Miss Europe 2020 - Ford City, United Reichs of Reitzmag

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    Miss Europe 2020 - Ford city, United Reichs of Reitzmag

    "Empowering women's rights and gender equality through individual advocacy"

    "Provide inspirations and role models for the society"


    1. Each country may only provide one contestant and judge.
    2. In order for the competition to start, there shall be at least 6 contestants.
    3. There will be four rounds in the competition:
    • Round 1 - Introduction to self and advocacy
    • Round 2 - Random Question and Answer Portion
    • Round 3 - National Outfit Competition
    • Round 4 - Evening Gown and Final Question
    1. In each round, the judges from each country will give points starting from (total number of contestants - 1)point to 3 points.
    2. Elimination of contestants will happen through each round respectively:
    • Round 1 - (No elimination)
    • Round 2 - eliminate 1/5
    • Round 3 - eliminate 1/4
    • Round 4 - Ranking
    1. Judges may not score on contestants from the same country of their origin.
    2. The winner will hold the title until the next competition.
    3. The winner will be awarded the following:
    • Crown worth € 100,00
    • A chance to fulfill her advocacy
    • Residence at the Miss Europe Headquarters in Europolis.
    1. Judges will vote on the next venue of the competition.
    2. Contestants may not compete on two consecutive competitions.

    To join the competition, just fill up the form below:

    Nation Name:
    Contestant Name:
    Image of Contestant:
    Contest Judge:
    Image of Judge:

    If you want to host the next competition, fill up the form below also:

    Location of proposed venue:
    Image of proposed venue:
    Seating capacity of proposed venue:
    Proposed date of next competition:

  • ((OOC: I'm going to set a couple of ground rules before this goes ahead. First of all, no images containing nudity or semi-nudity. Also, absolutely no images of women who aren't IRL public figures or who are under 18. And nobody is to post anything creepy.))

  • EU

    Nation Name: Spain
    Contestant Name: Natalie Ortega
    Image of Contestant:
    alt text

    Contest Judge: Ángela Ponce
    Image of Judge:
    alt text

    Location of proposed venue: Antequera
    Image of proposed venue:
    alt text
    Seating capacity of proposed venue: 5738 persons
    Proposed date of next competition: April 2020

  • EU

    Nation Name: The Democratic Republic of Czech Slavia
    Contestant Name: Tereza Chytilová
    Image of Contestant:
    alt text

    Contest Judge: Antonín Slováček
    Image of Judge:
    alt text

  • Nation Name: Inquista
    Contestant Name: Ciandre Evans ("Auntie Cecie")
    Image of Contestant: [Image]

    Contest Judge: Silas Kligenberg
    Image of Judge: [Image]

  • EU

    Nation Name: United Reichs of Reitzmag
    Contestant Name: Ma. Fionna Angela Zwanson
    Image of Contestant: Image

    Contest Judge: Steven Draunt Spilzenberg
    Image of Judge: URR-Judge

  • EU

    Nation Name: Red Croatia
    Contestant Name: Jane Fonda
    Image of Contestant:
    alt text

    Contest Judge: Bob McDonalds, also known as Pervy Old Sexist Homophobic Male Who Feels Entitled To Tell Women Are They Beautiful or Not #167527426782
    Image of Judge:
    alt text

  • EU

    Nation Name: Icholasen
    Contestant Name: Geny G
    Image of Contestant:
    alt text
    Contest Judge: ECoJ Judge, Judge Rinder
    Image of Judge: alt text

  • EU

    Miss Europe 2020 Registration has ended!
    Here is the complete list of finalists:

    1. Spain - Natalie Ortega
    2. Czech Slavia - Tereza Chytilová
    3. Inquista - Ciandre Evans ("Auntie Cecie")
    4. United Reichs of Reitzmag - Ma. Fionna Angela Zwanson
    5. Red Croatia - Jane Fonda
    6. Icholasen - Geny G

    Here we have the members of the jury:

    1. Spain - Ángela Ponce
    2. Czech Slavia - Antonín Slováček
    3. Inquista - Silas Kligenberg
    4. United Reichs of Reitzmag - Steven Draunt Spilzenberg
    5. Red Croatia - Bob McDonalds
    6. Icholasen - Hon. Rinder, ECoJ

    The competition will begin shortly, here is our official questionnaire for Rounds 1 and 2. Questionnaire for rounds 3 and 4 will be given after the results from rounds 1 and 2 are released.
    Rounds 1 and 2 Questionnaire Form

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