit older, but I need all your Papacito-ly advice for parenthood."

    Ooh! I've also always wanted to ask: are you related to Christina Aguilera? Distant cousins, maybe?"

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    The Salón Tàpies was one of the most important rooms in the Consejo de Ministros buildings along with the room with the same name than the building and the offices of the high-offices of the Governments related to the Government. The sign of the Visitors' Book of Archbishop Klienberg was another achievement for the young President, who was trying his best to make Spain important on the International Stage. He now needed to deal with the Ruthenish Growth of the GDP, wanting to avoid being relegated to the 10th biggest economy in the European Union.

    That morning, Aguilar woke up with the Control Session, and then the Gürtel sentence and the poll revealed by El País came next. He could at least get some relax with the summit that he had with Mikaela Klienberg, who was an elegant Inquistan woman in his opinion. When the limousine was due to arrive, he got out from his office, went downstairs and stood at the top of the entry stairs. The pink limo was amazing, the President hasn't seen something like that in his whole life.

    After all the protocols and diplomatic stuff that had to be done before the Press was finally gone, the chat could start. Mikaela was first, and the President laughed at some of the questions. The Spanish and Inquistan humours were close friends, and Mikaela was a really funny politician; someone you want to meet every month just to laugh with her for some hours. El Capitán was lucky, and Aguilar was understanding why did he leave Spain. It was pretty understandable at the end. When Mikaela stopped talking, Jesús decided to add some more laughs to the summit, which was going to be a funny one:

    "I think the same about this meeting, Ms. Archibishop. It's nice to see you again, and I hope you had a great ride on that fancy and in style limousine. I love your capacity to choose the most fashionable clothes, cars or even planes. I will never forget that "Girls on Tour" private jet, how could I? And about the Europolis' meeting, I agree this way to meet is much better as we don't have interferences from other Prime Ministers when we are discussing affairs that involves exclusively Inquista and Spain, which seem to be the 2 remaining Mediterranean Nations around: We haven't received a message from Red Croatia's Government, but we know they are alive because they have entered EuroVoice, and we have that new nation called Vinolici, which could be worrying for our interests in the Strait.

    About the Supreme Tribunal sentence, I find really unfair my party is still involved on something we didn't do, but well, sometimes the Court can't rule as you would like them to do. I've heard about your cousin's businesses, and I don't find them corrupt. And about myself and the corruption of the Partido Popular, I'm not really worried about it. Most of those that made bad things are out of the party, and if a new scandal comes out, we usually kick the people out when the Court starts a trial against them. We are really conscious of corruption here in Spain nowadays, and we want to get rid of it soon. Said the Spanish President with some hope, but at the end a country without corruption is not a country, is the paradise.

    Also thank you for your kind words about my new daughter. She is the 4th kid, and the last one I'll have, or that's what I like to think! Isabel is giving my wife and I lot of work, she cries like every 4 hours but at least we get some sleep in the night. Having 4 kids is a little bit tiring, but you get used to it really fast. And about my Papacito advices, I always recommend to love them and enjoy the kids every day. They grow up as fast as the time flies away, so I always try to spend most of the time with them. When Jesús Jr. was 4 years old and my wife was working in the afternoons, I took him to my old office in my old house and worked while he was playing with some things on the table. You can have a fortune, but there's no money that could convince me of changing that fortune for my kids. Said Aguilar and then smiled.

    Also as far as I know I'm not related to Cristina Aguilera, but I'll need to take a DNA test to check! But now, let's get into the matter. I've heard about the refusal of your Treaty with Reitzmag, news that I'm very disappointed with as I know you put lot of of work into it, as I follow the EU news through the EUnews and the European Commission apps. They are really useful, Reynels, Juncker and Whiteford did have a great idea when making the app. In the Spanish Cabinet opinion, Inquista is considered as a friend and as a really important ally for us, and I can say that the Atlantis Discovery has strengthen our relationship. But surprise me Ms. Klienberg, what have you brought today?"

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    "Crying every 4 hours? Giving you lots of work and keeping you up at night? Are we talking about baby Isabel or Prime Minister Bridges? Oh, Isabel, got it." Mikaela smiled.

    "Yes, it is quite the shame that the treaty I signed with the Reitzmic Prime Minister was not ratified. I did put in a lot of work, particularly in the outfits I chose for that day... man, what a waste of some good outfits! The Reitzmic Prime Minister is quite the character, and I do hope that your two countries are able to establish a lasting friendship once and for all."

    Mikaela then nodded. "The Atlantis discovery was quite amazing! I always thought that Atlantis was a fairy tail. I hope that both our scientists and our historians can learn a lot from its discovery. Likewise, in Inquista, Spain is considered one of our best and closest allies. Which is what brings me here today."

    "I think it's very important that we establish an agreement on travel, economic matters, as well as matters of security. If there is anything else you wish to include, please do! I want to hear everything mi mejor amigo has to say."

    "Beginning with travel, I think it would be excellent if we formally established visa-free travel between our two countries. I also think it would be an excellent idea if we also eliminated the needs for work permits or study permits for workers and students who wish to work and study between Spain or Inquista, and instead establish a single type of permit that allows Inquistans and Spaniards to work and study in each country for an indefinite amount of time as long as they are working or studying, plus an additional year-long grace period following the completion of their studies or the termination of their job."

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    Aguilar laughed at the comment about Prime Minister Bridges and added: "I'm sure that it was Prime Minister Bridges when he was 'invading' Eastern Haane or maybe there was a lot of tension with us, who knows? He laughed for some seconds and then stopped. I also hope hat we are able to establish a long lasting relation between Spain and Reitzmag, but it's Reitzmag so you can never expect something you can expect from Fremet for example. Also, about those outfits, I think they were good despite the Treaty wasn't ratified."

    Jesús Aguilar smiled and then went on: "I thought Atlantis existed but it was all in ruins somewhere in the Atlantic, but Minister Calvo-Sotelo was being really stubborn with starting a search with the Inquistans and I said: 'Ok, but you are going on that boat.' He accepted and now I have to pay the next dinner we take together at a restaurant. The historians are making a great job on reseraching for data, and the Spanish Government has established a non-navigational zone over Atlantis to allow the team to do their work properly. They have told me about more adventures in December, I don't know if Juan Bernardo has told you the same." Said the Spanish President before moving on to the agreement talks.

    "Moving on to that agreement, Spanish - Inquistan relationship proves that we both consider ourselves as close allies, in fact, co-operation on matters such as the Atlantis' search shew the European Union and our citizens that both countries are great friends. I'm really open minded in terms of travel, security and economical problems so reaching an agreement with an ally like Inquista is a great idea. Starting with travel, I agree on every single thing you've said Mikaela. Allowing Spanish and Inquistan citizens to work and study here with no perms is great and will enhance co-operation and integrity in our nations. I would like to add that Inquistan and Spanish citizens could stay as much as they want in both countries, without any days limit, so we get a real Free Travel area between us. What do you say?"

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    "I think that sounds lovely! A very great idea," Mikaela agreed emphatically.

    "With Inquista suspending all trade with Icholasen, Spain has become Inquista's largest trading partner. Creating an economic area between Inquista and Spain would be most beneficial to the growth of our economies, the prosperity of our businesses, and the prices paid by our consumers. I propose that we eliminate all tariffs and trade barriers between our countries, creating a single economic area. Hopefully with the Treaty of Finisterre signed soon, this will also compliment our common currency."

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    Aguilar nodded and sopke once again:

    "It's great to hear Spain has become the largest trading partner of Inquista, which by the way some enterprises have told me to thank your country and your government for buying their products. The suspension of all assets with Icholasen in order to follow the EU Law was more than necessary, and I hope that Copala City helps our Nicoleizian friends to find the right path. I agree with the idea of an economic area, which sounds exciting with the Treaty of Finisterre which currency, the EMU, has started to be tested according to what we signed back in August. I hope that our Health Ministries can keep the security controls as usual, as with cargo inspection, to avoid any illnesses to expand along Inquista or Spain because of our products. We cannot allow some products to sink our well-gained reputation. Also, the Strait of Gibraltar applies a 0% tax to Inquista, so there isn't any problems with that. You shall really look into to tax any Strait you get Mikaela, it gives benefits." Said the Spanish President slightly laughing.

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    "Tax the straights?" Mikaela asked with confusion. After spending a few seconds questioning whether LGBT people deserved reparations, the Archbishop suddenly realised what Prime Minister Aguilar actually meant. "Oh, straits!" she blushed with embarrassment.

    "I honestly think your government's decision to tax your straits is a very smart business decision. Why not make that extra money, you know? You're making some money moves.

    Our authorities and ministries can definitely keep our points of entry secure and well-inspected as required. As you say, it's important that we prevent the spread of any illnesses, and also prevent the spread of any illegal substances. Recently, the Inquistan Orthodox Church has legalized marijuana, so you'd probably want to have these inspections in place to prevent any weed from coming into your country from Inquista. Personally, between you and me, a little bit of maría isn't that bad. Although, I did see a pre-election speech given by Mr. Santiago Abascal and I'm almost certain he's high on something. Maybe he's high on weed, or maybe he's just high on xenophobia? Maybe both? I don't know.

    In terms of security, I think it's very important that we work together to keep the Mediterranean secure, and that we protect each other from common threats such as the UNSR. I propose that we establish a formal military alliance between Inquista and Spain. In order to strengthen this alliance, we can share military intelligence between our intelligence agencies, and if it interests you, I'm also more happy to grant your government a license to buy any military weapons and vehicles from Inquistan military producers."

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    Aguilar laughed when the Inquistan Archbishop confused between LGTBQ people and the Straits. "Don't worry Mikaela, I know my English can be much better." Said the President smiling after the funny moment. He then listened to the Archbishop and when she stopped talking, the Spanish President decided to answer:

    "Taxing the Straits and respecting the Autonomous Communities on their decision making rights was difficult, but the creation of the GSSA and the ASMSA have helped us to keep them, not break any Spanish law and give the autonomies enough power to take decisions together, in the case of Adventuranza, or just one autonomy making decisions, like Gibraltar.

    In Spain, Marijuana it's illegal, but we have many problems with drug dealers and stuff coming from the other side of Europe, specially over Cádiz where the drugs' business it's worrying. According to stats, around a 55% of Cádiz population is unemployed, which means that a huge amount of that percentage could work with drugs on the beach or something. The mafias in Andlaucía, mostly focused in rich zones around Málaga and Cádiz regions, are also quite worrying, but we are investing to upgrade the Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional equipment and protect them even more. I've never smoked in my whole life Mikaela, so I don't know about Marijuana. And also, between you and me, if my wife watches me smoking, she would make me sleep on the sofa for a year" The President then laughed a bit.

    The President went on again: "Abascal is a pretty worrying person, and we were lucky that the Partido Socialista decided to support our Governments with Ciudadanos despite them winning the election in most of those territories. VOX is, in my opinion, a pretty dangerous party and could be dangerous for the civil rights and Political Freedom in Spain. I think he's high on Xenophobia, but maybe he smokes weed too... Who knows? And about security, that's a pretty good proposal I'm pleased to accept. I was also going to tell you about the possibility of closing our borders in an exceptional situation is given, so we can keep our countries safe from any thread on us, on a country we have a Treaty with or in a neighbouring country."

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