Immediate Caucus of the EFP Members

  • Fellow EFP members,

    It gives me no pleasure to see such a liked person of our party as Rushanare resign from her position. I do share her concerns, however, and I don't think anyone of us can deny that we as a party have hit a very difficult period of time. The past months have been taxing to the party that has struggled to find its course in the rocky waters of europolitics, and we have seen this in the decline of representation in Europolis. That we managed to get two Commissioners elected from our ranks is a very good thing, and of that, we should be proud -- but as pointed out, Dominik and Livia's success in the election doesn't mean that the party as a whole is faring superbly.

    I've just recently arrived from a summit of my Liberal Center Party in Pacifica. There's inarguably been serious concern whether the party and its European representatives should remain in the European Freedom Party and continue as before. While my term as Councillor has just been confirmed for another six months by the Aurean Senate, an unfavourable decision of the LCP summit regarding the EFP membership would mean that I could not continue in this Europarty any longer.

    This would not automatically effect on Speaker Arcturus's role, though, for Commissioners are not representatives of their national governments and parties like Councillors.

    The LCP is scheduled to vote on the matter on Sunday tomorrow, and I'll be briefed of the result as soon as it's known. The news of the resignation of President Ali couldn't have come at a more inconvenient time from that perspective, and I'm very uncertain about the outcome of the vote. The party will debate the matter very late today, I'd figure.

    Before I know more, I feel that I cannot comment the future of the EFP any further. I will inform the causus as soon as the party has reached its decision on the matter.

    Nadira Orcello
    Councillor of Pax Aurea

  • Just minutes ago, I was informed of the decision of the Liberal Center Party's ongoing conference. With a tight margin of 52% in favour and 48% opposing, the party voted to resign from the European Freedom Party. This resignation is effective immediately, and I was asked by Party President Maria Fulvius to respectively pass this on to the EFP caucus. Mrs Fulvius herself opposed the plans to leave the EFP, but her endorsement was, unfortunately, not enough to convince the sceptical members of the LCP.

    After being briefed by Fulvius and President Glorius, I must regretfully announce my own leave from the EFP as well. Until further notice, I will continue as a non-inscript Councillor.

    For the time being, the LCP is not about to join any of the current Europarties, and I want to use this opportunity to discredit the persistent rumours about our intention to join the European Classical Liberals. There's been some gossiping about this in Europolis, but I assure you that I've no knowledge of any such plans.

    On my own part, it's been a great pleasure working with you all and experiencing the highs and the lows of the EFP. The parting of the Liberal Center Party and the EFP happens in the spirit of friendship and mutual respect, and I, of course, look forward to continuing to work with you in the Council.

    Nadira Orcello
    Councillor of Pax Aurea

  • For now, I shall continue as member of the European Freedom Party and the Party Speaker.

    I would like to hear what the other EFP representatives present have to say about the current state and possible future directions of our party.

    Livia Arcturus
    Party Speaker

  • I regret to inform you that the Liberal Democrats will be in emergency caucus in London to discuss whether or not we will continue in this party. With the departure of the Pax Aurean LCP, I can't see how Britain can continue to be a member nor how we could continue as a Europarty.

    In the event of what may become an inevitable breakup, I do hope that the EFP gives its councillors a proper send-off and pay tribute to those who have left that founded this party.

    Our party history, though internally divisive at times, has brought a great triumph to Europe through the legislation we have championed. If this is the last time I get to speak with you all in this hall, let me be the first to say that I have been blessed to work with such fine councillors.

  • A now teary eyed Jaxson Marshall drunkenly stands.

    "I need to go make a phone call..."

    He then exits the room.

  • After a few moments the Councillor returns to the room.

    "I just got off the phone with Dominik, who is quite upset, but he agrees that this day was inevitable. With the loss of so many member parties, it is unlikely that recent trends will reverse. The Freedom Party of Rhine Ruhr shall remain in the European Freedom Party until its official dissolution. Dominik has told me that he is willing to be President of the EFP once more if there are those out there dedicated enough to see this party restored to its full potential. If not, the Freedom Party of Rhine Ruhr will depart our home and look to start anew, examining ourselves introspectively and determining a best plan of action. Regardless of where we all end up, I know that we will still remain the same, pursuing the same goals for a better European Union and this comforts me. For as long as we all remain in Europe, our cries for freedom and equality shall never subside!"

  • With the introduction of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe europarty, I shall respectively resign from my position as the Speaker of the European Freedom Party.

    It has honestly been an honour and a privilege to serve a party that achieved many of its greatest ambitions over the past years, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my fellow EFP members who made this possible.

    Thank you all, my friends.

    Livia Arcturus

  • As one of the last remaining members of the EFP, it is my heartbreaking duty to call for the dissolution of the European Freedom Party. All those in favor for dissolving the European Freedom Party say "Aye" those opposing say "Nay".


    ((After a week, non-votes will be counted as Aye's for obvious reasons.))

  • As this council seems to have come to a decision we vote "Aye"

  • With a vote of 2-0 the European Freedom Party is now disbanded.

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