Gertrude Echteran Children's Choir v. Inimicus

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    THE EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE has decided by majority vote to accept the petition of Petitioner (hereafter Claimant) Gertrude Echteran Children's Choir ( @Istkalen ) filed against the Petitioned (henceforth Defendant) The Government of the Empire of Inimicus, and open a case of Original Jurisdiction of the Court as defined in IV§II.II of the Constitution of the European Union.

    Chief Justice Benajmin STEYN will recuse themselves from this case as it represents a direct conflict of interest.

    The Claimant presents that the Defendant violates Sections V, IX, XVII of the UDoHR: the rights to freedom of expression, of habeas corpus, of freedom from torture.

    The Claimant submits news articles from state-owned Inimician broadcasting company Nuntius Inimici as evidence, publications are detailed in Claimant Exhibits 1 - 6.

    The CLAIMANT seeks the arrest of those involved, especially Emperor Artabanos, for crimes against humanity.

    Therefore, this Court, in accordance with the Constitution of the European Union and the European Court of Justice Case Procedures Act 2013, recognises the Standing of the Claimant and hereby requires both parties to dutifully present or send representation to appear before this court.

    The case Gertrude Echteran Children's Choir v. Inimicus is now OPEN.
    The Claimant or representative thereof shall deliver their opening statement first, followed by that of the Defendant or representative thereof.

    Before delivering any statement to this court, please provide your name and relation to the respective party for the record.

    The Solicitor representing the Gertrude Echteran Children's Choir, if presenting to this Court at present, may begin by delivering their opening statement and summary of allegations.

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    The Gertrude Echteran Children's Choir unfortunately died in a freak accident earlier this year after returning from a beautiful performance that criticized the policies of then-Prime Minister Rikkalek, and thus cannot present a representative to this court. As the entity I previously legally represented no longer exists, there is no way to further pursue this case, leaving it invalid. I apologize deeply for all time wasted.

  • ECoJ

    Very well. The Court therefore declares the case of the Gertrude Echteran Children's Choir v Inimicus CLOSED.

    Benjamin Steyn
    Chief Justice

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