2nd European Leaders Summit

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    President Elçi stood up and spoke:

    First off, I would like to congratulate Mr Juncker on getting re-elected. I wish him a great term and hope that he uses this opportunity to work for the European people. I would also like to congratulate Prime Minister Key of United Duchies for winning the elections. I am very proud to be here, speaking for my homeland. As someone who has been a big advocate for Union membership for Alkharya throughout my political career, it is absolutely amazing to see that Alkharya is a member state. This feels like the peak of my political career. After serving many years on provincial and regional parliaments, and finally Kurultay before my presidency, I am finally serving Alkharyans the way I think they deserve.

    For me, the European Union was, and still is, kind of, a bastion of unity, the key to many doors that lead to opportunities for member states, and the citizens of the member states. We may have political differences, ideological differences or any other difference, but the Union is where we come together and celebrate, although I don't see much celebrations as I used to back when I followed Europolis, which, I still do. 2020 was quite the year when it comes to politics and it definitely saw the rise of many incidents: The Elected and Accountable Council Act of 2020, as well as the failed, but still close repeal of it by dear Councillor Gökçen nine months later, The fall of Eastern Haane, The coup in Malborya by Augusta Cato and followed Malbexit and many other things. I see better days on the horizon, although it will take time. I am going to wish the best for all member states and leave it at that.

    Elçi then drank a sip of water and continued to speak:

    Now, onto the question that Juncker has asked me: Why have I struck down the social media bill? Well, as Erin Karagül from the Alkharyan newspaper, Dörtköşe writes here, I have rejected the bill because it is not beneficial at all. For those unaware, the social media bill in question would ban people under 18 to use social media platforms. This is a bad thing, and there are a number of reasons. One, many animators, producers, creators get recognition first from social media. Forums, blogs, video sites are all great ways for young and upcoming prodigies, many of which are under the age of 18, to express and release their art to the public. Banning social media for these kids hurts their improvement and cripples their independence as an adult in the future. That, for me, is the worst thing you can do you to your child. The second reason is that I feel like this is an attack for the freedom of speech of our kids. The safety of the kids should be the responsibility of us, the parents. I won't go and demand laws from the government that evades privacy, breaks the anonymity and threatens the freedom of speech in Alkharya just because I want to protect my kids. Why? Because I'm a responsible parent who already checks up on what her kids do regardless. I find it ridiculous that people like Derya Okan Çevik submit bills like this, which clearly speaks about their parental skills. I feel sad for his kids. Thankfully, it did not pass Kurultay, which I'm thankful of.

    Lastly, What the future holds for Alkharya is hopefully strengthened relations with our neighbours. I am definitely considering to do a summit with close neighbours of Alkharya like Fremet or Ruthund to open new horizons in trade and travel. I would like to see them here, but unfortunately, they are not here, so, maybe next time.

    photo by Stephan Röhl - CC-BY-SA 3.0

  • ECoJ

    After the Duchie Leader finished speaking, President Lifejumper stood up to speak next.

    "First, Thank you for the commendation, Commissioner Juncker. Focusing on the money, my government has received it and have not used it as we are making final checks on the new solar and turbine power plant sites that will be installed by the end of this month. Originally, we were going to do this sooner and start the construction this month but the situation in Eastern Haane had to become a primary focus for the cabinet. The locations of these new sites will be released to the press sometime next week, where we will announce that the government of Leagio will be willing to allow the European Commission to appoint a person to oversee the construction and ensure that the money was used as stated. Although, this is only optional to the Commission. Furthermore, through the remainder of my term, I will be looking to implement an agenda to help resolve the energy crisis that the Commonwealth is facing."

    "Moving on to the East Haanean Refugee's, the transportation of the refugee's has been moving swiftly. From the start of the Commonwealth allowing them to enter, we have received (according to my Ministry of the Interior's statics data released today) around 254,000 Refugees that are taken to the newly created Territory of Freedonia. The refugees are given what was called emergency citizenship, which gives them the same rights that all other Leagioans and immigrants receive. The only thing is that they can only exercise it within the Territory. This was something that I could not change as I was only able to even accept the refugee's through a fivety year act that establishes that limitation. The good news that I can be happy to give is that the people in the territory will have representation within the National Congress, last I checked, they will have 4 Senators and 9 Councilors of the 525 permeant members Houser of Councilors within the Congress. The election for that will take place this December 20th, which is the date for all the new seats in both houses of Congress. In addition, on the emergency citizenship, there is a program (a fast-track type) that will allow the refugees to become full citizens of the Commonwealth within a three-month period. "

    "The new Governor of Freedonia (Kelly Idiotus) and I are working to implement programs that will ensure that the refugees are able to build a good life for themselves. In addition, the Governor is working with the refugee's in order to form a territorial government constitution that will truly represent their needs. Although, the Consitution will need to be reviewed by the Supreme Court but I imagine no problems with that."

    "In addition, when the new National Congress is elected in December and meets in the 30th of the same month, the first thing that will be discussed is the new budget for the government of the 2021 fiscal year. In this budget, I will be working to see if additional month can be used on the energy sector of the Commonwealth."

  • ECoJ

    Mr Juncker it is also a pleasure to be here for the first time since the unfortunate dimission of our ex Prime Minister Frederick Johanson, but concerning what you asked to me the rise of tensions with Spain is simply a side effect of the situation with Reitzmag and that i was very stressed that day but now, if the Spanish President wants we could reach better terms between our countries, and about the app im worried that i wont be able to respond you, all this matter is in hands of the Mannraemiak Parlament and is not their highest priority for now.

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  • Commission

    "Ooh, yes," the Archbishop eventually replied. "The discovery of Atlantis was quite something! I never thought it existed, T-B-H! Inquistan and Spanish scientists and historians are now busy piecing everything together, and they're trying hard to make sense of the discovery. I've seen some of the artifacts that have surfaced, and they're quite cool. Hopefully we'll have some Atlantian artifacts in our museums soon, and some answers about the mysterious civilization.

    I'm super proud that Inquista and the Sahrawi Union have come to an agreement! Inquista agreed to release the Sahrawi Union as a protectorate, and we agreed to grant them complete sovereignty in their own affairs. Inquista has also agreed to withdraw all our troops from the country. Our troops should all be home for Christmas."

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    "Sir, the meeting is about to start!" said an aide, rushing towards Zgeirtan.

    Zgeirtan only arrived in Europolis a few hours ago, and gotten little sleep. The European Leaders Summit was the last thing on his mind, as he knew that he would soon be in hot water at home.

    "It is? Well, fuck." said Zgeirtan

    His aides rushed him to the summit, and as usual, Zgeirtan made a nearly untimely.

    "So yeah, sorry buds. I had some... stuff to sort of with my country. Ruthund believe it or not is pretty eventful nowadays. Otherwise I would have been sooo early, you wouldn't even believe it." A half-truth, indeed.

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    Simon stood up and thought it's time for him to deliver his speech.

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    "My dear fellow Heads of States and Heads of Governments, good day to all of you. It is a pleasure to be here and address the interests and concerns of our nation as well as information that may be helpful on our decisions as leaders."

    "Now, for the first point I'd like to share what is with the sand dredging operations in the Caspian. These operations were authorized and overseen by the government and are led by private companies. The operations have begun since last month and I am happy to say that 3 Islands have been constructed already and development work will begin ASAP. However, I may not give other details on the project and the reasons for its conduct but I assure that it is for the very good sake of everyone. So I request that you all please advice those who have ships registered under your countries to avoid the area to prevent delay in their travel as they will be redirected to a different path by the Royal Navy if they had come to the restricted area." said Simon then takes a sip on his drink.

    "Moving on, the biggest problem I am facing now is the newly formed Krexit Movements. As of now, there are already more than a hundred thousand members of the Krexit Party who have pledged to join forces with the Conservatives and the NUP on a Krexit Bloc. This massive increase in members and supporters have saddened me. Although, the Labour Party has decided to join forces with the Lib Dems, Greens, and a few minorities, communities, organizations, and institutions to form the Integration Alliance which aims to counter the pro-Krexit movements right now. Now, what I think is the main reason for these protests are bad decisions. I think that it isn't the fault of the people by the fault of us leaders who formed the EU or those in position in the European Institutions. In a recent survey, statistics show that 99 of every 100 Reitzmen are against the rule of the EPA and agrees that the eurogroup has become more authoritarian rather than progressive or liberal. And I'm sorry for this data but I am not a member of a eurogroup so please do not think I am in support of any or against of any of the existing eurogroups. Now, another thing I think that affected this dramatic increase in strength of the Krexit Movement is the ECoJ decision in the last Reitzmag vs Spain case. What happened might have fueled the people's support for Krexit. This brings me to the final point. The relations between Spain and Reitzmag had continually calmed down. However, the ECoJ decision may have angered many of my colleagues in the House of Representatives and had caused them to propose implication of sanctions and a Krexit Law. However, I still have not expressed my stand on this except that I do not support Krexit." said Simon then gets another sip on his drink.

    "Well umm, that's all what I can say for now. Thank you!"

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    After steeling his nerve Zgeirtan started to speak his peace about his thoughts:

    Well yeah, congrats Juncker. Good for you, bud on getting re-elected!

    So yeah, as many of you know Ruthund is like, petty fucking new to the European Union. The reception of our entrance is mixed in Ruthund. Some say that I have betrayed my country's traditions (which is pretty fucking stupid), and others say I have not gone far enough to integrate Ruthund into the European community. Ruthund currently walks a fine line between the Left and the Right, which are both pretty stupid sometimes. Though I am not very receptive to the (batshit) arguments put forth by Conservatives elements, mainly the Kangiflank, that Ruthund remian isolated, I reaffirm that Ruthund is here to stay neutral. That is off the table.

    The European Council, wrongfully in my opinion, denied Ruthund its right to Neutrality. Never, since the European Union was formed, have we violated any of the duties laid out in European Constitution. But some members have assumed it their duty to punish Ruthund for exercising what is quite clearly our Sovreign Rights. But I digress, for this isn't what this meeting is for. But Ruthenish law does not end with what the European Council says. We are a nation with long tradition of non-intervention in the affairs of other countries and I am proud that my government has supported me in continuing that endeavor and to promote peace in Northern Europe and elsewhere in the world. Ruthund, under my watch, will remain Neutral. With that said, I am personally pretty (fucking) concerned that some nations in Europe do not seem to share Ruthund's goal to maintain a world where our child know not war. I hope by the end of this meeting I can be reassured that Europe stands united in this goal. Because right now, I have some pretty serious fucking doubts.

    Ruthund is currently electing a new EU Councillor due the resignation of our previous councilor, Helhuan Ziharuthstukur. It seems that it Zatoni Odhinazen (oh, boy) is the current favorite, but elections will not be held until Friday of this week. Tomorrow in fact, there will be a debate between all the EU Councillor candidates, I'll be doing live commentary on it on my Stream by the way. The Feinkusomnring is currently debating on establishing a national Universal Healthcare system in the country, and has gained some serious traction. Currently, 3 Regions have a Universal Healthcare system implemented, but no national plan is in place. Ruthund is industrializing so fast (like, holy shit it is ridiculous) and the consensus now is a compressive modern healthcare plan is needed.

  • Commission

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    Erna was actually a touch excited to attend this summit as Fremet's newest Statsminister. As she looked out of the airplane window on approach to Europolis, she felt the familiar sense of apprehension and excitement that she had often felt in her time as Fremet's Foreign Minister. She got up to put her colour-coded binders in the bookshelf by her desk. (The Staatsrat was in recess for Winterfel, and she was taking this opportunity to gather her legislative agenda for the new year.)

    Though the Visestatsminister usually attended events such as these, Erna felt it best that she make an appearance and show the flag a bit in Europolis. At the very least she can work on her agriculture reform package while the more vocal leaders of Europe duke it out. She was finishing up packing her briefcase as the pilot came in over the PA system and asked that everyone return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts. She closed it, a pad for note-taking and a binder filled with wheat production figures safe inside, and secured the fastener before taking her seat. The Meili (the name of the Statsminister's plane) dipped below the clouds to reveal the seat of power of the European Union, its sprawling offices and regional buildings making quite a site.

    Erna made her way into the chamber where Europe's leaders had gathered, with coffee (drip, black, no sugar) in hand and briefcase in tow. She took her seat and listened in as the other leaders spoke. At a lull in the conversation, she decided to speak up and make herself known.

    alt text

    Hello everyone, it is an honour for me to be here as the newly-elected Statsminister of the Kingdom of Fremet. Mr Juncker, thank you once again for hosting this assembly and congratulations on your re-election to the European Commission.

    I am pleased to hear about the many positive developments taking place all across Europe and to see so many of you here in this chamber meeting to discuss matters important to all of us. This year is Fremet's 5th anniversary of membership in the European Union, and we are immensely proud to have participated in this great project. We have seen great change over the course of our membership, and we are excited to see what the future has in store for all of us. This year, Fremet has embarked on a series of considerable reforms, and I am truly excited for what the future holds for our kingdom as I and my colleagues in the Fremetian government continue in our efforts to better the lives of every Fremetian.

    Erna took a sip from her coffee thermos and cleared her throat

    On to more pertinent matters,

    I echo the sentiments of our colleague from Ruthund. The failed neutrality motion was extremely disappointing, and I applaud the continued resolve of the Ruthenish government to stay true to their principles of non-interventionism. I must say I find the failure of the act to pass highly concerning in the Speaker's hawkish interpretation of European law. Nevertheless, all that can be said has been said by both sides and I hope that some day Ruthund may be able to achieve this goal of recognised neutrality.

    On Eastern Haane, the Fremetian Ministry of Defence and the AA are both in the process of possibly reducing our obligations in the region to a support role based out of the Harriet Copala Joint Naval Air Base in Inquista. With the withdraw of Reitzmic forces, such a large deployment of aircraft and materiel are no longer necessary to secure the airspace. The National Security Commission, in conjunction with the Staatsrat's Defence and Foreign Affairs Committees are working on a firm plan for future operations in Eastern Haane. My office expects to release the report no later than 20 November.

    Regarding our ongoing operations with the UNSR, I am pleased to report reduced military activity in the Emerald Sea in addition to stagnated deployments to coastal regions within Icholasen. We are seeing what could possibly a normalisation of operations within the UNSR as the communist government continues to strengthen their claim to the island. Though I find this encouraging for the lasting peace between our governments, I must say I am growing increasingly skeptical that the legitimate and EU recognised government of Icholasen will regain control of their home territory in a reasonable timeframe.

    While I do not have really anything to add in the form of a question to the Commissioner, I will take any questions that any of you may have regarding Fremet or really anything that I have mentioned thus far. Once again, thank you Commissioner Juncker for hosting this event and providing a forum for open discussion and debate.

  • EU

    Sand dedging in the Caspian, Ruthund being "fucking new" to the EU, the Inquistan Arbishop's immensely stylish coat, Krexit Movements, this meeting had already been a classic display of European diplomacy to Emperor Artabanos. He was particularly enjoying the 'if looks could kill' gazes from the Reitzmic PM to Commissioner Juncker, this was definitely a new sort of entertainment at these events.

    During Juncker's initial speech, Artabanos opened up the Leaders Summit Venting Chat on His phone, and texted to its members, who included the Fremetian and Inquistan leaders present, "10 Euros it'll take less than an hour for at least one physical threat". Within two seconds He received two "deals", and decided it was time for Him to speak.

    "Thank you, Commissioner, for organising this summit and for your good wishes about my recovery. The cause of my temporary demise is, indeed, the first point I intend to raise. The EU has been vocal on the issue of Nicolezian socialists. It has been vocal on the Inquistan coup. It has been extremely vocal on Eastern Haane. But I have heard nothing, not a word, on the communist takeover of Neo-Venetia, a takeover which, I must emphasize, cost the lives of over 30 Inimician nationals, among which were high-level politicians, and nearly took the life of the most import--- I mean, the life of, well, me."

    Artabanos took a sip of his glass of water, which he had naturally added some of his hip flask mixture into.

    "I feel like the Union needs to act more resolutely here. Inimicus cannot, and does not want to , bring down the Neo-Venetian establishment by itself. But we cannot stand idly by as these criminals bring down more jets and cause more death. Action, please. Now."

    "I'd also like to raise the issue of Eastern Haane. It was with some disappointment that I saw no other government or head of state contributed to the #Pledge75 programme the Inimician government and the Artabanos Foundation set up - promising a small amount of money, collectively, towards helping relieve the suffering of the people of Haane would go a long way to solving the refugee crisis we're now likely to face. As for hosting these refugees, Inimicus is neither in a suitable geographic location nor a suitable political climate to host Haanean refugees. Inimicus borders Dromund Kaas, the largest single source of refugees this continent has ever seen. We have our hands full, colleagues."

  • Commission

    Juncker heard everybody and noted any petitions that were made to him. He also looked at the other details: How we was being watched by Simon Bridges, the Among Us party or the many new leaders that were late. When everybody was finished, he stood up and started his long speech:

    alt text

    "Thank you everybody for answering my questions or telling me about what's going on in your nations. Also, I would like to welcome those who arrived slightly late, and thank you all for congratulating me. Now, let's get into the matter again.

    Now, we are moving onto European Projects. I would like to remember that questions are allowed and you can ask me or else any leader here over a certain matter, related of course with the topic we are discussing. On European projects, I think it's very clear of what we are talking about: The Eurorail project, the several plans made by the Commission, Europe Day, 5G and the European programmes overseen by me, like the European Heritage's or the newly proposed ERASMUS programme, for example.

    The Eurorail project has already been discussed in the Council and I hope Councill involved on it have informed their respective Governments, For those that couldn't have been informed, or else their councillor didn't attend, we have proposed to use existing railway between Spain and Inimicus, with a branch from Red Croatia and Inquista. I would like to invite Mr. Aguilar, Mr. Artabanos, Mr. Key and Ms. Klienberg, along with the North Diessen's Prime Minister to a summit where we will try to agree the start of Eurorail. I can't know a certain date, but I hope we can start in mid-December or after the Christmas time. And about the new Internal Affairs Commission building which we discussed the last time, we will submit the proposal to the Council soon.

    As you may know, from the Internal Affairs Commission we have been working on many plans, like the newly created Anti-Racism plan. We are starting to work on the proposed legislation and measures and we will try to push something forward before 2020 ends. Also, the European Union app will be updated again soon as we are trying to make it as good as possible every single day. About Europe Day, I would like to ask you about your opinions, what should we upgrade and your thoughts too. I'm pretty confident you all will have new ideas for the next 25th July and I hope to see someone else around too.

    On 5G, I think we won't be able to get it done before January, it would be highly unrealistic, but of course, my Commission is working hard to get the plans done and arrange things before the new election take place. I can affirm we have designed a prototype of mobile mast for this 5G plan, which would be pretty discreet and it won't be sisturbing for anybody. Now, moving on towards the European Programmes, the European Heritage Programme has been well-received by the Europeans and I'm very happy to see some countries showed interest on it and even applied to have some monuments on it. I would also like to comment on the new Tourism Programme, which will try to enhance tourism between European Countries with certain benefits for travellers, of course these need to be discussed and we are open to ideas on the matter. Finally, the ERASMUS programme would consist on awarding a grant to certain students which really deserve them to study abroad in any European Country. This wouldn't only mean that the European Universities would gain prestige and we would give new opportunities to our future generations. If anyone wondered, I'm not planning to introduce an unified curriculum for those students or any student in the whole European Union.

    That's all by now. Again, if you want to share any idea, feel free to do so. I hope we can all reach some point of agreement and understanding. Thank you very much for listening to me, I also get bored with myself sometimes. Juncker smiled and seated. Once he was finally seated, he drank some water.

    OCC: Deadline has been set on Monday 23rd - 19:00 GMT

  • Commission

    Aguilar stood up and spoke to answer Juncker's speech. He had been taking notes of the proposed ideas and making his own notes too when he thought about his opinions on the matters that Juncker had mentioned.

    alt text

    I'm very excited about the Eurorail programme, and I think it's great news we are finally moving despite the several attempts to claim the idea was stolen or to stop it in the European Council. In my opinion, the Eurorail Project is very interesting, as a Spaniard could get to Inquista polluting much less and stopping by at Red Croatia if he wanted. Just to give some data about the Spanish rail network, we have the longest High Speed network in Europe with 3.402 kilometers of AVE. There are still some autonomies which have to develop it or that have nearly-high speed, and it's just a term of getting faster trains to serve the lines. Spain is ready for the Eurorail and we hope to see it rolling before the new elections if possible between, at least, Inquista and ourselves.

    The new Internal Affairs Building had my approval and mostly a huge approval too, so I don't see any problem on getting it to the Council but applauding that manouver. Europe Day was pretty good to me, and it was great to attend. I don't know if I will be able to attend next year, because in Spain the 25th July we celebrate the Santiago Apóstol Date, a very important day for the Spanish people, especially for the Galicians. The anti-Racism plan is a great idea and has my full support.

    On the 5G plan, I hope that companies receive subsides to start implementing 5G instead of the European Union paying for it. I wouldn't care to pay for it, but I don't want the European Union to fall apart and being a disaster. And finally, Spain is looking forward to the ERASMUS and the Tourism programme. Both seem really interesting to me and I hope we can see them working soon.

  • ECoJ

    The President of the Commonwealth spoke as he stood up.

    "I approve of the Eurorail at it's current stages. Although, I do wish that it would be politically possible at this point that work could be done to connect the Commonwealth to it; But this project has start somewhere with countries willing to have it. On the Anti-Racism plan, i wish give out my strong approval towards it as the Commonwealth is ready to implement the many ideas and objectives given within your plan commissioner. I look forward to the outcome of the ERASMUS as Leagioan Education has been reaching new standards of quality for all students that come to learn. I know many universities in the Commonwealth will be excited to be a part of this program."

  • EU

    Simon got very stressed as Juncker said what he claims are his plans one by one. He's had enough of those and he thought what could he do. So he texted his head of government friends that are in the chamber too.

    From: Simon Bridges
    To: Mikaela "B*tchy" Kligenberg, Kenith "Arsehole" Lifejumper, Sauli "Buddy" Niinisto
    Wanna hang out later after this? I'm so stressed hearing Juncky acting like a teacher saying his projects again and again. I'll take a quick break in the bathroom so don't laugh at me.

    Then Simon drank the remaining water in his glass and headed towards the bathroom. Inside he washed his face on the faucet and looked at the mirror with great disappointment.

    "F_ck that idiot Juncker! Keeps telling this is his project that is also his and those are also his. Goddamn I wish this guy will get killed." Simon whispered to himself.

    He started to pee and then washed his hands. Then he thought for a moment what he could do to get rid of the old man. Realizing he still can't do anything, he finished and returned to his seat in the chamber.

    Simon then went to his papers and thought, maybe he could be an Internal Affairs Commissioner. So he started to think maybe that is the solution to his problem, to fight Juncker politically.

    The nicknames are only set on Simon's phone so it's not visible to the recepients.

  • EU

    John Peter Key listened to Juncker then responded in time. He said " I would like to thank the EU for including us in the Eurorail project. This will be a great connection in the south and help us in our ambition to cut carbon emissions significantly. We have talked with our national rail operator they have suggested the best route would be Cair Para, Goudadam and Porterdam in our country followed by Cair Para to Porterdam link both would hit both our northern and southern mainline. We do however have an issue in border control, we would suggest a smart system with smart passport checks and id checks with a back up of a person checking if that fails, this should ease travel and reduce the amount of time for checks while ensuring security.

    We noticed the talk of 5G , we have had great success working with Ogo and their indoor 5G solutions. They have this indoor 5G signal generator that can be used in tunnels , tubes and in buildings solving alot of the issues of strength within buildings. Perhaps this could be trialed on a wider basis. Other than that we'd certainly be interested in joining the Erasmus and tourism programmes and being involved but funding would need to be sorted as we run on a student finance system in our country."

  • Commission

    "I like, totally support the Eurorail project. I think it might be better that we organise the Eurorail summit as soon as possible, because we'll have the next Commission election by January, and I hope that we can have an agreement before you leave office, Commissioner Juncker. I already know what I'm going to wear to the summit! I have the perfect dress.

    I also, like, fully support the Anti-Racism Plan. Everyone who knows me knows that I am totally against racism in all forms. Like, when my friend Tiffany launched her new make up line and it only had 7 skin tones, and at least 5 of them were just different types of beige. Umm hello... many different people have different skin tones? What about all the darker shades? Anyway, I convinced her to release 8 more skin tones for the queens with melanin. Also, she totally broke up with her Sahrawi boyfriend - who was this reaaallly hot model - I was like, umm, problematic much? Ugh... white people, am I right?

    We already have a 5G network in Inquista, but I like, totally support 5G coverage across Europe, so I can keep updated wherever I go. I also would loooooove an ERASMUS program, which would totally be cool, so count Inquista in."

    Mikaela then seated herself and took out her phone and texted the group chat with Prime Minister Bridges, Prime Minister Niinistö and President Lifejumper. Yes! We definitely need to. I have just the perfect idea! There's this indoor arena where you can go paintballing. After a round or two of paintball, we can then grab drinks at this totally cute bar that Firoux showed me. It's so good.

  • Commission

    Juncker listened to the leaders that decided to talk and made notes while he was trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with Simon. Once Ms. Klienberg finished talking and no one else decided to stand up to talk, he stood up and started his speech, once again:

    alt text

    "Thank you all for your comments once again on the matters that I have talked about and more importantly thank you for the feedback, suggestions and comments you have made on them. The Eurorail Project is moving forward. Concerning your comments Mr. Lifejumper, the train is expected to arrive into Leagio on Phase 4, because as seen on the transport poll we made from the Internal Affairs Commission, sadly Leagio is not connected to any other country. That's why we are starting the services between these countries, nothing but that. About the routes, and that's something Mr. Key added, it's nice to see that your national rail operator has already got into the matter and have prepared a report on what would be the best route. I hope we can discuss that deeper on the summit we are having, that I expect to do the 1st week of December. And Mikaela, I'm expecting to see those dresses, I already know there will be perfect." Juncker smiled and drank some water before resuming his speech.

    About the other projects, I'm very happy to see that everybody who took the floor agreed and I hope we can get mostly all of them working before I leave the office. I'm hopeless on the 5G plan Europwide being implemented before I leave the office, but if we get it done on time, it will be something I would celebrate that achievement. But let's not sell the milk in advance before reaching the city, because the bottles could break and the milk wouldn't be up to being sold.

    Now, on Climate Change. The last time we met I proposed a European-wide Climate Pact which I will try to get as a first proposal, which would need to be ratified by member states later on. It would be called Europe Green Deal and its major purposes would be getting a carbon-neutral Europe in 2050, something that I think I won't get to see because I'm too old Juncker laughed a bit planting 3 billion trees all around Europe, switching to green energies like Leagio is doing and starting to produce clean hydrogen which will be a very useful source of energy that it's easy to make, and these are just examples of what we are doing in a close future. Still, I have to express my concern that the next Internal Affairs Commissioner, which could not be from my Eurogroup or could be, depends of the Europeans, could get rid of many plans we are making and I'll try my best to have a peaceful and arranged transition.

    Finally, on waters. I know we need to protect our waters, and the Green Deal will work for that too, but I wanted to talk about water claims. I think it would be a good idea to get a common European Policy, agreed by all member states and never being imposed by the Council or the Commission, on waters, specially when it comes to how many miles of waters member states own. I have seen some clashes on that topic and I would like to hear your ideas. I proposed the European Oceans and Waters Agency to solve this problems, but in the COuncil debate which I followed closely, it seemed like many wouldn't just hear it, and I don't feel like wasting your money and by thus, the Europeans money on something many nations would ignore.

    That's everything by now. Again, if you have any questions, any ideas or suggestions concerning the topic, feel free to share them with us and I hope we can all have a nice debate like the one we are having right now. Thank you.

    OCC: Deadline set on Saturday 28th November 21:00 GMT.

  • EU

    Simon was starting to get more furious but he kept his anger to himself so that he won't look suspicious.

    "So tell me Mr. Juncker, what benefits would my country get in your projects?" said Simon.

    "With all due respect, we are one of the most technologically advance countries in Europe. But we are very underestimated. That train is useless to us, our advanced transport technology will make using conventional rail very unwise and would consume more travel time to those going to Reitzmag. Mr. Juncker you cannot connect MagLev and Conventional Rail. Nor you can't connect MonoRail and Conventional Rail. That plan is a total waste of funds. I'm sorry Mr. Juncker but I oppose your projects especially 5G as we have already been establishing our own 5G network and perhaps a negotiation may lead us to share this 5G with other countries." he continued before taking a sip of water and sitting down again

  • ECoJ

    Sauli that at the moment was just listening recieved a mesage from Simon inviting him to drink something with the Leagioan President and the Inquistan archibishop but he said," Sorry but i cant, i have a meeting with Kronstadt CEO, a Military contratist after this and i cant move that meeting" Then he returned to listen and things goed relatively good until Simon talked again, and Sauli knew he should talk:Mr Junker, that is not something of the Main interest of Europeans for now so i would recommend to focus on the Green New Deal as you named it, The pollution of the enviroment is something that concerns many on Mennrimiak thats why we inaugurated Pier E on the Main Airport of Mennrimiak, which is completly carbon free by this year and aims to be completly sustainable, so if all agree i propose to hold this climate summit on Mennrimiak.

    And also Simon, Stop being this childish, i thought we had the Reitzmic Prime Minister here, Not Mr Winston(Laughs a bit) if Reitzmag is one of The "MOST" Tecnologically advanced countries on the EU as you say, why we have not heard about any invention coming from reitzmag to help the EU? Anyways, thats all i will say for now."

  • EU

    After Sauli had spoken, President Lula Namatatiki stoop up and spoke:

    "Dear colleagues, I am very pleased to hear that climate can be discussed here. You all know for sure that this is the most important topic for Nofoaga. And in particular the protection of our waters, which we want to see extended through all of Europe. As an island, we are more dependent on the sea and ocean than other countries present here. A first step that my government has taken in protecting its territorial waters is the ban on cruise ship traffic. In this way we want to optimally protect the fauna and flora below sea level. Obviously this comes at a price. Tourism revenues declined. Another element is protecting the turtles. Special water nature reserves were demarcated for this. Mr. Juncker spoke of a European body. I would like to ask you to consider this proposal anyway. At first sight, your country may have little to do with Nofoaga. But we are connected through the water. And we feel the effects of certain environmental laws or nautical industrial activities as far as

  • EU

    John Peter Key listend and after Lula spoke got up to speak. He said "We in the Duchies consider climate one of the most important issues alongside environmental issues, that is why we are working on a zero non-recyclable plastics plan, continuing our nuclear and renewables mix, move to more electric, hydrogen and biofuels vehicles and boats. We agree protecting the sea is important but we do not want to ban the cruise industry just like we don't want to ban airplanes what we would want instead is a solid plan to make the cruise industry more sustainable throughout Europe. I am definitely for a climate pact and would suggest setting a high carbon price of 110 Euros per metric tonne on companies with that going to a central EU run green deal fund, planting trees we also support but may I suggest we plant a variety of trees too often these projects end up not boosting biodiversity. Overall the Duchies wants even more co-operation on the environment including possibly a minimum airfare environmental levy and uniform minimum tax on kerosene equivlent to fuel duty in any nation until the airline industry can decarbonise.To Simon I say this we appreciate you have a maglev system but we have no need to build a europewide system which will be slower when we can add trains on existing rail , we need Eurorail now not in 10-20 years time, Eurorail is something that can be developed now , maglev is a good technology but I fear it wouldn't reduce aviation demand in time to save our climate.

    On water claims can I suggest 12 miles full control and an eez of 200 miles or half way between countries if there is less than the 12 miles or 200 miles"

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