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    New Producer nation slots have been added! There is now Australia and Spain. The UK has moved from Italy to Australia and Havvenskar has claimed Sweden. India, Italy, and Spain are currently vacant.

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    Davishire has also now moved from Germany to Italy.

    Germany, India, and Spain are now vacant.

  • Now that Germany is vacant. I would like to take that spot please.

  • I've created a lovely socialist state... But mining and arms manufacturing are in negative numbers despite 16% defence rating! Oh well, I'm making some people rich lol!

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    @Pacifist-Cowards said:

    I've created a lovely socialist state... But mining and arms manufacturing are in negative numbers despite 16% defence rating! Oh well, I'm making some people rich lol!

    You can actually start producing custom weapons and units for the Pacifist Cowards, but it will be a lengthier process than a typical producer nation.

    The war system states:

    Custom Military Classes, Units, and Systems

    Any nation with an economic level of Powerhouse or higher and 10% or higher defense spending may develop its own custom classes of units and weapon systems within realistic dimensions, capabilities, and time frames.

    In order to develop a custom class or weapon system, an eligible nation must already possess at least one unit or weapon of that type. For example, if Nation A wants to develop a new class of supercarrier, it must already possess at least one unit of an existing class of supercarrier to work off of.

    It just means that you will need to make an arms deal with a nation, and then begin researching and developing your own weapons/unit based off the item/unit you purchased.

  • That's actually pretty cool, considering the amount of stuff I've bought already.

  • Does anyone have tips for a new player to get my Government allotment to Defense up?

    The game was only giving me Issues with "miltaristic" options in the beginning, and now it seems that those Issues dried up, and no matter what I do, I cant get my Government Defense percentage up (if anything it's steadily decreasing) despite my efforts in raising Defense Forces and Arms Manufacturing.

    Is it just waiting for luck of the draw for Issues that would give me more? Or am I sort of destined to have a steadily decreasing military expenditure now?

    I have a side Nation in a another region for giggles with a 33% government expenditure on Defense compared to my current 11%, and unless you build for a super military expenditure from the get-go, it seems very hard to GROW it.

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    Completely luck of the draw. We all have to wait for military issues. The Brazilistan issue series is a good one for raising defense spending, make sure you bomb the hell out of them though, and don't dismiss any issues in the chain. Also, note that some issues carry more weight than others - mild issues are the most common, significant the most rare. An issue with significant weight can completely rejigger your govt spending percentages in one shot. There's no real way of knowing how strong an issue is until after you answer it.

  • I'm also guessing depending on how you react to foreign affairs issues this impacts whether you are spending on military or rather economic aid. The more pacifist, understanding, and humane you are, the less likely you are to be spending on the military...

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    One thing to note is that the war system is in the process of being overhauled. In the future, you'll be able to choose how much your government spends on defense, as a percentage of your government budget in the future econ system. You'll need to juggle this with competing demands like education, healthcare, law and order, etc. so it won't be a blank check to go nuts on defense, but it will free you from bad NS issue draws. I mean, yeah, in theory you could cut most services and pile money into defense, but the quality of life in your nation and its stability would start to suffer immensely.

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