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    @Kaitsja Accepted! Welcome back to the EU.

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    Mikaela was having the time of her life shopping, and she was quite pleased that Prime Minister Bridges seemed to be as interested in fashion and clothing as she was. However, the Archbishop was a bit weary of some of the articles of clothing the Prime Minister was picking out for her, since they were not quite her normal taste. Nevertheless, the Archbishop loved to experiment with fashion, and she especially cherished clothing that was picked out for her by her friends, and so she happily decided to try on the clothing that the Prime Minister was handing her.

    After changing into another outfit, the Archbishop presented herself to Prime Minister Bridges and gave herself a twirl. "So, what do you think?"

    alt text

    "Agreed, we can replace that agreement immediately once we come to a consensus. We would also love to attend the airport opening," Antoni concurred. "I think we can also agree to a free movement deal. Free movement will help significantly with the development of the city."

    "This brings us to the next topic, which is economic development" Silas chimed in. "We have several proposals. Firstly, the Inquistan Orthodox Church is hoping to put forward a Ꮠ300 billion infrastructure package for the city. We hope that this further expedites the development of city infrastructure, which we hope to see as green and as technologically advanced and accessible as possible. We hope that the governments of Reitzmag and Moreland also continue to join us in supporting the city with further investment and stimulus packages of their own."

    Antoni nodded along to Silas, before then adding, "We are also willing to provide stimulant payments of Ꮠ1,400 per month for each resident of Copala City for one fiscal year, until 2023. As we understand, the government of Reitzmag provides UBI payments to Reitzmic citizens? If your government was generous enough to offer residents of the Copala City with a special UBI boost of 10% for the next fiscal year, in addition to the stimulus payments we are offering, then we believe that this will significantly attract new residents to the city and generate considerable spending, which will spur economic development even more greatly.

    Inquista will also continue to provide tax credits to Inquistans who continue to invest in the city. To further boost investment, we also believe that a free trade agreement between Inquista and Reitzmag, where all tariffs are eliminated, will help further our mutual goals for the city."

    "Lastly," Silas chimed in again, "we had a very interesting conversation with our pilot, Jimin of BTS, on our way here. With Reitzmag's Asianization process, K-Pop is quickly becoming a growing and more popular genre. There is definitely a lot of money to be made there, and I think it would be very wise to quickly jump on this opportunity to turn Copala City into a centre of K-Pop, and eventually, into a regional centre of music. Jimin said he would talk to Mr. Bang about relocating the HYBE Headquarters to Copala City, and I believe our respective government could offer grants to K-Pop record labels and companies to establish themselves and grow in the city. The city's K-Pop music industry would provide quite a few jobs, economic opportunities, and generate a lot of tourism. All in all, a lot of money to be made," Silas finished off with a smile.

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  • RE: European Aviation Agency - Main Office

    At this time the EAA shall approve of the requested to update European Aircraft Registration Codes for Spanish registered aircraft to EC-XXXX. This is a compromise position to keep the Spanish Aircraft Registrations generally in line with the rest of the EAA standards, these registrations do not supercede national ones. The additional letter/number at the end for the registration for all prexisting Spanish Aircraft Shall be "0" to signify they held preexisting Spanish codes which are now up to date with the European Standard.

    For example an aircraft previously registered as EC-123 in the Spanish system will not be understood as EC-1230. While a newly registered aircraft will now share a full EAA registration number such as EC-3456.

    Due to the way the EAA Airport Code prefixes are established, the first letter designating the country or group of countries with geographic or politically aligned interests, the Spanish request for their airport code prefix to be LE is denied. Currently it is just the first letter used to designate the country an airport is located in, therefore using "LE" would indicate the airport is located in Leagio. At this time the EAA has no intention to expand the Code system prefixes to two letters. The Airport Code prefix for Spain shall remain E--- at this time unless Spanish representatives request a different single letter prefix.

    Part of harmonizing laws, standards, and regulations is time. The transition may more difficult for some nations than some, but the EAA is working on making the transition for travelers across Europe seamless, easy, and safe.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Kamilla Naess
    Director of the European Aviation Agency.

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  • RE: European Aviation Agency - Main Office

    The above applications have been filed into the EAA Master Database, some of the requested codes could not be allotted at this time. Please refer any issues or questions to Director Naess's office.

    Kamilla Naess
    Director of the European Aviation Agency

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  • RE: Copalan Copium

    Mikaela was very pleased that Prime Minister Bridges appeared to be on the same page as her, and she happily accepted being corralled into his Aston Martin DB5. The Archbishop loved the thrill of a sudden adventure, and she especially loved the thrill of a surprise. While the Prime Minister's erratic driving nearly made the Archbishop carsick, she managed to regain her stamina upon seeing the Mall Of Asia Complex, which looked like her sort of paradise. The Archbishop maintained a wide and giddy smile as the pair parked their car and entered the mall.

    Upon shopping in the department store, the Archbishop accepted the dress the Prime Minister picked out for her. Mikaela zoomed to the fitting room, where she put the dress on and then studied herself for some time. The dress was very pretty, and Prime Minister Bridges certainly had taste, but the Archbishop wasn't completely sure if it was quite her style. The Archbishop decided she'd need the Prime Minister's opinion.

    Mikaela exited the fitting room and waited for the Prime Minister to return to her with more clothes.

    "Simey! Annyeonghaseyo! I'm Mikaela Kligenbeleku," Mikaela said as she then bowed. "So, what do you think? I like it, but I don't want to get cancelled for cultural appropriation."

    alt text

    "Very understandable," Antoni nodded. "Security and stability are of upmost importance, which is why the Inquistan Orthodox Church decided to take a firm stance against Copalan separatism, especially after the Nicoleizian exit, which caused chaos and damage that was completely unacceptable-"

    "They were utter shitheads, and they will pay for it," Silas chimed in, cutting Antoni off. "Plain and simple. The Inquistan Orthodox Church does not tolerate shitheadry, which is exactly why we're here today, to make sure that such a disaster never repeats itself. The Nicoleizians are getting what they deserve with the mess now in Anastasia City, and Eilidh Whiteford, that fat cow, has gained like another 10 pounds."

    Antoni scowled at Silas with contempt, and then quickly apologised on his behalf. "Please forgive him. What he's trying to say is that the Inquistan Orthodox Church is as displeased as you are, and just because the Nicoleizians are allies, does not mean we will tolerate any chaos that they unleash - especially against Inquistan Orthodox people.

    Copala City's Orthodox population, status as a special Orthodox site, and the investment that Inquista will continue to pour into the city, should be enough assurance that we are very interested in keeping the city as secure and stable as possible. However, if you would like some more specific assurances, we would be happy to hear what you have in mind," Antoni finished.

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  • RE: European Aviation Agency - Main Office


    Nation: Inquista
    Airport Name: Ludovico II International Airport
    City/Location: Saint Dominico
    Requested Airport Code: I-SDL
    Length of Longest Runway: 3,660m
    Number of Runways: 3

    Nation: Inquista
    Airport Name: North Inquista International Airport
    City/Location: Saint Dominico
    Requested Airport Code: I-SDN
    Length of Longest Runway: 3,820m
    Number of Runways: 3

    Nation: Inquista
    Airport Name: Saint Dominico City Marches International Airport
    City/Location: Saint Dominico
    Requested Airport Code: I-SDM
    Length of Longest Runway: 3,500m
    Number of Runways: 2

    Nation: Inquista
    Airport Name: Saint Dominico Sunreach International Airport
    City/Location: Saint Dominico
    Requested Airport Code: I-SDS
    Length of Longest Runway: 3,540m
    Number of Runways: 2


    Nation: Inquista
    Airline Name: Inquistan Airways
    Requested 3-Letter Code: INQ
    Requested Callsign/Designator: INQUISTAN

    Nation: Inquista
    Airline Name: Royal Mediterranean Airways
    Requested 3-Letter Code: RMD
    Requested Callsign/Designator: ROYAL MED

    Nation: Inquista
    Airline Name: Air Alis
    Requested 3-Letter Code: ALI
    Requested Callsign/Designator: ALIS

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  • RE: European Aviation Agency - Main Office

    The above applications have been filed into the EAA Master Database, some of the requested codes could not be allotted at this time. Please refer any issues or questions to Director Naess's office.

    Kamilla Naess
    Director of the European Aviation Agency

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  • European Aviation Agency - Main Office

    alt text

    EAA Master Info Sheet

    The European Aviation Agency has begun the process of standardizing airline and airport codes across the European Union. This is to be done to be in accordance with the "European Aviation Standardization Act 2019". The goals of the EAA is to harmonize codes, regulations, certifications, and other topics regarding Aviation across the European Union. Director Kamilla Naess of Vayinaod having been recently appointed has taken it upon herself to fully begin that process. The annual meeting of the EAA Advisory Council will take place this December, and national aviation authorities are encouraged to submit their one representative to that meeting.

    Director Naess has determined the following:

    • All Airports in the European Union, to include general aviation airstrips, and military facilities are to be given a four letter idenficiation code. This will be the only recognized code for the purposes of the EAA and civil aviation going forward in the European Union pending formalization of EAA regulations. Airports/Nations may request specific codes, but these are subject to EAA approval.
    • Nations shall be assigned Letter prefixes which shall make up the first letter of their Airport Codes. For example the Archrepbulic of Vayinaod has been given the letter prefix "V" to begin its airport codes. Some nations will share prefixes at this time due to political, geographic or other reasons as the EAA sees fit.
    • Nations shall be assigned European Aircraft Registration Standard Codes, these are to be assigned by the EAA for any civilian aircraft in the European Union. These codes have been already assigned by Director Naess, however, nations may seek to apply for their Standard Codes to be harmonised with their already existing national registration.
    • Any airline seeking to operate 'internationally' within the European Union shall be registered and apply for a 3 Letter Idenification Code, and unique airline Designator (Callsign).

    These above regulations shall be slowly phased in beginning with major airlines and airports.

    Below you will find the application(s) to submit requests to enter airlines and airports into the EAA Master Database.

    For Nations Requesting Changes to their Prefixes/Other Requests:

    National Aviation Agency Title?:
    Representative to the EAA Council:
    Specific Request Description: (Please be as detailed as possible. This is the section to request changes to Aircraft registration  prefixes, Airport Code Prefixes or other items. Questions may also be sent here.)

    For Airports:

    Airport Name:
    Requested Airport Code:
    Length of Longest Runway:
    Number of Runways:

    For Airlines:

    Airline Name:
    Requested 3-Letter Code:
    Requested Callsign/Designator:

    Director Naess thanks you for your cooperation and looks forward to meeting EAA Advisory Council delegates in December. Please direct all questions to her office at this time.

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  • RE: Copalan Copium

    The Inquistans politely greeted their Reitzmic counterparts. After exchanging introductions, the Inquistans led their guests to the dining room. A buffet of various finger foods, hors d'oeuvres, and alcoholic drinks stood near the entrance. The Archbishop gestured for her Reitzmic guests to help themselves to some food, and she sat herself on a large circular antique sofa that was somewhat distanced from the main dining table, and was perched by a large fireplace that had been lit. The Archbishop decided that discussing politics was best done over a more informal dinner, which would soften the seriousness of the matters at hand. The Archbishop crossed her legs and waved at her guests to join her, beckoning them to seat themselves on the large sofa as they ate their food.

    The Archbishop was flanked by Silas and Antoni who sandwiched her, while the Reitzmic delegation sat at the opposite end, facing them. Once more pleasantries and small talk was had, the Archbishop then got up from her seat and signaled for Prime Minister Bridges to follow her. Mikaela led the Prime Minister to the study room, where she then surprised the Prime Minister with a gift. The Archbishop presented Prime Minister Bridges with a silver and glass beaded bracelet, as well as a pair of glass earrings for his wife. Inquistan glass and glass jewelry are staples of Inquistan craftwork, and so the Archbishop figured they would make for a good gift.

    "I hope your wife will like the earrings," the Archbishop commented with a smile, before then looking the Prime Minister up and down. "I also appreciate that you're wearing that outfit I chose for you in Saint Dominico! It really suits you. You look dapper and handsome as always. I'm surprised your wife hasn't announced any new children since then!"

    Mikaela reared her head to the side and glanced through the door way, peering into the other room, where she saw everyone else talking rather seriously. The Archbishop decided that this didn't seem very interesting and gave the Prime Minister a skeptical and bored expression.

    Once Mikaela left the room, Silas knew she was checking out of the conversation, and so he decided to press forward with business.

    "Alright, gentlemen, let's get straight to it. I think we'll be able to come to a positive agreement that'll come to the benefit of Copala City and to Reitzmag. There are two main things Inquista would like to see: have Copala City maintain a certain status as a regional centre for Inquistan Orthodoxy, and have the city economically thrive with a new and larger stimulus and investment package. We understand that the government of Reitzmag wants to change the city name, and we are happy to support that, along with any additional changes your government would like to suggest," Antoni explained as Silas handed documents to the Reitzmic delegation.

    Antoni then elaborated further, "these are the conditions that Inquista and Reitzmag agreed to in Nyetthem", before being interrupted by Silas.

    "Floptthem", Silas interjected with a steely tone.

    "Right," Antoni continued. "Anyway, these were the conditions that were actually agreed upon..."

    Inquistan Conditions

    • East Moreland shall be renamed New Moreland. New Moreland shall be recognized as a special and autonomous Reich within Reitzmag, and it will also be recognized as a holy Reich for Inquistan Orthodox citizens within the country.
    • New Moreland's capital city will be a newly built city called Copala City. All other Inquistan Orthodox citizens across Reitzmag will be encouraged to move to Copala City as New Moreland is being rebuilt. These Inquistan Orthodox emigrants will help resettle and repopulate the Reich, as well as to rebuild it and its economy.
    • Inquista would invest in, rebuild and help develop infrastructure in New Moreland, with particular focus on Copala City. Majority of Inquistan funds will be focused on rebuilding civil infrastructure, houses, hospitals, schools and a new and environmentally sustainable electrical grid.
    • Inquista shall also provide tax credits to Inquistan investors who invest in or create businesses in New Moreland. Inquista shall also establish the The Air Marshal Copala Grant, which will pay-off all student loans to any European or Reitzmic citizen who has graduated from university within the last five years and has established a business in New Moreland for more than two years.

    Reitzmic Conditions

    • E. Moreland (New Moreland) will be an autonomous region until it's development is achieved, but shall still be under the laws of the URR.
    • New Moreland will remain in its current government structure.
    • The new city will rely on Nuclear or Solar Energy, we do not promote the use of pollutant sources of energy such as coal power plants.
    • Rebuilding of Inquistan Orthodox Churches especially the Reitzmic Cathedral of Inquistan Orthodoxy

    New Moreland would have devolved responsibility over:

    • Economic Development
    • Tourism
    • Culture
    • Housing
    • Rural and Urban Development
    • Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries
    • Public Administration and local government
    • Health and Welfare
    • Education
    • Energy
    • Infrastructure, including transportation

    "As you can see, particular clauses within the agreement are quite oudated-" Antoni explained before being interrupted once again.

    "And were completely violated and disregarded", Silas interjected.

    "Mhm. Looking at this list, I believe.... uh, virtually none of the Inquista's conditions were actually met by the Reitzmic government. Despite this, we'll let history be history and move on-"

    "Remember when the Reitzmic government just gave all of Copala City up to Icholasen? That was completely insane," Silas further interjected. "Insane."

    "Mhm," Antoni politely nodded. "So, as everyone can see, this agreement is both outdated and has been violated so significantly it no longer makes any sense to keep. I think we can all forget about it and move on with a new and better accord.

    Let's begin on the topic of governance and autonomy. As far as Moreland goes, following its development, the Inquistan Orthodox Church no longer sees it as overall significant to the Church, and so we don't see or expect it to have any special status; we are only concerned about Copala City. Moreland may do with itself as it wishes.

    Copala City is a uniquely diverse city, which is multicultural but predominantly Orthodox, with a special history and a distinctly different heritage. With this in mind, and considering its hugely international orientation, investment and linkages, we hope and expect that Copala City will a significant amount of devolved administrative powers. The Inquistan Orthodox Church still recognises the city as a special city and site of Inquistan Orthodoxy, and for similar reasons, also expects it to have substantial administrative control of its own affairs.

    As far as Copala City being part of Moreland, that is fine. The city is under Reitzmic law and can be under any sub-state authority that the Reitzmic government wishes, and the Church will continue to adamantly assert that the city is part of Reitzmag, but the city both needs and deserves a level of autonomy that was previously agreed upon.

    However, this time, if the city is to have elections, it should be done under the Reitzmic electoral commission just like any Reitzmic election, because the last one was disastrous and almost certainly fraudulent," Antoni finished.

    Silas raised his eyebrow and looked at his Reitzmic counterparts. "Opinions?"

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