Kingdom of Reitzmag v. United Dominions of Icholasen

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    THE EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE has decided to accept the petition of Petitioner (henceforth CLAIMANT) The Government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag filed against the Petitioned (henceforth DEFENDANT) The United Dominions of Icholasen, and open a case of Original Jurisdiction of the Court as defined in IV§II.II of the Constitution of the European Union.

    At the direction of the Chief Justice, Justices VAJDA and RINDER will recuse themselves from this case as it represents a direct conflict of interest.

    The CLAIMANT presents that the DEFENDANT, in the actions of Nicolezians in Copala City, is liable for damages to both the Kingdom of Reitzmag and its citizens. The CLAIMANT establishes this liability through §II.III & §II.IV.A-E of the Anti-Terrorism Act (2006).

    The CLAIMANT, if such liability can be established under EU law, seeks compensation in cash for the total costs of damaged accrued in Copala City during the incidents defined.

    Therefore, this Court, in accordance with the Constitution of the European Union and the European Court of Justice Case Procedures Act 2013, recognises the Standing of the CLAIMANT and hereby requires both parties to dutifully present or send representation to appear before this court.

    The case Kingdom of Reitzmag v. United Dominions of Icholasen is now OPEN.
    The CLAIMANT or representative thereof, the Government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag, shall deliver their opening statement first, followed by that of the DEFENDANT or representative thereof, the Government of the United Dominions of Icholasen.

    Before delivering any statement to this court, please provide your name and relation to the respective party for the record.

    The Solicitor representing the Kingdom of Reitzmag, if presenting to this Court at present, may begin by delivering their opening statement and summary of allegations.

    Andreas EKKA
    Chief Justice of the ECoJ

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    Thank you your honor,

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen of this court. I am Kim Oh Soo (김오수), Attorney General, and I will be representing the Kingdom of Reitzmag in this very important case. I will narrate how the situation progressed.

    On February 9, the Government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag had warned of a withdrawal from the Buckingham Treaty if a Copalan Independence is forcefully implemented by both legal referendum or violent rebellion. Ten days later, a series of terrorist attacks began to threaten the country's national security with a bomb explosion in Hampton City. Among those places attacked by terrorists was Copala City, in which residents of Bomballey had participated in violent protests as well as an illegal referendum of independence which resulted in the suspension of the Autonomy on the 23rd of February. Later that day, the armed forces were sent to pacify the violent protestors and rebels.

    March 7th, Marine Marchand and the Bomballey Revolution Conspirators were arrested and eventually sentenced to life imprisonment on March 23rd, this was after an alleged negotiation between the Maxwells and the conspirators which had not come to the knowledge of the Government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag prior to the announcement released. While the case of the conspirators were heard, the situation in Copala City became worse and people were taking to the streets to protest. The Copala City Government established illegal border checks with Reitzmag prior to the Second Caspian Summit in which the Copala City Delegate leaked the alleged events during the arrival of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Reitzmag. While the summit progressed, a campaign called Leave a Light for Copala City was established and protests continued to grow in the area. On the same day as the sentence on the Bomballey Conspirators were dropped, the House of Representatives voted to withdraw from the Treaty of Buckingham. A sudden Royal Wedding occurred between Prince William of Reitzmag and Queen Anastasia of Icholasen, this ended in a divorce recently.

    The said Royal Wedding prompted Members of the House of Representatives to create a new charter of devolution for Copala City. However, the Copalans had immediately began to move as Anastasia City began construction. While the Copalans moved, a group of independentists violently started to attack buildings with innocent civilian Reitzmics inside by demolishing the towers in the Business District. These caused casualties and injuries among both Reitzmics and Copalans, such an attack may be identified as terrorism. The Government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag has taken action to isolate possible terrorists and prevent them from escaping to other countries.

    The Nicolezian Government, who now has sovereign rule over the Nicolezian-Copalans due to the withdrawal from the treaty, has not taken action and resisted the security measures made to hold the terrorists accountable. This shows that the Nicolezian Government is inciting and supporting violence. The Nicolezian Government also were rushing to leave the area as if they were trying to smuggle and save the terrorists. In addition, the Nicolezian Government supported the Maxwells administration despite the physical evidences of them negotiating with the conspirators in Bomballey where the Maxwells had been found to be part of the rebellion plot.

    Thank you and that is all I can say for now.

  • ECoJ

    Advocate Kim Oh Soo (김오수), thank you for your statement.

    The defendant, the Government of the United Dominions of @Icholasen , will now proceed by providing their name and relation to the respective party for the record. Then they may then give their statement to the case for this court.

    Clarisse Bourgeon
    Associate Justice of the ECoJ

  • Commission

    The United Dominions of Icholasen does not have sole jurisdiction in Copala City - we share it with the Copalans who were in charge of their own security before the Reitzmic Invasion, and the Reitzmic regime.

    Due to the short time between the return of powers and the crisis (and I do not mean to throw the Copalans under the bus - they tried their best to prevent it), this crisis was exacerbated by the fact that security apparatuses take a long time to establish (and re-establish). If it were not for the authoritarianism, and dare I say fascism of the Reitzmics, these attacks would've been avoided. The Copalan Government (or Icholasen) are not responsible for the actions of terrorists.

    The blame lies clearly with the ethnic cleansing Reitzmic regime who incited violence by evicting an entire race and religion of people from its territory - notably the Nicoleizians and the native Inquistan Orthodox peoples.

    To blame Free Icholasen, who had completely devolved authority to the Copalans until the Reitzmic aggressor invaded it, then gave it back very shortly before these attacks took place, this case is farcical and holds no water.

    By all means take the Copalan Government to court, I believe their actions would hold up in a Court of Law - but Free Icholasen has absolutely nothing to do with the day-to-day governance of Copala City. Reitzmics revoked the powers of the devolved administration - you cannot force us to govern a territory when we already had established a form of government that fit the territory's unique needs. And so, it was and is up to them to govern the territory in absence of the totally devolved administration Icholasen established. They revoked the treaty in order to seize power like the fascists they are, yet blame us when they did not seize enough ?

    Enough already.

    • Justice Rinder, QC

  • ECoJ

    Justice and now Advocate Rinder, thank you for your statement.

    The claimant, the Government of the @Kingdom-of-Reitzmag you may now deliver your rebuttal statement when ready.

    Clarisse Bourgeon
    Associate Justice of the ECoJ

  • ECoJ

    Your honor,

    First of all, I object to the statement that there was an "ethnic cleansing" conducted in Copala City. The Government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag had not forced the people of Copala City to leave the area, the "exodus" to Anastasia City was done solely under the directives of the Nicolezian Government and we suspect that it is them who forced the people of Copala City to leave. The current effort to find the people who participated in the terrorist attacks through isolation and temporary resettlement is a security measure to prevent more civilian casualties in case these terrorists conduct more attacks.

    The Government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag does not sponsor any form of terrorism and fascism, and that all its actions are an exercise of its sovereign right over its territories. The baseless accusations of the defendant proves that they are making alibis to cover their involvement with the terrorist attacks since February of this year. In addition, some of the terrorists were identified as Nicolezian citizens and therefore are under the jurisdiction of the Government of Icholasen during the attacks. The properties and structures damaged during the attacks are owned by the Kingdom of Reitzmag and/or its citizens. Therefore, due to the lack of action of the Government of Icholasen on the situation by not conducting an investigation on the identities of the terrorists, they may be identified as accomplices on the bombings as they refuse to hold these terrorists accountable for their crime.

    I also echo the illogical statements of the defendant whereas they state that the Kingdom of Reitzmag invaded its own territory. It is stated under Reitzmic Constitution that the country is identified as a unitary parliamentary democracy, therefore it is very ironic if the state attacked itself. This is, unless the defendant claims that Copala City is Nicolezian Territory. And I believe that such a claim would instead justify that the United Dominions of Icholasen invaded Reitzmic territory.

    That is all I could say for now, thank you.

  • ECoJ

    Advocate Kim Oh Soo (김오수), thank you for your rebuttal statement.

    The defendant, the Government of the @Icholasen you may now deliver your rebuttal statement when ready. After we will proceed with questions from the court.

    Clarisse Bourgeon
    Associate Justice of the ECoJ

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